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A guide to understanding how you rank amongst society.

Online Sexuality Surveys

College Sex Survey7,360,517 responses

Take our college sex survey and find out how your sex life measures up.

Birth Control 492,055 responses

For most people, sex is a lot more fun when you know that you are NOT going to get pregnant. How well do you know your birth control? Are you an expert, or are you still practicing birth control at a junior high level?

How Sexually Adventurous Are You? 807,020 responses

Are you up for anything? Or is your M.O. a bit more conservative? Take this survey to see how adventurous you are willing to be in your sex life - and how you stack up against everyone else!
How do you compare? Find Out: Take The Survey!


Intimate Details Test (For Men) 1,086,501 responses

There are certain questions that dont come up in polite conversation. In this survey, we ask guys the questions that girls wish they could. And guys, this is your chance to see if other guys are thinking the same things as you...


Intimate Details Test (For Women)883,301 responses

There are questions that you just dont ask a lady. Screw that! In this survey, we ask girls the questions that you are not supposed to - and the only people more interested in the answers than the guys are the other girls.


Sex: What Have You Done?  5,001,669 responses

Sex is not a competition. You dont get points for doing more stuff. But, its still sometimes fun to see how your sexual resume compares with your peers. Take this survey to see how your sex life measures up!


Sexual Health 251,138 responses

There are many aspects of sexual health that people talk about frequently, like STDs and birth control. But sexual performance is another important aspect of your sexual health. Take this survey to see if everything is running smoothly.


The Safe Sex Survey  515,341 responses

Theres a lot more to safe sex then using a condom. Want to see how your sexual habits compare? Then take the Safe Sex Survey, and see how you stack up. After you answer each question, we will reveal how everyone else answered!


The Sex Survey37,119,458 responses

Want to know what other people are thinking about sex? You have come to the right place - the Sex Survey! After you answer each question, we reveal what everyone else said.


The Sexual Relationships Survey  545,593 responses

Sexual relationships are tricky. You may not have always been honest, or faithful. You may not have been thinking about the person you were with during sex. Take the Sexual Relationships Survey to see if everyone else is doing the same stuff as you!

The Unusual Places to Have Sex Survey 1,271,452 responses

Have you had sex in lots of unusual places? Want to know where other people have done it? Then take the Unusual Places to Have Sex Survey, and see how you do. After you answer each question, we will reveal what everyone else said.

Warning to Parents – Think Twice Before Letting Your Daughters Date Guys Named Chris, Charles or James survey finds men with names ending in “s” are the biggest “Players” and they have more Sexual Partners

A French dating website has discovered that men with first names ending in “s” have more sex partners in their life span than the average man. The website conducted a survey, asking 19,300 of its male members how many sexual partners they have had, and found out that Chris, Charles, Dennis and James said they were more sexually active than members named David, Brian, Jason or Bruce.

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The survey found there were six “s-ending names” in the top 10 – Chris averaged 11.3 lovers, Charles 11.1, Dennis 10.8 and James 10.4. On the other end of the scale, names like Edward, Frank and David counted less than two lovers.

“They conduct unique surveys as part of their ‘Smartdate Labs’ research. In a previous survey they discovered that women whose names end in A are more sexually active.”

The female survey discovered 8 “a-ending names” in the top 10 of most lovers – Vanessa led the way with 10.2 declared lovers and Angelina was a close second with 9.8 lovers.

What do both men and women think about sex? Is sex really as important as people say? Here is what they said:

Women are not left behind

For starters, the initial findings were on the subject of gender differences. One misconception is that sex is not a priority for women… Think again! A survey of 500 men and women shows that:

- 68% of women and 71% of men think that sex is very important… not a lot of difference between Mars and Venus at this level!

Description: Description:

- More than half of women (55%) are willing to make love to a stranger!

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- Contrary to popular belief, almost a third of women (31%) are ready to leap into bed on the first night.

Description: Description:

- Only a third of women think that sex and love necessarily go hand in hand.

Description: Description:

Nearly two out of three women have faked an orgasm, compared to only one in three men!

Description: Description:

There is no set age for somersaults

No surprise here: Respondents to the survey generally believe that sexual fulfillment occurs before the thirties … However, we note that this view differs with the age of respondents.

