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Warm And Thick - Erotic Story

This fantastic experience happened because of a contact mag. My wife Angie and I had for a number of years fantasised about all kinds of things which would lead to beautiful love making. One day we decided to try an ad in the classified personal section. We asked for another clean, respectable and discreet couple in their thirties (our age). Soon after, a couple of letters arrived for us. The first couple, whose snaps looked quite nice, lived only two miles away. The second couple lived 50 miles away and their photos were really good. The letter was nicely written and very suggestive.

We got turned on and Angie soon had my 8" in her hand. She gave me a slow wank followed by a blow job. She swallowed all my spunk. I was at home all day, spent most of the time reading the letters, which resulted in four or five wanking sessions. Angie finished work at 4pm, and after sorting our kids out, we decided to contact the couple who lived far away. I think it was the photo of Sue that tipped the scales. She was tall, dark and very attractive. She was wearing only a black, see-through teddy, revealing tiny tufts of pubic hair. Colin's photo was more conventional, but he appeared to be nice and Angie took a shine to him. Anyway, at 9pm we decided to give them a ring. Sue answered and I introduced myself.

She sounded excited and then Colin came on the line to exchange formalities. We all introduced each other, and said that we would send some photos, they replied that they'd ring soon.

I got the camera' out and had a great photo session in our living room. I got shots of Angie in various stages of undress and she did the same with me. Then we made love in every possible way before collapsing in bed.

It was a week after posting our photos that Colin rang. It was Sunday evening and we had gone to our local club for a drink. At 9.45pm the club steward called me to the phone and said it was Colin. He had called home and our daughter had given him the club number - the clever girl. Colin said he was on the way to meet us, just for a drink and to get to know us, and would arrive at about 10 o'clock.

I returned to the table and got the third degree from Angie. The look on my face suggested that I' d won the pools. When I told her what was happening, she went into shock and asked me for a quick gin to calm her down. We left the club at 10pm and went home to make sure the kids were in bed, and for Angie to slip into something 'nice'. At 10.30pm we left to meet Colin at a p-arranged place. Then he followed us back to our house.

We entered the living room and had a general chat. Then we got down to the nitty gritty. I explained that we had dreamed of having a fun friendship for years, but this was our first time. "Don't worry," he said, "on our first time we were terrified as well." He went on to explain they' d had threesomes and foursomes, but only with close friends. I could sense that Angie was very interested to say the least so I started to run my hand up her thigh. She had on a tight, black skirt and the white flesh above her stocking tops was revealed.

As I started to unbutton her blouse, I could see that Colin had run his zip down and was starting to wank himself. At this stage Angie asked me to check if the kids were OK, so I left them to it. When I came back, they were chatting. Colin was still playing with himself and Angie couldn't take her eyes off it. I asked her to stand up so I could remove her skirt and blouse. Underneath she had a beautiful wet look body suit, suspenders and stockings. On sitting, I asked Colin to join me on the settee with Angie between us. When he stood, we saw the true size of his cock. It was nine inches but not as thick as mine.

"Take Colin in your hand," I told Angie. She reached out and took his shaft in her fingers, and licked her lips as his foreskin moved back and forth. Then she lowered her head and took him in her mouth. Gasps, sighs and moans came from both of them. I tried to get my clothes off whilst manouvering Angie between Colin's legs. This was difficult as Colin was playing with her as she continued her blow job. Her body suit fastened at the crotch but Colin saw to that. His fingers disappeared into her swollen pussy.

Eventually I managed to get her on all fours and while she licked and sucked at Colin's throbbing shaft, I slipped into her. She moaned as I pumped into her: I knew Colin was on the point of coming into her mouth. "Don't make him come yet," I said as I pulled out of her, and she pulled him out of her mouth - she kissed the length of his shaft down to his balls. Angie got onto the settee and Colin started to kiss her body, sucking eagerly at her nipples, down her stomach until his lips met the hot wet lips of her fanny. She was almost squealing with delight as his tongue flicked in and out of her rampant cunt. He took his prick and pulled his foreskin backwards and forwards, spunk seeped from the bell-end. Angie's legs straightened and she forced herself onto his face as she orgasmed. She gasped and moaned as he made love to her with his tongue.

"Anyone got a condom?" I asked, and Colin reached into his trousers to get one, his hands fumbled as he tried to open it. "Let Angie do it," I said, and she took the rubber and rolled it down Colin's shaft. Then he turned and guided himself into her. What a treat to see his pole disappear into her eager cunt. They both moaned as his cock pumped in and out of her. I fondled her tits as she backed onto Colin, forcing him to shove all his 9" into her. Angie turned and almost screamed as he lifted her off the floor with his thrusts. They both came together. Colin slowly pulled in and out and emptied his balls.

Angie pulled away from Colin, turned to take his prick in her hand and removed the condom which was hanging from his softening shaft. As she eased the rubber off, she stooped to lick and suck the thick white spunk from around his knob. The amount of spunk in the actual rubber was amazing, there was about an inch of it above the teat, and it was nice and warm.

Angie was now kneeling and playing with me. I laid her on her back and got between her legs. I could see her cunt, it was wet and begging for more. Before I entered her, I held the rubber over her face and watched the spunk slide down her face and over her lips, down her chin and neck. I squeezed the last few drops over her nipples. Then I slipped into her. Colin was now kneeling over Angie's face, wanking and trying to get hard again.

"Oh, fill her up," he kept saying as I pumped into her. We both shot at the same time. I, deep in her cunt, and he, all over her face. She kissed, licked and sucked his shaft. Another date was arranged for us all, including Sue. I can't wait.


The Humbled Husband - Erotic Story

From the very start of our marriage, my wife, Hilary, made it clear that she would be taking as many lovers as she wanted to. It would be up to me to accept her strict terms, otherwise I could go and get lost. As I've always loved strong-minded, assertive women I eagerly accepted Hilary's dictates without question.

Well, since the night of our honeymoon I've never managed to get a single look-in in the screwing department. As soon as Hilary saw how tiny my prick was she ordered me out of our suite to find a well-stacked, (pferably black) lover to have rampant sex with her. As we were honeymooning in Jamaica I knew this shouldn't prove too difficult.

I soon spotted a tall, muscular looking guy and asked him if he wanted a drink. He readily accepted and we began to chat. Slowly but surely I steered the conversation round to sex. Or in my case, the lack of it. The guy (his name was George) was amazed I'd been denied sex on my wedding night and I explained, with supme embarrassment, that my tiny cock was far too small to satisfy my gorgeous new bride and that she needed a man with a decent-sized prick to fill her.

George's face lit up and he suggested himself as a willing replacement for me in my wife's bed. I began to get very aroused and excited by our conversation, as I was desperate to see my beautiful wife take her first black cock. I told George he could drink up and then I'd take him to our suite to meet Hilary. We soon left, taking a couple of bottles with us to help the party go with a swing, so to speak.

I unlocked the door to our room and could immediately see Hilary getting herself in the mood for sex - she was lying, half-naked, on our double bed, legs apart, and she was plunging an enormous black vibrator up her succulently sodden snatch.

George grinned with delight and threw himself on the bed, kissing and caressing her all over. She flung her slim, white arms around his back and beamed a contemptuous smile towards me. George and Hilary were soon locked in a deep embrace and all I could do was watch them whilst pulling excitedly on my rock-hard cock from where I stood at the end of the bed.

Feverishly, they removed each other's clothes until they were both naked and going at one another like crazy. George's horny hands explored my wife's delicate white skin and he groped her arse whilst licking her tits and wet fanny. Finally, he thrust his tongue deep into Hilary's receptive mouth and then mounted her. She let out a deep moan as he did so, begging and pleading to be screwed for all she was worth.

After teasing her for a while by rubbing his huge 10-incher up and down my bride's soaking cunt lips, he eventually forced his straining cock straight up into her hungry pussy. The sight of George's massive black prick entering my wife's pinkness was too much for me to bear and I shot my load all over my belly.

I'd never have thought Hilary would be able to take all his fuck-meat, but somehow she managed it and was loving every second. Screaming and yelling in ecstasy, Hilary was thrashing about hysterically beneath her black lover's massive frame. They fucked and fucked for what seemed like an eternity as I tossed myself off for the second time until I collapsed at the foot of their bed.

My wife was having one orgasm after another, or so it seemed, and I'm sure George had powerfully let loose a flood of sperm inside her. Exhausted. I fell asleep on the floor, only to waken by the pair of them kissing and petting each other and sharing a cigarette. They both smirked down at me beside the bed, covered in spunk as I was.

Hilary told me what a pathetic excuse for a man I was and that from then onwards I would be treated like shit and used as a sex slave. With that, she ordered me to strip completely naked and lick her soaking fanny. All I wanted was to be treated like the lowest of the low, like dirt in fact, by my gorgeous wife and her superior black lover.

When we returned to this country Hilary immediately demanded a replacement for George so she could regularly fuck in front of me. Ever since then my wife takes black meat whenever I can find a suitably well-endowed guy. Hilary deliberately shows off her black lovers to her friends and now even her family, to show me up and broadcast my inadequacy, which of course, we both enjoy.

I'd love to hear stories from any other readers who enjoy seeing their wives taking another man's cock inside them - leading, as it might, to the ultimate humiliation of her carrying his child and not yours in her belly.


Danger In Bare Back Riding - Erotic Story

I am writing to let you know of an incident which happened at my house in July. I have been married to Debbie for three years. She is 24 and I am now 30. Since Our marriage, Debbie has refused to take the Pill and has insisted that I use a sheath every time we have sex. I have not had one bare back ride since our wedding day.

At the beginning of July, Debbie and I were invited to a Dinner and Dance in a nearby hotel. I do not like to dance, and spent most of the evening at the bar with two other non dancing friends. During the evening, a young man called Paul paid a lot of attention to Debbie, who was obviously enjoying every minute on the dance floor with him.

Every now and again she came to the bar for a drink with me and by the end of the evening both she and I were fairly drunk. Paul volunteered to drive us home, to which I readily agreed. When we got to the house, Debbie asked him in for coffee. All three of us sat around the kitchen table, Debbie and I had another drink and Paul had coffee.

I can recall feeling very drunk and trying to keep my eyes open, but the next thing I remembered was waking up with my head on the kitchen table in darkness. The door into the sitting room was slightly ajar and, like a flash of lightning, I tbought of Debbie and Paul. I immediately felt sober and went to see where they were, but before I even reached the door I could hear sounds. When I looked through the door opening I almost fainted - Debbie was lying stark naked on the settee, with Paul kneeling on the floor between her spad thighs.

Debbie had her eyes closed and was arching her back, as Paul knelt with his head on her thigh stroking her fanny lips. I was rooted to tbe spot as I watched Paul lovingly run the tips of his fingers up and down my wife's inviting mound.

Debbie was in a state of ecstasy - she was mooning and pushing her pussy up to Paul. Suddenly Paul stood up with his back towards me, and frantically started to loosen his belt and take his trousers off. I felt as if I was having a dream when Paul got his trousers down - he had a cock which seemed to me to be about 9in long and as thick as my wrist.

Debbie continued to writhe on the settee, and, as Paul knelt down again, he lifted one of her hands and placed it on a cock she had probably only ever dreamed about. I heard her say "Please Paul, don't give me a baby, don't give me a baby," even as he was getting his cock into her.

Paul was telling her that he would be careful. Paul kept his legs wide apart as he pushed into Debbie. His huge balls were all that I could see as he drove his cock into her and rode her with long, slow strokes. I could hear Debbie moaning and murmuring to herself, and then she started to come. Suddenly, I noticed Paul's strokes quicken and, as he buried his cock into Debbie, I realised he was coming as well and he had no intention of pulling out.

Only then did I rush into the room. I do not know if I shouted or if he heard me, but I distinctly remember Paul falling back with spurts of spunk jetting from his huge cock. Debbie lay spad eagled, unable to move.

Later, when Paul had gone, I noticed spunk lying on the cushion where she had been fucked. Since that night I have not made love to my wife - I don't think she would have felt a normal sized prick after being serviced by Paul anyway. Debbie missed her period at the end of July and has now missed it again - she was obviously made pregnant by Paul, even though I interrupted him as he was filling her with his seed.

I don't know what the future holds, but I feel angry that, after three years, a young man can come along and ride my wife, without her even insisting that he used a sheath as she had done with me - life can be very unfair.


An Injection Of Seed - Erotic Story

It all started with my erotic day dreams, or should I say fetishes, whatever. Well for some time I'd wanted my wife and I to participate in a threesome. I'd mentioned this to her several times, whilst making love and she seemed to get excited.

The first time she showed any interest was when an old comrade from my army days turned up for a weekend, I had thought about asking him to join in our love making, but never had the courage to. I told her about it later whcn he'd gone whilst enjoying a bit of nooky and she just groaned, "Ooh Billie," and we both came simultaneously. brought on by her vagina tightening.

The second time I got her to talk about it, she asked who could join in. I suggested a friend whom she was fond of, but said no as it would ruin their friendship. Fair enough I thought and forgot about it, that was until we got invited to my sister's party. We took a friend of mine along and had to stay the night as my sister lives over thirty miles away. It was in the early hours. Ali was on the couch, Selena and I on a bed settee.

It wasn't long before I started to get horny and started making advances. She whispered no as Ali was only a few feet away, but I carried on and managed to penetrate (I love that word) her from behind, me laying on top of her. Well I started putting my thumb in her mouth and asked if she wanted Ali too, she just moaned. So I started to gently call over to him to join us, we both got very excited and came shortly afterwards. Ali however, never woke.

This brings me to what happened recently. I had a medical appointment in the city. Normally I travel early morning and get back late evening, on this occasion I asked her if she fancied a couple of days in the city. She did, so I booked a hotel and asked the grandparents to look aftcr the girls. We still travelled down early and she accompanied me to the appointment. This passed without any hassle and we spent the rest of the afternoon in some of the art galleries.

Selena loves her art and thoroughly enjoyed herself. We checked into the hotel and then went out for a meal. On returning we decided to go to the bar for a few drinks before going to bed. There were no seats so we stood at the bar and got into conversation with a Scotsman called Hamish. I hadn't known it at first, but soon realiscd that this was one of Selena's 'hunks' and with the few brandies she had consumed, I could see her eyes were shiny and she was in a mood for some fun.

Selena could also tell she had too much and confessed that she was off to bed. After Hamish and I had finished our pints, we headed for the lifts too. On the way up I asked him if he fancied a nightcap, I had some whisky in the room. He said he wouldn't mind. I had expected Selena to be in bed fast asleep but on opening the door she turned to face us in her underwear, consisting of her blue bra, knickers, suspender belt and the silk stockings I'd bought her several years ago.

Though she was stunned, her eyes wide, she looked absolutely fantastic. Hamish was the first to move and said, "Gosh, how beautiful," as he went to kneel before her and started to nibble her mound through her panties. I just said, "Oh yes,' and went to lie on the bed. I undid her bra and stroked her back and kissed the back of her neck. Selena, slightly embarrassed, turned to face me and held onto the metal frame of the bed. I lay back as Hamish removed her panties. He stood kissing the back of her neck, stroking her tummy, and then fondling her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples.

All this time she watched my face as I observed her arousal, her breathing deepening to match Hamish's and my own. I could see his penis by now, poking through between her legs, he was rubbing it along the juices of her vulva. Without saying the obvious, it was big, much bigger than any of the vibrators we had played with, the head was the size of a satsuma, the length, really thick and long. My head felt giddy as he bent his knees, his monster penis straightening and then slowly moving upwards, to her heavenly opening. Selena was swooning now as she felt the head beginning to penetrate her lovely depths.

"Ahh," she cried as the massive cockhead spad her lips widely and entered her. He slowly slid into her and then out, all the time her sighs getting louder as his cock went deeper, stretching her with his girth. Then she was taking all of him and was sighing, "Ooh, ooh, ooh," as he lengthened his stroke, withdrawing until only the tip was in, then ramming the whole length into her.

It was too much for her, she orgasmed, her chest flushed, then she bent at the waist supporting herself on her hands as he started to really fuck her in earnest. I watched her mouth, round and inviting, lips soft and warm, so I psented my prick for her mouth to devour. As he forced himself into her vagina, I withdrew from her mouth and vice versa. She told me later it was like having one huge penis thrust into her vagina and come out of her mouth.

It didn't take long, she'd already had several orgasms, she was 'whinnying' like a horse, we were thrusting in and out! I was shaking with excitement. I came first. flooding her mouth and spraying come all over her face. Then Hamish roared and injected his seed into Selena.

He withdrew and shot the rest of his load over her, there was semen everywhere. I got up to give Hamish his well deserved whisky, then he thanked us and left. Selena and I collapsed into each others arms on the bed, I made love to her but she was so open down there that she hardly felt me. The next day she was swollen and sore but confessed she was glad she had gone through with it.

I knew that there would be more, much more, to come in the future!


Motel Mauling - Erotic Story

Last year, my wife Selena and I went on holiday to Florida. We arrived at Orlando airport around noon. Selena went off to the toiletsto change and freshen up before collecting our hire car. When she came back I let out a low whistle. She looked fantastic. She had changed out of her long summer dress and was wearing a tight fitting blouse with an equally tight knee length white skirt which showed off her fabulous legs and black seamed stockings to great advantage. She had also taken off her bra and her promi nent nipples, which capped her fabulous 42D breasts, were clearly visible, straining against the thin yellow material of her blouse.

As we collected the car, the agent made it clear that he approved of the way Selena looked - he couldn't take his eyes off her for one second. She was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting.

We had been driving down the highway for over an hour when we came across two lads hitch-hiking. Selena said, "It might be a good idea to give them a lift, Billie."

I stopped the car and they eagerly climbed in, one in the back and one in the front with me. The young, strapping men introduced themselves as students hitching from coast to coast for the summer vacation. Al, who was the tallest and blond with an excellent physique, said he was 22. He introduced his friend in the back, who was more muscular, as Lee, aged 20.

After we talked for a while covering a wide range of subjects, Selena asked them if they had any girlfriends and the conversation's tone changed. Lee and Al asked Selena if she had any boyfriends and the subject changed drastically to sex.

I adjusted the rear view mirror to see the two of them while Selena described in detail the first time she had had extra-marital sex, revelling in the attention she was getting and I was savouring it too - and gently encouraging her from time to time. Some years ago she had given in to the attentions of a young West Indian instructor at her keep fit classes and she gave the lads a step by step account of how she was fucked by him. Although I had heard the story before, I was amazed at the detail she went in to when telling the tale this time.

Then I heard the sound of a zip going down and looking in the mirror, I saw Lee undoing the zipper on the side of Selena's skirt. He pulled it down over her sexy legs and then off. Lee tapped Al on the shoulder. He turned round to see what was happening and his eyes bulged at the sight of Selena's stockings and bare thighs.

It was clear that Selena was very much aroused by telling her story - her white cotton panties were obviously damp. Lee then eased her stockinged legs apart and pulled the gusset to one side her bright pink pussy lips (I like to keep them shaved) and began rubbing his fingers up and down the length of her slit. He stroked her stockings as Selena began to make soft whimpering noises with the pleasure she was so obviously deriving from from Lee's efforts. She obeyed willingly when Al asked her to remove her b louse and show them her huge tits. Then Al climbed into the back, feeling her stocking-clad legs and finger fucking her while Lee mauled her breasts.

My cock was now at bursting point, this was something I had always wanted to see. My gorgeous wife with other men. I saw the two lads take out their cocks and place Selena's hands on them. I found it difficult to concentrate on my driving as I watched her gently wank them.

I noticed a 'Motel' sign and suddenly had the idea of booking a room so that we could take things a little further than the cramped confines of the car. When I voiced my suggestion they all agreed and Selena just about got her skirt and blouse back on when we pulled up in the motel forecourt.

I told the lads to stay in the car while Selena and I booked the room. She could hardly walk after the session in the back seat with the boys and her nipples were poking out more than ever. She had just managed to fasten the first couple of buttons on her blouse, exposing her deep cleavage to all who cared to see. "Are you sure about this, Billie?" she said. "You know what's going the happen in that room, don't you?" I smiled at her, my heart thumping wildly, images of their cocks going into her. "I'm sure, " I managed to stammer.

It was a typical seedy motel and the owner was a sweaty bald man in his fifties. He gave us a family room of one double bed and two singles. Handing me the key, his eyes diverted to Selena's heaving breasts. Once the four of us got into the room the fun really started. Al and Selena went straight onto the main bed and Lee and I sat on the singles to enjoy the proceedings.

Al stripped Selena until she was just wearing her black stockings, suspenders and high heels, then he removed his own clothes. Al had an almost god-like physique with a cock to match, around ten inches long. First they started to kiss passionately and as they moved their heads I could see their tongues darting furiously into each other's mouths. Selena swallowed their mixed saliva lasciviously.

Lee told them to take up the 69 position and they readily obliged. They were side on to me and I could clearly see Selena lick Al's entire shaft and move her tongue around the dribbling end of his cock before the whole length disappeared down her hungry throat. Al had pulled her pink cunt lips apart and mercilessly rubbed her clitoris with his tongue, sending her into spasms of delirious joy.

Both Lee and I had our cocks out and were wanking as we watched Al slip out of Selena's sucking mouth and move round on top of her so he could fuck her properly. She grabbed his monster root, her hands small in comparison, and eagerly guided it to the entrance of her cunt. Then, in one swift movement, he drove it powerfully up her to the hilt. He began to thrust in and out of her most violently. Selena was practically screaming with pleasure and wrapped her stockinged legs around his back so that he could g et his battering ram even further up her.

I moved to the rear of them so I could get a better view of the glistening cock that was steam-hammering away at my wife's welcoming love-hole. He kept pounding away and tehn grunted a couple of times before shooting what must have been torrents of spunk deep into my wife. I could actually see his balls pumping and the white sperm oozing out the sides of my wife's well fucked hole.

I hadn't noticed Lee getting undressed, I had been so engrossed by the action on the bed. Lee took Al's place beside Selena's glistening body. Lee was an overt tit man, losing no time in working on Selena's big breasts. He sucked on her mounds, sucking her nipples - they became longer than I have ever seen them before. He rubbed her nipples with the tip of his penis and told her to hold her breasts together so he could tit fuck her. It was an amazing sight watching Lee's eight inch veiny cock driving betwee n Selena's breasts and soon he came, making a spunky mess all over her tits, face and hair. Selena cleaned herself up by wiping the sperm away with her fingers and licking them dry.

The two lads spent the night with us, lasting well into the early hours, screwing Selena in a variety of positions. She received spunk down her throat and up her cunt and I wanked myself sore. Roll on next summer!


Bonking The Boss - Erotic Story

I'm encouraged to write sharing some of my experiences. My wife Carol is a stunning 26-year-old brunette and I'd discovered she was quite keen about creating some winter's night entertainment for me. She had admitted to fancying our neighbour Gordon and when I told her he was a randy stud down the sports club she agreed to fuck with him if I could set it all up.

Needless to say he was keen and I was able to hire two camcorders to get dual action shots just like the professionals do. One was positioned side on, to capture the full thrusting potential of our horny neighbour and the other went at the foot of the bed so you could see Carol pulling her fanny lips apart for him and then his buttocks driving that rod of his in and out of her quim.

We first did it after a Sunday lunchtime booze up and despite my very reasonable camcorder technique there were just a couple of itsy-bitsy mistakes. The first was that I'd forgotten to position the mikes just right and Carol's moans and yells as she took that big fat cock nearly ruined the final product. The second was that Gordon never fucked with a condom - as far as he was concerned it was alfresco or nothing. They did it next week too.

It was at the office in a closed lunchtime session that a couple of randy friends and I were discovered by our boss, Justin. We'd set the video up, dimmed the lights and were appciating just what a bloke with a strong, thick dick could provide for my wife when he slipped in at the back. It was only when he whistled appciatively that we realised he was there and the other two scarpered back to their own desks, leaving the pair of us to 'talk it over'.

I thought he was going to fire me on the spot but with Gordon at it in the background he started to ask me questions really casually.

Did my wife fuck with a lot of men? She looked a hot little vixen in her short skirt, she looked highly-sexed and did I think so? The questions were direct and rude I suppose but there it is, Justin's the boss and I said what I thought he might want to hear. Carol fucked with Gordon because she had the hots for him and I couldn't stand in the way.

I realised ptty quickly that the boss was keen to date and bed my wife. Could I arrange it? Yes, I could as it turned out because Carol was turned on daft by the idea of screwing with my boss and because Justin was keen on a video memento too.

Gordon had got wind of it when they were drinking one night and he got in on the act by saying he'd do the filming and we could do a feature. I was to be the wimpish underling that did just as the boss said. Carol was to be really standoffish with me and filming would start in the office when Justin interviewed her as a potential mistress.

Carol dressed like an up-market call girl. The first scene got going with Carol crossing her legs in front of Justin, just showing a hint of stocking top and suspender strap. 'So, 'Justin said, 'you need more cock to replace the lover you'd become accustomed to?' Carol nodded. They had started to neck and pet by the end of that scene, his hand running around her soft thighs.

Her breasts were heaving against him and her legs squirming against his touch when the scene changed to our front door where she and Justin were greeted by yours truly. As Carol breezed past me, she flippantly explained that I 'would be no trouble at all, he's under my thumb.' The film caught the contrasting expssions on the faces of Justin and me just before we all trooped upstairs for the sexy strip scene.

Screwing when your boobs are big isn't as simple as it sounds but Justin appciated it all the more. He was smiling and said we should lie down side by side on the bed and that Carol should straddle us in turn, first on my mouth, then on his cock and then back again.

Positioned like that I got an eyeful, I can tell you. My mouth was full of her salty juice and I watched her ease down onto his erect shaft, taking the throbbing cock inch by delicious inch. Once in the saddle, Justin took her boobs in his hands and held them as she started to bounce on his rod, working her pussy up into a squelchy, noisy lather until the climax was inevitable. They came together, with Carol throwing her hair around like a mane and Justin's thighs tensing rhythmically as his balls squirted up through the pipes of that knob of his. 'What a hot wet bitch! Justin grimaced as his load exploded in her.

Two videos sustained me over the following months because with Gordon's encouragement, Carol did have an affair with Justin. When she became his private secretary as well, I was sure she'd move in with him and ditch me, so it was a surprise that she wanted the marriage to continue on the same 'liberal' terms. Justin and Carol added to our private video collection and I've now co-starred as a lady's slave, a stable lad who holds the horses whilst they're at it and even a manservant to Justin.

At work he's very discreet but I can say nothing when Carol goes with him to various functions wearing all the sexiest gear. I imagine the others are talking - natural enough given my first video, but I tell you, none of these productions will ever get to the office. I don't think what's left of my ego could take it.


Young Lover - Erotic Story

We are in our late thirties and enjoy life to the full. We especially love hearing about husbands watching their wives being screwed by other men. My husband found it a real turn-on and often talked about seeing me with another man, although I wasn't sure that he'd find it so exciting if it really happened.

I find young, ptty men very exciting, the androgenous kind, the ones you're not sure whether they are male or female, and I often fantasised about being screwed by one.

Not long ago we went to a party and they'd hired a live band whose lead singer was the essence the androgenous male. He was so ptty he would have walked away with any beauty title. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He might have looked like a beautiful woman but the rather large bulge in his skin-tight trousers proved he was male. He kept looking at me and each time I felt shivers running up and down my spine and I wasn't surprised to find that my knickers were wet. My husband is an astute man and he doesn't miss a thing. I don't know how he persuaded the fellow to join us but suddenly we were home and he was sitting in our lounge drinking.

My husband went to the kitchen and Ray pulled me against his chest and started to kiss me passionately. At first I was taken aback but soon I was returning his kiss fervently, even when I heard my husband come back into the room. The kiss led to intimate fondling and somehow I ended up naked with only my self-supporting stockings and shoes on.

I looked at my husband and he was sitting in a chair, rubbing his bulge, his eyes lustfully fixed on us. I realised that both our fantasies were about to come to life. As Ray and I kissed, my hand stroked his half-erect cock until it was real hard and what a handful it was! For such a slim man his cock was out of proportion, very thick and long, prominently veined, and with a bulbous head.

He sat back on a chair and, pushing down on my shoulders, he made me kneel between his legs. I knew what he wanted and I longed to take that large head into my mouth, so without hesitation I wrapped my lips around it. He sighed as my tongue explored the small hole. I looked at my husband to see how he was taking seeing his wife sucking a stranger's cock. He looked in a daze but his right hand was buried inside his open trousers and I could see that he was stroking his cock as his wife licked and sucked the big dick in her mouth.

I suppose it must have been quite a shock to see one's wife kneeling at the feet of a man much younger than she, her full red lips stretched to the limit around his large prick. I curled my hand around the shaft as I continued to suck the head. My other hand was cradling my pussy, my fingertips gently flicking my already swollen slit.

Ray slipped down in the chair and I was able to bob my head up and down his cock, taking more of his hard meat inside my full mouth. I was lost in a sea of lust, sucking, licking and nibbling on the cock pistoning inside my mouth while driving my fingers deep inside my wet cunt, my thumb teasing my clit.

I heard my husband urging me on to greater feats. It was so obscene that it freaked me out and I became even wilder. I took so much dick into my mouth that the head was lodged deep in my throat and I was still trying to get more in as I longed for him to spunk in my mouth.

I'd already had two pliminary orgasms, but as he tensed and my lips clasped his cock behind the head, I felt the hot spurts hit the back of my throat and I came at the same time. I shook violently as my cunt clutched my fingers. I was drinking spurt after spurt of semen yet some still oozed out of the corners of my mouth.

Later my husband said it was the sight that made him cum off; another man's spunk oozing out while his cock was still buried deep in my throat.

We rested, talked and drank before once again I was kneeling before Ray to make his cock hard again. I licked it all over, my tongue running all over his balls and then up the length of his shaft to the swollen head. Soon his prick had regained its full splendour and although I would have been happy to suck him off again, he wanted to fuck me.

He sat on the edge of the chair and made me lower myself onto his upstanding cock. I knew that he had chosen that position so that my husband could see everything. He grabbed a buttock in each hand and helped me to lift myself up and down his cock. I could see my husband's eyes glued to the sight of Ray's big tool glistening with my pussy juice each time it emerged from the depths of my cunt. He fucked me like that for a long time and I had several orgasms before he lowered me to the carpet and moved betwee n my thighs.

My heels waved high in the air as he fucked me hard and fast. Again I came, more than once, as his cock screwed into me. My husband was beside us watching while he jerked on his stiff cock. Ray stopped and made me kneel on all fours. He knelt behind me and rammed his meat back into me, all the way to my throat it seemed.

I felt and acted like a bitch on heat as the young man grabbed my hips and held them steady as he rammed his prick all the way to my womb with great power. His cock brought me off once again. I thought he would fill my cunt with his juices but just before cumming, he pulled out and whipped me around so that I was facing him. A few strokes of his hand and his spunk was splashing against my face. I opened my mouth and caught a few drops.

The man sat back on his heels looking satisfied and he said something to my husband. I got the biggest shock of my life when my husband knelt in front of me and licked the stranger's cum from my face. It was so lewd that I fingered my pussy and had another orgasm.

