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My Make-Up Photo Gallery


With and Without Make Up

I canít believe how much these people look different now then before. It ís really amazing how they transformed. The make-up and the plastic surgery are the true miracle workers of the modern world. It is something like a new age religion. Because of the society demand for beauty and perfection aesthetic/cosmetic surgery is becoming an everybody must do or must have. People are becoming more and more obsessive about their looks since everywhere you look you see pretty and happy people. Itís something that simply goes together. Pretty people are happy people, and the ugly ones are unfortunate. If you wish to succeed at your work, in love, have a fulfilled life you have to meet only one demand and that is to be beautiful. On the other hand, if you are not so handsome it would be better for you to keep out of the way so nobody would be forced to look at your unpleasant image


More Make-up Miracles: Before and After


Super Models With and Without Makeup

Adriana Lima

Claudia Schiffer

Gisele Bundchen

Heidi Klum




Naomi Campbell


Pamela Anderson

Britney Spears

Angelina Jolie


Blake Lively

Cameron Diaz

Mariah Cary

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Alba


Katherine Heigl

Lady GaGa

Lauren Conrad

Marilyn Manson

Hilary Duff


Adult Movie Stars Without Make Up

Letís take a look at these adult movies actresses without makeup. My opinion is that they are not so ugly without make up. They look like regular women, with huge breasts. What do you think? Whoís your favorite actress?

Natasha Nice

Tara Lynn Fox

Isis Taylor

Crissy Moran

Phoenix Marie

Jenna Jameson

Stormy Daniels

Nina Mercedes


A swim suit modeling shoot before and then with make up and the right outfit.



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