Description: Description:

18- to 25-year-olds think in general (65%) that they’re having their best sexual experiences between 18 and 25. If one asks the 25- to 35-year-olds, we get the same result: the majority (44%) think they live in the most sexually fulfilling years of their lives. The same observation goes for 35- to 45-year-olds, with the majority (a third) claiming to be more sexually fulfilled than before. By contrast, surveyed over 45 tend to look back and think that it was better before…

Each age group therefore believes to be the most sexually fulfilled, which is a good sign. However, by summing the responses, we realize that for the majority of respondents, the ages between 25 and 35 years are when sex is the best, followed closely by the post-adolescent (18-25) years. However, if this may reassure some, 14% of the survey aged 45-55 claim to be the most sexual fulfilled at their age. One more proof that there is no set age to do somersaults!

For couples, emotions are more important than sex

Physical love seems to be a priority for both sexes, and most of you will even claim to be able to go into action without being emotionally involved. However, if you are asked to choose what is more important in a relationship, feelings or sex, three-fourths of you will choose feelings.

Description: Description:

Another survey comparing gifts on Valentine’s Day around the world. By asking 31 408 of its members how much they would agree to spend for their partner if they had one, and comparing the results by continent, by looking at the result you may come to the conclusion that Americans are more generous than Europeans.


For instance French people generally spend between €20 to €40 ($27 to $54), British between €30 to €50 ($40 to $55) and Germans between €35 to €45 ($48 to $62). At the bottom, you find Italians who admit to spend around €10 to €15 ($14 to $20) for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. This goes against the common belief that Latin lovers are willing to do anything to charm…

Description: Description:

On the other hand, Americans are ready to empty their wallet to please their date and 60% of them do not hesitate to spend €60 to €80 ($82 to $110) on Valentine’s Day. American men are also more exuberant in their choice of treats. A third of them goes to the jewelry store, when French men wouldn’t go farther than a flower shop (32%). Americans even consider a romantic trip worth Valentine’s Day (13%) – when French stick to the classic chocolate (5%) and lingerie (6%) departments…

February 14th has different meanings on either side of the Atlantic: “Valentine’s Day isn’t as important in Europe, and that’s probably why we don’t spend as much for gifts on this specific occasion. Europeans often consider it like a commercial operation, something a bit shallow… To us, it’s not the best opportunity to reveal our feelings”. Indeed Europeans might be stingier than Americans but they’re also more creative. Many of them suggest original dates (horse riding, massages together at a spa…) as a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day. So maybe money really can’t buy you love



10 things to answer when someone tells you “What? You’re still single?!”

It’s not always easy to explain to everyone that being single isn’t always a choice! So to help you keep your chin up with the holidays coming, Smartdate listed ten ways to respond to your colleagues, your parents, your neighbors, your supposedly best friend, and even your Aunt Vivian!

1 – “I’m in sexual rehab. It is not easy…”

2 – “S/He could not come. Won’t be out of jail until the end of next month.”

3 – “Single, yes. Alone, no.”

4 – “And I’m happy with it! It’s one less gift left to buy for Christmas!”

5 – “To tell you the truth, I actually don’t know any couples who would make me want to join in!”

6 – “The truth is that I’m dating a politician. So we keep our affair secret… You understand, of course?”

7 – “Well, sleeping with someone new every week doesn’t really help you build a relationship…”

8 – “What about you? Still cuckold?”

9 – “At least I don’t need to be with somebody to find my life interesting!”

10 – “So what? How does it concern you?”



The ten commandments to a first date

Is that it? You’ve met someone on Smartdate? To avoid any wrong moves from this point on, here are ten rules to a successful date:

1 – Thou shall not come late.

2 – Thou shall listen more than thou speak.

3 – Thou shall avoid any controversial subject (religion, politics, “Batman vs Superman,” etc.). Thou shall not speak either of the Lord of the Rings, thy car, nor the maintenance of thy bathroom…

4 – Thou shall come groomed.

5 – Thou shall avoid talking about thy ex or thy mother.

6 – Thou shall not look at thy cell phone or at thy watch every five minutes.

7 – Thou shall not check out anyone except thy date.

8 – Thou shalt not bear white socks with thy moccasins.

9 – Thou shall come to the date.

10 – Finally, thou shall not get discouraged if this date doesn’t match thy expectations… Instead, thou shall move on




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