We were exhausted and dragged ourselves upstairs. Again Ray said something to my husband and I watched astonished as he headed for the spare bedroom while Ray and I esconced ourselves in the big double bed.

I did not get much sleep that night, the guy was insatiable and very inventive and made me do things I'd never dreamt of, but I loved everything. He left next morning after breakfast - and a fuck in the front hall - promising to phone!

My husband can't wait. Neither can I!


Two Into One Does Go - Erotic Story

I particularly enjoy stories from couples who have been involved with a third person. I hope my story is of interest. Hannah and I have been married for some years and lead what one would call an average life. Our circle of friends is rather small and from time to time we hold a party at one or the other's homes.

One such party had been arranged on a Saturday evening some months ago and Hannah talked about buying a new outfit to go in. Hannah had always liked to dress sexy, so, recalling a low necked top I had noticed in a shop window, suggested she buy it. When Saturday evening arrived she came down ready to leave wearing the top and new skirt. The effect was stunning. The top was very low with long lace sleeves and snug fitting body beneath which she wore a half-cup bra. Now Hannah has a good figure and well fills a 38C bra and the combination showed off her breasts to perfection. Indeed I think there was more out than in that bra. Moving downwards her skirt was well fitted and rather short and again showed her legs off, especially when sitting.

Looking into our full length mirror, Hannah began to think she had gone too far but with some encouragement from myself she decided all was well and we left for the party. Hannah had a number of dances with various chaps and I could not help but notice how one, named Alan, was doing his best to chat her up, and noting Hannah's reaction his line appeared to be working. At pvious parties we had both engaged in a bit of 'slap and tickle' when the chance came along but this looked to be more serious. Hannah had never indicated any desire to go further than this before but I must admit the thought of her having sex with another man did turn me on somewhat. At around 2a.m. the party started to break up and as we were making ready to leave, Alan came over and offered us a lift home which was fine by me.

It was not far to our home and when we arrived I invited Alan in for coffee. We sat on the settee chatting for a while and then Hannah went off to arrange a tray etc and I followed her to help. While in the kitchen Hannah looked uneasy and asking her what the problem may be - I guessed she fancied Alan - she told me this was the case, in fact I was asked in so many words for a green light. The thought of what may happen made my chest pound and suggested to her that if she sat on the settee between Alan and I and it developed further it was OK by me. We went back into the front room and as Hannah sat next to Alan her skirt rode well up - by chance - and gave us both a good view of her thighs. The atmosphere was electric. I could see Alan could hardly keep his hands off her, but with me there it was not going to be him who made the first move. We drank the coffee and, trying to act casual, talked about the party. Hannah said something about first being concerned about showing too much off.

Alan looked down at Hannah's legs and said her get-up looked fine to him. Then, a little to my surprise, She placed a hand on her thigh and said "But this is better." She eased her skirt higher to show her stocking tops and suspenders, giving Alan a smile. "Well, keep going," he said, and sure enough her skirt continued to slide up until we could see panties which were very brief and tightly pulled between her legs. Alan's eyes nearly popped out of his head. We just sat staring at what was on show. Was this really happening, I asked myself. Having imagined something of the like many times it now hardly seemed real - here was my wife not three feet away with half her breasts exposed and skirt pulled up for Alan to gaze at.

I sat there transfixed and waited to see what would happen next, which did not take long. Alan threw an arm round Hannah and with his other began to stroke along her thigh. He kissed her on the mouth and then moved down her neck to begin running his tongue up and down her cleavage. As his hand moved up her thigh Hannah slowly opened her legs and his fingers coming to rest on her cunt she let out a gasp. Alan then moved both his hands onto her tits and easing her neckline down, both tits spilled out and he at once began to lick and suck her nipples.

Hannah looked over towards myself, still sitting next to them, and just watching the action. She beckoned me to join in. While Alan continued to suck one nipple I worked on the other. By now Hannah's legs were apart and Alan had a hand down the front of her panties with his fingers deep inside her cunt. Hannah had not been idle while this was going on and now held Alan' s cock in her hand. She had always maintained that she liked big cocks - she had had a couple before we were married - and Alan did not disappoint her, while it was not a monster, his dick was good 7 inches long and rather thick.

Each of us chaps then took off our clothes and started to undress Hannah who ended up just wearing her panties. At this point Alan got down onto the floor by Hannah's knees and, placing a hand on each of her thighs, gently pushed them wide apart before starting to lick upwards along her thighs. At last his face was only inches away from her cunt. He started to run his tongue over her wet lips - Hannah nearly went mad. I have never seen her so worked up before.

Kneeling up, I put my cock in front of her face and at once she took it into her mouth and sucked away while Alan continued to probe every last part of her cunt with his tongue. This went on for some time till as I watched Alan came up for air and, moving forwards, rubbed the head of his cock against her now dripping lips. His cock went in to the hilt and as he began pumping into her Hannah thrashed about like a mad thing, her whole body now covered with sweat. Alan came off into her and carried on thrusting till every drop had gone.

My own cock was as hard as rock and now I too needed that cunt, so with Alan now lying back on the settee I got Hannah onto her knees between Alan's legs and entered her from behind, doggy-fashion. I wanted to watch while she sucked Alan. Sure enough she grabbed his now limp cock and took the whole length into her mouth and bringing him hard again sucked away while I thrust up her from behind. Not wanting to come off too soon I kept it going as long as possible before at last bursting like a fountain.

Within a few minutes Hannah brought Alan off in her mouth and sucking hard on him, drank down every drop he could give. For the next half hour or so the three of us recovered for the next session. I sat on one end of the settee Alan at the other with Hannah lying across our laps. Her head was towards myself and while I ran my hands over her tits and she gave my cock a few licks Alan was slowly running his hands up and down her legs over her belly and letting his fingers slip in and out of her cunt, with her legs drawn up a little and knees apart I could see her cunt was just dripping with our spunk and her own juices.

We started again but this time I took Hannah from the front while Alan kissed her and worked on her tits. When I had finished, Alan and I went to change places but Hannah asked him to lay on the floor so she could mount him. He lay back with his cock standing rigid and kneeling astride him Hannah guided his cock into her cunt. Taking it in all the way, she began moving up and down getting faster and faster until she came off. Alan was wanting more, so turning her over onto her back he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and drove home for all he was worth.

That night we fucked like never before till we could do no more. By now it was around dawn and after a cup of coffee Alan left for his home. Sitting there drinking our coffee, Hannah had only slipped on her panties and now as Alan went to our front door Hannah and I followed. As the door opened I mentioned to Hannah that she only had her panties on - they didn't cover much - and that somebody may see her. 'Who the hell cares,' she said and walked with Alan to our front gate. She kissed him goodbye and came back in.

Dropping the door latch we went to bed and lay in each others arms and both agreed that it had been fantastic and if Alan wanted, he should 'come' again.

Since that first evening we have had a session with Alan most weeks. There are no strings, just plain sexual enjoyment on all sides and our marriage could not be better. We always try to make the evenings a little different by, say, going for a drink first at the local pub with Hannah wearing nothing under a dress. One night she gave us both a wonderful display with a rubber cock and before taking each of our cocks in her hands and wanking us off together and licking up both loads of spunk one after the other. Alan is coming to see us again tonight and long may he do so.


My Photogenic Wife - Erotic Story

I've always been a keen photographer and I dearly wanted to take pictures of my wife in the nude as she has a really fantastic figure, but alas she's always refused. An old friend of mine came to stay with us for a fortnight and Mary seemed to take quite a shine to him.

Two days before he was due to leave us he brought home a psent for Mary. It was a very see-through nightie in black silk.

She was thrilled with her psent and jokingly I suggested that she put it on and model it for us, adding that I'd take some photos.

To my sheer amazement, she agreed and disappeared into the bedroom. I couldn't believe that she would go through with it, but I set up my photographic equipment all the same. She came in looking stunning, but I noticed that she was wearing a skimpy bra and panties beneath the nightie.

Nigel told her how stunning she looked and I took a few photos as she turned around, posing. I think she was getting quite a thrill from showing off her semi-naked bodY to both of us and struck some rather suggestive poses.

It was Nigel who commented that the underwear rather spoiled the effect and the photos would be that much better if she took them off. I really expected Mary to be offended, but instead she agreed and said that if we turned our backs she'd take them off.

With our backs turned we heard the rustles as she took off her underwear, then she asked us how she looked. We both turned round and my mouth dropped as I saw my wife posing in front of us. I could see her lovely breasts and the hard nipples clearly through the sheer material, also the outline of her furry pussy.

I could hear Nigel gasp as he took in her loveliness and though she was blushing there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes. I took some more photos and then suggested that she should have a few photos taken with Nigel for him to take home as a souvenir of his visit.

To my amazement she agreed and sat down on his lap, her head resting on his shoulder. The nightie had fallen open and her legs and belly were completely exposed as I took some more phtos. I saw his hand move and then it was resting over her pubic mound. She wriggled but didn't open her eyes, even though it was obvious to me that his fingers were sliding up and down the folds of her pussy making them open.

Shaking with excitement I went on taking photos, even though I could see his middle finger slip deep inside her cunt. He looked at me and seeing that I was taking photos and seemingly not bothered about what he was doing to my wife, he bent his head and after undoing the nightie started sucking her nipples. She moaned and I saw her shivering but she did nothing to stop him.

I don't know how I managed to control myself enough to keep on clicking away, but I did as he sank to his knees and parting her thighs started tongueing the cunt he'd already aroused with his fingers. She was moaning very loudly as his tongue dug out her clitoris and started teasing it until she shuddered into a really wild orgasm.

Meanwhile he'd taken his clothes off and revealed a cock very much larger than mine, fully erect. He placed it at the entrance to her pussy and it looked so much bigger and thicker than mine that I almost asked him to stop in case he hurt her, but the words died on my lips as he gently eased his prick into her hole, and as she felt it sliding thickly inside her she raised her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

From the expssion on her face I could see that she was loving having that huge prick cleaving into her. Recovering a bit, I started clicking away, capturing on film my wife's unfaithfullness. As he rammed his cock more and more forcibly into her she started climaxing and her nails clawed his back as her legs circled his waist. I couldn't stand it any longer and off came my trousers and I slipped out of the rest of my clothes just as speedily and when he withdrew his wet cock I rammed my cock into the steaming wet cauldron ofher cunt and slammed in and out like a man possessed. I could have only lasted two minutes or so, so excited was I, before I shot my spunk to join his in her grasping cunt.

Gasping for breath I withdrew my spent, shiny wet dwindling cock and stood up, intending to get myself a drink. I poured a generous measure of scotch and when I turned round I was amazed to see that they were at it again. She had her head on the sofa while being on her knees, with her lovely rounded bottom thrust upwards. He was kneeling behind her, his prick, which was hard again, nudging her pussy.

Quickly I grabbed the camera and started clicking away as his cock, greatly helped by all the spunk, slid into her cunt. I could hear the squelching noises as it slid back and forth and each time it came out I could see that it was covered with a mixture of spunk and pussy juices. I hoped the camera would capture the thrilling sight.

Her large tits were dangling, swaying in time to his cock-thrusts as his hand slipped under her and started tickling her clit. I kept clicking away while my wife was thrusting backwards and forwards in rhythm with his thrusts while she begged him to fuck her even harder, yelling that she was coming again and that she'd never been fucked so well.

He lasted a very long time and she had many orgasms before finally he deposited a second load of spunk in her cunt. She collapsed on the carpet with her legs spad and I could see the juices running out of her cunt onto the carpet. I took some really horny shots of this.

We were all exhausted by that time so we called it a night, but to my immense surprise she joined Nigel in his bed and I slept alone. I was too tired to mind and was asleep in seconds.

I woke up in the morning to strange sounds and when I went to investigate I found my wife on top of Nigel, riding him for all she was worth while his hands mauled her breasts. I left them at it and went downstairs and made us all breakfast, amazed that I was so casual about another man fucking my wife and she being so eager.

They came down a while later and ate the breakfast I'd ppared. The photos are fantastic and so horny that when Mary and I looked at them we ended up fucking our heads off. She is now so keen on posing that I've invited a number of sexy men around to pose with her and then, of course, fuck her silly while I look on.


Holiday Humiliation - Erotic Story

I thought you would like to hear how I humiliated myself while on holiday. It was my wife Selena who spotted the poster advertising a body-building contest and suggested taking a look. I teased her by saying that she was only interested in ogling the scantily-clad men, her blushes telling me I wasn't far off the truth.

We went along to the contest and although I wasn't particularly interested, my wife thoroughly enjoyed herself looking at all the bronzed, muscular young men. Afterwards, we went for a drink and while there, two men who I recognised from the body-building contest came in. I remembered them because they had come first and second respectively.

'Those two were in the contest,' Selena observed. 'I'm surprised you recognise them with their clothes on, you were more interested in bodies than faces,' I teased.

A sudden exciting idea entered my head and I asked Selena if she'd like to experience sex with one of them. With a blush, she nodded. Without further ado and before I lost my nerve, I walked over to where the lads stood talking at the bar. Entering into conversation with them, I mentioned seeing them in the contest and congratulated them. I bought them a drink, saying their performance warranted one.

Remarking that my wife had been really turned on by their muscular bodies, I said I supposed the girls flocked round them. It turned out that neither of them had girlfriends at the moment. Now was the moment to humiliate myself and so, making sure I wasn't overheard, I indicated Selena sitting in the corner and said, 'My wife was really turned on by your performance but due to a temporary impotence problem, I'm unable to give her the satisfaction she needs. I'm willing to pay one of you to service her for me.'

I felt myself blushing as I said it and my embarassment increased during the silence that followed my words. 'I think he's serious,' one of the lads, whose name was Carl, said at last. 'Certainly I am. Surely one of you is keen to give my wife a good fucking. I'll pay you well.' Despite my embarassment, I was revelling in the humiliation.

The lads spoke at once, both eager to take up my offer, so I suggested that whoever possessed the largest penis should have my wife. The lads agreed to accompany us to our hotel room and do a strip for Selena's benefit, after which the lad with the largest cock could fuck her, watched by myself and the loser. On the way to the hotel, I explained the plan to Selena who, despite her shyness, was visibly excited by her role.

In our room, I put some music on for the lads to do a striptease, which they both did rather shyly. All shyness had gone, however, by the time they were naked and both lads stood proudly displaying their erections to my wife. Selena's excitement while watching their performance had been obvious to us all and no doubt went some way to dispelling their shyness.

Looking at the lads' equipment, I thought Carl's cock was the largest. Selena, however, said she couldn't tell and needed a closer look. Kneeling on the floor at their feet, she took Gerry's cock in her left hand and Carl's in her right, running her fingers along each one in turn. Her next act surprised us all. Cupping Gerry's balls in her hand, my wife took the end of his cock between her lips. Her other hand continued to play with Carl's cock as she nibbled and sucked Gerry's. After a few minutes, she moved her mouth from Gerry's cock to Carl's, giving him the same treatment.

Eventually, my wife stood up, saying she still couldn't tell any difference. 'In that case, lads, you'll both have to give it to her,' I shouted excitedly.

With one accord, the two lads started stripping my wife and in no time at all, she was as naked as they were. Whether Selena would have any regrets when it was over, I didn't know, but at that moment she was squealing excitedly as Carl fondled her breasts, licking and sucking the nipples, while Gerry's fingers worked between her legs. I was annoyed that I was out of film and unable to take photos of the lads working on my wife.

By the time they'd both performed cunnilingus on her, my wife was literally like a bitch on heat. She was on her back on the bed, her legs flung wide, when Carl asked, 'Who do you want first?' 'I don't care,' she wailed. 'Just do it me, someone.'

I had never seen my wife in such a state. I'm sure she would have had intercourse with anyone just at that moment. Gerry mounted her and Selena gave a joyous shout as his penis drove into her vagina. I watched his muscular buttocks pounding up and down between my wife's thighs, excited both by her lusty cries as Gerry fucked her and the sight of Carl, cock in hand, waiting his turn. With a final lunge and grunt, Gerry spurted inside her. Withdrawing, he rolled clear for his friend to take over. Again, a joyous cry broke from my wife's lips as the second penis plunged into her. Carl didn't last long but, as he rolled off, Gerry moved forward, his cock already fully erect again. I watched, enthralled, while my wife was positioned kneeling beside the bed, her knees on pillows. Selena's upper torso was slumped across the bed. Then her ecstatic cries rang out as both lads fucked her again.

Later, I paid them for their services, as promised. Were there any regrets? Certainly none on my part. Selena said at first she must have been drunk to have done the things she did, amazed that she could have had intercourse five times in under an hour. Naturally, I had taken my turn when the lads had gone.

However, the drink theory was disproved later in the week when the lads turned up at the hotel, plainly wanting a repeat. I had gone for a long walk after breakfast and on my return to the hotel, met Carl and Gerry just leaving. Seeing me, they both burst out laughing and Carl said, 'You're too late for the show, we've just fucked the arse off your missus.'

Excited by their words, I hurried up to our room, where I found my wife still naked and lying amidst the crumpled sheets. She apologised for having sex with them while I was absent but I told her that I didn't mind as long as she enjoyed herself, which she obviously had.


Never Neglect Your Wife - Erotic Story

My business has been occupying more and more of my time recently and my wife, Selena, felt I was neglecting her. She was right but somehow I was too tired by the time I got home to do anything about it. She's always had men flocking round her like bees after honey. One evening when I got home at midnight and dog-tired, she informed me that as I was always too tired to make love to her properly, she felt free to look elsewhere for satisfaction. She then went on to tell me that she had met a man and though she had not yet slept with him, she fully intended to do so.

Needless to say, I begged her to give me another chance but it made no difference and she telephoned him and made a date. She arranged to meet Keith at a luxury hotel where he'd booked a suite then informed me that I was to take her there and stay till she was sure it was safe.

She's always been strong-minded and once again she got her own way. She looked a picture of desirability when she came down the stairs. She was wearing black seamed stockings and her highest pair of heels. Her dress looked as if she had been sewn into it and really showed off her fabulous figure.

Once more I begged her not to do it but she ignored me. She looked excited and told me to bring the car round. He was older than us, very handsome and charming and I saw that my wife really fancied him. She openly flirted with him as we had a drink at the bar. After a very few words of greeting, when we'd first met him, they completely ignored me.

We went upstairs and in the lift she cuddled up against him. I was trembling with jealousy but meekly kept quiet and watched Selena rubbing herself against him like a bitch on heat.

Once inside the room, my wife, still openly ignoring my psence, was all over him and he undid the zip of her dress which slipped down around her ankles, soon to be followed by her sexy underwear. Naked, save for her hold up stockings and high heels, which made her look like a call-girl, she offered herself to him.

He sucked and nibbled on her firm breasts, leaving them covered with love bites and with the nipples looking so swollen that they seemed as if they were going to explode. Her head was thrown back and I could clearly hear her breath hissing through her clenched teeth as she clung to him while he feasted on her nipples.

I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to leap on him and beat him up while another part was too scared to do anything in case my wife really decided that she'd had enough of me and left me, so I sidled into a corner and sat down, nursing my aching hard-on and bruised ego, yet never taking my eyes off them.

I heard him order her, rather curtly, to undress him and meekly she did, which rather surprised me as she is such a strong-headed person and I'd never managed to get her to do anything she didn't want to do. My wife, who had always been so dominant with me, was acting like a lovesick slave doing what he wanted and seeming to enjoy doing it. She pulled down his boxer shorts and I nearly choked when I saw the size of his erection. It curved up from his groin like a banana, at least ten inches long but probably that was the shaft only. The knob was the size of a large plum. She was gazing at it with eyes like saucers while drooling as she whipped her tongue from one side of her mouth to the other.

Again, he gave her an order and she jumped to obey, walking to the bed where she lay down, spading her legs wide and holding her pussy lips open with her fingertips as he moved towards her.

I was shocked by her lewd behaviour. The way she was offering herself to him was almost obscene. I was tortured by jealousy to see her acting like a slut with a man she hardly knew.

Yet still I watched as he slipped on a condom before the dome of his mighty cock eased between her open cunt lips. Immediately that she felt the bulbous cockhead dilate her vaginal lips, she heaved up her pelvis and a few more inches of his thick cock was absorbed into her cunt.

I could clearly see her face contort with pain as he forced his huge cock into her. Her pussy was stretched so much that I thought it would begin to split at any moment.

A long, high-pitched shriek came from my wife's lips as the man drove the full length of his cock into her cunt in one mighty thrust. Her head jerked back and she whimpered between gasping for breath. He looked back at me over his shoulder as if to see where I was and how I was taking the sight of my wife's cunt being filled by so much cock, then he returned his attentions to my darling Selena, who seemed to have got over the initial shock of the huge penetration, because she was grabbing his hips to pull him down as her legs lifted up in the air. She began to pant and moan continuously as he began to fuck her.

Her legs were draped over his shoulders as he pounded his cock into her cunt as hard as he could. She gave every sign of reaching a huge climax and from then on seemed to climax every few minutes. I could not tear my eyes away and stared at his giant cock, plunging in and out of my wife's stretched pussy, gleaming with her juices. She was squirming under the pounding of the man, babbling obscenities and lewd, sexual encouragements.

I felt torn apart by a mixture of jealousy and excitement. I had taken my cock out and was wanking it as I watched another man shoving his huge cock in and out of my wife's hungry cunt. He continued to fuck her and she continued to come.

The most I'd ever known her to come during one love session was twice and there before my very eyes she had already quadrupled that number and he was still pounding his cock in and out of her and she was still climaxing.

Eventually, as she squirmed beneath him, her body covered with perspiration, her eyes wild with sexual madness, he speeded up his thrusts and gave every sign that he was ejaculating.

She went absolutely wild with ecstasy and he had to cover her mouth with his hand to muffle her screams as her pussy convulsed round his spurting dick. When finally he pulled his huge cock out of her cunt, I watched incredulously as Selena, who didn't like sucking my cock, pounced on his. She tore off the condom and tossed it aside before she took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked on it like a starved puppy.

When his cock was squeaky clean, she lay next to him and they cuddled and whispered together before she turned round to me and told me to go home. Of course I protested but could not stand up to her when she lost her temper so I slunk out like a dog with his tail between his legs and went home where I waited for her to come back. It was the most agonised experience I've ever been subjected to. She didn't come home until the middle of the morning.

Later, after she'd taken a bath and I had served her breakfast in bed, she told me, in graphic detail, what they had done together when I'd left. The man was a sadist and had done things to her that I would never have believed she would let anyone do. Her body bore the bruises and marks to confirm her story.

She told me that she loved being submissive with him and intended to meet him as often as he wished and let him do whatever pleased him. She no longer cares that I'm too tired and is completely immersed in her role as his love-slave. I must admit, it excites me too.


Maid For Sharing - Erotic Story

My girlfriend and I have been going together for over two years and frankly our relationship had sunk into a rut so I decided that I had to shake-up our cosy arrangement and inject some spice into it.

The opportunity came when we went to a party and Sandy quite fancied a black guy there who was obviously letching after her. I talked her into leaving early and we hailed a cab. As we got in, I motioned to this stud to come along with us. Sandy glared at me, but I assured her that he was a sweet, cool guy.

In the cab, I sat in the middle and raised Sandy's dress so our new friend could get a good view. He was completely hypnotized by the sight of her hot, young, juicy cunt. Sandy never wears panties. Feebly she tried to push her skirt down, but gave up when she saw how much we enjoyed looking at her love charms.

We went to a cinema I know, as friends were using our flat. There were about a dozen people in the balcony including a couple. I decided on the last row, telling our friend to take the far corner seat against the wall, while Sandy sat between us.

After I fondled her for a few minutes, the black chap moved to do the same. He started grabbing her thighs and arse, which were pointed more or less at him while she was leaning toward me.

At first she rejected him and pushed his hand away. So he sat back and pulled out his cock after seeing me do the same. We both sat there burning holes with our eyes through Sandy's dress which was barely covering her fanny because of the slouched position of the seat. The other guy's prick was enormous - long and thick. The sight of us jerking off on either side of her finally got to Sandy.

She began rubbing her pussy and moaning. The stud decided to pounce. He spad Sandy's legs wide and dug his head hungrily into her cunt. After a while, to make himself more comfortable and her more accessible, he lifted his seat and got down on the floor on his knees. I just sat there jerking off and whispering in Sandy's ear that she was going to be well and truly fucked.

The combination of his sucking and my urging her on soon brought her to orgasm. The black guy seized his chance and pulled her down to the floor. She was on all fours and he rammed his thick cock right in her in one stroke. Sandy went berserk and started moaning and groaning so loud that I had to stuff my cock into her mouth to keep her quiet. He was good. He lasted a long time as she reached orgasm after orgasm and when he came, she nearly bit my cock off with excitement.

After she had calmed down a bit, she finished sucking me off and we tidied ourselves up before leaving the place. We parted company with our friend and returned to the flat where we both fell asleep within minutes of getting into bed.

Our sex lives have really perked up, and now she even suggests new treats for us!


A Changed Wife - Erotic Story

For many years now I have wanted to watch my wife in action with another man and at long last my dream has come true. Jean is 43 years old, 5'7" tall and measures 41-37-42. She has jet black hair and although I would not describe her as beautiful she is well above average. To my knowledge, she has had no other man but me. Sexually, she was nothing startling. We would fuck about once a week and although she occasionally allowed me to suck her, never once has she sucked me. As you can see, she was ptty naiv e.

For the past five years or so, I have longed to see her well and truly fucked by another man. In my fantasies, he is always very handsome, about 23 years old and with a very large endowment.

To cut a long story short, Jean and I attended a party where she became quite tipsy. At this party, she danced quite a few times with a very handsome young man in his early twenties. I could see she liked him.

When the party broke up, our hosts asked us if we could give Terry a lift home as he lived quite near us. We agreed of course. Sensing that something might happen, I asked him in for a nightcap when we reached our house. I put on some music and told Jean to dance with him. She gave me a very strange look. It was a slow record and they were very close. I was becoming erect. Suddenly, Jean looked down between their bodies. Her mouth was wide open so I looked too. An ominous bulge had tented out Terry's trousers.

'I'm sorry,' he spluttered.

'That's OK,' I replied, winking at him.

Jean had to pay a visit and while she was out I asked the lad if he fancied her. He nodded dumbly. I said it was alright to take things further and he just gaped at me.

'You mean....' he said.

I nodded. 'Do what you like with her.'

When Jean returned, it was obvious she had put on fresh makeup. Her lips were bright red. They began to dance again. She was crushed against him and then his hands began to roam over her back and down onto her very prominent bottom, which he promptly squeezed. Jean just looked at me as I smiled and nodded. Then she closed her eyes and let him feel her.

Then the zip of her dress was tugged down and she was climbing out of it to reveal to him her red bra with her tits bulging out. Black panties, red suspender belt and black stockings completed the picture. She looked great!

Terry unsnapped her bra and let her bulbous breasts bounce free, the nipples hardening like bullets. He squeezed and sucked them while she sighed. Then she slowly wriggled her knickers down. I could see they were damp. Terry just gaped at her. One of her best points is the thick thatch of jet black pubic hair that sprouts between her nicely bulging thighs. It extends in a line almost to her belly button and fills her anal cleft too. She had never really let me feel or look at the hair in her bottom. I only knew she was hairy there because I'd seen it a few times when she had bent over.

Jean began to tear at this handsome lad's clothes. Then he was down to his pants and we both gasped. The cock inside was ballooning his pants right out.

Lovingly, Jean eased them over his shaft and again we both gasped as his huge rigid tool sprang out. Jean later measured it. It was 10" long and 6" thick and the head was red and bulbous. I am only 5" long, so this handsome stud was twice as big!

Jean grasped the hotrod and slowly began to wank it. She was in ecstasy as she sank to her knees in front of him. It hurt me terribly but also excited me tremendously as she opened her mouth wide to accept the huge tool. Her mouth was stretched to the limit as Terry worked his mammoth organ in and out between her red lips. She let it slide out then she looked up at him almost reverently. She smiled lovingly up at him, closed her eyes and opened her mouth again. She looked fantastic, orally impaled on that huge cock.

In and out, in and out it went as she sucked rapturously. They changed positions without his cock leaving her mouth. She lay on her back while he positioned himself on her heaving tits. This enabled him to fuck her mouth with long, leisurely thrusts. At one point, the tool almost disappeared from sight down her throat, his knob must have been lodged there.

As he mouth-fucked her, Jean was milking his heavy balls with one hand and feeling his bottom with the other. His cheeks opened and her finger darted in, disappearing into the depths of his hole. I'd never imagined Jean could be so wanton. But more was to come. She pounded her finger in and out as he fucked her mouth more rapidly.

I could see he was almost there. Just as he came, he pulled away from her mouth slightly. The first shot hit Jean in the mouth and then his creamy spunk seemed to squirt and squirt and squirt. It was going everywhere. Jean just lay there, mouth wide open, as he saturated her. When he had finally finished spurting his juice, I looked down at Jean's face which was coated with his slimy sperm. Her eyes were tacky, there was some in her nostrils and her hair was splattered with it. Thick globules were running down her face and neck and her mouth was full of it. She ran it round her teeth, gums and tongue, tasting it. Then she swallowed and smiled up at him.

He whispered something and she turned over, the spunk still running down her face. He pushed her arse into the air and opened her legs. Terry called me across and asked me to open her bum cheeks. I did so and we both gazed enraptured at her hairy hole. He tongued it and she went berserk.

Then we all went up to bed where he fucked her silly. It was fabulous to watch that great steaming cock ploughing into her. When he came, he saturated her pussy, it was running out of her.

Since that time, Terry has been round quite often. She has drunk loads of his sperm, he's spunked inside her dozens of times and they've even enjoyed a few exciting arse-fucks. She's sucked and tongued his bottom for hours on end, she's wanked him off and let him fuck her huge tits before spunking her neck and face. She just can't get enough of his mammoth tool. Even when I'm up her, she wishes she was sucking Terry's cock.

We've also introduced other men into our lives. She's had about twenty different men all together. One special night, we had three men over. Terry, another guy the same age and a man of 50. Boy, did she get fucked that night. She was drenched in spunk and the room stank of cum. She wouldn't let me wipe it off.

Finally they carried her to the bathroom where they did some really nasty things to her!

As you can imagine, she is now a randy tart and I adore to see her used in this way. For me, there's no greater pleasure than to see my darling wife taking a wad of spunk in her mouth and face from some guy with a huge tool. It is just so humiliating.


Not Too Drunk To Fuck - Erotic Story

Trudy and I have been 'friends' for about five years now, and it has always been my fantasy to watch her with another man. But when I've approached her on the subject she's always said, "I might," or, "if you get me drunk enough."

A while ago I went away on business and when I returned everything seemed normal. However, when I bumped into a mate, he told me that his brother had 'had' Trudy whilst I was away. At first I didn't know how to react but later on, after I'd composed myself, I confronted the dear girl.

She confessed all. Whereupon I demanded to know all the seedy details. What had she been wearing? Where had they done it? Etc. Trudy told me that he'd been after her for a while, and that when she invited him back for coffee it was only for coffee. However, they soon both ended up on the floor together. Apparently he just took her jeans off and shoved his cock Into Trudy's hole.

