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My Mud and Body Paint Photo Gallery

If You Like Getting Dirty This Is The Page For You.

Dirty fun at mud festival

The Paleo is the largest Switzerland open-air music festival. Students and festival volunteers paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival by spreading the fun of mud as it was done in 1969 in Upstate New York. According to the festival organization, the project is a ďback to the earthĒ psychedelic inspiration and 100% recyclable

Mud is also used for medical purposes, the health benefits that users swear by are not scientifically proven, but you know what you feel. The mud treatment is said to help clear clogged pores. Toxins are removed from the body as well. Those who suffer from pain in their muscles and joints have found relief through mud baths and the intense full body deep heat penetration it provides the muscles..

So you can combine two unusual events in one, music festival and mud beauty and healthy treatment to heal and rejuvenate the entire body.



Mud Wrestling Match

The charming women folks and their makeup kits seem to have taken a back seat nowadays. Looks like that their preferences have changed and they have moved towards muddy and dirty wrestling sports. Statutory Warning: Be sure to stay away from these nasty chicks! They can be your worst nightmare to deal with. The funny athleticism and whole body transformation are something unique that comes to this sport. If you are wondering as to what the taste of that real mud fight would be like then you should be out there and competing with these women.


Body Paint

Stunning body paint art by Emma Hack

A Friendly Game of Soccer

People just walking the street

Painting can be very artistic

The World Bodypainting Festival in Austria

The Zodiac signs in body paint

Hereís a set of body art paintings based on the astrological signs of Zodiac. Itís wonderful how some of them manage to deceive you Ė you canít recognize human being on quite few of them! The artist behind these is called Rudi Everts. He is Australian Body Paint Artist and you can visit his website. Which zodiac sign are you? Which one do you like the most? Which of these body paintings you think stands above all others? Iím Gemini, but the coolest one I see here is Scorpio!


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