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My People Being Naughty Photo Gallery

Men need to have talent to become great photographers, but for girls that’s not the case. Here you will see the proof for that. Enjoy in this great photos created by naturally gifted girls.

girl photos01 Girls Knows How to Make Great Photo

girl photos02 Girls Knows How to Make Great Photo

girl photos06 Girls Knows How to Make Great Photo

Funny Mix #7   animals 2

Hey there now watch it!! Be careful what you bite, pike or grab.



Not always the best idea



Girls Behaving Badly - Be careful what you do in a nightclub.


Teacher fired for bikini pics ends up doing porn

As my high school career counselor once taught me, if you can’t teach kids, might as well get plowed by random strangers for money. Such is the lesson former teacher Tiffany Shepherd, now known as Leah Lust in the professional penis-pleasuring industry, is providing for us all after she got fired from her Florida high school due to saucy bikini photos .


tiffany shepherd bikini teacher porn Teacher fired for bikini pics ends up doing porn


A Florida biology teacher fired after posing for racy pictures has landed a new career – in pornography.

Tiffany Shepherd, 31, made headlines in April after bikini-clad pictures of her on a fishing charter got her canned from Port St. Lucie High School. She turned to doing porn, she told a Florida news outlet, after losing custody of two of her three kids to her ex-husband and sending out 2,500 resumes – some even to prisons – without landing a new teaching job.

“I’m not particularly proud of it. To be honest, I hate it,” Shepherd told “I’m an educated woman, but I never thought it would come to this. No one gets brought up thinking they’ll be a floozy.”

On screen, Shepherd goes by the name Leah Lust and has filmed five feature films, including one titled ‘My first sex teacher,’ where Shepherd portrays the very job she’s been trying to get back.

That’s really touching that she’s basically acting out her life story in these adult films. Women’s rights activists often say that porn is detrimental to women, but I disagree. Here’s Tiffany Shepherd, taken down by the people she worked so hard for, now fighting back and seizing control, literally grabbing men by their genitals and saying, “Hey! Respect the power I have!” Sure she might sound like she’s talking with a tuba in her mouth, but she’s definitely getting that message across.

Also, I really like it when the news tells me things I should keep an eye out to jack it to. Really makes my job easier, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects. By which I mean creating a mess and the subsequent shame in why I spend so much time doing it. Such is my art.



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