I felt truely aroused by this tale and said, "If you can do it behind my back then why not get fucked while I'm watching?" Trudy replied In her usual fashion, "I might, if you get me drunk enough."

This time I called her bluff and arranged for it to happen the next Friday. Then we went to bed and screwed like never before. The following Friday I went to the pub and stayed later than usual. I drank with a new acquaintance called David. We were going to a club when I suggested a woman. He agreed so we both went round to see Trudy. She looked startled when she opened the door but soon perked up when I introduced David. He went to the loo and Trudy threw her arms around me. I merely told her to be gentle with him and went upstairs. I passed David on the stairs, explained that I was drunk and asked him to look after Trudy.

I went into the bedroom and heard the video go on. I waited patiently for fifteen minutes until the sound went off. Tip-toeing down the stairs, I heard David say, "But what about him upstairs?" Trudy told him not to worry. At this point I got to the door. Through the crack I could see my dream coming true before my eyes. They were both snogging on the settee. Her blouse was open and her bra was pushed up to reveal average but firm tits.

He was sucking on each nipple in turn. He stroked her parted thighs and paused as he reached the top of her stockings. He then pushed his hand roughly into her crutch as she parted her legs even wider for him. I could see his hand as he fingered her. He was an expert. Pulling apart the floppy cunt lips, he inserted first one,then two, then three fingers. She writhed on his hand, thrusting her hips forward. For a moment I thought that he was going to fist fuck her there and then. She obviously wanted it. But no. He pulled his slimy digits from her well opened crack and put them to her lips. She licked her own vaginal slime from his fingers.

Then, he told her to take all her clothes off. He gestured for her to stand up. She stood before him and stripped. When naked, Trudy awaited further instructions. David quickly removed his own clothes. His cock stood out a mile. He looked at It and gestured agaIn. While he sat there with his legs slightly apart, she knelt before hIm. Her fingers caressed his balls as she licked the head of his knob. Then, she looked up into David's eyes for a moment before taking his cock fully in her mouth. He looked down as her head bobbed up and down. Trudy sucked him slowly and carefully.

Her reward was a wad of semen, which he shot into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she swallowed. I made a mental note to ask her about the taste. David put his hands on Trudy's head and told her to keep licking and sucking. He said, "When you've got me hard again I want you to lie back on the floor with your legs as far apart as possible."

With his cock still in her mouth, she nodded. After a few minutes the prick was stiff again. Without further ado Trudy took up her position on the floor. She opened her legs for him. As he mounted her, Trudy looked up and smiled at me. There was a trace of satisfaction on her face when his cock entered her vagina. I watched his arse move up and down on her exposed body. She moved her legs up, and placed her ankles on the small of his back.

He pounded into her madly. Fifteen minutes later, she whimpered as he pumped his spunk into her loose hole. I hurriedly retreated to the bedroom and waited for them to come upstairs. Dave took the spare room and Trudy came in to me.

She was still naked and I could see a trIckle of sperm on her thigh. I mounted her quickly, and as my cock went in I could feel David's come. As I rode her, I asked Trudy If she had enjoyed it. She said It was OK.

"Will you do it again?" I enquired. "Yes, if you get me drunk enough," she replied.


Long Strong John - Erotic Story

Josie, my wife, has always been a prick teaser. She just loves flashing her gorgeous long legs at other men, and makes it look accidental when her skirts ride up to show off her thighs and the tops of her stockings, but I know she does it deliberately.

Josie is 35, attractive and petite, with long silken hair that falls well below her shoulders. She has smallish breasts, but they are firm and nicely proportioned. Josie never let things go too far until last year when she became more adventurous. When we were out at a nightclub, she began letting men chat her up and touch her. The times I've watched a stranger's hands roaming over her shapely body while she rubbed herself against his bulge. I would rub myself and often came in my pants.

I would meet Josie outside the club and we would rush home, where she would pull my head down to lick her foaming pussy. She would hold me down, forcing my tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go, while telling me how big the guy had felt. Her pussy would gush over my face as she came off, and I would hold her piss flaps open while I ate her. Then, and only then, was I allowed to fuck her, and I'd bang away until I came in her pussy, then I'd lick her out again.

Josie soon started letting the men take more liberties. She would lead them outside the club and they would stand in doorways, snogging. She let their hands have free access over her firm body and I'd love watching the hem of her skirt rise as the man's hand went between her legs. That really got me going, and I'd openly toss myself off while Josie squirmed on his fingers, but she still wouldn't go any further and would walk away, leaving a highly frustrated man standing there.

I encouraged Josie to go further, but she knew she had me under her thumb. I would lick her pussy, which had just had another man's fingers in it and I'd wank off as I visualised her legs parting as he brought her off. It was great fun for us, but I knew it was only a matter of time before a man put his cock into her.

It happened two weeks ago with a coloured guy who proved too strong and determined to be refused. I'd seen her bring men home before. I would hide in the cupboard under the stairs and peep through the crack in the door, so I could watch Josie's tits and fanny being mauled and frigged.

Anyway, two weeks ago I watched this black guy, John, pick up Josie in a pub. He was on holiday with a crowd of his mates. John was Josie's first black date, and I could see that she was excited by the prospect of handling her first black cock. As the evening wore on I could tell something special was going to happen as Josie was very obedient towards him. He dominated her all the way, and even had her holding his cock in the pub.

I watched, amazed, as her head ducked down under the table and his hand pushed her head up and down. He kept her there for a good 10 minutes until his eyes closed and he pumped his spunk down her throat. When she lifted her head, she looked at him as a dog looks at his master. I knew then that Josie was ripe for fucking and John would be the one to do it. Josie gave me the sign that they were going home and I scampered off with my cock fit to burst.

Once at home, I only had to wait a few minutes before they came in. I watched while Josie got John a coffee, then he pulled her down onto the settee and their tongues met. Her hands worked at his trousers and she soon had them around his ankles.

What a shock I had when I saw John's cock! It was huge - I'd say about eight and a half inches. It was so fat that Josie's hand wouldn't go all the way around it. I watched in awe as she knelt before him and licked up the length of his cock. She pulled his foreskin back to expose a huge, pink crown that glistened with its own juices.

John lay back on the settee while Josie went crazy, trying to gulp down as much of his magnificent cock as she could. I wanted to go out there, get down behind her and lick out her cunt, but I refrained as I didn't know how John would take it. John could have crushed me with his little finger, so I stayed put, trembling with excitement.

Then, John prised Josie off and pushed her back onto the floor. He raised her legs over his shoulders and forced his cock against Josie's pussy. She squirmed and he had Josie coming off as he rubbed his pink crown up and down between her labia. She cried out as John pushed his big member into her and he held her ankles up in the air, wide, as he pumped in and out. Josie continued to moan as John's cock stretched her tight pussy.

I heard Josie coming off as he fucked her, and she cried out, "Oh God, it's so big!" Her hips pushed up to meet his cock - which was at least twice as much as I could give her. As I watched them, I creamed myself off over the floor, but I didn't dare interrupt them.

John's cock was like a piston as it plunged deeper into Josie's cunt. He eased her legs down and he lifted her bum off the floor. Josie's hands went around his black bum and she pulled him into her, wanting him to spunk her, which he dutifully did. John shouted out, "Take a black man's come, you honky! It's all you'll want in the future!"

Josie's wrapped her legs around John's arse and held him there as he pumped his spunk into her. "I love you, I love you!" she cried out, as his cock filled her with baby food.

John then got up and stood proudly over Josie, his cock hanging down all wet and sticky. He helped himself to a malt whisky as Josie stayed on the floor, sprawled out like a starfish. John downed his drink and pulled Josie to her feet. He led her upstairs to our bedroom, and I stood outside the door listening as he fucked her again.

I took a chance and peeped around the door, to see him fucking her doggy style. My spunk pumped out over the landing carpet as John's cock made a woman of Josie again. He fucked her for a good hour before coming again, then he dressed and left Josie a total wreck.

I went in to Josie and stared at her gaping cunt. She lifted her leg to my shoulder and pulled me down towards her. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted it too. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then her pussy lips, and before I knew it my face was buried in her cunt with my tongue pushing up her.

Josie writhed around and it was fantastic. She was so wet and juicy! We stayed like that all night - me worshipping her pussy with my mouth - and I made her come off a couple more times. It was the best sex I had ever had.

Josie met John again... and again and again. He stopped over a couple of nights towards the end of his holiday, and they fucked all night. It was a bit awkward for me, but I kept out of their way until he left. When he did, I was able to worship my wife's spunk-filled pussy.

Josie's on the lookout for a new black lover now. I hope she finds one soon.


The Watcher - Erotic Story

We were looking through the contact section of a magazine when we came across a photo of a very attractive young man, with a super endowment, who was seeking to join a couple. There was something about him which really caught Selena's attention. We have entertained other men on a number of occasions now and it excites us both tremendously.

Selena wrote off to him with a photo of herself showing off all her marvellous attributes.

Both of us were very excited (and nervous) when we answered the door that Friday night. He gave her a bouquet of flowers and confidently followed us into the lounge. We had a few drinks and exchanged information about ourselves.. He was a salesman and had all the chat and confidence of someone who uses his personality to make a living. Soon my wife and I were relaxed enough to laugh at his risque jokes.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back he had an arm around my wife's waist and was kissing her passionately. One of his hands was sliding up her thigh, hitching the skirt up until the crotch of her white panties was visible. My hard-on throbbed in my trousers and I couldn't wait to see him get undressed.

Her knees parted as he pushed his hand higher and stroked her pussy through the thin material of her panties. She was whimpering with pleasure as his fingers stroked and probed. I could see the material beginning to become translucent as her juices soaked into it. They didn't seem to be aware of my psence, so I sat down as quietly as possible and watched.

Her hands were busy undressing him and when she got rid of his trousers and underpants I saw that his description had been no exaggeration. My own cock stiffened even more as his whopper of a cock came springing out. It seemed even larger than Selena's biggest dildo. I heard her gasp with pleasure and amazement when her hand closed around the thick shaft and her fingers did not meet her thumb, which gives you an idea of the massive girth of his cock. I tugged my own prick out and began to slowly rub it as I watched my wife playing with the monster. I was bigger than I had ever been and my heart was thumping wildly.

With his help she slipped out of her clothes. She looked like she was in the throes of a raging fever, her face was flushed and beads of perspiration trembled on her upper lip and brow. Her eyes were almost bulging as she looked down at what she was holding in her hand.

She pushed the young man down so that he lay on his back. In this position his cock looked even bigger. I was desperate to see that huge organ plunge between Selena's wet folds. Still not letting go of his cock, she knelt between his spad legs and guided the knob to her mouth. I watched with bated breath as she managed to open her mouth wide enough to take the knob inside.

Moving her head up and down, she gradually increased the rhythm of her sucking, coating the flushed shaft with her saliva as her lips stretched round it like an elastic band. I could see from the movement of her cheeks that she was applying a fierce suction to the head and using her tongue to increase his pleasure.

She could only take a small amount of the gigantic cock into her mouth but she used her fist to make up for this. He seemed to like it because he was jerking wildly, his hands clasped behind the back of her head, trying to get her to take even more of his gargantuan cock inside her mouth. I heard myself silently urging him to spill his seed inside her sucking mouth so that she could swallow his thick load, but Selena had other ideas and she removed her mouth from his cock. I saw it glistening with a mixture of saliva and lipstick, which made it look even more imposing. She shifted and slid forwards till she was lying on top of him. This was the moment I was most looking forward to, the moment when his thick cock would slide into her body, piercing her deeper than she had been before, stretching her labia to tearing point. I was ready to come!

His hands clasped her eagerly, sliding down her back until his fingers could sink into the firm cheeks of her bottom, pulling the buttocks apart. I could now clearly see her crinkly rosebud and below it her pussy, which was gaping open and revealing the inner folds, a sure sign that my wife was so aroused that she was on the brink of coming. I caught a glimpse of a long teardrop of pussy juice hanging down from her clit. I had only a few seconds to feast my eyes on this most erotic vision before she guided his knob against her cunt.

He dipped a finger into the juice running out of her cunt and then screwed it into her small, tight back hole just as she lowered herself and impaled her cunt on his upright cock. I held my breath as I watched that incredible cock slowly disappear inside her descending cunt. She was whimpering as if in pain, but she made no move to lift herself off, instead she kept pssing down until every inch had disappeared from view.

They started to fuck, his cock and his finger keeping time. It was fascinating and extremely arousing to watch another man fucking my wife, another cock ploughing back and forth, driving deeply into the hole I'd fucked so often. I knew I'd never stretched it so wide before.

She rocked up and down, the rhythm becoming faster and faster, until he was lifting his bottom off the settee as he rammed his huge cock into her descending cunt in a non-stop pounding which made the furniture shake.

With a roar of excitement, he rammed his cock upward one last time and held her tight against him as she writhed her hips. It was obvious they were both coming and from experience I could imagine her cunt muscles clenching his spurting cock and encouraging it to ejaculate every last drop of spunk. I was so excited that I spilled my sperm all over myself as his cream began to ooze out.

They clung onto each other as they panted, their sweat mingling. I decided to leave them to it and went upstairs and got into bed.

It was nearly four o'clock in the morning before Selena slipped into bed beside me. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy. It was extremely swollen and very wet.

She whispered in my ear, telling me some of the things he'd done to her. I couldn't believe that she'd let him do some of the things she told me about, but when I explored her backside I found it full to overflowing with his sticky seed.

I would have thought that she would have been exhausted from the pounding she'd received but I was wrong and soon I was fucking her, slamming my prick into her spunk filled cunt as hard as I could while allowing my finger to fill her slimy bottom.

The young man is now a frequent visitor to our house and they both have insisted that I stay and watch as they explore the more deviant ways of sex.


Tales Of Dick And Mandy - Erotic Story

At the beginning of the year I had taken on a piece of allotment. My wife helped out and sometimes went to the allotment during the day while I was at work.

One evening she told me that the chap on the next plot had made some ptty suggestive remarks to her while she was working that afternoon. I had been aware of Paul eyeing my wife. Apparently he had been chatting her up for some weeks. It had culminated that afternoon with him inviting Mandy into his shed where he'd show her a special tool.

It was obvious what sort of tool he had in mind. For some time I had harboured the fantasy of my wife going with another man, which Mandy was aware of. When I now spoke about the gardener in that respect, telling her the size of his penis, (which I had seen when he had a pee near his hut one day and was definitely longer than the average), she was interested.

Mandy admitted that it turned her on to know this chap was eyeing her up with lust in his heart and for some days we discussed the possibility, although in a light-hearted vein with neither of us expecting it would really happen.

Then, one really hot day, we were both working on the allotment, as was the lecher on the next plot. Being hot my wife wore only shorts and loose fitting top with no bra. The lecher couldn't keep his eyes off her. Seeing the lust in his eyes excited me and when he had gone to fetch water from the brook at the end of the plot, I suggested to my wife that I leave her there alone and see if anything happened.

She had been only too aware of his looks and was feeling worked up herself. When he was working close to us again I said, in a voice loud enough fer him to hear, that I would have to pop home for something but would return in half an hour or so. When I returned to the allotments later neither my wife nor Paul were to be seen. I walked down the path and as I neared his hut, the door opened and my wife emerged, looking very flushed indeed.

Paul turned back inside when he saw me but not before I noticed he was doing his trousers up. A thrill ran through me as I wondered what they had been up to.

When he emerged Paul said he'd been showing my wife a special tool of his and telling her she was welcome to use it anytime. I enquired what sort of tool and was actually shown a hand hoe, but it was obvious that he really meant a different kind of 'tool' altogether.

We all returned to our respective gardening jobs and I thought that Paul's looks at my wife were now of smug satisfaction. Or was it my imagination? At the first opportunity I asked Mandy what had happened in the shed. Paul was approaching up the path so her reply was brief and uttered in a shaky whisper, "He had me".

My emotions and feelings were confused as I worked on, now with the knowledge that the whistling man on the next plot had actually fucked my wife 15 minutes earlier.

At home later, I asked her to tell me all about it and she might as well repeat her story here. "As Soon as my husband had gone, Paul repeated his suggestion of showing me his special tool. He was noticeably surprised when I agreed to have a look at it. I followed him into his shed and when he turned to face me it was with his trousers open and his penis, fully erect, sticking out. "What about that for a tool," he grinned. "I just stared at it, partly in disbelief because it must have been a good 2" longer than my husband's.

Paul reached behind me to close and fasten the shed door. Then he took my hand to pss it against his rock hard penis. My fingers automatically curled around his rod and I found myself playing with it, aware of him undoing my shorts. Once he had lowered the shorts he plunged his hand straight down the front of my knickers while urging me to open my legs.

I was in a whirl of excitement as I complied, to be rewarded by the pleasant movement of his fingers between my thighs. After several pleasant minutes Paul stopped to remove my top. He complimented me on my quite large breasts, taking them in his hands and squeezing them up to lick each nipple in turn. I still held his penis, squeezing and stroking it. "Hasn't your husband got a special tool like this?" Paul asked. "Yes, but not as big," I replied, without thinking.

He laughed, making me regret my rash words as some sort of betrayal of Richard. "My tool can reach parts your husband's never been." His fingers again did their work between my thighs as he said, "l've wanted to fuck you for weeks Mandy."

"Then do it to me," I urged, really on heat, what with his gorgeous fingers between my legs and the excitement of me being naked in his shed and seeing my knickers lying on the dirty floorboards. He turned me round to face the grubby window and told me to brace myself against the sort of shelf come bench below it.

Paul' s trousers and pants were around his ankles as he closed up behind me. I felt his knees slide down between my legs as he sort of stooped. Then his fingers were opening me up and his penis was sliding inside. His body straightened, driving his penis deep inside me. When I say deep, I mean deep. I had never been penetrated so far and I braced myself as he lunged in and out.

Paul's hands came round to play with my breasts, his tongue licked the back of my neck and I was in heaven to feel the lovely thrusts of his penis spearing in and out of me. AII too soon it was over and he withdrew, to leave me slumped over the bench.

We were both breathing hard. Picking my knickers up, Paul handed them to me telling me to dress quickly before my husband returned."

My wife loved her experience in Paul's shed, as her words testify, and was as keen to continue as I was.

What turned me on the most was the knowledge of my wife being pentrated by a guy with a much bigger penis than me. For Mandy it was the places where it happened that were the biggest turn on. At first they had sex in his shed once or twice a week. Then they sometimes met in a woodland place for outdoor lovemaking and it was during one such meeting that my wife was persuaded to pose for some very sexy photos.

When the weather grew cooler Paul began coming to our house and the knowledge that he was fucking my wife in my own bed further excited me. I was offered a promotion at work which I almost turned down as it meant moving. My wife had been Paul's mistress for nearly a year by then.

The meetings have increased so that he was fucking her perhaps three times a week and I was so content with the situation that I nearly refused the promotion. We moved however and hopefully Mandy will soon find another lover.


Angie Again - Erotic Story

About two years ago Angie & I had perhaps our most depraved and thrilling experience. Nothing like it has happened since which is probably just as well. You will probably think that we were crazy to take the risks but everything turned out alright. After that time with John when we let him fuck her without protection, my mind would constantly stray to the thought of him doing her that way. I knew I wanted it to happen again - and with someone else!

We were on holiday at the time in the South of France and of course I was eager for Angie to have a holiday fling. We would eye up the men on the beaches while she wore just a bulging bikini but for some reason no-one made an approach. She was about 44 at the time and thought that perhaps she was losing her touch. I told her not to be so silly.

Anyway, we decided one day to hire a car and head inland. We found this really quiet spot about 30 miles inland and stopped for a picnic. I had my video with me and we decided that Angie would put on a show for the camera so she stripped off posing this way and that. There was no-one for miles (so we thought). Then we heard a noise and two men approached so Angie quickly dressed. They came up to us and started chatting in French. From the way they stared at Angie they had obviously seen her naked.

Our grasp of French was ptty poor and we couldn't understand what they were saying. Then one of the men pointed to the video, then at themselves and Angie. We looked at each other - they wanted to pose with her. She looked pleadingly at me and I looked back at the men. They were both in their late twenties/early thirties and both good-looking. One was about six feet two and the other six feet, both bronzed with good bodies. So I just nodded at them as my cock stiffened.

That was all they needed. They both undressed revealing bulging cocks. One of them was as big as John but it seemed much thicker and fatter. The other guy wasn't much smaller, maybe an inch or so bigger than me. Angie was staring at their cocks as they moved towards her. The bigger guy's cock bounced as he walked. They quickly stripped Angie's clothes off as I tried to focus with the camera. Their cocks were poking at her and she reached for them. The bigger guy was kissing her deeply while the other one groped her cunt.

Then they were down on the ground with the big guy between her legs. I tried to say something about rubbers but we were all too carried away with the eroticism of the situation. We had only met these guys ten minutes ago and didn't even know their names.

Then the big guy was squeezing his fat cock into Angie's hole. She struggled to get in all in but at last made it. I set the video on a rock so I could get my cock out and rub it. It felt so good as I rubbed it while watching the big guy plunge in and out of Angie's cunt. The other guy was rubbing his engorged knob over her face as she poked out her tongue and tried to get the tip into his little hole. They were really rough and she was loving every minute of it. Suddenly the guy at her face snorted something in French and shot a prodigious amount of spunk in her mouth and over her face and hair.

I was wanking like crazy while watching all of this urging the big guy on. Then he too snorted and lunged deeply inside her and I knew he was spraying her insides with cream. Then he whipped it out and the last few jets flew from the tip of his big cock and some of it landed on me.

I came as well all over the ground and flopped back exhausted. I thought that was that and the men would leave but they had other ideas. The guy who had fucked her face grabbed her hand and put it on his cock which started to grow again. Then when he was ready, he turned her over doggy-style and plunged into her gaping slit. My own cock grew again as did the bigger guy's. I watched him playing with it until it grew to full size. I was amazed that Angie had taken him so easily. I got myself close to Angie's arse as her lover sawed himself in and out. I pulled her cheeks apart a bit so that I could see the guy's cock better. He was really grinding her - he would pull it out till the fat head nearly left her sheath then plunge back in again. I was urging him on although I don't think he understood. The big guy by this time had stuck his massive cock in Angie's mouth and she was sucking at it as hard as she could. Then the guy in her cunt was coming, shooting thick wads deep into her ravaged hole. Before she had time to react, the big guy was behind her again. He spat in his hand and wet his big cock with the spit and then rubbed some into Angie's puckered arse. I knew what he was about to do and I knew that Angie had never had a prick in her arse before but it looked like that was all about to change.

I have never known my cock to be so hard as I squatted behind Angie watching as the big guy introduced his huge plum head to her arsehole. Angie tensed as she felt it prod her. I told her it was OK, just relax. Then the head of his giant prick slipped up. He seemed to be struggling to get any more in so I helped by pulling Angie's cheeks further apart. He smiled and nodded at me as I told Angie to relax again so he could it all in. Slowly he began to push and then he was in her to the balls. She screamed as she felt it all the way in. I was still pulling her cheeks apart as I urged him on. It was thrilling to see her arse drilled in this way. It went on and on, I never wanted it to stop, I wanted him to fuck her to a standstill.

But it had to end, the muscles of his arse telling me that he was letting go. His orgasm lasted a long while while Angie screamed. With a loud plop he drew his still engorged prick from Angie's bottom and sighed deeply.

Then they both stood up, dressed, thanked us in English and disappeared. Angie was still on all fours, with spunk now beginning to leak from her bottom. I put my hand there and smeared the hot fluid over her cheeks. I kissed her and told her she was beautiful and then we had a slow, leisurely fuck. It was exciting to feel their warm spunk around my prick.

When we had calmed down, we had a worrying time and we promised that never again would she have unprotected sex unless we knew beforehand that the man was alright. But it was an intensely stimulating experience made all the more exotic because we allowed them to shoot their spunk into her.


The Movie Business - Erotic Story

Some weeks ago my wife Tracy and I started playing about with a video camera to make some home movies of the two of us, and I don't mean holiday films! We both had some fun with it, but lost interest after we had done two or three hours of recording. I had forgotten about the tapes, until recently...

Last weekend we went out for a meal, leaving our two year old at home with Kev, one of our neighbours. Kev is a pleasant, attractive guy, 22 years old, who always got on well with us and our son.

When we left we told him we probably wouldn't be home until about one o'clock in the morning, as was usual when we went out. However, after we had eaten and had a few drinks, we decided to go home at about 10.30pm.

The taxi dropped us off and we went in and heard music coming from the lounge. We entered the dim lounge to be met with the sight of Kev sitting on the settee with his hands wrapped around his cock as he wanked and watched the TV.

We were stunned and didn't know what to say. Then when I looked at the screen I saw Tracy with a vibrator deep in her pussy while she sucked on my cock! Kev was quickly trying to stuff his huge erection back into his trousers and apologising to us both. I realised that we must have left our tapes next to the TV and Kev had put them on to see our antics in the bedroom!

I wasn't sure how to deal with the situation, then I saw Tracy smiling wickedly at me before walking over to Kev, asking him if he had enjoyed the video. I think he was confused by this approach and said nothing as Tracy knelt down in front of him. Taking his cock in her hand she began to stroke it, whilst slowly undoing her blouse to expose her massive tits.

I stood rooted to the spot, feeling my own cock quickly growing to erection as I watched my wife gently wanking another man's cock in front of me. Kev soon relaxed again and sat back to savour the feeling of Tracy wanking him while he watched her on the TV.

On the screen Tracy now had my prick deep into her cleavage, her huge tits wrapped around it, and Kev reached down to release her bra, allowing her tits to spill into his hands. Tracy looked back at the TV and then at Kev before moving to slide his cock between her boobs. He held them together as he thrust himself against her chest.

Kev must have been close to coming before, because he very quickly started to moan and breathe heavily as he fucked her tits. Finally he grunted and his cock exploded over Tracy's huge breasts, leaving them coated in his spunk. Tracy took his still spurting cock in her hands and held it as the last drops landed on her nipples, before leaning down to kiss the top of it.

There was a stunned silence for a while, until Tracy looked at me and told me to fuck her. I removed my trousers, then rushed to kneel behind her. As Kev watched I lifted her skirt, pulled her knickers down and rammed my cock into her hot cunt. There was no finesse involved, just pure lust and fucking.

Tracy groaned as I sank my length into her wet pussy and she kissed Kev. As I fucked her I was amazed to see Kev's prick slowly rising, and when Tracy leant down to take it in her mouth it became rock hard again. It was huge and Tracy was having trouble taking it between her lips, with each thrust from me pushing her mouth deeper onto Kev's shaft.

This whole situation was beyond my wildest imagination and I couldn't believe what a turn-on it was to watch Tracy's lips slide over another man's massive cock as I fucked her hard from behind, her huge tits swaying about as we pounded into her at each end.

I had to see Tracy being fucked with Kev's huge cock, so I pulled out, asking her to lie on the floor. We removed all our clothes, including Tracy's sodden blouse and bra, before I asked Kev to fuck her. She smiled at me with lust in her glazed eyes as Kev knelt between her legs and held her thighs. Tracy took his huge cock in her hands and pushed it into her pussy. He started to gently push it deeper until it was fully inside her, then he shafted her as she closed her eyes with the pleasure of the fucking she was getting.

I knelt next to her head and she grabbed my wet cock to rub it over her huge spunk covered tits as they bounced about. Tracy was soon screaming as she came, with Kev's cock still pounding into her, and I slid my cock between her lips to fuck her mouth whilst caressing her tits and face.

The sight of that huge, wet cock fucking her and the feeling of her moaning around my prick in her mouth was too much and I pulled my cock from her lips to toss myself off over her face and massive breasts, splattering my come over her. Tracy slid her hands down over her tits and down to her cunt to play with herself and Kev's balls as he fucked her, while I leant down to kiss her.

Kev soon shouted that he was coming again. He placed his cock on her stomach as he pumped his come over her stomach and hands while she frantically wanked him. After this, Kev and I sat back to watch Tracy rubbing the spunk into her huge tits and erect nipples, with a contented smile on her face.

Kev stayed for another two or three hours, with both of us fucking and sucking Tracy until we were all too knackered to carry on. Tracy and I slept after that, but are looking forward to Kev's next visit, when he has said he could bring a friend around to film the three of us! I can hardly wait for that to happen, as Tracy has now said she would love to try and fuck all three men at the same time. Watch this space...


Black And White - Erotic Story

Selena and the young Black man were stood against the miniature bar in the corner of the lounge. I was sat in my chair, in the recess furthest away from them. They were, of course, both fully aware of my psence, but never at any time did that have any effect either upon what they said to each other or what they did.

There is no denying that Selena is a beautiful woman although she was certainly a lot older than her companion. She has long, sexy legs that flow into softly rounded thighs, curved buttocks and a flat, soft tummy. Her breasts though were her most outstanding feature. They were full and softly rounded, peaking to high tips that only emphasised the fact that she was braless. Just once glance at the deep, wide and plunging cleavage of her black cocktail dress confirmed that as a fact.

The Black youth of no more than twenty was perfectly developed physically. The thin checked shirt he wore opened to the waist served to make obvious the great breadth of his shoulders and the depth of his chest, the muscles of which positively rippled. He was very Black, whilst Selena had one of those all-over golden tans that made one think of long hours in the sun. She wore nothing in the way of makeup, for with a complexion like hers, artificial boosts were totally unnecessary. Her sole adornments, in fa ct, apart from a gold chain on one ankle, were the long and pointed fingernails, which she had varnished a brilliant red.

For maybe twenty or thirty minutes they chatted together. Every now and then his curly black hair and her tresses would come closer together. There would be a smile on his rugged , and by no means handsome, face while she would allow herself a giggle or even a titter.

You could feel something brewing - a tension building up. They had a few drinks - she favoured white wine whilst he was on the malts. When the break did come, it surprisingly stemmed from the youth. I say surprisingly, because of the two, she was obviously the assured and confident; he appearing more wary, shy almost.

It started like this. She was standing for most of the time whilst he perched on a high stool. She reached over to the bowl of nuts on the bar top and as she did so, he slipped his left arm round her waist and held it there. She stood motionless for a moment and then she looked up at him, smiled and finally blew him a kiss. It was obviously the signal he'd been waiting for. I saw his chest fill as he breathed in deeply and then he was sliding his hand from her waist down onto her buttocks.

From then on it was sex - hot blatant sex - raw sex, almost - all the way. I heard her sigh softly and I'm sure she murmured, 'Darling... darling' very, very faintly. She moved up to him and then her arms were around his neck, they were kissing and even as their lips met, hers were already moist and parted. As they kissed, they were also loving one another with their hands. His were on her buttocks, moving from one soft, round cheek to the other and then pausing as he dug his long, Black middle finger in be tween her thighs. Selena's hands meantime were first on his chest and then moved down his belly to his crotch. I heard her gasp as she stroked her fingers over his bulge, then she was pulling down his zip and her hand was inside. Soon she was moaning his name, 'Roddy ... Roddy .... so big .... so big ....' Then, frustratingly almost, 'I can't get it out ... its too big ... too thick...'

He was whispering something to her very softly. So softly that I didn't catch it. But he was easing her slowly back from him and whilst she continued to stroke his cock through his slacks, his hands went to her breasts and seconds later he had freed them from her dress. He held one in each of his large, Black hands and I saw her nipples harden and pucker as he flicked his thumbs over them. Her nipples enticed him and, taking them in his mouth, he used his tongue to lick and his mouth to suck.

He pulled her body against his and kissed her. Their lips opened, their tongues repeated the kiss and they appeared to almost drink their passion from each other. He lifted her up and sat her on her own stool. As he did so she was pulling her dress up to her waist and spading her thighs apart at the same time. I heard him gasp, for apart from her stockings, she was naked under the dress and even from where I was sat, I could see tiny droplets of her lust on the soft, bare lips of her pussy. Her clit was a tiny, round pink button. Then again she cried out his name as he sank his middle finger deep into her.

They were whispering to each other but again I couldn't hear. Next moment he was lifting her by her waist until she was high above his head. She opened her legs wide and started to tease her own cunt with her fingers as he slowly lowered her over his mouth and he was licking at her slit and nibbling on her clitty. Seconds later, she suddenly stiffened as he pushed his tongue deep inside her, moving it in and out. I could even see the sweet nectar on his lips and then she was shuddering in his arms as his cu nt-kisses brought her to orgasm.

I could only marvel at his strength as he took her weight in one hand and with the other he was pulling at his belt and zip as his slacks fell to his knees revealing his cock. How do you describe a cock such as that Black man's? Massive - huge - that will have to do. I haven't seen a bigger cock on a man. It was eleven inches long and my eyes told me that it was thicker than Selena's wrist. The main vein running along the top was almost obscene. It was so big as it throbbed purple-black against his stomach. The knobhead was positively ugly in its size and was like no other I'd ever seen before.

The look on Selena's face said it all - it was all her eyes said. Fear. Panic. Yet I also knew that she couldn't have refused him even if she had so wanted.

Slowly he began to lower her and as he looked into her lovely eyes, he held her further away from his own body. Briefly she lowered one hand till it was holding that huge cock then she was whispering to him once more and I saw her forcing her legs and cunt wider apart as he set her on the top of his rigid penis. Then she was screaming as, with one thrust, he pulled her all the way onto him. For a second they were still and I saw a tear rolling down her cheek, but the next moment she had wrapped her legs aro und his waist and her hands were around his neck.

He gently lowered her onto her back till she was spadeagled across the deep pile of the carpet. I thought he was going to fuck her there and then, but I was mistaken. Instead they whispered to one another again and then stood up and they quickly stripped themselves naked - he completely so and she retaining only her self-support stockings. Again he knelt over her and she was reaching out and holding his penis. His cock was wet and gleaming black from her cunt juices and there was no hiding the excitement on her face as she realised the life-force that was pulsing the entire length of his prick. She started to guide it to her mouth, her lips parted and her tongue was licking around the rim. As she did so, she took one hand away from his shaft and began to lift and stroke his heavy, swaying balls.

I saw him reaching out for her large, round breasts and once more her nipples rose to the teasing of his fingers. She widened her mouth and he put one hand behind her head as he made to slide his cock over her tongue. I saw her cheeks bulge and he pushed another inch or more inside.

That is when he fucked her - not on her back though - instead he screwed her the way a dog mounts a bitch or the bull a cow. They'd been whispering as before and I'm sure she had asked for it this way. They started off with Selena on her hands and knees and her bum stuck in the air and with her thighs spad wide. He leaned over her back and as he reached round for her swinging breasts, she had her hands between her legs. Taking his giant cock in her fingers, she moved it till his knob was rubbing up and dw on her snatch.

Now he was really fucking her - I could hear her cunt squelch each time he pulled out and with each thrust I could see her pink pussy lips open and close. His weight and the sheer power of his screwing was forcing her head and then her tits flat onto the carpet, even her legs appeared to be splaying further and further apart. His fuck strokes were long and smooth and very fast, he must have been pulling all of seven inches out of her after ramming every thrust home. I could see her mouth open and close and she was making all manner of weird noises.

Then she began moving back up onto his pounding Black prick, his chest and her back were slick with sweat. Her eyes were open now but they were rolling in their sockets and I saw her hands and fingers clutching at the carpet pile. He was pounding that cock into her and he too began to make a low, growling noise that seemed to come from deep in his throat. His thrusts were unbelievably quick and I could hear his huge balls slap her upper thighs and buttocks almost non-stop. She began screaming out his name and the next second he was jetting his sperm into her. Then it was all over.

The scene I have just related is one of many that has taken place over the last few years. Roddy is Selena's first Black lover and he also has the largest tool of any of my wife's pvious lovers. I so enjoy watching her with them, especially with Roddy - he is just so awesome!


Back To The Stud - Erotic Story

My husband Mike happened to mention one day about the thrill many husbands get from watching their wives being fucked by other men. He wasn't sure how he'd feel, though he would only be threatened if there was any emotion on my side. He said as long as it was animal lust - 'fucking for fucking's sake' - it would be fine.

Then, the very next day, driving home in the rush hour, with me slightly merry, there was this professional-type cyclist we kept passing on clear runs and kept passing us on congested stretches.

Now, I should have told you I love muscular men's legs, and this cyclist was magnificent. He had all nice blond hairs on his legs, too, and this magnificent mane of blond hair did his cause no harm at all! I kept looking at him and hubby noticed. I was tiddly and smiled and giggled. Thew was a "dialogue" with this long-legged cyclist.

I used Mike's words: "I could fuck him for fucking's sake." He said: "Why don't you?"

Next time we passed him, I politely asked him where he was heading. "Training," he said in a foreign accent and then he said something about doing so many kilometres a day. His English was excellent, but with an accent. I then noticed he was handsome - tanned with large blue eyes. I mentioned that he could come over to our place for a drink and a rest if he wanted. He agreed, saying it would fit in with his routine once he'd been told how far away our place was.

We got there ten minutes before him - time enough for me to tart myself up for him. 'I want to be beautiful for him,' I told hubby.

So much make-up, so much lipstick, not one of my dark hairs out of place. Perfume, too, and-of course, my six-inch high heels which people say show off my long legs.I did look a tart.

When the foreign stud arrived, he knew his role. He was Dutch, and with most alarming frankness asked if I fancied him. I admitted it, so while hubby was pouring out a long, cold drink we were locked together in a lovely open-mouthed kiss and I felt this sweet tongue dancing in my mouth. Between hot kisses, I admitted I loved his legs and, in a typical matter-of-fact manner, he suggested I kiss and lick his legs all the way from his knees up!

In his strong grasp I said: "I'd love doing that," and was amazed at hearing myself continue: "All the way up means I'd be licking your arse."

So when my hubby entered the room, he was standing there as I knelt behind him with his lovely arse cheeks spad and my face sweetly stuck between his arse, my hot tongue running all over it. It felt so good. Never had I done this before and I didn't want to stop. Obviously he'd lowered his shorts, so when he turned around, I was confronted by this huge dick. I just snapped my lips around that swollen knob. I knew it was far bigger than my husband's, but was pleased to hear him saying that.

But after I had intimately tasted him, I slowly stripped in front of him, He did the same. We looked at each other with lust-filled eyes as we ppared to fuck, I was wet just looking at his raw physique, He was what I'd simply call "magnificent", and I wanted his cock right up my aching cunt. And, in a perverse way, I wanted my husband to watch me being so beautifully fucked by this blond god.

Once more I knelt in from of him and sucked his sweet cock. I had my eyes trained on hubby as I performed the slurp on this Dutch dong. My cunt ached, so when I walked to the settee and turned my back to the stud, it was no snub. I psented my arse for his inspection, my arms resting on the back of the settee.

Instinctively, he returned the compliment and gave me a right devastating arse lick - so disgustingly crude - and then just suddenly shoved his Dutch dick in. I turned around to see hubby's right arm moving - his fist was concealed by the table - and I felt a hard dick ramming and jamming me. I came off there and then, and then let him turn me around. Now his strong arms separated my legs and his hard body came on to me. His cock once more found a welcome home. My legs wrapped around his back as he moved up and down .

I knew my stud friend couldn't take much more, so when we disengaged, I sat on the settee with his cock hovering menacingly by my face, I got my mouth round it. Only a dozen or so hard and violent shakes of the head and the blond came off in my mouth. His come was so creamy, rich and tasty - like foreign food. And he was foreign.

Finally, he disengaged, and it was into the kitchen for some food. As he stood, once more my lust for his arse manifested itself. I knelt behind his beautiful legs and licked and kissed his shapely bum crack - my hot, evil tongue wriggling around it. Oh, I really loved it, and hubby was fondling himself unconcealed.

We ate, then that foreign erection once more found its mark - another hour of good shafting, sucking and arse-licking. I even came off on his slippery tongue before, once more, he gave me another mouthful of his Continental cream.

He belonged to a Dutch cycling club whose members make regular visits here. He's given me the name and address of his club so I can get in touch with other muscular cyclists.


A Sucker For A Chopper - Erotic Story

I have been happily married to my wife Carla for ten years. I love Carla very much but I must confess I've always loved the idea of her being fucked by another man, although I've never actually admitted this to her.

She is 33 years old with a shapely figure and nice, dark nipples. She also shaves her pubic hair to show off her lovely pussy. Sex between us is quite regular and good although she's never had an orgasm during intercourse - usually I bring her off with my hand or tongue.

She works as a nurse at a local hospital and never fails to tell me how randy some of the staff are and all about the extra-marital sex that goes on, although she's never expssed an interest in other men. Never that is, until recently when she went to a ladies' night at a local social club. They'd hired a male stripper and she'd been very impssed by the size of the guy's cock.

Several of her girlfriends had remarked on how they'd happily be 'serviced' by such a man. In bed, later that night, I asked her whether she had similar thoughts and, after a long, pgnant pause, she sheepishly confessed the idea tempted her. But then. she added, the opportunity would probably never arise and even so, I'd have nothing to worry about.

My hand slipped between her legs and I inserted a finger into her vagina - she was soaking wet down there. As we made love I imagined I her being fucked by this hugely endowed man. I suspect that she was doing much the same.

Days later we were invited to a party by some of the staff who work with Carla. I'd heard of these parties and some of the goings on and I decided not to go and made my excuses, but I insisted Carla go by herself. At the back of my mind the image of what might happen made me very, very excited.

On the night, (or rather the early morning) of the party my wife came home more than a little unsteady on her feet. She came upstairs and lay on the bed. "I'm too bloody tired to undress," she said and asked me to help her I removed her clothes until she was down to her panties, then took hold of her waistband and eased them off.

She didn't make the least sign of resistance, so I gently spad her legs apart and inserted my forefinger inside her. All my suspicions were confirmed - she was as damp as a sponge in hot water. She'd obviously been fucked by another man.

I felt my penis stiffen at the very thought and asked her what had happened. Slowly, she explained that, although it didn't affect her love for me, she'd always wanted to try intercourse with a well-hung man. She'd had a great deal to drink at the party and had ended up playing strip-poker in a group made up pdominantly of men. Frankly card games have never been her strong suit, and before too long she was down to just her panties.

The game progressed and one of the men, who was called Don, found himself obliged to take his jock strap off. The girls psent gasped as his penis was revealed, Carla said he was massively endowed, with a cock of full seven inches, even when semi-erect. The game broke up and lots were drawn to see who would be paired off with who. You've guessed it, Carla got paired off with Don. They left the lounge and went upstairs to on empty bedroom.

Immediately Don removed my wife's panties and spad her legs apart to admire her pussy. His cock was fully erect by now and Carla says she'd no idea a cock could grow that big. Don was himself a little concerned about it, and told her not to worry.

"It goes right in," he'd said and began inserting his huge knob right up my wife's wet hole. Eventually, his full ten inches was inside her. Carla says she was gasping and squealing with pleasure as he fucked her with long, slow strokes that seemed to drag her to the brink of orgasm with each snarling thrust. He took her in several positions before answering her climax with a shower of spunk all over her breasts and face.

Since that night she's been fucked by a number of men, usually found via contact magazines. The only prequisite being size of cock i.e. it must be huge. I must admit, it's an arrangement that adds a lot of excitement to our marriage. My ego, I think, can take the strain.


Girl And Dean - Erotic Story

I'm writing to tell the readers about an experience I had with my husband last week and also because my husband would love all you men to imagine themselves doing me.

My experience occured after weeks of my husband Tom asking me about a fling I had with a guy before we got married. He kept telling me about a stud at his office and asked my whether l'd be interested in meeting him. Well, to cut a long story short, Tom arranged to go out withDean for a drink without telling me. He told me he was just goIng to the pub for a drink with his mates and wanted me to look really sexy for him when he got back. He came in later making a lot of noise, to find me on the sofa watching a dirty video, clad in a see-through black nylon blouse with no bra, a white mini skirt with sheer black seamed nylons, a thick gold ankle chain, and patent red stilettos.

Tom's eyes popped out of his head and he was soon undressed with me pulling furiously at his cock with my red nails and flicking my tongue over his throbbing cock. Unfortunately this was too much for him, and within two mInutes great jets of spunk were landing all over my blouse and heavily madeup face. I continued to wank him off furiously so he had the pleasure of seeing his tarty wife drenched in come. Tom then proceeded to wipe the spunk off my blouse and rub it into my cunt with his fingers, teasing my clit with his spunky hand.He then started asking me if I'd like a nice cock in me to finish me off, as he'd popped his cork already. I said that I was ready for anything and with that into the lounge walked his work mate, Dean, completely naked, holding an erect cock! He'd obviously been wanking himself off while watching me bringing my husband off over my face and blouse. Tom smiled, and Dean sat down next to me and put my hand around his stiff cock. I slowly began wanking his foreskin back and forth, exposing a gorgeous pink, swollen head, which I proceeded to cover in gentle kisses with my full red lips.

Dean said he was already close to boiling point from watching me and Tom, and asked me if I'd like him to fuck me. I told him that I wanted to see him come first, and began to wank him faster while crossing and uncrossing my stockinged legs, which he couldn't take his eyes off. Tom was wanking himself next to us, as I told Dean to let his cock cover me in spunk.

With that he grunted and an almighty squirt of hot runny spunk shot from hiscock, and onto my stockinged thighs. This was followed by more jets of spunk splattering all over my stilettos and ankle chain.

At the same time my husband's spunk was squirting over my back and in my hair. Need I add that Dean stayed until the early hours, pumping his gorgeous seed into my waiting hole and hungry mouth while my husband looked on. Tom has now arranged another threesome with Dean for next week, which I really can't wait for! Hopefully by then I won't be as shy and will reveal a lot more!


One Dark Night - Erotic Story

My wife Marie is in her mid-40's and until the events I am about to describe had never had sex with another man to my knowledge. I had, of course, often fantasized about seeing another man doing her but nothing had ever come of it.

One night, however, when we were at a night club she had had quite a lot to drink. I suppose you could say she was dressed rather conservatively, nothing too outrageous. I was at the bar getting drinks when I noticed a Black guy asking her to dance. I watched them on the dancefloor, he was a little pudgy but seemed to move quite well and I must admit I began to feel a bit horny. He showed her back to the table, thanked me and moved off. She seemed a little hot under the collar and when I asked her why, she confessed that during the clinches with the guy, she had detected something big and hard pssing into her.

She disappeared to the ladies' room for a while and when she came back, her paramour asked her for another dance. They danced another slow one that seemed to last forever and I became erect once more. She again returned to the table then begged off to the ladies' again. Too much booze, I thought. She was gone rather a long time and I looked around for the Black guy but he was nowhere to be seen! My stomach began to churn.

Then suddenly she was back. I mentioned that she had been a long time and she confessed that she had something to tell me. With mounting excitement, I listened to what she was saying. The first time she had gone to the ladies', she removed her panties (said she was too hot) and when the Black guy, George, danced with her again, she said he slipped his hand under her skirt and felt her bare pussy. My cock was straining to get out of my pants as she told me he asked her into a back room. That was when she returned to me and then went to the ladies' again. She assured me that nothing much had happened. They had kissed and cuddled, he had fingered her and played with her tits and she had taken his cock out. He had obviously tried to enter her but she said she couldn't do that without my permission.

We dashed home and as I pushed my cock into her soaking cunt, she asked me what I thought. I told her that if that was what she wanted then I would have no objections. She thrilled when she heard this and we had the most intense fuck of our lives. All I could think about was George's Black cock entering her.

She told me that he was from Nigeria and was only staying in the country until the weekend. I agreed that she should visit him at his hotel the next evening. I desperately wanted to watch them together but it was decided she should go alone.

She didn't return until the next morning. Her cunt was awash with sperm and she told me that George had fucked her four times that night. I was nearly out of my skull with excitement as she told me all the details. She said his beautiful, smooth skin was almost blue-black. Tall and balding, the good life has resulted in him being slightly on the tubby side. He sports an impssive and exceptionally thick, heavily-veined nine inch prick. Because of his size, it doesn't look that long but my wife says it is the hardest and most unyielding cock she has ever had inside her.

He returned to this country at Christmas and wrote to us, asking if he could stay. I knew that this was my chance to see them together. On the morning his flight was due, Marie dressed carefully to welcome him. She decided to wear a well-cut, tan cashmere coat. Underneath this she wore a pastel twin set of sweater and cardigan and a slim, slightly tight, brown pencil skirt. What provided the outward, tarty elements were first of all her make-up, which was rather heavy. In particular, her lips were outlined in a darker lipstick which extended beyond her natural lipshape in a rather voluptuous fashion. The infilling was bright red and shiny, to match her long, bright red, false nails.

The other touches were more subtle, though it excited me to know of them. She had on a black and red, half-cup bra that naturally exposed her nipples. Her only other garment was the matching suspender belt that held up her sheer, tan stockings. On her feet she wore a pair of very high heeled black suede stilettos. As always, she went without panties.

As the passengers spilled out of the customs channel, she greeted George with a passionate, open-mouthed kiss. As he openly clamped his vast hands around her bottom, he pulled her onto the stiff erection his trousers did little to conceal. As soon as we cleared the airport, with the pair of them sat in the back of the car, and set out on the road, my wife quickly unzipped George's fly and darted down to encircle his hard, Black cock with her bright red lips and sucked him off as we drove into town, oblivious of the passing traffic. As we reached the elevated section, I heard her choke, and glanced in the mirror in time to see his hips jerk as his massive cock twitched in her mouth and his come gushed down her eager throat.

For the six days of his stay, it was exquisite torture for me. Typically, during the day around the flat, Marie would wear a simple white housecoat over a red, peephole bra that exposed her nipples, seamed stockings and very high heeled, red patent mules. They would kiss deeply and fondle each other all the time in front of me and at the slightest sign from him, she would lift her housecoat and straddle him.

On the second day, George invited a young, Nigerian friend of his around to discuss business. Marie wanted to dress but George ordered her to stay in her sexy and revealing outfit. After Robert, George's 25 year old Black friend arrived, George started speaking in Yoruba and they both laughed at my wife. George then made her display herself to his friend and told her that she should let Robert fuck her. Marie refused but after some persuasion, she agreed reluctantly to fellate him, provided he wore a condom.

Robert took out his long, thick ebony cock and Marie gingerly rolled the proferred condom down its length. She grasped the base of his prick with her hand and as her long red nails dug into its length, my wife dipped her head down and sucked Robert's straining cock into her mouth.

Both George and I looked on fascinated by my wife's behaviour as, dressed only in her underwear and high heeled mules, she knelt in between Robert's legs and slowly slurped on his Black dick. George then dropped his tracksuit bottoms, revealing a rigid hardon and, pausing only briefly to cover the end of his knob with spittle, he parted Marie's legs and entered her with a couple of quick shoves, before fucking her relentlessly. All I was allowed to do was watch in excited inaction and masturbate at the arousing sight of two Black cocks thrusting into my wife's pussy and mouth.

Robert came first, his excitement causing me to come almost simultaneously as George rolled Marie onto her back and quickly brought both of them to a dramatic, noisy, mutual climax.

Each day after I would drive them to whatever restaurant George was taking her. One night as I drove, my wife freed George's prick while I kept an eye on them via the mirror. She squeezed and wanked it for him and could only just get the head of his massive member into her mouth. As he climaxed, she said he came like a fire hose, pumping out a mass of come. It always excited me to see her sucking and being fucked by such a huge tool.

George continued to fuck her for the rest of his stay. Even on the way back to the airport, they continued in the back seat. My wife sat on his lap with his prick inside her as we drove along, with George thrusting into Marie with each bump in the road.

Although she climaxed twice during the drive, George was still stiff and hadn't come, so we had to turn into the short term carpark while he turned her onto her back and fucked her to a shuddering climax. It was more than the height of her stilettos that caused Marie to wobble as we walked to the checkin!

We are both eagerly awaiting George's next visit when I can once again watch him fucking my wife and shooting his sperm into her hot, wet hole.


Black Beauty - Erotic Story

We had an experience some time ago that is still so fresh in our minds. The hot weather took us to the coast one Sunday and onto the beach. As usual, Selena had her bulging bikini on and received a lot of attention. I was trying hard to hide my erection as the men wandered past. There was one guy who paused for quite a while. He was very well built, nice tan and he looked like he had an absolute whopper in his trunks. Just as I was beginning to imagine Selena pulling those trunks down, his woman appeared and dragged him away!

The afternoon wore on and then we noticed this young chap settling near to us. He was only about 19 or 20, quite good looking and a beautiful blue-black colour. His eyes continually roamed over Selena's body when he thought we weren't looking and I could see he fancied her. Once when I caught him looking, I gave him a smile and he shyly smiled back.

I made some small talk about the hot day as Selena turned more towards him and the next thing I knew I asked him if he'd like a beer. He came over and we noticed a bulge in his briefs. I couldn't quite believe that bulge. It seemed enormous. He sat beside us and I gave him a beer.

After about an hour we had become quite chummy with him. Selena asked him to rub some sun cream on her back and his erection grew bigger! The bulge now looked almost bigger than he did. I was desperate to see inside those trunks. He told us he had a flat in the area and I said, 'Why don't we go back there for a few beers.' The sun was beginning to cool. He looked at me with startled eyes then at Selena and her overflowing bikini and for the first time, I think he began to guess what might be on offer. We dressed and headed back to his place, Selena holding and squeezing my hand, getting all worked up at the prospect.

Once there, he put some music on and I told him to dance with Selena. They got very close, he must have felt her big tits sticking in him.

I got up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse so that her sexy bra was on show. He just stared at her and then slowly put his hands on her breasts. I was beginning to get all the usual feelings and I pulled her skirt off for him. All she had on were matching bra and briefs. I stood behind her and unclasped her bra and let her tits fall free. She sighed as his hands came up to crush them. "Oh David," she sighed.

I then tugged her knickers down over her plump bottom and as her shaven slit appeared, David just groaned. "Come on," she said. "Let's get these clothes off." In no time he was naked and I got to see what I had been waiting for. His cock was absolutely unbelievable! Neither Selena nor I had seen a bigger one. It was over a foot long and incredibly thick with a huge, bulbous, purple head! Selena took it in her hand and began a slow, sensual rub. It was so exciting to watch her hand sliding up and down that b lack monster and I stripped off too, rubbing my aching cock. It felt so good as I watched. I imagined that huge thing penetrating my wife and I couldn't wait for the moment. Selena broke away and reached for her bag. She drew out a packet of condoms and opened one. David was so excited as she rolled it on, but it barely came halfway and it looked too tight.

Those thoughts came into my head again, thoughts of David fucking her without a condom so that I could watch as he jetted his spunk inside her. I was desperate to see his cream dripping out of her, to be able to slide my own cock into that slippery, spunky mess, but I said nothing. He settled between her gaping thighs and inserted his giant prick into her juicy hole. He went in very easily, she had no trouble accomodating him. Then he began humping like mad. It only lasted about five minutes and then he was groaning as he filled the condom with jet upon jet of thick, white cream.

He pulled out, his cock still huge and slimy, and I dived into position. I fucked Selena through an orgasm while she played with his cock. After I had spunked inside her and rolled off, I noticed her rolling another condom onto his straining young prick. This time, I couldn't stand it and reaching over, I took hold of his enormous cock and slowly tugged the condom off. I then held his hot cock as he pushed back into Selena with a smirk on his face. I stayed really close as he humped at her, his giant cock pounding wetly in and out. Then he stiffened, grunted and swore as he ejaculated inside her. I could just imagine his thick cream squirting deep inside her and I came off too, spunking over her leg.

When he pulled out with a plop, a mass of his hot liquid bubbled out of her hole and ran down her thighs. It was just so exciting that I had to lick at her gash as it seeped out. What a pungent aroma came from her ravaged cunt!

We rested for a while and then I suggested his bed. All three of us dived into his bed, naked as the day we were born. I started to suck Selena's soaking hole again while David squatted over her face, his huge Black cock dipping in and out of her mouth. She writhed and squirmed as I tongued her and then I heard David groan again. I looked up to see his creamy sperm flowing down her face and filling her mouth. I followed suit, jetting into her mouth and face. The room was stinking with sweat and spunk and pu ssy juice.

Selena went to clean up while David and I chatted. He told me I had a fantastic wife and would he be able to see her again. I gave him a wink and said I would see what I could do. He was rubbing his giant cock and it was up hard again. Oh to be so young! When Selena returned to bed, she smiled when she saw David was hard again. This time, she turned her back on him and he slid in from behind. The fuck lasted for a long time as he banged away at her. It was fabulous to watch as her tits swayed this way and t hat and the cheeks of her bottom wobbled with every thrust. He held onto her broad hips as he pumped and then he was groaning through his orgasm again, filling her pussy once again. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed spent, his cream once more running from my wife's red hole.

Selena kissed him and cuddled up to him, telling him he had been wonderful and that she wanted to see him again. When he heard this, his prick stiffened a little but he could do more damage to her.

Selena was a very sore lady the next day. She told me that she'd like to see him again sometime. I just cuddled her and squeezed her tits, telling her she had been amazing and that I would love to see him do her again.


Lost In A World Of Lust - Erotic Story

I will try and describe myseIf. I'm 5'6" tall. I have a figure best described as cuddly, 37D-26-37. I'm quite attractive, with curly shoulder length auburn hair. I like, and often wear, provocative clothes to work, as I enjoy the lustful looks and whistles I get. I've enjoyed being a prick-teaser but I never let the men get too close. I've remained faithful to Phil, my husband.

It was at a New Years Eve party when I dropped myself right in it. He knows I always do my best to carry out the resolutions I make. I ended up making a five part resolution and a bet. The bet being that if I completed all five parts before 6 months was up, he would hand over the money he had for his new car. He changes it every year SO it's between $1500 and $1800, not a bad sum. But if I failed on any part, I have to pay the difference. Not so good. Well. I'm pleased to say that at the moment I'm doing very well. I'm 8O% of the way there, but it's his last condition that could prove to be my downfall. I think now's the time to let you know about the bet. As I've said, it's in five parts. Here they are:

No 1. I had to pull a black guy and get him to make love to me.

No 2. I'd talk the guy into letting Phil watch. That was a bit difficult but being a resourceful girl, I managed it.

No 3. That I'd got my lover at some time to fuck me doggy style and get Phil to lay under me and lick my clit as I was screwed from behind.

No 4. That I could get Phil to lick my pussy clean after my lover had finished, then make me come. That was easy, all I did was have it off doggy-style then sit back on Phil's face. He didn't stand a chance, he had to lick.

No 5. Once I'd completed the first four parts I had to write it down and post it on the net.

Those first parts were quite easy as Phil is a real wimp, but I've found myself a man who makes me feel all woman. I've even surprised myself about how quickly I've become a woman of easy virtue. I knew that if I carried out the bet, it meant going back on the pill, but that was no hardship as I'd onIy come off it in November. Phil had a vasectomy in August. I only hope I didn't start taking it too late as it was after having sex with Mike at work that I took it.

After the hoIiday, when I got back to work, I decided I'd try out my allure on a coloured man. We have lots in the factory. There was one in particular called Mike, he was always after the girls, groping and touching them up. He'd even tried it on with me once when he had me cornered. I told him to bugger off, but not before he had grabbed a handful of tit and bum, but he left me alone after that.

I'd overheard another girl in the office talking about him and it seemed he had a really big cock and that he'd used it on several of them to good effect. I suppose, really, that's one reason I made the resolution, so I could find out for myself if it was true about him. Deep down, I found young Mike attractive, as he is very handsome and very strong. I decided I'd tease him first.

As it turned out, it took me less than a week to get going. I began playing up to Mike and letting him think I might just be interested. I took a letter down and the cheeky bugger made a grab for me. One hand went up my skirt while the other grabbed my breasts. By the time I'd broken away I was feeling great, I had enjoyed it and I had also felt the size of his cock.

That weekend, I went shopping and bought a suspender belt, matching black, half cup bra, a pair of black patent leather 4" heel court shoes and black stockings. That Monday I wore it all and went into work feeling like a tart. I had my black suit on with the very short skirt, which shows a lot of leg, especially when I sit and cross my legs. I wasn't expecting anything to happen that day, I was just out to tease and flirt, and I didn't think Mike would try it on at work.

When I went down to the workshop I realIy gave him the come on. As I wiggled towards him, he grabbed me and pulled me to him. His arm snaked around my waist and he rubbed his groin against my bottom. I could feel he was really big and hard. I just couldn't help groaning. His mates were whistling, hooting, and calling out, "It's your lucky day, Sharon." I broke away after I had promised to meet him at lunch time.

We met in the stock room. He was on to me like a shot. He had me pushed backwards over a table with my skirt rucked up over my hips. He was kissing me and saying how beautiful I was, and how much he fancied me. He had his hand in my blouse rolling my hard erect nipples between his fingers. My nipples were burning and felt on fire. I was on heat and I needed love.

Mike ran his hands up my legs, obviously liking the feel of sheer nylon and the warm flesh above. Then his hand was between my thighs and his hot fingers were slipping under the elastic of my wet knickers and into my juicy cunt. I parted my legs for him so he could rub at my clitoris. It was lovely and I lifted my hips. I couldn't stop myself moaning. I just clung to him, my tongue seeking out his. He ripped off my flimsy briefs and I opened my legs wide as, again, his thick fingers invaded my sopping wet pussy.

Oh my God, how I sighed and heaved up at him. I was almost willing him to get out his cock and fuck me with it. I could feel my pussy leaking all over his hand, so I lifted my hips trying to get his fingers deeper. I was lost in a world of lust.

I didn't realise be had undone his overalls and that he was naked underneath. The first I knew was when I felt his fat, warm, wet crown rubbing up and down my slit. He took aim and was pushing his unsheathed cock into my pussy. As I felt his thick maleness go deep inside me, I came off to a tremendous orgasm. I lay like a bitch on heat and pushed my cunt up to meet his powerful thrusts.

Mike's cock was so long and so thick, I could feel it forcing my cunt wider. It felt as if it was in my womb. Mike felt so much bigger than Phil in every way, I felt so full of cock, it was pure bliss. My tummy knotted up as I felt another orgasm coming. Two in one fuck, what was going on!? Waves of pleasure swept through me and I wound my legs tight around his back. He wasn't getting away. He had me writhing and as I looked at him, he was leering down at me. "You can't get enough can you?" I could only groan and I whimpered at him. "Keep fucking me, please don't stop now." I had forgotten all about the pill and my husband. I wanted that wonderful man to fulfill me as a woman. I wanted him.

Mike stared down at me, his eyes were bulging, and he grunted. "I love you, bitch." I felt his heavy cock begin its dance of love and I knew he was about to come. I heard myself begging him to give me a baby, and as I realised he was spunking in my womb. I had a terrific orgasm.

He'd never had any intention of pulling out and I didn't care. I pulled his head down and our mouths met in the lovliest kiss I'd ever known, and as we kissed I could still feel his powerful spunky spurts going in like red hot spears. That kiss lasted forever.

As he pulled out, I looked down at the wonderous thing that had given me so much pleasure. Now it was limp and sticky, his wet crown slowly shrinking back into the foreskin, and there was a thin ribbon of white spunk hanging from it. It still looked enormous and twice the size of Phil's. I guessed that it was at least 9" long when fully erect. I wasn't far out. It's 8.5" long and nearly as thick as my wrist. It was no wonder I was feeling so fucked. I tried standing but my legs gave way and I felt all weak and wobbly. I lurched against Mike, he held me and asked if I was alright, then the cheeky sod said, "I guess you enjoyed that Sharon, I bet your old man isn't even half as good." He was so right, there was no way Phil could have made me feel as I did then.

I went back to my office, my mate was grinning at me, she knew I'd been fucked. I went down to Mike later, the way his pals looked at me, I knew he had told them how he'd fucked me silly. I told him I'd like to see him in my office after work. He was all smiles and said, "You want more cock, don't you?'. I weakly said, "Yes."

He came up after work. I was waiting eagerly for him to arrive. That next time he had me bent over my desk with me wriggling and thrusting myself back at him as he fucked me hard from behind. I lost count of my orgasms, I was in heaven. When he came, he flooded my womb with even more of his thick spunk.

When I got home to Phil, I must have looked a mess and I'm sure he guessed what I'd done, but he only knew the half. He did ask and I told him I'd been fucked twice that day. He was like a little kid and wanked his puny prick as I told him all about it. He came all over my foot, messing up my new shoes.

I hurried to the bedroom and took a pill. It was a bit late I know, but I had to try. The next day, Mike fucked me twice and I took him home that night. I told him Phil wanted to watch and he finally agreed. It turned out that he loved performing before Phil. He loved seeing Phil wanking off as he fucked that big black cock up me. I felt like a queen as I lay back afterwards with Mike's thick juicy spunk leaking from my gaping cunt.

Phil was beside himself when he saw we hadn't used a condom but his busy hand proved he didn't really care. From the way he was licking his lips, I knew he wanted to go down on me and suck Mike's thick sperm from me. I told him I was on the pill again.

It was the next night I got Phil licking my pussy. I'd talked him into laying beneath us as we fucked and told him to lick at my clit. Mike gave it his all, knowing what Phil was up to down below. I knew that Phil would be getting a real eyeful and that Mike's massive balls would be banging against his face. I'm looking forward to seeing Phil licking Mike's big cock clean of my juices. Its only a matter of time before I make him.

As for me, I can't tell you how good it felt being fucked and sucked like that. It was fantastic. I had the best orgasm ever. Mike withdrew, and I lowered myself onto Phil's face. It only took a minute before his tongue was slurping in my gash, he ended up making a right pig of himself, his face covered in Mike's thick cream.

I don't know what I will do if Mike's knocked me up. It's early days but I am overdue. I guess I will have to wait and see.


Young, Gifted And Black - Erotic Story

My Lord and Master, Mr John, is making my life a misery. My wife, Betty, is now five months pgnant with his child and is very, very happy now that she has his big penis instead of my little one and I understand and agree.

She is much more of a woman now, too much of a woman for me to handle. She requires men like Mr John or Karl and Christian. She loves negro and West Indian men and needs them to get true satisfaction, like me. My name is Jim and Betty is a little younger than me. Betty is a beautiful woman with long black hair, lovely long legs and a shapely figure. I wanted to give her a child but so far no luck. My seed is either too weak or, more like, my penetration has not been sufficient. Because she is so sexy, in bed I often come before penetration, on entry to her sex hole.

I love to read the stories on the net and when I read the stories about wives with other men, my thoughts, while I toss, turn to Betty and I place her in those sexy situations of wayward, sexy wives, having sex with a really big-cocked man in my psence. With such thoughts I come very quickly, especially when I use the photo I have of Betty in a short dress with stockings, suspenders and high-heeled shoes. I got brave and began to suggest to her that she may like to have another man while I watch.

She refused until last year, now its all changed and she is pgnant with the baby of a black man we met in France while we were on holiday last year.

It was a very good two week holiday for her. A romance with that big negro, which I thought was enough for her, but I now know better, as she is now back to normal and seeing another black man, bringing him home to fuck him in front of me, to humiliate and degrade me as she did with Karl in France. She says she wants to have another baby, this time with her new lover.

Anyway, as I said, we went to France for two weeks. It was lovely and after two days, we went to a naturist beach that Betty had heard about at our hotel. When we got there it was quite a sight; white, black and brown people all completely naked. I got an erection looking at all the naked flesh and big boobs, much bigger than Betty's, although hers are firm and proud. She stood out from the other women, looking sexy and shapely. Many men took an interest in her as we chose a spot to sit on the beach and I had to hide my small erection with a towel. The older boys and men were far superior to me in every respect and I felt very embarrassed at the sight of their big penises. A group of young black men were the focus of most of the girls' attention, including Betty. Their cocks were magnificent, hanging halfway down their ebony thighs and my eyes were irresistibly drawn to them. They looked incredible, swaying as the men played games. Betty saw me looking enviously at the black men and laughed at me, saying that I wasn't a match for them. I watched her eyeing up one particular black youth who had a magnificent body. It gleamed like black velvet and his penis was a magnificent piece of equipment. Betty's eyes never left him and he was soon aware of her interest in him.

He left his pals and wandered over to us, introducing himself to us as Karl. I hung my head as Betty introduced us and I watched as she gently opened her legs and allowed our visitor to see her soft, pink slit. It was clear to him that she was aroused. I looked up at him as he stood above me and it was clear from his stance that he knew he was my better.

Karl stood there like a young black god, his eyes lustfully devouring my wife's body, her pert young breasts lifted proudly and her nipples were erect. His gaze wandered down her smooth, silky body and her legs opened wider to expose her inflamed labia and inner lips. She was so wet that her juices trickled out. I saw her smile sweetly at him; by then he too was becoming aroused. His knobhead, which had been hidden under his foreskin, had fully pushed itself from its covering. I can tell you that it opened my eyes and Betty's.

He looked disdainfully down at me and his gaze rested on my penis. Betty told me to move aside so that Karl could sit on the towel next to us. He barely looked at me as he joined her, knowing that I was no problem in his conquest of my wife. They talked together and their flirting became so blatant that I knew she wanted to have sex with him. I also knew that I wanted to watch her have sex with him, no matter what the consequences to our marriage. She moved the towel over his crotch and I watched, amazed, as she squeezed his cock. There was a real danger that they would try to fuck on the beach and I suggested we went back to our hotel, to which they agreed.

We covered ourselves and went back to the car. They sat in the back while I drove. Their conversation got more intimate and I was sure that this sexy 18 year old would give Betty a good fuck. I found I was rubbing my penis as I drove. I managed to gasp out that I would like to watch him as he took Betty to bed; he smiled and said yes.

Once in our room they discarded what little clothing they had been wearing and Karl pulled her to him and they kissed before moving to the bed. He gently lay on top of her and held her legs, placing them over his shoulders. He rubbed his huge pink knob crown up her cunny, covering it with her juices. She tossed and turned as he rubbed it against her bud, her breath was ragged and she was groaning.

Karl tossed his penis in his hand, getting it even firmer and harder. It looked so long and magnificent, all of nine inches in length. Then he eased his pink knob crown into her sexy cunny, slowly at first. My wife sobbed and squealed as she took his thick cock inch by inch. Her bottom lifted from the bed and suddenly she had taken every inch of his awesome cock. I couldn't take my eyes from the sight of his huge black shaft buried so deep in my wife's cunny hole. Betty shook and writhed on his penis, begging him to fuck her. I felt myself come as he began his thrusting. Betty was all over him, hanging onto him as he fucked her. It was clear to me that she was having many orgasms and that he was more than satisfactory for her. It was a wonderful sight, like nothing I had seen before.

Karl soon came inside her, his body thrusting deeply as he groaned and jerked. Betty said that she loved him and asked him to move in. He agreed and after they had rested, he went off to get his things. He moved in for the rest of our holidayand he and Betty had many sexy fucks together. When he slept with her, I had to make do with the cold floor and before and after every sex session, he made me perform cunnilingus on Betty. She loved it and laughed at me for being less than a man, but funnily, I found that I enjoyed being humiliated by her and her superior young love. As the ultimate humiliation, I was made to lie underneath her and tongue her clit as Karl fucked her from behind. Betty really enjoyed it and so did I. By the time we flew home, she was a well-fucked and satisfied woman and I had become her obedient sex slave.

Back at home and without Karl, she grew restless with me, even though I did all I could by licking her sex bud and cunny hole. Eventually, she brought home a black man from work. His name was Christian and he fucked her many times but wouldn't let me watch. Betty liked him but he wasn't as well-endowed as Karl had been. It was all very frustrating but I got to lick her out after he had gone.

My wife went with him for two months before becoming restless and frustrated with him and his smaller penis. She needed a new man and told me I had to find her one as well-equipped as Karl. I had no idea of how to go about it, so went through the latest contact magazines. I wrote off to as many black men as I could find; it cost me a small fortune in stamps and photos of Betty. She had replies from many black studs wanting to get into her pants and fuck her. She finally chose Mr John, a 26 year old black superstud. He claimed to have a 10 inch penis and promised more once he fucked Betty. He has since proved his length by having Betty measure his cock.

My wife loves sex with Mr John and now has his baby inside her. Betty has moved him into the house and he has proved a worthy master. I do all the things I did for her when she was with Karl and Christian, but Mr John humiliates me even more. My wife makes me cower before him and he ridicules me for my small penis and tells me I have no chance of ever satisfying my Betty or any other woman. He says all I am good for is working and bringing in money and, of course, to obediently toss myself off while he services my wife. All right, I may have a small penis but it still feels good when I toss and come while grovelling to him as he services my Betty. Its a very special relationship and one I am proud to be part of for betty's sake.


Arabian Nights - Erotic Story

This is a true story of my wife's wild and sexy night out as she confessed to me. Denise had first met the two Arabs at work. They had stared at her and she'd felt stirring in her loins. She remembered how her grandmother had told her about the women of her generation being madly in love with Valentino after he'd starred in 'The Sheik'. Everyone kept telling her that she looked like her grandmother and seeing the handsome Arabs reinforced her sense of deja-vu.

The heat from her pussy became almost unbearable, as she pictured herself being swept off into the desert, draped across a white charger. She kept crossing and uncrossing her bare legs while looking seductively at the two men.

She stood up and moved away, rolling her buttocks at the two men. As she approached the lifts, she found the two Arabs flanking her, dressed in their exotic apparel. She told me that the juice was running down her thighs at that point.

The three of them entered the lift and both pssed against her and she felt their hands exploring the contours of her bottom. Not a word had been said. When they stepped out of the lift, they led her into a large, luxurious office and pulled her down between them on the leather couch and began to caress her small but sensitive breasts, kneading them rather roughly, pinching the nipples into erections, which sent tremors of arousal sweeping through her body.

My wife is a bit of a submissive and needs to be treated roughly to really satisfy her sexually. She said that the rough handling made her randy faster than if they'd been gentle. She stood up, her head still filled with images based on her grandmother's stories, and started to dance in front of them, pulling up her skirt to reveal the narrow crotch of her panties, made almost transparent by the profuse flow of juice which was leaking from her excited pussy.

One of them reached out and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her white knickers, baring her bottom. They exclaimed in Arabic and she felt lips kiss her buttocks as her knickers were removed. She had to help them with the dress but they undid the bra, leaving her stark naked. She started to sway, making her hips roll provocatively. They pulled her down on the seat again and then their hands were all over her body, followed by their mouths which lingered in turn on her most sensitive places, arousing th em until she was a mass of quaking flesh. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and only needed a touch to send an electric shock to her clit.

The smaller one fetched some rubber bands and wound them around the base of her nipples until they were bloated and stinging like mad. The taller one slid his hand between her thighs, forcing them apart, while the other one lifted up his robe and exposed his massive, erect penis. He wasn't wearing any underwear. One of her hands was behind her neck and pushed it down so that her face was pssed against his crotch. He pushed the knob against her lips, which opened of their own accord and allowed the hard co ck to penetrate some way into her mouth filling it almost to capacity.

The other Arab used his fingers to splay open her cunt then pushed the thumb of the other hand inside, as if to gauge whether it would take the greater girth of his cock. His hand brushed against her clit, which was already at fever pitch and she contorted with pleasure.

There was something about not having even exchanged a greeting with these two exotic strangers, which gave an eerie and very exciting flavour to the situation and Denise had a small climax. Her cunt gripped the thumb while her mouth did the same around the cock crowded inside it.

The second Arab lifted her up and seconds later she was spiked by his large cock. One was filling her mouth, the other her cunt, as if she was a bridge connecting them. She felt as if it was just one cock which had threaded its way right through her body to come out on the other side.

They were talking to each other in Arabic all the time they were pleasuring her and she fantasised they were telling each other how sensational she was, how tight her cunt was and how well it gripped his cock so delightfully, while the other boasted that his cock had slipped deep into her throat and that she was using her throat muscles to milk it, while reaching out with her tongue for his balls.

The exotic sound of their dialogue, the way the one fucking her from behind was slapping her bottom at the same time, and the way they had adopted a complimentary rhythm made her come almost immediately. Her small breasts swung beneath her and the Arab fucking her mouth started gently slapping her breasts.

They took no notice as she was climaxing and just kept on ramming their cocks into her from both ends. She felt rivulets of love juice trickling down her thighs. She was in a world of exotic and at times perverse eroticism which thrilled and amazed her.

Suddenly, the two Arabs groaned in unison as first the one in her mouth jetted masses of thick cream down her throat and then the one behind her gripped her hips and held her still as his sperm spurted into her belly.

As she was telling me all about it that evening, I played with her pussy and although a couple of hours had passed I could still detect some of his spunk inside.

I told Denise how excited I was and how I would love to be there when it happened again. She told me that the Arabs were only in this country for a couple of weeks but that she was sure she could coax them to come over to our house for a repeat. I just can't wait to see them sinking their big cocks into her and then being able to suck her pussy after she has taken a big load.

Here's hoping she can talk them into coming over soon!


Big Fun - Erotic Story

When I first mentioned to my wife that I would like to see her going with another man, she seemed to think I was joking at first. But as we talked, my cock got bigger and harder and she stroked it as she smiled at me. She knew then that I wasn't kidding. We talked and fucked that night and my mind was full of images of her doing it.

About a week later we went for a drink, Angie dolled up as usual. The pub was fairly quiet but a man was sat opposite us on his own. I didn't think much about it as he was in his late fifties. I could see him eyeing up Angie's legs and she was certainly aware of him. Then he struck up conversation and we both seemed to warm to him - he was a really nice guy. One or two things were said and suddenly I had a picture in my mind of Angie and him on our bed.

I began to get really excited and come closing time, I invited him back to our place. Both he and Angie gave me a strange look. Angie had had a lot to drink and when we got home I whispered to her that she should give him a go. She laughed and said OK. We went into the lounge and Angie just sat on his knee and gave him a long lingering kiss. My cock was bursting at the sight. He obviously knew what was happening and started running his hand all over her stockinged legs. In less than five minutes he had her down to her undies, sticking fingers down her pants and up inside her.

I released my cock from my trousers and slowly stroked it as I watched, my mind in a turmoil. Then he was stripping off - he didn't have much of a body, a bit on the thin side, but when I saw his cock my stomach lurched. It must have been 9" long and fat with it. It seemed out of all proportion to his body. Angie just gasped and wrapped her hands around it. The thought of that huge cock sliding between her flaps was unbelievably erotic but at the same time I felt insanely jealous. I wanted to urge him to plunge it into her but another part of me wanted to throw him out. I surprised myself by saying "Stick it in her, John." He smirked at me, looking at my cock. Angie rolled a rubber onto him (it didn't cover his prick) and pulled him towards her steaming cunt. I moved towards them so that I wouldn't miss a thing. It slid in like a knife in soft butter, all 9" right up inside her. My heart was thumping as he began slow-thrusting, almost taking it out and then squeezing it back inside her. She was soaking wet, his cock was making sploshing sounds as it went in and out. I slowly stroked my own cock to his rhythm.

She was crying out in ecstasy as he began to speed up. His cock was a blur and then he slowed down again and with a plop he pulled it out. Before she could complain, he turned her over doggy style. Her big arse stuck into the air, her tits rolling below her and her stockings laddered she looked a tart. He psented his swollen knob to her slit again and then looked over at me. "Shove it in", I said and he drove it home. He pounded in and out making her arse cheeks wobble like crazy and I could tell he was near to coming. Suddenly he pulled out, tore off the rubber and shot strings of spunk across her arse and back. The smell was overpowering and I stood up and shot my load all over his.

If I thought that was it, I was wrong. After a short recovery period which was a little quiet and restrained, his fat cock grew again and this time I had the dubious pleasure of watching him fuck her face. Her mouth was stretched to capacity and fuck her face he did, holding it between his hands as he plunged in and out. Then he roared, pulled out and his creamy spunk flowed over her face. I shot again down her tits.

We all went to bed and he was at her again, missionary style as I held her thighs apart for him.

There was one other experience we had with John that stands out in my mind. Angie really looked forward to his visits almost as much as I did. This experience happened some six months after we had met him. Angie and I had discussed the possibility of her having unprotected sex with him. He had in fact been checked over and was free of any diseases and he knew that we were OK too.

The thought of him shooting up inside her used to send a shiver down my spine. Sometimes when I thought of them together (which I still do), I would imagine him plunging his bare cock into her flesh. I knew I wanted to see this and began urging Angie to agree. At first she wasn't too keen but slowly she started to come around. As I have said, when John came the smell was always heady and overpowering and the thought of that smell coming from Angie's cunt was enticing.

We hadn't seen John for about two months and I could tell that Angie was looking forward to his visit. She looked really tarty in all her gear. She was wearing a really tight skirt. Angie is quite a big girl in all the right places although her stomach could do with being a little less rounded. The skirt was short and set off her black nylons to perfection. When John arrived they immediately went into a tight clinch, tonguing each other's mouth while their hands explored each other's bodies. As usual, my hard-on was painful. Before they got too carried away I broke them up and suggested a drink.

A couple of hours later we were back home, Angie having consumed quite a lot. They had found it hard to stay apart in the pub. Anyway, John ordered her to strip off and in no time she was down to sexy white undies and black stockings. John grinned and started to undress. As usual his big cock was as hard as a rock. I knelt beside Angie and slowly tugged her knickers down revealing her black bushy cunt to him. He came to her and his cock was only inches from my face as it began to prod at her hairs.

I wanted to be comfy so suggested we move to the bedroom. The bedside light was on and it cast a warm glow on the two bodies. Angie reached for a rubber and rolled it onto John's straining prick as he moved into position between her gaping thighs. By this time I was crazy with lust and before I knew what I was doing I had reached for John's cock and slowly tugged the rubber back off him. His cock was red hot as I touched it and it seemed to grow even bigger as it slapped back against his belly. He looked at me with lust in his eyes and when I turned to Angie she just whispered, "Oh yes..."

Then the head of his bare cock was sliding between her flaps and as he moved in and out his flesh glistened with her cunt juice. He rode her slowly, enjoying the bareback ride while I squatted over her stomach, occasionally licking at her bush, his giant cock so close to my face. I then got into the 69 position on top of Angie and she started to suck me off. My hands were under her thighs and reaching for her flaps to pull them even further apart for John's cock. I licked at her clit as John began to move faster and faster. I could sense that he was close and then he moaned something about coming and should he pull out. My mouth full of pussy hair I told him to leave it in. Just as he reached the final strokes, I croaked, "Squirt it inside her, John. Give her your load."

And that is exactly what he did. He grunted loudly and started jetting his spunk into her belly. It seemed to go on for ages then he slowed down and stopped. A few minutes later, he very slowly slid out of her and the smell hit me. It seemed even headier than usual. From my vantage point just above her cunt, I could see his thick come beginning to trickle from her. I put my face to her cunt, my nose was in the sticky, smelly mess and I shot into Angie's mouth as she ground her mushy cunt into my face.

And that was only the beginning of the night!


Dark Desires - Erotic Story

Part 1 - Black Threesomes

My husband loves to see me performing with other men, but it all started completely by accident, we hadn't planned anything at all. It was about five years ago, not long after we were married. We decided to stay in one Saturday night and have a few drinks at home. We settled down in front of the TV for a lazy night but we got so bored we went out after all.

We went to a little pub a few minutes drive away. My husband caught sight of one of his mates from work and brought him over to join us. He was a coloured guy, about the same age as us and quite handsome. He was a good laugh to be with and I quickly made friends with him. Something clicked between us right from the start and I could tell he fancied me. Every time I went to the ladies' room he gave my body the once over with his eyes. While my husband was buying drinks he told me that I had a lovely figure and paid me other compliments, some of them quite naughty but nice. He seemed to sense that I fancied him too and took full advantage of it.

The truth was that I had always had a fancy for coloured men, they somehow make me feel very sexy and flirtatious. I liked the idea of teasing a Black guy until he couldn't control himself and simply had to push me to the floor and fuck me in a frenzy of lust. Or sometimes I'd dream about having a Black lover. It may sound a bit odd but other girls have told me that they fantasies about similar things.

After the pub closed, we invited Wayne back for a drink. We put some nice slow records on ... and that's how it all started. I was dancing with my husband and our friend was sitting down on the settee. As we passed him, my husband lifted up my dress, pulled down my panties and said, 'Have you ever seen a white girl's bum before, Wayne?'

Wayne shook his head and my husband invited him to feel it, which he did. Normally I would have told him off and pulled my knickers back up, but under the circumstances and being a bit tipsy, I just made a joke of it and tossed them aside like a stripper, trying to look and act sexy.

A short while later my husband went to the loo, so I danced with Wayne. When my husband came back, Wayne was kissing me and his hand was between my legs with my dress pushed up above the waist. We both knew my husband would catch us but we just didn't care - and thankfully, neither did he. In fact, he joined us and encouraged us, so we just carried on.

We moved into the bedroom and began to strip off our clothes. It felt wonderful to undress in front of a stranger. Honestly, Wayne had an enormous erection, the biggest I've ever seen, even in blue movies. The rest of him wasn't bad either.

Wayne pushed me back onto the bed and I spad my legs for him. I was really wet and just aching to feel his huge Black rod inside me. My husband lay beside us, gently stroking my tits and nipples while Wayne plunged in and out of me like a steam hammer. It was great having the attentions of two men at the same time. I was loving it and so were they.

Wayne had so much stamina and my husband was getting really excited watching us fucking. He had always said that seeing a Black man fuck a white woman was the sexiest thing he could think of. In my dreams I had always imagined that Black men were better lovers than white men and now I was finding that it really was true. Soon I was coming and my body shook with the sheer force of my orgasm. Wayne speeded up to meet my writhings and I felt him shoot his hot seed into me.

My husband couldn't wait to enter me then and I turned round so that he could have me doggy fashion while I sucked on Wayne's lovely cock. He was soon hard again and as soon as my husband had spunked into me, Wayne wanted me again.

Wayne made love to me in a way that no-one has ever done before, the way I had always dreamed about. But don't get me wrong, my husband is the only man I love and it has only been sex between me and Wayne and the other men we have since met for occasional threesomes.

But Wayne was special because he helped get the whole thing going, he was also my first Black lover and the first man to really and fully satisfy me in bed. He still joins us sometimes but we also advertise in contact mags, usually for Black guys because I pfer them. I have found that when we have threesomes with white guys, it doesn't last long and both men finish quickly, leaving me high and dry. Black guys keep going all night. I pfer them and so does my husband. We both think threesomes are great fun.

Part 2 - Black Again

One day my husband asked me about my fantasies. I told him that my greatest fantasy was a threesome with him and Mohammed Ali, so last week he decided to give me a treat.

One night he came home and told me that he had asked a Black friend from the office over for a drink. With a twinkle in his eye, he suggested I put on sexy underwear, so I went and put on my really ptty black teddy and black stockings under a very revealing dress. Now, I've always fancied making love with a Black man and have always had the 'hots' for Mohammed Ali and Sidney Poitier. Still, I've always been too shy to do anything about it. I started to get a bit nervous about what was to come and when the doorbell rang, I disappeared upstairs in embarrassment.

Downstairs, I could hear my husband Jim talking to someone else. Then the door opened and Jim came in on his own, telling me to relax and have fun. He slid my dress off and told me to squat doggie-style on the bed with my bottom in the air. Gently, he undid the bottom poppers on my teddy and began stroking my clit and cunt lips. I began to moan and could feel my love juices starting to flow as Jim forced his tongue into my cunt. Jim gets a kick out of taking raunchy photos of me and he snapped off some quic k shote as I was getting warmed up.

Jim then slid underneath and after sucking my tits, gently pushed his cock into my cunt. At that moment, the door opened and I felt an extra pair of hands fondling me, pushing a finger slowly up me.

I was still on all fours and turned round to see this beautiful, muscular, gleaming Black man standing behind me with an enormous erection. I shuddered in anticipation and wondered if I could really manage two men at once.

Slowly, Leon pushed his prick against my bum while Jim was pumping up my cunt. But seeing Jim wasn't going to give up his hole, Leon came round to my head and I began to suck on him. The pace increased and both cocks began ramming into me. I was having orgasm after orgasm and felt like my mind had floated away. Finally Jim and Leon came at the same time, Leon especially flooding my mouth with his thick seed.

After we had rested, Jim sat back to watch as Leon mounted me, stretching me with his thick, slippery prick. He lasted much longer this time, pounding into me. I thought the bed was going to break. Jim was going crazy, watching and wanking as Leon thudded in and out. Then with one final lunge I felt his sperm jetting deep inside me as Jim shot off over my breasts.

As you can imagine, I was keen to see Leon again and my husband was eager to oblige. We've done it lots of times since, it just gets better and better. But I'm starting to get the itch for someone else, pferably big and Black!


The Italian Job - Erotic Story

My wife, Tracy, and I were skiing in Italy and had gone to the hotel's sauna to ease some of the aches you always get after a hard day on the mountain. We had only been in a couple of minutes when the door opened again and a large Italian came in. As he took off his towel and sat down I saw that he was certainly built to scale! His prick hung thick and long overa pair of heavy balls. Tracy also seemed suitably impssed, though she had modestly wrapped a towel round herself when she heard him coming into the sauna area.

He introduced himself as Benito and we talked about skiing for a while before Tracy went out to the shower to cool down.

When she came back she took her towel off and spad it out on the bench to lie down. She seemed to take a while to get it as she wanted and as she bent over with her back to us, we had a fine view of her backside and her pussy lips in their nest of blonde hair.

Benito seemed to enjoy the view and gave me a sly smile. Finally Tracy lay down with her feet towards Benito. After a couple of minutes she raised one knee and gave him another flash as we talked.

As Benito was alone we asked him to join us at our table for dinner later in the evening. Tracy left before me and Benito gave me another smile and complimented me on my beautiful wife.

As we dressed for dinner, Tracy said she had enjoyed flashing at Benito and admitted she had been trying to get him worked up to see how big he would grow. She added that she might still find out!

Over dinner Benito told us he was only stopping for a couple of days and Tracy shot me a glance. As we got up to leave the table she gave a mock groan and remarked how stiff she still felt, despite the sauna. Benito laughed and said she needed a massage and then, with another sly smile, said that he had some oil in his room if we wanted to borrow it. The three of us went to his room where he produced the oil and asked Tracy if she would like him to show me how to massage her.

She agreed but asked him to come to our room in a few minutes. Once in there she said she wanted to screw him but only if I was willing, and with butterflies in my stomach I agreed.

Tracy quickly changed into a bathrobe, leaving on just a small pair of lacy knickers. Benito knocked politely and the atmosphere was electric as he asked her to lie on the bed. She slipped off the robe and the sight of my wife standing almost naked in front of a stranger she wanted to fuck her, gave me an incredible hard-on. Benito spad oil on his hands and began to slowly and rhythmically rub his hands up Tracy's calf.

After what seemed an age he moved onto her thigh and then said he was afraid the oil would stain her pants. Without a word, Tracy raised her bottom off the bed and he hooked his fingers into either side of the lace and slowly eased them down. Tracy seemed to spad her legs a little wider and this time Benito's oiled hands went higher, covering one of the cheeks of her behind, then his fingers ran down the crack to the lips of her pussy before going back down her thigh.

Before starting on the other leg he said he was too hot and stripped off his shirt and trousers, leaving only a small pair of briefs which bulged alarmingly. Tracy laughed and told him to be careful not to stain his knickers! So, with a laugh, he took them off to reveal his erection. I was pleased to see that, despite his impssive size when slack, his hard cock was only the same size as mine.

He went back to rubbing Tracy's other leg and again repeated the procedure until he was again brushing her pussy with his fingertips. Tracy was obviously loving it and purring like a kitten. Benito slowly massaged her back and then told her to turn over. He massaged the front of her thighs and her stomach, making no attempt to hide the attention he was giving her pussy.

Next he knelt beside her and placed her hand on his thigh so that he could massage the muscles of her arm. Without a word, Tracy moved her hand up and began caressing those massive balls. Benito leaned forward to kiss her and soon was lying on top of her, their arms around each other as they kissed frantically. He slowly moved her legs apart before putting the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, the muscles of his backside tense as he slowly pushed into my wife's dripping cunt. As he did so he looked across at me, then lifted Tracy's legs onto his shoulders so that I could see how completely he was taking her.

His cock slowly pulled out until the tip was barely resting on her lips before he went back in to the hilt. Tracy moaned and groaned her way through several orgasms before Benito began pounding more quickly and came deep inside her. Again he looked at me as he filled her with his spunk, seeming to take as much pleasure from my psence as from the act itself.

By now I had also stripped and was desperate to take Tracy, but Benito ordered me to lie on the bed and then lifted Tracy onto me in a 69. She wrapped her lips around my tool while I saw her red and gaping pussy lips above, dripping with Benito's juice. With Benito looking straight into my eyes I put my lips to her pussy and tasted his spunk as it dripped from her.

I was driven mad by lust and within a couple of minutes I shot into Tracy's throat. Tracy was slumped across me but Benito had other ideas. Even though he'd only just come he was stiff again and lifted Tracy to her knees above my face, sliding into her from behind.

From that angle he looked massive as his balls swung inches from my nose while his cock gave Tracy another fucking. After a few minutes he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed, lifting Tracy to sit astride him, resting her back against his chest as he fondled her breasts. Again he was fully in charge and ordered me to kneel between her outspad legs and lick her clit. I had the closest possible view of his cock spearing her widespad cunt as my tongue licked her clit.

After that we fell into an exhausted sleep but the next morning Benito fucked Tracy as she sucked my cock and that night, before he left for Milan, he indulged himself in a prolonged cock-sucking session before again vigorously fucking her from behind. Once he had gone Tracy and I agreed it had been the most erotic experience of our lives.


Me And Pat And George - Erotic Story

It happened on a Sunday afternoon when my wife and I got washed and changed to go over to a friend's house which used to be an old Scottish crofters' farm that was run down and not in use except for the few sheep that he kept. We knew he would not be at home, and I planned to take some photographs of my wife. We set off about one in the afternoon to travel the twenty odd miles. We were about three miles from our friend's house when we saw him coming from the other direction.

We pulled over and he invited us to his local pub for a drink. It was nearly closing time when we arrived and my wife and I thought it would be just a quick drink, but it did not work out that way, we all got talking to the landlord who invited us to stay after hours, and one drink led to another and another.

About two hours later we left and becuuse we were carrying provisions for his animals we set off to his house. When we arrived my wife Patricia was desperate to use the toilet. George and I started to unload the car and as we were doing this George noticed a sign that I had in the car which I was going to use to take photographs of Patricia where she would show her backside thus corresponding with the name on the sign. While I was telling George this, Patricia come out and asked what we were talking about, so I showed her the sign.

When George asked if she was going to pose, Patricia just smiled, but George said he would love to see her pose. She eventually agreed and George took the sign and put it on a gate while I got my camera ready. Patricia went over to the gate and started to undo her skirt. I started taking photographs and she slid her skirt down her legs revealing fishnet tights and a long white blouse. She handed her skirt to George and then asked how I wanted her to pose. I asked her to climb onto the gate and bend over the top so I could get some good shots of her backside next to the sign.

She did this but her blouse was still covering her backside, so she reached round and pulled it up revealing the most sexy backside you could ever want to see. George let out a big sigh and told her he thought she looked great and it was making him horny. Patricia laughed and climbed higher up the gate so we could see more of her sexy arse and shapely legs. AII the while I was clicking away with the camera, George was edging closer to Patricia until he was right beside her and then he reached out and slid his hand between her legs.

Patricia quickly turned with a smile on her lips. George told Patricia that seeing her like that was driving him crazy. Patricia climbed down from the gate and proceeded to put her skirt back on. I said to George, (just as a joke), that she might show him the lovely suntan she had. Patricia said we ought to go inside which we did. On arriving in the lounge Patricia sat on the arm of a chair and proceeded to undo her blouse. She pulled it open and revealed a black fishnet top which showed her beautiful breasts. George, who was standing next to her reached down and started to run his hands over her breasts while I took some photos.

He peeled the straps off her shoulders and pulled the fishnet leotard off her tits and started to rub both of them. George said to Patricia, 'I hope you don't mind' wherupon she replied, 'No.' He rubbed them all over. I took some more photos and then went forward, bent down and started to lick her nipples.

George said he would like to see her without her skirt, which she soon discarded, revealing the fishnet tights and body stocking. She paraded up and down, showing off her tits and her dark-haired fanny. George sat in an armchair to watch Patricia's fantastic body. She went and stood next to his chair when he reached out and started to feel her backside, she then slid onto his lap, and his hands were soon running up and down her legs, groping her tits and then down to her pussy.

Pat reached down and undid the hooks that held her leotard between her legs so he could see her pussy. George's hand slid straight to her pussy and slid his fingers into her cunt. She let out a soft moan and arched her cunt to meet his probing fingers. After a while Patricia got up off George's lap so he could undress. I went to her and started to caress her tits and rub her nippIes which were standing erect, she thrust her breasts out for me to lick her nipples. George asked Patricia to undress him which she proceeded to do, taking his shirt off and running her hands over her sexy arse and then slowly between her legs until I had two fingers in her cunt. She arched her backside back to meet my fingers as they went in and out making her shudder in anticipation of what was to come.

Patricia soon had George's trousers undone and her hand went inside to feel his hard cock. While George finished taking his trousers off, Patricia turned to help me shed my clothes. As soon as this was done I sat down on the settee where Pat knelt between my legs, took hold of my cock and started to wank me off, her lips were soon kissing my balls and her tongue was licking up my shaft till it came to the tip and then she proceeded to suck me off.

George by this time was kneeling behind her and was trying to get his cock into her cunt. Patricia reached down and guided him into her, moaning out loud as he plunged his cock deep into her juicy cunt. She told him to fuck her faster and at the same time her mouth was sucking my cock faster. After a while I got up and started to photograph my wife being fucked from the rear by our best friend, she was really enjoying it, thrusting her arse back to meet the thrusts of his cock which was hammering at her gorgeous cunt.

I was not to be left out for long and soon I was having my throbbing cock in her. George withdrew his cock and then pulled down my wife's crutchless tights and was soon changing his position so he could fuck her from the rear but both of them were lying on their sides. From this position he could run his hands all over her and also suck her nipples. I was lying with my cock by her head so she could suck me off.

George meanwhile had pulled Patricia's leg up so he could penetrate her more deeply. I then started to linger her clitoris and kiss and lick her legs while George massaged her breasts. It was not long before Patricia started to shudder and moan as she reached her climax. George was not long in shooting his spunk deep into her cunt.

Totally exhausted, George sat in an armchair to recover. I got up off the floor and sat on the settee while Pat pulled her tights and leotard back on. George said she was the best fuck he'd ever had. She smiled and said she was going to enjoy the next part as well, and then proceeded to place her knees each side of me, took hold of my cock, guided it to her cunt which she then lowered down onto my hard cock and started to ride me.

With every thrust my cock and the juicy sounds of her cunt could be heard as her love fluid mixed with George's spunk. She then pulled down her leotard to free her breasts, and pulled my head down so I could suck her nipples. We were getting carried away when we heard a car pull up outside so we aIl made a grab for our clothes.

George told us to go into the other room while he saw who it was. Patricia and I went into the other room to wait but seeing her standing there in that outfit was too much and soon I had my cock up her again as we stood there. It was not long before she had her second orgasm and also received her second load of spunk in her beautiful cunt.

My wife is in her forties and I am in my thirties so gentlemen if you want the best experience of your life, get yourself an older wife or lover. George and I both agree that she is the best fuck we have ever had and are looking forward to a lot more.


Big Bill - Erotic Story

Its funny how you don't always know someone despite being married to them. I always felt my wife was rather proper when it came to sex. Don't get me wrong, she is good in bed but after two years of marriage our sex life had dulled slightly. It was then that my parents died suddenly in a car crash. I am an only child and so was devastated, but not nearly as much as my Uncle Bill, my father's brother. He came round continuously to us for several weeks afterwards. Naturally, Cheryl, my wife, was a support to both of us.

We decided to move into my parents' house and get rid of our's. It was while we were sorting things out that I came across a drawer full of pornographic material. When I looked closely, I realized that the girl in the photos was my mother as a young lady, mostly in poses with my father but at other times with another man. It took me a while to realise that this other man was Uncle Bill! As I searched further, I found two old cine films. Well naturally I was shocked and at first, rather angry. It was Cheryl who managed to calm me down and at one stage uttered, 'Lucky lady!' The problem was how to broach the subject with Uncle Bill.

It took a few visits from Bill until I could mention it. I realized now why he was so upset. He looked ashamed at first but said that my mother had first gone out with him but that my father had won her in the end. She had, however, been highly-sexed and one day things just went too far and all three ended up in bed together. My mother was quite wanton apparantly and so began the troilism. Clearly, my uncle had loved my mother and had never married.

I decided to give him all the photos but kept back the two films as I had yet to see them. When I did, I was shocked to see my mother grab the cameraman and proceed to unzip his fly, then perform fellatio on him, much to the amusement of my father and Bill. I was watching it with Cheryl but the only comment she made was on the size of Bill's penis! 'Wow, your uncle's massive!' she said. Well, it had registered that it was big but I hadn't taken much notice of it. But now she mentioned it, yes, it was big, very big. I was surprised she hadn't said anything before when viewing the photos.

After watching the films we went to bed. Cheryl, I noticed, was very sexual. She rarely makes the first move, yet that night she did and as soon as I reached between her legs, I found her very wet indeed. I guessed the film must have aroused her and said so. She then just laughed and I too was soon aroused. She again mentioned my uncle's large penis so I hinted that maybe she should take it. Well we had the most marvellous fuck for some time - so much so that I started to tease her about my uncle's prick ea ch time we made love. Our sex life started to improve three hundred percent.

Bill didn't come round so much, but on her birthday we invited him round for dinner. We polished off two bottles of wine and I said he shouldn't drive home. He then jumped up and yelled 'Hell!' He had left Cheryl's psent in the car. When Cheryl opened it she found lingerie, a lovely outfit consisting of white panties, bra and stockings. I have never seen Cheryl so embarrassed. Yet I could see she was secretly pleased. I suppose I must have been a little drunk as I started to tease her that we would like t o see it on her. Bill's face lit up and he started to tease her also.

'Don't be ridiculous,' she said firmly. I then leaned over and kissed her and whisperpered that I would dearly love to see her in it. She stared aghast at me and then looked at Bill, who had a smirk on his face. Something seemed to snap inside her and she jumped up and said, 'Alright then,' and disappeared.

I had grave doubts that she would do it and indeed she took quite a time to come down but when she did, she looked fabulous. The outfit fitted her perfectly and made me wonder how Bill had got her measurements. I wouldn't say that Cheryl is ptty but she does have a magnificent figure with thirty-eight inch boobs. And right now I was looking at it.

I was completely dumbfounded but Bill called her over so he could see the outfit better. I watched in amazement as he let his fingers slide up her silk stockings until he nearly reached her crotch, at which Cheryl stepped backwards and said he was naughty in a rather indignant way. I now had the biggest and most painful erection that I have ever had. It was trying to burn its way out of my trousers.

As I tried to get up it became even more painful, not to mention very obvious to Cheryl. She stared in amazement at me, but Bill started to laugh, 'I think your husband needs relieving, Cheryl,' he said.

'Well not by me,' she retorted. I then approached her and she looked down at my erection and said, 'Bloody thing!'

'You look fabulous,' I said. I could see that she was pleased to receive the compliment from me but she remained apphensive. Then Bill got up and put his arms around her, letting his hand nestle on her bottom. 'Why don't you relieve him, Cheryl. 'Don't mind me.' She looked at him and smiled while I sat down again on the settee. He then led Cheryl over to me. She looked rather strange, if anything a little excited, and then he sort of pushed her onto me. She stumbled slightly but steadied herself with her hand on my knee. I leaned forward and took her arm. We then looked at each other and what passed between us at that moment I will never forget. We didn't say anything, we didn't need to. She knew then that I wanted to fuck her and I could see she was equally eager. I pulled her gently towards me and she fell into my arms and landed painfully on my erection, causing me to shout and she to giggle. Then it was like Bill wasn't in the room. We kissed passionately. I pulled her bra-straps off her shoulders and g ently removed it altogether. Then things became urgent! It became a mad scramble to get my penis out and her panties off before we were fucking like mad with me seated and Cheryl bouncing up and down on my erection. We were going at it like hammer and tongs when I realized I couldn't hold out much longer. We must have climaxed together because as the stuff shot out of me Cheryl gave a scream of pleasure and her breathing quickened as she went up and down like a piston rod. As for me, I thought my head would explode. We then collapsed exhausted in each other's arms.

I casually glanced across to where I thought Bill might be but realized that he had seated himself on the floor behind Cheryl, which must have given him a perfect view. Not only that - he was now naked. In our rush to climax we had not heard him undress. He gave me a small smile and I felt rather strange. He was sitting patiently waiting while Cheryl was sitting on me having received her 'psent'. And I was soon about to give Cheryl to Bill as his 'psent'. I felt a mixture of jealousy and excitement.

Bill waited a little longer before getting up and rousing Cheryl who was beginning to fall asleep on me. She was shocked to see him naked but as he took her arm, she rose willingly. He guided her to his armchair and sat her in it and then spad a leg over each side-arm. I watched, amazed, as her legs spad wide to reveal my semen dribbling out of her. He then went down on his knees and started to lick her out. Despite our recent upsurge in sex, she normally doesn't like oral sex and usually pushes me away when I try it. But here she was, legs splayed, being eaten out and not batting an eyelid. Suddenly, she became more aroused and I could see she was going to climax again. And so she did, grinding her pelvis into his face. But he didn't stop. His tongue slipped easily into her vagina and then he let it slip behind to service her anus. And each time she nearly went mad! Suddenly, he pulled himself away, raised himself up, pointed his penis at her hole and then it disappeared to its hilt.

I'd forgotten all about his enormous penis but didn't see much as it it disappeared from view. As he thrust into her, she wrapped her legs around his torso. I have never seen two people who wanted sex so much. There was an urgency and rhythm. Bill was thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow and Cheryl was groaning fit to wake the dead, and normally she is quiet when we make love. Well, it had to end. Bill started to grunt as he neared his climax and they both squealed together when he eventually came. I was rewarded by seeing his buttocks clench each time he ejaculated into her. This time Bill sank in the chair exhausted while Cheryl looked over his shoulder at me. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and exhaustion.

I wondered if we would fuck again but they disentangled themselves and Cheryl went upstairs to clean herself up. What do you say to a man who has just fucked your wife? We sat there in silence, neither wanting to destroy the peace and reflecting on what we had just done. I got up and went upstairs to the toilet and found Cheryl. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself.

'You have to ask?' she said, smiling. And then we embraced. She went downstairs wearing her dressing gown while I went to the loo. I turned the fire on in our bedroom and then went downstairs again. Cheryl and Bill were sitting talking on the settee. And then we talked for over an hour, Bill and I naked and Cheryl covered. It was like we were the best of friends.

Inevitably, penises began to rise again. As we were talking I noticed that Cheryl had realized Bill's penis was enlarging. Soon it became a joke and before I knew it Bill was removing the dressing gown from Cheryl's shoulders. And she was letting him willingly. I then witnessed one of the best fucks of all time. Bill started to fuck her on the settee with him on top. Just as she was getting worked up, he pulled out and made her kneel with her head on the settee while he entered her from the rear. In this position I was able to see the entire length of his penis disappear time and again into my wife's cunt. And she was lapping it up. I thought he was going to come but just before his climax he pulled out and suggested I now have a go. As I entered her she nearly convulsed with frustration. And so we kept this up between us. Every time one of us felt he was coming, he pulled out and let the other have a go. Needless to say Cheryl was beside herself. She came four times before I couldn't hold out and shot my loa d into her. I was ashamed that I couldn't last but Bill took over. He went on for another ten minutes before he too ejaculated. Cheryl was totally elated and I could see that she could easily take more. But we were both spent.

I dived down and licked her out. Then I said to Bill that perhaps he would like to join us in our bedroom. Once there I was surprised to see my erection rise for a third time that evening. This time we both fucked her together. I took her from behind while he entered her mouth. I was now well and truly done for and as we turned out the lights and slipped under the covers I heard them kissing passionately. At first I was jealous but what could I say? And then I heard them make love again. I heard them do it twice more in the middle of the night. In the morning Cheryl was again eager for more which Bill and I obliged with.

The next day Cheryl was like the cat that had got the cream. Bill decided to stay until Sunday evening and needless to say, much of the time was spent trying to get our penises into Cheryl's cunt. On Sunday night I had Cheryl to myself and we had one of our best lovemaking sessions ever.

Since then Bill has been round about once a month. At first we needed time to reflect and it was some three weeks before we contacted Bill or rather, he contacted us. We asked him to come over right away, which he did, and we had a marvellous session. I knew then that was going to be a regular occurence.

As a husband, I find it hard to say why I enjoy these sessions. I think I enjoy the voyeuristic side of it, I enjoy watching Cheryl have infinite pleasure and I enjoy the aspect that I am giving her to him and his big penis. I expect many men think I'm crazy, but there it is.


Slaving Away - Erotic Story

It's ptty degrading having to admit that you're a cuckold husband, and especially, that you wouldn't have it any other way.

But its not easy to arrange for some other better hung lad to fuck your wife. First off there's the job of getting your wife to come to terms with what a wimp you really are, and then there's the problem of getting the stud to accept that you're sincere about letting him rule the roost and have him, and your wife, treat you like dirt. Not surprisingly, red blooded men find it hard to fathom that you'd rather be your wife's slave, than her partner in the sack!

What a relief then when I connected with an informal group of others, husbands, wives and studs who call themselves something like, 'cuckold anonymous'. The group had a few happily arranged bedtime setups, and there was even a wife who felt like us men, encouraging her spouse to fuck with a superbly built blonde called Evette. She became Evette's maid, which just goes to show that sexual orientation goes both ways.

Lionel came round to talk to us both about the alternative sex scene and asked me in front of Rachel a whole series of ptty direct questions. Did I like my wife's fanny? Did I get off wanking about the thought of her going with another man? Did I fantasise about watching the act? What about being my wife's obedient servant? I confessed to wanking myself silly over all that, over letters in mags even if I'd not asked Rachel to go with someone else so far.

Lionel eyed my buxom wife appciatively and began the questions there. What was her ideal type of bloke? Had she come to terms with the way I was? Was she frustrated with whatI could provide? Rachel answered direct. Big men, rather rough and direct men, with good sized cocks (it had been a shock to find out I was a wimp in head as well as in body, but at least it explained my pathetic performance between the sheets!) She needed to "have a good time with a guy who could bring her off for the first time in her three years of being married to me".

Lionel wasn't shocked and explained that he was a stud to a couple of women just like Rachel. There wasn't a physical type for husbands like me, but we all knew we were hopeless at screwing . . . which was at least being frank.

Some of his mates though, did require that they had full rein in the sex stakes, so if we joined up, I'd have to give up fucking, concentrate on licking and scivvying, and perhaps even wear a little constrainer, that would stop me getting my leg over, or relieve myself when my mistress didn't approve. Was all that okay?!

Well. . . it was. So Lionel took out from his rucksack this rubber tube, attached to a snug-fitting belt and small padlock that fixed behind my back. There was a hole in the end of it, so that you could have a jimmy riddle, but as Rachel put it onto me, and turned the key, I knew my days of cocking and secret wanking were well and truly over.

Lionel was impssed and wondered whether I'd demonstrate cunnilingus, just as an acceptance note. Of course I could, and went down on Rachel, as she hitched up her skirt, and bared her pussy to my eager tongue. The experience was fresh and exciting for her, so her cunt got very hot and wet.It was certainly enough to make her very wanton. and she smiled as Lionel started to drop his jeans, and pull out a massive stalk from his pants. I was still lapping at her cunt when she had that weapon placed in her hands, and she started to suck.

What a lovely big pink helmet lurked under his ebony foreskin! It made me lick her twice as much, and the throb of my cock stuck in that prison, just got exquisite, "I've got to fuck with Lionel," she snarled through heaving gasps. "You're not going to make a fuss, slave . . . are you?" I shook my head, rippling my tongue across her clit. This was the signal for Lionel to push me to one side, and to take up residence between my wife's milky thighs.

He did it calmly, Rachel kicked me away, wanting just him. Then, in seconds, his bare cock was up her cunt, and they were bonking to a quick and frenzied orgasm.

Just how much spunk he squirted into Rachel's womb was evident when I licked her fanny out. His sperm was hot in my mouth, mingling with her cum, salt and cream, oodles of the stuff.I had to swallow lots of it because it kept pouring out of her hole as she wriggled through a second climax because of my giving her head.

Lionel reckoned we were both well ready, and said he'd take on Rachel personally. She, of course, was over the moon, having always loved the sight of tall black guys. Over the next weeks the rubber prison stayed in place until Rachel was satisfied that I'd only wank off when I watched them at it. She told Lionel I'd been obedient around the house, and we agreed it was fine to go to our first social.

That was strange but brilliant. Half a dozen sexy women, their boyfriend and us lot, the disinherited manhood, drinking and looking on whilst they danced at the disco. A bloke called Howard reckoned that a couple of the wives were pgnant by their lovers, including his. He knew the kid would be Carl's, because he'd had a vasectomy to ensure just that. Whilst he wore a contraption like mine when he was feeling too horny, jerking off was all he could manage - the seed was always Carl's, just as they'd agreed it should be.

Watching Rachel gyrate with Lionel out there under the strobe lights, I tried to picture her in the club. As it was, Lionel wasn't into that scene, not liking his women big and round, so developments weren't so likely.

When we got back after the fun, the games really began. Rachel was too besotted to unleash me from the rubber tube and was snogging with Lionel, whilst she straddled my tongue, and took a pussy bath. The smell of her hot sex was pungent, primal and ready . . . for him! I couldn't rub myself, and felt horny as hell, until sweet relief, my cock stiffened and I ejaculated through the end of the tube anyway! Rachel's fanny had been more than enough - and Lionel quickly took up his station whilst she giggled at the mess I'd made of myself.

"Give me a baby!!" she shouted, drawing Lionel's thrusting loins toward her and throwing her locks of hair around. Lionel delivered - hot, hard and a hell of a lot. It gushed between them, out of his balls, and through her pussy.

There, I've admitted it all and Rachel has checked the letter for accuracy. Before I could seal it all up, she did however want to add one little quote, tease or fact, I can't tell. I'm to tell you, she's just come off the pill.


It Happened Again! - Erotic Story

This story is basically a case of history repeating itself mainly because I went out of my way to make it happen. A lot has happened since my last story "Video Scene Stealer".

Karen moved out to live with Carl. He laid claim to her in a big way and wouldn't let Errol or Leroy near her again. Colin, the video man, only made a couple more porn films of them, the second being special as it was made in August soon after Karen came off the pill. According to Colin, it shows Karen conceiving.

After Karen left me, I went to pieces, but eventually I met Julie and moved into her flat. She soon found out about my past and l told her all that had happened. I showed her one of the videos of Karen and Carl, which got her very hot indeed. This in turn got me thinking about her doing a session with Carl. When I broached the subject with her she got even more turned on. I guessed she would do it if I could get in touch with Carl through Colin.

Colin was over the moon at the idea of Carl fucking another girl of mine. It was later decided between Colin and Julie that I would be in it as well, playing the part of the cuckolded fiance, ending up worshipping Julie's well-fucked, spunk-filled cunt.

Julie Is 28, totally different to Karen. She has a bigger build, but is more curvy, her legs are long, but sturdy and powerful. She's not as ptty as Karen, but she has an air that turns men on. Again, anofher woman who could drive me crazy and who would do anything.

Colin arranged that, once again, we would meet at his fIat in Harlesden, and that Karen would accompany Carl, to give Julie some pointers. Julie refused to wear a sexy outfit, but she did have on a little black teddy under her knee length dress, along with her stilettoes.

When Carl met Julie, I could see that he was impssed, as was Julie. Karen seemed a bit put out at how good Julie looked, those six inch heels making her legs look even longer. Karen had suddenly realised how stupid she had been in allowing Carl free reign with another attractive girl. It was too late to stop it now, though, and so the show had to go on.

This time, Karen stood behind the lights and cameras while Carl was filmed undressing Julie with my help. I was then made to undress. We got Julie down to just her teddy and stilettoes and then she lay across Carl on the bed while I sat at the head, wanking my cock. Julie was enjoying the deep, snogging French kisses from Carl while I looked on, then Carl rolled her onto her back with her legs splayed apart and he fingered her juicy pussy. Then he tried taking off the teddy but couldn't find his way in. In the end, Karen told him to undo the poppers under the crutch. It didn't take him long to do that.

Julie lay there wantonly, pussy on full display and her lovely soft tits exposed to Carl. He bent down and sucked them until her nipples stood to attention, then he turned his attentions towards her ptty cunt and was opening her legs more so that he could get between them and start giving her cock, but Julie refused until he wore a condom.

Colin was more than a little miffed, but then he suggested that Carl knelt by her head and she sucked him off while I knelt between her powerful thighs and sucked her pussy. Julie agreed to that with no trouble. I got down there licking and sucking while Carl fed his cock to her mouth. She made quite a meal of sucking that massive black plonker to erection.

I looked up from her bush as she sucked and slurped on it. Her tongue lapped around the rim of his huge heart shaped knob as it slipped clear of its foreskin. Julie was getting really excited and she creamed over my face as her hips bucked up and down frantically, then she climaxed over my tongue and her juices spurted into my mouth.

From where I was, Carl's cock looked so large and angry, larger than it ever had before. It wasn't, of course, it was just that I hadn't seen it in the flesh for so long. It really did look beautiful though, awesome in fact. Julie was panting and whimpering.

Carl leaned down and lifted her legs so I had to crawl up the bed to keep my mouth in contact with her pussy. Carl pulled me away from Julie's pussy and moved down the bed, lifting her legs aside so he could position himself between them. There were no objections from Julie as he fed his length into her pussy, just her squeals and sobs of satisfaction. I knelt there, just inches away, as that powerful black cock sunk all the way into her. There was no way she could resist him by then. He had her where he wanted her.

Carl fucked Julie all around that bed; she held on just as Karen had on her first time, I wanked myself off in time to his thrusts and Julie pleaded with him to put his spunk in her, which is just what he did. I looked over at Karen. She was watching intently, her eyes gleaming like bright diamonds and she was panting as if it was her on the receiving end of Carl's majestic cock. She knew exactly what Julie was going through, she had been there many times before and she was now urging Carl to give it to Julie.

Carl stared down at Julie as he rocked to and fro, sliding the full length of his cock in and out out of Julie's hot, juicy cunt. I licked my lips and all around my mouth, tasting her creaminess, as I frantically wanked myself off. I could see that Carl was close to coming and I knew nothing could stop him.

"Give it to her." I whimpered. "Squirt your spunk up her. Let her find out what it feels like with a real man, make a woman out of her."

Carl grinned at me and began his final strokes, his black bum powering his cock in and out so that Julie grabbed great handfuls of blanket to hang on to. Her legs locked over his and she pulled his head down to kiss him, her body writhing under him.

Then he came. Loud grunts and great lunges of his cock buried him deep inside her as he unloaded. Julie was going berserk. She cried and screamed, gasping. "Yes Carl, yes, oh God."

Slowly Carl stopped fucking her but she continued to writhe on his cock. When he puiled himself off her, Colin got me to push my face into her wet cunt, whilst Carl moved up the bed and wiped his limp cock over Julie's lips, as she reached up to suck it clean. Meanwhile, I really went to town, spading her legs and holding her love lips apart so that I could get my face and tongue right in. Carl lifted her legs so her feet rested on my back with the pointed heels digging into me, and he said, "Use them, use them like spurs, make him do as you want. Make him lick you harder."

She did and as a reward I felt her coming off on my tongue. As she writhed I felt a hot flood enter my mouth. In the end I had spunk and come in my mouth, up my nose and in my ears.


Picture Of Excitement - Erotic Story

It took me a long time to help my wife to get over her phobia about her mammoth breasts. Yes, they really are enormous, 44 inches of quivering ivory flesh. But they are very firm and topped by inch long nipples that just beg to be sucked. Little by little I helped her to become proud of her unusual bosom.

I became friendly with a photographer who, on meeting my wife, exclaimed that he just had to photograph her. Of course, she refused at first but after a few weeks she agreed as long as I was psent.

Ralph brought his equipment to our house. I'd helped Cheryl dress and she looked gorgeous. We had a few drinks to help my wife unwind and then we went to the bedroom. At first she was very stiff and almost frightened but he was very patient and with the help of a few gins and tonic she began to relax and even play up to the camera.

After shooting a few rolls of her dressed, he suggested she remove her blouse. She looked at me enquiringly and I nodded. She took it off and Ralph gave a wolf-whistle when he saw her enormous tits overflowing the bra which failed to contain them. He took some shots but I knew that he really wanted them naked, so I slipped behind her and before she could guess what I was up to, I'd undone the clasp and it fell around her waist, spilling her bare boobs into the open.

I looked at Ralph and saw that he was staring at them goggle-eyed as if not believing they were for real. She tried to hide them with her hands, an impossibility. He took some shots like that, while telling her that in all his years of photographing naked women he'd never seen such magnificent breasts.

I could see her getting excited by his flattery and she moved her hands away and let him photograph her naked boobs. Her big nipples were very stiff and swollen and it was a sure sign that she was feeling horny. My cock was jerking in my trousers at the sight of her semi-nakedness and, looking at Ralph's groin, I saw that he too was sporting an erection.

My wife has always been rather prudish, so her actions that followed really staggered me. She laid back on the bed and started playing with her breasts, rubbing the nipples with her thumbs and kneading the flesh with her fingertips. There was no doubt about it, she was very sexually excited and was revelling in all the attention she was getting.

Ralph, the ultimate professional, kept taking photos while she writhed and squirmed, her legs opening so that the skirt rode up to her waist, exposing her panties.

Excited by the way she was losing her inhibitions, I sat on the bed and undid her skirt and slipped it off. She looked at me from under her eyelashes so sexily that I nearly came in my pants. I could see that the crotch of her panties was damp and almost transparent so that I could see the dark curls that framed her pussy. Emboldened by her unusual acquiescence I quickly slipped the panties off and left her completely naked on the bed.

She made no move to cover herself and Ralph shot on, her legs opening and exposing her cunt which was damp looking. He moved closer and took some worm-eye views of her pussy then he reached forward and with his fingertips, spad her pubic lips apart, exposing the glistening inner folds and the clitoris that had slipped from its hood. She reacted by opening her legs even wider. I don't think she even realized it was him who had taken such liberties, she was too far gone into her own private world of lust.

I couldn't hold on any longer and I freed my cock from its confinement and stroked it with my hand as I watched my staid wife exhibit everything to the camera.

Ralph leant forward and took one of her hands away from her breast and guided it between her legs and left it resting on her cunt. As if it had a life of its own, it began to comb through the damp curls then slowly slipped into the wet slit. I couldn't believe my eyes. Cheryl was dipping her fingers into her cunt, coating them with pussy juices and then smearing it on her clit, and all of this not only in front of another man but also being captured on film!

Shudders were shaking her body and I knew that she was experiencing a series of small climaxes that eventually would blow up into a gigantic orgasm that would have her screaming and almost passing out.

Bemused, I watched Ralph undo his trousers and free a huge looking penis. It must have been at least two inches longer than mine and fatter. Still clicking away, he approached the bed and pulled her so that her legs dangled over the edge of the bed, her feet resting on the floor. She was still playing with her pussy and her tits, seemingly unaware of our psence. In that position her pussy was spad wide open and I could actually see the juice bubbling inside her hole as her fingers tortured he clit.

Ralph took some more close ups and then in one swift movement he put his camera down and with one flick of his hips he ran his cock all the way into my wife's cunt. I was flabbergasted by this and I just sat there, my mouth open, goggling as he inserted all of his cock into my wife's cunt.

I have no idea what she was thinking, I'd like to think she thought it was me, for her legs came up and wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling him even harder against her pussy. He looked at me over his shoulders and, seeing I wasn't about to jump him, he started to fuck her vigorously and she gave every sign that she loved it.

He was a good stayer and he fucked her until her whole body arched off the bed and she screamed as her orgasm broke and flooded her body. I was thunderstruck! I was watching my wife speared by another man's cock in the throes of a massive orgasm! To my amazement he pulled out and I could see that he hadn't come. He was still hard and his prick was glistening with her pussy juice. He straddled her torso and I saw him grab her gigantic boobs and wrap them around his big cock. She opened her eyes for the first time and saw who was using her tits like that. I expected her to scream and try to push him off. Instead, she smiled and pushing his hands aside, grabbed her tits and pushed them together for his pleasure.

He started to fuck her tits and I knew I'd opened a Pandora's Box. I could still see her open cunt staring at me so I took my clothes off and knelt between her legs and drove my cock into her wet pussy. She jerked back and her legs gripped me. I fucked her like that while Ralph used her tits.

I came very quickly, I was so excited, and was standing next to the bed when Ralph showered his spunk all over her face and tits. She screamed as she contorted in another gigantic climax. When he'd finished coming he grabbed his camera and took some shots of her spasming, spunk-covered body. My spunk was oozing from her cunt and I'd never seen such a lewd scene.

Ralph finished taking pictures and I saw that he was hard again. He slipped on top of her and she welcomed him avidly between her open thighs and he sank his cock into her wet cunt in one thrust. They fucked like wild animals, his mouth wrapped round a nipple, his hands beneath her bottom, grasping her buttocks. Her legs shot up in the air as he rammed his prick into her hard and without pausing.

I saw that she was gripping his shoulder so hard that she was leaving marks. This time he did come inside her at the same time as she climaxed. It was like watching two magnificent animals rutting. He kept his cock inside her until it was limp, then he pulled out, leaving her cunt wide open filled with two loads of spunk. I was hard again and I dipped my cock inside. It felt warm and gooey.

I stroked in and out a few times, and then with my prick coated in spunk and pussy juice, I straddled her chest and imitated him. Ralph grabbed his camera and took some shots of me fucking Cheryl's tits and he even captured the moment when my spunk arced through the air before hitting her face.

She was exhausted and I had to help her to the bathroom. I washed her all over and put her to bed. Ralph had gathered all his equipment and I helped him pack it in his car.

The next day, he rang up and said that the photos were sensational. Cheryl, who was feeling miserable and guilty about what she had done, told him to destroy them, but he said that at least she should see them before he did. Reluctantly, she agreed that he came round the next evening.

The pictures were sensational and Cheryl was so amazed about how beautiful and sexy she looked that she not only agreed to keep them but asked to have more taken.

Needless to say, Ralph was eager to oblige and he fucked her all over the place. The house was stinking of spunk for days afterwards. Now Ralph comes round often to take photos and dip his wick in my lovely wife and I must admit it turns me on no end!


Game Of Watching - Erotic Story

We are a married couple in our late twenties/early thirties. We have been married for the last eleven years and both enjoy life, especially sex, to the maximum. We have tried swinging but what happened recently to us has changed our lives, and we love it.

It all started when we were out for some fun. This particular club was new to us and we had gone there for dinner, to drink and to dance. It so happened that, as soon as we arrived, I went to the washroom while my wife went to the bar. When I returned, I couldn't find her. Looking for her, I eventually found her on the dance floor with this Asian guy who couldn't have been more than 30. I waited in the bar for the dance to finish, but when it did, my wife went with this guy to his table. I didn't know what to do, so I just waited in the bar.

Then suddenly I realized they were dancing again but this time it was a slow number and I could see the guy kissing and touching my wife! At first, I thought enough is enough, then I realized I was aroused by what I was seeing.

After about an hour, the guy went to the washroom. When I went up to my wife, I asked her what was going on and she told me that he was nice and she wanted to have a nice time with him. Then she reminded me of my fantasy to see her get fucked by an Asian guy. She then said to me, "Why don't you just watch today?"

I was so horny, I just said "How?" She told me to go home and stay in the guest room and she would leave the bedroom door open so that I could watch. I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen but I agreed to her plan, paid my bill and rushed home. After about an hour, they came home and as soon as they entered the bedroom, they got undressed. I was really shocked to see his shaft. It was bigger than any I'd ever seen - long, thick and hard like a rock. She tried to take the tip in her mouth but it was so thick that she couldn't.

This man fucked my wife the whole night and every time it went in her, I came just seeing that thing at work; he really knew how to use it. He left at about six in the morning and I climbed into bed and first cleaned her up with my tongue, then I fucked her. She had told the guy that I was away on business and would be returning in three days. He had then suggested that he'd come back the following evening, so we ppared ourselves for some more fun. However, we got another surprise when he walked in with a friend of his. He was also an Asian guy and they both fucked my wife dry. I was so busy playing with myself that I didn't realise when this guy came into the guest room and caught me red-handed.

Now Tariq comes in whenever he feels like it with his friends and fucks my wife silly. Last week he took her out while I did the baby-sitting. She returned in the morning and was too dog-tired to even talk. Later she told me Tariq took her to the home of an Arab friend of his, where the Arab fucked her while Tariq was busy with the Arab's wife.

The pleasure I get from all of this is still so intense. However, I must admit, I do prefer to be watching while these men put my wife through her paces.


More Short Stories - Erotic Story

1. Take Off

My wife Cathy and I have been married for twenty years but just recently our sex life has really taken off.

It all started at a company social night when she was dancing with a 19 year old lad from our warehouse. She came back to our table and told me that he had been feeling her bum and grinding his cock against her. This had never happened before and at her age she was really turned on that a youth was attracted to her, a middle-aged woman and a mother of three children.

I have often fantasised about her performing with another man and I encouraged her to dance with him again, and after a few more drinks, one thing led to another and that night, for the first time in 20 years, she enjoyed sex with another man.

Over the next month she met him again for drinks, bonking in his car after and finally she brought him home. It became obvious that I knew what was going on - in fact, it was his suggestion that I joined them.

I thought I was sexually aware but he has taught me and Cathy things that we had only ever dreamed about. The first night we got together, I watched him wanking his cock over my wife's face as I pounded away at her cunt. I realized this was it!

He is the guy who has made my wife throw away her tights and white bras, in favour of seamed stockings and black, open bras.

He introduced her to polaroid photos and home-made videos. Just recently, they both spent a holiday in Majorca, where she enjoyed not only his cock but that of his friend and two other men!

2. Starring Sandra

Our story, which started out as a fantasy, soon became real. Sandra has always wanted to take two men and be filmed at the same time and that is what happened when we were on holiday this year.

One night on holiday, we thought we would try out the nightclub on the caravan site where we were staying. Later that evening we got chatting to two guys who were in their late 20's, Tony and Chris. We were all having a great time, having a few dances, telling jokes, and slowly getting pissed.

The night soon passed and it was time to leave so I asked the two guys if they would like to come back for a few drinks, which they gladly accepted. When we got back, Sandra went to put on some soft music, while I set up some drinks. As Sandra offered Tony his drink, he spilt it down the front of her dress. He apologised and started to rub down her dress, which made her nipples erect. When Tony noticed what was happening, he did it harder and started to kiss her neck. He then slowly slid her dress off her s houlders still kissing and licking her neck. Chris then knelt in front of her and started to lick and kiss her pussy over her knickers until she could not hold back any longer.

After that, Sandra made Tony and Chris stand face to face and started to undress them both simultaneously until they were both totally naked. She knelt in front of them and started to kiss and lick each cock from the tip of their knobs right down to their balls and back for about ten minutes. Then Chris took off her knickers and laid her on the floor and started to lick out all her love juices while Tony knelt over her head and pushed his thick cock into her mouth.

The more Chris licked out her creamy pussy, the faster sandra deep throated Tony. Then they changed positions so Sandra could start sucking on Chris's prick while Tony took her from behind. I was excited beyond belief to see Tony's thick shaft slurping in and out of her steaming hot cunt and with the look on Tony's face I could tell he was shooting his sticky load right up inside her hairy cunt.

When Tony had done filling her he then changed positions with Chris so that Sandra could lick off all the cream from Tony's prick. Chris then lifted Sandra's arse into the air so that he could start to finger her and then he mounted her from the rear. He slowly pushed his cock inside her and then he speeded up his motion, thrusting right up inside her so that his balls kept bouncing off her arse. As Chris started to come, he pulled out of her cunt and started to shoot his sperm all over her bottom and down into her slit.

3. Sleeping Beauty

My wife Claire and I would like to tell you about an experience we had. We still relive the experience and hope to go a stage or two further the next time the opportunity arises. Claire's fantasy was to have me hold her lips open whilst my friend gives her a good shafting. I just had to arrange this.

I told Claire that Paul would be coming to tea on Friday evening and also hinted that Paul might help us with our fantasy! She was really excited at the prospect. In fact Paul and I are very close and I told him that tonight was the night as long as he allowed me to arrange things.

We had a good meal followed by several beers. After an hour or so, Claire said she felt tired and was going to bed. By now the beer had taken its toll. After about half an hour, I couldn't wait much longer and Paul and I ascended the stairs to the bedroom. I peeped in and found Claire sound asleep with the covers snug around her neck. The atmosphere was electric. My mouth and Paul's were dry with excitement. We removed our clothes on the landing and tiptoed in. Paul stood on the left hand side of the bed an d I the right. I peeled the covers back revealing one breast topped with a pink erect nipple.

I drew the covers back even further until her naked body could be seen in all its beauty. Our pulses were racing crazily.

I stretched across and took Paul's shaky wrist and guided his hand across her left breast, down her tummy, just skirty her hairy mound, down the inside of one thigh, up the inside of the other and onto her thick pubic bush. I glanced up Claire's body to see Paul close his mouth around her nipple. I cupped her breast so that he could chew around the nipple.

Claire turned slightly in her sleep and gave a little groan. At this we both froze but nothing else happened so we both resumed our exploration of her soft body, stroking her thighs and biting her tummy, gently nibbling her breasts and neck whilst pushing our cocks against her legs.

This went on for what seemed an eternity whilst the groans got a little louder and more prolonged, interrupted with little sighs. After a little while, Paul slid his index finger down the length of her pussy and I could not believe the horny squelching sound that I heard. He continued to run his finger up and down her pussy, massaging her mound with the palm of his hand. Her groin was rising and grinding ever so slightly under the pssure of Paul's hand.

I continued to nibble her ears and bite her neck while Paul frigged my wife. Claire's moans and groans became more obvious so I explained that she sometimes has erotic dreams and Paul was not to worry about her waking up. It was so horny to see my wife being touched in this way.

Claire was biting her pillow to stifle her moans as she came. This was too much for me. Paul knew the plan. As soon as she came, he had to go to the foot of the bed and open her legs, keeping a tight hold of her ankles. As he did this, I plunged my engorged cock into her pussy and fucked her as hard as I could.

Claire couldn't contain herself and panted and moaned loudly as I shot my come, spurt after ecstatic spurt into her hot hole.

Paul left so that we could be alone together, though actually I wanted him to fuck her too, whilst I held her legs open. He had to leave early in the morning for work and since then an opportunity has not arisen but I think it is inevitable. The next time he comes round, I fully expect to see the length of his cock stroke into Claire's wet pussy until he shoots into her while I hold her flaps apart for him.


Early Coming - Erotic Story

A few days ago I decided to surprise my fiancee by coming home early and taking her to dinner. When I arrived, she wasn't home. I had just gone upstairs to change, when I heard the front door open and the sound of voices in the hall. Clad only in my shirt and underwear I peered down from the balcony to see Fran laughing and kissing a former colleague of hers, Harold. I knew Fran had been his first lover and that she sometimes fantasised about him.

She once told me their encounters had always been too hurried to be enjoyable. But from the way she was fondling him, I knew that she planned on spending a lot of time pleasing him this day. Being a voyeur at heart, it wasn't difficult to make the decision to watch them instead of stopping them. Quickly, I went and got my camera from the bedroom and attached a zoom lens. There was no film, but I'd only planned on using it as a telescope anyway. From my vantage point on the balcony, I could see into the living room below. Even better I was hidden in the shadows, so there was no chance that they could detect me.

The word to describe Fran is voluptuous. She has long legs, wide hips, a soft, curvaceous stomach and round, ample breasts. Encouraged by her moans and kisses, Harold grew bolder squeezing her soft bum, cradling a breast and petting her between her thighs. Breaking off the kiss, she guided his hand to her left breast. Pressing lightly he rubbed his palm around and around until I could see her nipple rising up. He repeated his actions on her right tit.

Now both nipples were straining against the fabric of her blouse. At her urging, he unbuttoned the blouse and I was surprised to see that she wore no bra. Instinctively his mouth dipped to her breast, where his tongue and teeth licked, sucked and tugged at her nipple until she was frantically thrusting her hips at him. Finally she pushed him back onto the couch. Slowly and sensuously, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, pushing it back off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Harold settled back on the couch and with a touch, she spad his legs, then kneeled on the edge of the couch so that his eyes were level with her dark, erect nipples.

I could see, through my viewfinder, the wet trails left by his tongue and the soft depssions where his teeth had scored her. Taking his hand again, she guided it to the clasp on her skirt. He had it undone in an instant, but as he tried to reach inside she pushed him away. Standing before him, she let the skirt drop, revealing a pair of white, lacy panties that hid almost nothing. I could distinctly see the dark triangle of hair that I knew Harold was about to plunge into.

With my zoom lens, I could even make out her full lips and the wetness of her juices. 'Now we're going to do it the way it should be done,' Fran said to Harold. 'First I'll do something for you, then you'll do something for me.' Cradling her tits in both hands, she added, 'Then you can do whatever your little heart desires.' With that, she slid down until she was kneeling between his legs.

As his hands fondled and squeezed her tits, she undid his belt and jeans. Leaving his pants for a moment, she began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing each new patch of skin as she moved upward. AII the while his hands roved over her body, stroking her tits and thighs and tentatively prodding her soaked hole with his finger.

Slowly she moved back down to his cock, her tongue licking the sides of the hardening shaft. She playfully grabbed his underwear and pulled at them, laughing as she lowered her mouth on to the bulge in his briefs. She bit and licked Harold's cock through his underwear working him into a heated frenzy. She pulled off his trousers but left his underwear on.

Occasionally she would bend forward to let her big, soft tits rub against his crotch. By this point, I had my own hot cock in hand and was stroking it to hardness. Fran pulled Harold's jockey shorts down a bit, revealing the purple tip of his cock. I could see the rest of the blood-engorged missile in stark relief pssing against his white cotton briefs. There was a drop of p-come shining on its tip. This attracted Fran's attention as well. She lowered her head between his legs, nibbling the bulge until she reached the exposed cock head. She rubbed her lips over the head, coating them with p come.

After making a big show of licking her lips, she completely lost control of herself and ripped his jockey shorts down, allowing the entire length of Harold's hard cock to spring free. Grinning wickedly, she lowered her face to his crotch and frantically licked his balls.

With the lens now zoomed in as tight as it could go, I watched as Fran sucked his balls clean into her mouth, working them around with her tongue as though they were pieces of sweets. As Harold spad his legs wider Fran began rubbing his cock up and down, while continuing to suck on the top.

'Suck, suck, suck as hard as you can, you dirty bitch,' he said 'You just love the taste of a thick, meaty cock, don't you?'

Needless to say her mouth was far too full to actually answer. I focused the camera with one hand whilst wanking off with the other. My cock was hot to the touch and my legs were weakening. I knew an orgasm wasn't far behind as I watched my fiancee screw Harold with her mouth. She sucked so feverishly, at times it seemed the head of his cock would come bursting through the side of her mouth. Fran fondled Harold's baIls and fingered his arsehole as she sucked him. Soon they were both grunting like cavemen.

I watched, panting, as the big cock repeatedly disappeared into her mouth, and then reappeared. glistening with hot saliva. As soon as Harold moaned that he was about to come, Fran stopped the blowjob and asked him to stand up. Then she took his place on the couch and desperately pulled his cock back into her mouth. With both hands on his arse, she shoved every inch of him down her throat, letting him thrust away with all his might. My gaze was getting foggy as my own time to come approached, but I managed to keep watching as Fran removed Harold's trembling cock from her mouth.

Using her hands in a familiar piston action, she pumped it a few times. Within seconds, a gooey blob of come burst forth from his throbbing love truncheon like it had been shot out of a cannon. Thrusting her melons forward, Fran let them be covered with the thick, white creation juice. Spurt after spurt shot from his pulsating cock on to her face, her neck and into her mouth. I shuddered from my own orgasmic explosion as I watched huge drops of come dribble off her heaving tits and nipples. My Own eruption emptied me of just about the same amount of come, which gathered in a thick pool in my hand.

I was just about to sneak away and clean it up, when I looked down and saw that Fran still wasn't finished In fact, she seemed to be literally holding Harold up by his cock. He stared in amazement as she used her fingers to scoop up his come from her body, licking and sucking it from her fingers while murmuring about how good it tasted.

In a few minutes she had cleaned herself up and went to work on him, giving his whole crotch a good bathing with her tongue. By the time she was done both my cock and Harold's were as hard as rock again. Standing before him, she finally removed her soaked panties, revealing her engorged, dripping passion canal. With a smile, she lay down on the floor her head pointed directly at me. She spad her legs as wide as she could and then spad her lips too. 'Now it's your turn,' she said, reaching for him. 'Do whatever you like.'

Harold got down on his knees and placed himself in position. I thought he would tease her a little, as she had done to him, but instead he just thrust his thick hard cock deep into her, almost lifting her up off the carpet. As aroused as I'd become watching my fIancee give oral to another man, it was nothing compared to watching him screw her. I imagined that his pleasure was my own, that it was me enjoying the wetness of the hole, feeling her thigh rub against my balls, smelling her wonderfully musky odour.

I had a perfect view of his cock pumping in and out of the channel. With each thrust and withdrawal, Fran's fanny would drip with juices. She rubbed the liquid on to her hands and used it to smear her tits. Both of their faces were masks of pleasure and concentration. I wondered who would explode first.

Soon it became evident that Fran was about to come. On all fours, she tensed her body and then backed in to Harold with all of her might. Then she called out, 'l'm ..coming!' Soon she was moaning and grunting while her body writhed and twisted, impaled upon Harold's mighty cock. With one hand she frantically pinched and rolled her nipples, while the other she pulled him deeper into her.

As her own orgasm subsided, Harold's began. With a sharp exclamation, he pushed her fIat down on the floor and pumped into her madly. He pulled out just as the last of the juice was oozing out of his cock. He rubbed the soaked tool on the cheeks of Fran's bum, then kissed and licked them.

With a start, I looked in wonder at my own cock and found it once again covered with come. I had been so caught up in the show I'd come without even realising it. Down below, Fran and Harold were putting their clothes back on. As Harold zipped up his trousers, she quickly stuffed her panties in his pocket and gave him a tender kiss on the mouth.

Then, before I knew it, she was bounding up the stairs toward me! I had no time to clean myself up and so she saw me in all my half dressed, come covered splendour. Her first reaction was shock, which was quickly replaced by a wide smile. Silently, she tiptoed over to me, gave my cock a quick pull, dropped a kiss on my lips and told me that my time would come soon.


Dressed Like A Tart - Erotic Story

Recently my husband and I decided to spice up our sexlife for real instead of just talking about doing it. We both knew that what really turned us both on was the thought of getting another man to fuck me in addition to Pat. I knew that two cocks ramming me from all angles could make me come much stronger than just one. Pat was very keen to try it out and he got huge erections just thinking about another man's cock fucking me, as long as he was still my favourite man of course.

Since we didn't dare ask anyone we knew to oblige us, we decided to find someone suitable through a contact magazine. The one we chose was a bloke called Steve who claimed to be well hung, 30 and willing to entertain, as he put it, married couples. We got in touch with him and arranged an evening for him to come round.

The evening he was due to arrive Pat and I had everything ready for a really horny session. I was dressed up in a sexy outfit consisting of a black mini skirt and T-shirt with no bra underneath so my nipples really stuck out. I also had on fishnet stockings with black suspenders and high heeled shoes, but I didn't put any knickers on.

Pat gets really horny when he sees me dressed like a tart. When I was ready Pat said he wanted to fuck me and showed me how hard his prick was, but I told him I wanted him to save up all his spunk for our threesome. He'd get plenty of opportunities to fill my mouth and cunt with his spunk later on.

When the doorbell went Pat went to answer the door. Steve had arrived. My cunt was already moist and throbbing at the thought of what would be happening to me tonight. Pat invited him into the lounge and introduced us.

Steve sat on the settee. I went and sat close next to him and we chatted while Pat poured us all a drink to loosen us up. After he'd given us our drinks he went and sat in the chair opposite. As we talked I let my legs fall open giving Pat a good eyeful of my bare, hairy wet cunt. At the same time I started to fondle Steve's big bulge through his trousers. He hadn't been lying when he said he had a big one judging by the thickness of the shaft I was feeling up.

Pat was looking very excited as he watched me slowly undo Steve's flies and get his huge cock out, and Steve by this time had put his hand inside my T-shirt and started fondling my tits. My cunt was getting more juiced up by the minute as this man whom I'd never met before fondled me and I made his cock rise proud and hard in my hands while my husband looked on.

I leaned over and took Steve's cock in my mouth and sucked his knob so that Pat could see everything that was going on.As I worked on his prick with my mouth, Steve pushed his fingers in my sopping cunt and worked them in and out. Pat stood up and took his clothes off. He approached us with his camera and his prick was beautiful and bone hard. He took a close-up shot of Steve's thick prick filling my mouth and then a couple of shots of Steve holding my cunt wide open.

I got more turned on as they manoeuvred my body all over the place to get at mebetter. Then I had Pat, who'd taken off my T-shirt, sucking my tits at one end and Steve at the other spading my legs and giving my cunt a good tonguing. I was in ecstasy and I had a strong orgasm deep in my cunt with Steve's tongue flicking at my clit.

After my first orgasm I felt hornier than ever and I was desperate for both cocks to do their work on me. I took my shirt off, leaving me now in just stockings and suspenders, and spad my legs again for Pat to take a couple of photos of my tongue-fucked cunt and tits covered in the love bites he'd given me. I was feeling horny as hell and I begged them to use their hard pricks on me. I was longing to feel the sensation of one cock in my mouth and another ramming into my cunt at the same time. I wanted to be filled with hard meat and spunk.

I got on all fours on the floor and thrust my cunt and bum towards Steve. I told him to shove his lovely prick in me and fuck the arse off me. Pat told me I was a dirty whore and grabbed my hair, holding my head up, and stuffed my mouth full with his hard prick so I couldn't speak. Meanwhile Steve was stretching my cunt walls wide with his enormous shaft. I squirmed when I felt it all inside me filling me right up to my womb. Steve's cock felt so good inside me, fucking me with hard regular thrusts. I knew Pat was watching Steve's cock going in and out of me and it was making his prick grow thicker inside my mouth. I felt his spunk rising in his shaft.

I sucked him harder and lifted my hand to squeeze it out of his balls. I ground my hips on Steve's prick and groaned just to let Pat know how much I was enjoying that big prick ramming my wet cunt. Pat shot his lot down my throat and withdrew his cock once he was dried up. He quickly picked up his camera again and took more photographs of me and Steve fucking each other silly.

Steve wouldn't shoot his load into me until I'd come at least twice, which I managed to do without too much effort because Pat was encouraging me calling me a dirty slut and a tart while he took the pictures. Eventually Steve let his seed gush into me, banging his body against my behind like a demented animal. It was the best fuck I've ever had and I told Pat so. He insisted on taking photos of my swollen cunt with come dripping out of it. Then he licked it all out of me and his cock grew hard again.

I felt like a really dirty woman as I guided Pat into my cunt and wanked Steve's prick up again. I was soon being fucked by two hard pricks again, one in my cunt and one in my mouth. I've never had so much spunk inside me in one night. I was really shagged out by the time Steve left. But I won't be satisfied until I've had a lot more different pricks round to fuck me while Pat's there to see me in action.


The Sheffield Swingers - Erotic Story

I thought it was time to tell you about an incident concerning my wife and I which we found very exciting at the time and often discuss when we're feeling horny. To me, what I am about to relate repsents the most important event in my sexual life.

Jane and I have been married for 15 years. We're both in our late 30's and reasonably attractive. Jane doesn't have massive tits or wear outrageous clothes - we're an ordinary, happily married couple whose sex life was satisfactory but was maybe a Iittle jaded. We've always been able to discuss sex openly and tell each other our fantasies. This is how we both discovered that we enjoyed seeing porn in magazines and videos. We found it particularly exciting to screw in front of the telly while some ptty girl was being fucked by a big-cocked young guy.

Over the next few months I noticed that Jane became especially passionate whenever a really Iarge cock was on display: magazines would be opened at pages featuring massive young studs. Not being one to beat about the bush, I asked her if she fancied having a big prick up her pussy. At first she was a Iittle reluctant to admit this, probably not wanting to upset me, but eventually the truth came out. The more we talked about it the hotter she became and finally we decided to give it a try, on the understanding that it was to be a fling to satisfy our curiosity and nothing more.

We advertised in a contact mag for a well-endowed, attractive young man who wouldn't object to my being psent. Three or four weeks later we were inundated with replies. Sorting through them all and choosing the most likely candidate had us both fucking two or three times a day while Jane read the letters and looked at pictures of cocks that dwarfed my average seven incher. We eventually plumped for Pete, who lived quite close by in a Sheffield suburb. His letter was articulate but exciting at the same time and he'd enclosed a photo showing a superb erection which he informed us was ten inches long and five inches in circumference at its thickest. Jane was fingering her wet minge look at it, and almost in hysterics.

Pete visited us the following Saturday night and Jane was taken by him immediately. He complimented her appearance and generally flattered her until she was eating out of his hand. We chatted, watched a video and let things happen naturally. The two of them were snogging on the settee as I took up a good viewing position on an easy chair opposite.

In only a matter of moments they were both down to their underwear, but we still hadn't seen Pete's remarkable weapon. He stood up to remove Jane's bra and panties, sliding two fingers into her sopping gash. She knelt in front of him with her head level wIth his briefs that were barely containing his cock. With both hands she gripped the waistband of his pants and slowly slid them down, first exposing his thick shaft. Gradually, the whole shaft was in view but his cock was held down by the waistband of his pants. What was visible looked incredible, but there was more to come. A sudden movement from Jane had his pants down and the erection was so fierce that it sprang up almost vertically, slapping into his stomach and jabbing Jane in the face.

We might have seen his picture but still we weren't ppared for the sheer size of him. That prick was immense: fully ten inches long with a huge plum-coloured glans partially covered by his foreskin. Jane was stunned for a second but then raised her hand to grip the monster and draw back the head fully.

It was clear that Pete had been in this situation before, being confident and proud of his massive appendage. He later told us that his penile dimensions ensured a steady supply of couples like us who wanted to photograph or video him in sexual poses with the lady of the house.

Jane licked its full length and engulfed the head inside her mouth. This obviously turned Pete on to the matter in hand and he lowered himself to the floor and lay down on his back before pulling Jane down with him so that she knelt over him, straddling his thighs. I was directly behind them and had a perfect view of them as his straining cock pointed angrily upward, lusting for Jane's moist cunt just inches away.

Following Pete's instructions, she grasped the enormous shaft while I opened her cunt lips. Slowly, she lowered herself until the cock's head was lodged inside her, and then with a very slow rocking motion gradually took an inch in at a time. What a sight this was! Her cunt lips were stretched beyond belief and I was amazed to discover my wife could accommodate every inch of this monstrous tool.

The next few hours are a blur of frenzied sexual activity with only odd moments standing out in my memory. I do remember the magic moment of Jane receiving Pete's spunk all over her tits, neck and face - she knew I'd like it. And before that, when she was sitting on his lap, and looking for all the world as though she'd sprouted a six inch cock of her own.

For such a big man, Pete soon regained his erection, (l'd heard that big cocks generally remain quite floppy after coming, not so with Pete) and Jane managed to ride him three times that night. After such a memorable experience we changed our minds about this being a once only affair and now regularly meet Pete, occasionally with a camera or video recorder to hand. We've also met a few other guys but none of them measure up to Pete. Jane assures me our relationship' s secure but the availability of Pete's massive organ is something she' s not keen to surrender. For myself, I get great pleasure from watching them together and have recently taken on a more active role - we're determined never to let the situation become boring.

As I explained, the experience has proved a turning point in our sexual lives. If any of you readers are considering taking the plunge I would heartily recommend they give it a try, not all big pricks are in the imagination. Who knows, you may get lucky as Jane and I did and get the benefit of a genuine ten incher!


Public Service - Erotic Story

My wife Carol and I would like to tell you about some of her experiences with other men. The number of men who have had her increases all the time. Over the last two years fifteen men have fucked my wife many times on dozens of occasions. Sometimes she has been screwed by just one man, but I have participated with her and a stranger in fifteen threesomes, and I have taken part twice when she has been fucked by a number of different men.

My wife is now thirty and as a woman in her thirties has a very sexy figure. Her tits are quite large, but still firm, and they jut out inside her blouse when she wears no bra, which is almost all the time.

Her belly is slightly bigger than it should be, but this turns on most men she goes with. She has strong, sturdy thighs and long legs. Her cunt, however, is enormous, allowing her to take two cocks up it at once, which happens often. The size of her cunt is her main reason for playing around, as she searches for a cock to fit her.

My wife has picked up men at dances, at clubs, contact adverts, and has given herself to my friends and friends of her father. Recently, she started regularly on Tuesday nights to go out to a local club, Nero's, with a friend of hers, whose husband worked in the club. She was thus able to get in without paying. Her friend couldn't fool around much as her husband was working there but Carol managed to pick up men on several occasions.

One day she went out with her friend, and I waited up for her, wondering if she would bring anyone home that night. At 3.00 in the morning she returned home with two men, Tony and Viv. She introduced them to me, and they sat down while I poured them a drink. Carol went into the bedroom and returned a few minutes later wearing just a short shirt, her tits showing through and her cunt visible at the bottom. Both men stared lustfully at her, but seemed afraid make a move, as I was there.

My wife saw this, and took the hand of Viv leading him out into the bedroom. I told Tony that it was alright, and that he should follow, sayinq that I would be in there shortly. I listened for a while, and heard the three of them talking as they undressed. Then there was silence, apart from low moaning and the creaking of bedsprings.

I went to the wall and lifted a picture off the wall. Behind was a spyhole into which I had fitted a magnifying eye. Through this, I saw the two men on my bed with my wife, all of them naked. Each man was sucking one of her tits, and she was becoming most aroused. Viv then moved on top of her and sunk his prick into her gaping hole, which received it gratefully as she arched her back and pushed her pelvis up to meet his thrusts.

Tony moved around to her head and held it as he pushed his prick into her mouth. I had an erection by now, and pulled my prick out of my trousers. I wanked slowly as I watched the two men take it in turns to fuck her cunt and her mouth. They swapped her around between the two of them, until one of them shot into her cunt. He rolled off, and the other man took his place in her cunt.

The first man moved again to her head, and she wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking off what remained ot his spunk and her juices. The second man now shot his spunk inside her cunt, and rolled off.

It was now time for me to appear. Pulling my clothes off quickly, I went into the bedroom and lay on top of my wife. I stuck my prick up her cunt and was rewarded with the feel of two mens' spunk around it as I fucked her. With each thrust of my prick, I pushed out some of the spunk left there by the two of them.

One of the men had his prick in my wife's mouth, and the other man was feeling her right tit as I screwed her. Both of them then held her legs wide open for me as I fucked her until I shot my spunk, adding it to the two loads already up her.

The second man, Tony, started dressing and went into the living room. I followed and talked to him for a while, because his friend Viv wanted to have another fuck with my wife. We both listened as Viv and my wife made the bed springs creak loudly, and I told Tony that he and his friend could see my wife whenever she wanted an easy fuck. He thanked me, and Viv and my wife came in.

Carol looked great standing in the middle of the room naked, her tits covered with sweat and her thighs coated with four loads of spunk, some of it still running out of her cunt and down her legs.

Viv said that he and Tony were in a football team, and he felt sure that my wife could take on the whole team. Carol's eyes lit up, and she said that she would love to try. This has not happened yet, but I am looking forward to it, as I would love to see my wife being had by eleven men, one after the other.

Appearances can certainly be deceptive; my wife looks highly respectable, and several of my friends who have had her have been amazed that she is an easy lay.

Also, the most natural sexual arrangement is a threesome, as a woman can orgasm many times whilst one man can only do so a couple of times. With two men, both men have fun and the woman gets satisfied for much longer. There is also the voyeuristic pleasure of fucking a woman while she sucks another man's prick, or vice versa.


Hazel - Part 1 - Erotic Story

My story is about me watching my wife and a young lad having it off together. Up until that time, the thought of Hazel going with someone else had never entered my mind. It started one Thursday night - we were having a good session in bed and I had just given Hazel a good fucking when she said 'Would you like to see me being fucked by somebody else, somebody like young Mike?'

Now Mike's a hunk of a young lad, he's 19 and we always see him at the station in the mornings, while waiting for our train to arrive. I knew he fancied Hazel as well as I often caught him eyeing her up. I told her, in the heat of the moment, that I would.

Hazel pulled me down so my head was resting between her legs and it was obvious she wanted me to give her her favourite method of sex. My tongue was licking away at her sticky gash and I soon had her moaning and writhing as my tongue curled around her erect clit. She started to stream love juices and managed to gasp 'How about tomorrow? We can do it on the train. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to start the day?'

I mumbled through a mouthful of pussy hair that I would love to see him fucking her and she came off with a shudder, lifting her hips and forcing my face deep into her oozing gash.

We lay talking about it afterwards and I decided that I wasn't that keen on letting Mike have her but she was determined, finally talking me round. I laid for a long time with a raging hard-on and finally tossed myself off with the thought of seeing young Mike humping between my wife's strong thighs.

Next morning, I watched as she put on her sexy gear; a red basque with frilly black lace trimming, red stockings and a tiny pair of black briefs. She wore a white see-through blouse and a knee-length straight skirt. Topping it all off was a horny-looking pair of black stiletto shoes. I got so turned on by it all that I had to toss myself off while she sat doing her make-up. I begged her not to go through with it but she told me not to be such an old fuddy-duddy because it was time we added a bit of spice to our marriage. 'Anyway he might not be interested in me.' she said.

I knew that the chance of him turning down such a sexy woman as Hazel was very remote but I agreed to let her go ahead and not interfere. She put the toe of her shoe under my prick as I wanked and rubbed it against my knob-end. I came instantly, my spunk dribbling out onto her shoe. I gasped like a landed fish as she held my softening prick on the heel of her shoe. She had a look on her face that said, 'I've got you just where I want you' as I stuffed my prick back into my pants.

Our train normally stops for 15 minutes and is always empty until the next stop which is about ten minutes away. We sat down and waited for Mike to arrive. Eventually he came sauntering down the platform, boarded the train and sat next to us. Hazel smiled at him and then crossed her legs, making sure her skirt rode up to expose the tops of her stockings. Mike blatantly looked at her legs and she started talking to him as she deliberately edged closer. Then she placed her hand on his thigh and rubbed it gent ly. He looked at me dumbfounded as her hand went between his legs.

I was just as excited as they were and urged him to kiss her, which he did, pushing his hand up her skirt. Hazel heaved as he pushed his fingers into her sopping pussy. She had her arm around his neck and her other hand was around a very prominent bulge in his trousers.

Her tiny briefs were soon down around her ankles and her blouse was open. I watched as his mouth closed around an upturned nipple. Hazel clutched his head to her breasts and lay back on the seat. Her other hand was busy with his trousers and she soon had him undone. His cock sprang out and I stared in disbelief at its size. It was thicker than my wrist and about 9" long. A deep purple knob just poked out from beneath his foreskin. Hazel's hand wrapped around it and I heard her gasp with wonderment as her fi ngers worked their way along its length. I wasn't surprised at her pleasure as my own prick is only about 5" long and very slim. Mike was like a giant compared to me.

Her fingers went around him and she eased the foreskin back. The huge dome seemed to push out and swell up and my eyes were glued to his cock as she wanked it. Hazel leaned back and pulled him between her legs and I saw that huge, purple cock squeeze between her pussy lips. They seemed to open up and engulf the sticky wet knob. Her legs came up around his waist and I knelt on the floor, as close as I could to them, and watched as his knob disappeared into her body. Hazel squealed as more of his thick shaft went in and her pussy stretched to take his massive cock. From her sobs and moans, I knew she was loving it all and his great hairy balls were now slapping against her bum as he thrust slowly in and out.

I couldn't tear my eyes away as she bucked and he lifted her legs up over his shoulders. She writhed and I could hear her whimpering. I looked up as the guard walked past on the platform. I looked out of the window, making sure nobody was going to surprise us and then got my prick out and started to wank. I had to keep stopping or I would have come all over the floor. Mike was still fucking steadily as the train started up. He had marvellous control because if it had been me, I would have come a long time a go. The look of bliss on Hazel's face said more than a thousand words could have. Mike's thrusts became longer as he rocked to and fro. Hazel was panting hard and then she groaned loudly and shook as she finally came. Mike was still thrusting away like a huge piston and I was getting worried as we were approaching the next stop.

Hazel clutched at him, whinneying like a mare as she orgasmed once more and he was now giving her short, sharp strokes. Her legs splayed wide as he pounded into her and then he came, his arse twitching and jerking as he unloaded his spunk deep into her belly. Hazel was crying, holding him close, not wanting to let him go. I told them they'd better get up and start getting dressed. After a while they began to take notice of me, had a long lingering kiss and then hurriedly dressed just as we pulled into the s tation.

We got together many, many times after that. I'll tell you about more of our erotic experiences next time.

Hazel - Part 2 - Erotic Story

Since all the excitement last year when Hazel took Mike as a lover, our marriage and my life have turned topsy turvy. Hazel's more or less pushed me out of her life, and she's pgnant. Not by Mike I might add but by the new man who's moved in with us. And he's coloured. What's really upsetting me though is how can a white couple say that the husband is the father of his wife's baby when the baby comes out Black and you have a have a man living in your house who's also Black. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had happened like she planned and Mike had put her in the club. I could have easily claimed it was mine. But like all well laid plans, Hazel's went badly astray.

It happened last November. We had been seeing less and less of Mike. He'd found another girlfriend but of course he still came round for his nooky with Hazel. He'd have been a fool not to, wouldn't he? Hazel really looked forward to his infrequent visits. Then he told her he was getting engaged and wouldn't be coming anymore. Hazel was so unhappy and begged to see him again but he didn't call anymore. She waited night after night and it upset me to see her keep bursting into tears when he didn't show up. We didn't even see him on the train anymore.

Then her office held a party in a hotel uptown. We booked a double room for the night as well. Hazel told me to see Mike and get him to come and to tell him she would give him a night to remember and that he wouldn't want to marry his girlfriend after it. I didn't tumble that she meant to get herself pgnant and that she had stopped taking the pill. I should have realised something was up when she stopped me fucking her but I thought she was just upset. I think Mike said he would come just to get rid of me and Hazel was so happy when I told her he was coming.

The night of her office do, she really got herself done up. She looked fantastic. I would have loved to have grabbed her and given her a good fucking but she wouldn't let me near her. I had watched her dressing. She had matching black undies, a half cut bra, a little flimsy suspender belt, a G-string and her sheer black nylon stockings. She wore a long black evening dress, slit up to mid thigh and when she walked you could see her stocking tops and the creamy flesh above. She had really high-heeled shoes on . Her long hair shone and she looked like a dream. She was perfect. I came my lot thinking of seeing Mike's cock going between her flaps again.

We got to the party. No sign of Mike but she said 'He's bound to turn up.' In the meantime she was receiving the full attention of a good-looking Black guy. Hazel said he worked with her and that he had been after her for some time. She said she intended bringing him home but as her affair with Mike had been no dodge, she thought it unwise to upset him by chancing it.

When it became obvious Mike wasn't going to turn up, she drank even more and her dancing with Ken got sexier and sexier, it was almost like a dry fuck in the middle of the floor. As they danced, they snogged and she hung around his neck. All her pals could see what they were doing and that I wasn't stopping it. They openly took the piss out of me. Then she brought him over to meet me. His trousers had a great bulge in them where his erect cock stuck out and I knew he was going to be her lover that night, an d that I would see her being fucked by a Black man for the first time.

It wasn't long before Hazel was making it obvious she wanted to go up to our room, and walked out on Ken's arm with me following meekly behind. I can still hear the sniggers and snide remarks from her girlfriends like, 'Who's going to be a lucky girl tonight?' and 'Is hubby helping out?' They knew Ken was going to fuck her.

They ignored me completely on the way up in the lift. They were kissing, she almost had him fucking her there and then. If I had known she ripe to be made pgnant, I would have tried to stop it, but I didn't know and I was worked up by the thought of seeing Ken's Black cock sliding between her flaps.

In the room, Hazel stood in his arms, kissing and biting his neck, his Black hands roamed over her firm, shapely body. He pulled her dress up and I watched his Black hands feeling her legs, then her creamy thighs. She opened her legs and his hand went between her thighs. I went over and pulled her G-string down. I knelt behind her, getting a good close look at his fingers working away at her oozing pussy. Then I unzipped her dress and pulled it off. Hazel was busy with Ken's trousers and they soon joined th e rest of the clothes on the floor. I could see his huge balls swaying between his legs but couldn't see his cock as Hazel had it between them and was fondling it.

Then she stood on tiptoes as she pushed his cock between the tops of her thighs. It glided between her hairy lips and pushed out between the quivering cheeks of her bum. It was huge. It looked like a large toffee apple on a thick stick. The foreskin was drawn so tightly around the head that you could see it pulsing and throbbing underneath. He started rocking to and fro, his shaft sliding between her gaping flaps.

He sawed away between Hazel's legs, his rough shaft rubbing at her dangling clitoris. She shook and moaned, she was having a come already. Hazel dragged him down to the bed, splaying her legs wide and I could see his cock in all its glory. It was about as long as Mike's. Although the shaft didn't look as thick, it was lumpy with hairy tufts growing on it and his cock head was truly enormous, much bigger than Mike's. I wondered if Hazel would be able to cope with something as big.

Ken positioned himself so his cock head just sank into her juicy folds. He held her lips open and just eased forward. Her pussy seemed to open and swallow that massive cock head as it slowly slid into her. Hazel moaned as she came again. This was something special! She had twice already and he only had his cock in a couple of inches. Ken lifted her legs, holding them up over her shoulders, fucking in and out, his cock getting further inside her with every thrust. His penetration was making Hazel lift her backside off the bed. She sobbed and panted as she clung to him.

I could see he was nearly fully up her now and after a couple of swift jabs, his balls nestled hard against the cheeks of her bum. His shaft looked thicker now and her pussy was stretched really tightly around it. He began a vigourous fucking movement which moved Hazel up and down on the sheets. She gasped and squealed, crying out for him to take it easy. His cock was being drawn almost right out of her cunt and I could see his huge Black dome between her gaping flaps. He was driving it back in with such fo rce that juices were being expelled from her pussy like a spray. It was obvious he wasn't going to last long that first time, after all, she had had him worked up and hard for over two hours. It wasn't surprising he was losing control. His balls went tight and sunk into their sockets.

Then he was grunting as he plunged his jerking cock up to the hilt in her willing hole, spewing out a great amount of spunk into Hazel's belly. I began tossing myself as he pulled out his limp cock. The smell from her hole was overpowering, it had never smelt of spunk like that before. She held her vagina open, it was full of frothy spunk bubbles. I'd never known so much sperm to be pumped from a man's cock before. It was everywhere.

I could see Ken's cock was solid again and he rolled her onto her knees, lifting her bum right up and taking her from behind. She squealed with the shock and power of his penetration. I slid myself in under her writhing body so my face was just inches away from his gleaming Black cock as it went in and out of her pussy.

I had to crawl out when Hazel cried out and collapsed on top of me. I lay beside her, pushing my cock up against her thigh as she was pushed to and fro, whimpering.

The feel of her stocking and suspender combined with soft, warm flesh of her thigh soon had me coming and I spunked up her leg. But Ken went on and on, he was like a human fuck machine. Hazel was being pushed around the bed, her mouth hung open and she shook uncontrollably. He held out for nearly an hour before letting himself come. Hazel lay there, her bum in the air, spunk oozing from her hole, she was whimpering as she shook and twitched. She'd just had the fucking of a lifetime and she was going to get more as I could see Ken hadn't finished with her yet. That night was a very long night for both of us.

As I've said, Ken's moved in with her now and she's ended up in the club. I'm often sent packing to the spare room while they bounce around on our bed. She'll often suck him off while we're watching TV and then give me a wet, smelly kiss.

What a woman!


Jolly Roger - Erotic Story

My wife Bonnie and I were once having a quiet dinner at a hotel restaurant. We were celebrating her getting promoted at work. The meal was terrific and we were both relaxed. Bonnie was obviously feeling particularly sexy that night. She had chosen a yellow dress and she looked smashing. The dress was cut high and she kept flashing glimpses of her thighs throughout dinner. A hint of her nipples was visible, too, as she wore no bra that night.

After dinner the waiter brought us each a coffee cup filled with Tia Maria and whipped cream, sent by a man at the bar. He turned out to be a bloke who had worked in the same office as Bonnie a couple of years back. We asked him to join us at our table. He was an attractive, distinguished-looking fellow several years older than us. As We talked, I recalled that Bonnie had mentioned him earlier and said what fun they'd once had at an office party. His name was Roger.

We got chatting and discovered that Roger, recently divorced, was there for a few days to attend a business conference. It was a pleasure to be in his company, as he was very articulate, open and quick-witted and it was obvious that Bonnie was enjoying his company also. He invited us up to his room for more conversation and Tia Maria. In the elevator I whispered to Bonnie that with a little luck she could have a double celebration. She didn't answer, but I noticed her nipples were starting to get hard.

Somehow I ended up settling in a chair, while Roger sat on one bed and my wife on the other. She had her legs drawn up, and it was obvious he could see her panties. Soon he turned to me and said 'Your wife is turning me on.' With a wink and a look of agreement from Bonnie, I said, 'She's really good at that.' That was all the encouragement they needed. Soon they were stretched out together on the bed.

The good man ran his hands up her dress and began rubbing her pussy. Soon she undid his trousers and pulled out his hard penis. I was quickly out of my clothes and helping Bonnie out of her dress. Roger then got his first view of her gorgeous pink-tipped breasts and his head was soon buried between them. I pulled off her pants, which were soaked with her sex juices. I have always enjoyed fingering Bonnie, and that night was she ready for it!

With my fingers in her twat and Roger sucking on her nipples, she had her first orgasm of the evening. Roger's tongue soon replaced my fingers in her pussy. He moved around on the bed so Bonnie could suck and lick his cock, which was similar in size to mine, but uncircumcised. I continued kissing Bonnie's neck and ears as I watched her suck someone else's knob for the first time. He must have been saving it up, for he came quickly and flooded Bonnie's mouth.

As he pulled out, I gave Bonnie a kiss - my first taste of another man's come. At this point I wanted some of the same, so I straddled her chest and put my cock to her mouth. Roger wasn't out of the game yet, as he took the opportunity to enter her pussy. Bonnie pulled up her legs and took him in as far as she could. Her passion soon had me coming. I pulled out and sprayed my semen all over her well-formed tits.

The two of them continued until they both came again. I had never seen my wife so excited before. She got up on her hands and knees and I took her doggy-fashion. She reached down and rubbed her clit and felt my cock going in and out, and soon we were coming again.

We cleaned up shortly after that and left, for we had to work the next day. But Bonnie was still feeling randy on the way home. Neither of us could quite believe what had happened, but we knew we had enjoyed it. We next made love in the morning, and Bonnie expssed a desire to be alone with Roger before he left.

I agreed, as long as she told me about it. Before the week was out, she took a day off and called him. He had a meeting that morning but his afternoon was free. He invited her for lunch and a swim and whatever. She arrived at noontime, but they skipped lunch and went straight to his room, where they were soon making love.

She told me later it was just great to be alone with him. After a quick shower together, during which she drained the guy dry, they put on their swimsuits and headed for the pool. They never made it, however. On the way to the lift, they stopped at one of the hospitality rooms. As Bonnie stood around in her two-piece swimsuit and a just-shagged look on her face that made her the hit of the room, she soon had several guys grabbing her arse and making suggestive remarks. Then she thought, 'Why not?' The next fellow who grabbed her got his cock grabbed. Bonnie was soon in the bedroom with four blokes, including Roger.

She said that she lost track of how many times she came or they came, but when she arrived home she still wasn't finished. When she came through the door, she began telling me about what had happened. I could hardly believe it. The more she told me, the harder my cock became. Never before had it felt so good. I tore off my clothes and Bonnie's.

Her pussy was still wet from their come, and her pubic hair was damp. I pumped my dick into her and felt their wet come. We were soon coming as she graphically told me how she had sucked each guy after he had come in her. I pulled out of her and had her suck me off, too. That was our wildest few days of sex ever. That was over a year ago, and we haven't had an experience like it since, but we still talk about it often. Someday a similar situation will arise, or maybe even Roger will make a return visit to this neck of the woods.


Des Comes Round - Erotic Story

Jane is 39 years old and has a 38-26-38 figure. Over the last couple of years we've invited a couple of lads to come to our home and have a really sexy time. The one I want to tell you about is the last lad who replied to one of our ads. When his letter and nude photo arrived, Jane knew right away that she was going to have a good time with him. He was 23 years old, very handsome, and was showing a good cock.

We made arrangements for him to come through one Friday night. Jane fancied him so much that she wanted to be alone with him. This is something that we had never done before and I was pleased to see that Jane felt confident enough to have a sexy time with me not there. You see, Jane had never had sex with anyone but me until I coaxed her into having another male in our bed.

The night for Des to come around arrived. What a turn-on seeing my wife putting on her sexy bra, suspenders and stockings, skirt and blouse, knowing a young lad was going to have the pleasure of my wife's sexy body and I was going to the pub to let them get on with it.

Des arrived on time and he looked even better than in his photo, so I knew Jane was in for a good time. When I saw that Jane and Des were quite relaxed with a drink and talking away quite happily, I said that it was time for me to go to the pub. I gave Jane a sexy kiss and had a feel of her tits which I enjoyed doing with Des watching. Then I left.

Down at the pub, I couldn't help thinking about Jane and what she was up to. I stayed out as long as I could, knowing that they were bound to be in bed by the time I got back and I wasn't wrong. When I got in and passed our bedroom door, I could hear them fucking away like mad. I went into the lounge, poured myself a drink and stripped off and waited for Jane to appear when she was finished. I had to wait about half an hour before Jane walked through the door naked. She came over, gave me a kiss and told me she had had a fantastic time and a great climax but after an hour or so in bed with Des, he had not got over it yet. This I was to see because when he came into the lounge he still had a massive hard on.

We sat having a couple of drinks and chatting for a while and then I asked Jane if we were all going to bed. So up we all got and went off to bed, Jane in the middle of me and Des. Des started to kiss Jane while I played with her tits. Our hands were all over her. What a turn on it was for me to see another man's hands on my wife's pussy.

Before I knew it, Des was on top of my wife, slipping his big cock up her. I had to make do with Jane wanking me as I watched Des fuck her and he well and truly did. He went at it like a rabbit for ages before he came. I don't know how many times Jane climaxed but I could see she was loving it.

While Jane went to the toilet, Des and I laid on the bed and he told me that he thought Jane was great in bed. He was surprised how she could keep up with him, as he always took ages to get over it and found girls his own age couldn't keep going as long as he would like. We got out of bed and had a couple of drinks. By this time it was the early hours of the morning, so we called it a night and went to bed. Although I was tired, it seemed that Des certainly wasn't, because no sooner than we were in bed than he started pumping into my wife again. He took even longer this time before finally tensing and squirting into her.

Since that night, Des has come to our home on a regular basis and I've now got some rather naughty photos of them together. We're trying to talk Des into doing it in front of the video so that I can watch and wank at a later date. He doesn't seem too keen but Jane is working on him!


Bobby Shafter - Erotic Story

I am writing this because reading this stuff on the 'net has given me the inspiration to let my wife go with other men. I'm 40 and Karen is 31. Her breasts are small, neat and firm. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips and best of all, long horny legs. Karen has always been 'hot' but I'd known I hadn't been giving her enough for some time - especially when she's wanted a pillow under her bottom, halfway through. When I'd come, she would sit on my face so my tongue could reach the right spot to make her come. I'd never made Karen climax once on my prick and the fact that I couldn't give her a baby because of a pvious vasectomy made it worse.

I began to have fantasies about seeing her with other men but when I'd whisper to her about bringing home a well-hung man, she would say, 'Yours is big enough,' and quickly change the subject. I did have it all arranged once through a contact mag. I got her to dress sexily in a short skirt and stockings and we met in our local. Karen got him hard flashing her stocking tops and legs from under her skirt and when he went to the toilet to adjust himself, I went along. His prick was all that he had boasted and was a good 8". It excited me to think that such a large thing would soon be in my ptty wife, but as we went to leave, Karen burst the bubble, saying she wasn't going through with it and walked off, leaving us cold. I don't know how he felt, but I was disappointed.

Now to more recent events. We had been to a wedding and on the way home we stopped off at a local pub. Being a Saturday night the place was packed. I got a drink then found a seat. We had to squeeze in between two Black blokes. One was short and heavily built with a battered, ugly face. The other was tall and muscular and very good looking. They both smiled as we sat down. Karen was wearing a tight skirt slit at the front and back. When she crossed her legs they could just see her stocking tops. We got talking and they told us they were off an American ship which was in the harbour. They said they didn't like English beer and only drank shorts.

They were very friendly so I got a couple of rounds in. I couldn't help noticing they couldn't keep their eyes off Karen's legs. They gave their names as Dan and Jimi. Karen had noticed their lustful looks and maybe because of the booze, she didn't try and cover up her shapely legs.She seemed very taken with Jimi, the tall one, and was looking at him in a strange way.

I wasn't sure at first but as time went by I could see her hem going higher and higher so we were all able to see her thighs and the white of her knickers. I had a hard-on.

After closing time, we all strolled along to a Chinese take-away. I asked Karen if we should invite them back to our place to eat their meal. She said I could please myself but she didn't like the look of the stocky one. I told her not to worry as they seemed harmless but deep down I was hoping for some developments.

Karen went through to the kitchen to get knives, forks and plates leaving me with Jimi and Dan watching TV. I followed her out and slipped both hands under her skirt and cupped her crotch. She was trembling. She whispered, 'I know why you've brought them back here, Fred, but its not on.' I whispered in her ear that I bet she fancied Jimi, the big fellow. She didn't answer at first but I could feel her shaking so I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips. She gushed over my fingers, she was so wet. She his sed hoarsely, 'Yes, what if I do fancy him, he's so handsome.' I knew then that if I didn't push her too hard she would go through with it and my prick hardened.

When the film finished, I asked them if they had to go back to their ship or would they like to stay the night? They smiled at each other and said they would like to stay. I said one could sleep upstairs and the other on the settee. Dan agreed that Jimi should sleep upstairs as he was a bit too big for the settee.

Jimi asked where the toilet was so I led him out. As we left the room he asked why we were being so friendly. As we went upstairs I let him know what was in my mind. 'But she's your wife,' he gasped. 'Does it make a difference?' I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 'But why me?' he asked. I told him that Karen needed a big man and he looked like he fitted the bill. I thought he could do the job while I watched. He agreed. We went into the bathroom. I had trouble getting my prick out as it was hard. My voice was quivering when I told him he could sleep with her all night. We stood over the toilet and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw him. His prick was half hard and already looked bigger than the guy we had met before and well over twice as long as mine. It was massive, just like a thick, Black hosepipe. He drew his foreskin back clear of his knob - it was like a sheep's heart, only pink. He was having to pss it down and bend it to piss in the bowl and what a long stream it was. When he finished, he saw me looking at him in awe. He grinned and waved his cock in front of him, the last drops of his piss splashing my hands. 'This is for your lady,' he said, before he zipped up.

When we got back down, Karen had already gone up so we said goodnight to Dan and followed her. Karen was already in bed and I saw her blouse, bra and skirt on the floor. She had her back to us so I started undressing. Jimi followed suit. I gasped out loud when I saw him naked. He was a giant in every way. His tool was now fully erect, swaying out in front of his belly. I felt like a midget in comparison. I called to Karen to turn round but she just turned her head instead and then just as quickly back again. She hadn't looked my way, only at Jimi so I knew she saw what I wanted her to see.

I switched off the main light, leaving the bedside ones on and slid in beside her. Jimi followed and got under the covers on the other side. I felt her breasts. They were rigid and her nipples fully erect. There was no resistance as I eased her knickers down over her stocking tops then down her long legs. She even lifted her buttocks up to help. I was surprised when I found she still had her high heeled shoes on. I left them on as I removed her wet panties.

I threw back the covers and cupped her hard neat breast in one hand and slit the other down over her taut belly, then over her bush and between her legs and slid three fingers into her pussy. She was shaking like a leaf. I eased her round by her shoulders and opened her legs and climbed between. Gripping her left hand, I slid it onto Jimi's belly and placed her fingers round his shaft. It was so huge she couldn't encircle its girth. I will always remember seeing her engagement and wedding rings twinkling in the light as she gently squeezed and pulled his big cock. Her legs widened and I could feel her flooding so I pushed my prick fully home and began to jerk. I felt myself being swallowed up, it was so easy, she was so wide open and wet. I reached for her hand again and moved it up and down Jimi's massive shaft. She moaned and I felt her pussy lips tighten around my knob. I had to stop, I was so near coming. I slid off and left her open for Jimi.

I didn't have to say anything, he was already mounting her. Karen's hand was still holding his shaft, guiding him towards her tunnel of love. I whispered, 'Be gentle with her, Jimi.' I looked down between their legs. His knob was lodged, forcing in her cunt lips. I eased her lips out, spading them open. I saw his muscular shaft ease its way in. Hell, what a size he was, and so fat! You could have put a saddle on it! Karen gasped as his cock went in.

Jimi went at her nice and easy, slowly shafting in and out. Karen was arching her back. Slowly, he fucked her with long, deep strokes until he was slapping her bum with his balls.

Karen was coming out with quivering oohs and ahhs. She accidentally kicked my arm, trying to wrap her legs around his humping body. I moved back to the bed and turned her head to kiss her. Her lips were parted, sucking air in. She was whimpering, 'Don't let it stop.' I entered my tongue but she wouldn't let me and I had to break away. I whispered, 'Is it nice, Karen?'

'Oh yes, yes.'

I hadn't given it a thought until then that she was unprotected against pgnancy. I whispered to Jimi, 'Pull out before you come, otherwise she'll have a baby.' He grunted 'Okay.'

I went down the bed and could hear the slurping, sucking sounds coming from Karen's pussy. She seemed to be taking him easier now. I knelt on the floor, holding my throbbing prick, carefully stroking it. He was moving his cock into her with short strokes, his balls banging against her wet bottom. How she had taken him like she had I'll never know as she used to cry out when I gave her the 8" vibrator. Her pussy was taking much more now and taking it easily and she was groaning her satisfaction at him.

He was nearly there. I reached for his huge balls and held them and I could feel his muscles pumping and he was humping into her with mighty jerks. Karen had her legs around his back and the bedsprings were making one hell of a noise. I heard her cry out, 'Do it, do it!' as my hand became a blur and I collapsed on the bed as I came. Dan must have known what was going on - he must have heard it all!

I reached up to touch Jimi's bum to remind him to pull out. I could hear him groaning as he erupted, all thoughts of withdrawing forgotten. I heard Karen gasping, 'Yes, yes, that's it. Give it all to me.' I think that deep down I knew that this is how it would happen. Jimi eased his weight off her and pulled the sheets up over them. My wife lay in his arms, kissing him over his chest, neck and lips. I saw her move to lay on top of him and saw gentle movements under the sheets and heard her gentle moans befo re I fell asleep.

I woke later when it was light. Karen was astride Jimi, riding him for all she was worth. Jimi's massive hands were around her waist, lifting her bodily up and down. Karen was moaning with her head thrown back. She was rubbing her breasts and pert nipples, obviously enjoying every minute. I felt a pang of jealousy at being left out but my prick hardened again and I began to wank. I was urging them on, calling out 'Give it to her, Jimi. Fuck the arse off her.' I couldn't hold back and spunked across the bed. Karen was sobbing and limp, slowing down from her long climaxes, but Jimi was still hard at it, grunting loudly as he pushed up at her. He raised his hips and held on to her as he rocked up and down, his cock fully up her, in the final throes of orgasm. I had a hard-on again, which I wanked away until I fell back, knackered.

Karen finally got up, put her stockings on, slipped on a gown to make coffee for us all. She went downstairs and was a long time just making coffee. I went downstairs and my suspicions were confirmed. Karen was stretched face down across the kitchen table, holding onto the edge for dear life, long legs splayed wide apart, gown up over her back as Dan took her from behind.

She smiled weakly at me before her eyes glazed over and a loud moan escaped her lips. She was in ecstasy. Dan smirked at me as I got my cock out and began to wank. He was slamming his hard cock into her, his eyes closed. He soon jerked his load into her. He pulled out and I saw his cock was a little shorter than Jimi's but a lot thicker.

I went round behind Karen and wanked my stuff over her pussy. Karen dragged herself up wearily and as she went past me she whispered, 'Thank you Fred, that's the best time I've ever had.' I was left with a smiling Dan as she went back upstairs to bed. A short while after, I heard our bed begin to sing again. Jimi was giving her more.

They had to leave to rejoin their ship and I said I'd take them in the car. Karen was standing on the stairs, wearing only the stockings and suspender belt, in a clinch with Jimi. She gave him a long, lingering kiss. As we were about to leave she shouted she was coming as well. She was going as she was, almost naked under her coat.

At the dock gate, she got out with Jimi and they stood kissing. He had his hands under her coat. Dan told me they would be back in 8 - 10 weeks time and asked if it would be alright to stay again. I said yes.

When we got home, I started to fondle Karen but she asked me to go easy as she was still sore. She said that the whole thing had felt like a dream and that she could still feel his hardness inside her and that she had almost passed out when he first came, filling her tummy. She nuzzled her chin into my neck and squeezed my balls. I moved her to the settee and spad her legs. Karen held her lips open. The invitation was clear but was I man enough to take up the challenge.

I hesitated, sniffing the heavy, pungent smell of her cunt. Karen settled the matter by taking hold of my head and with two hands pssed my face into her quivering pussy. She put one of her long legs over my shoulder and hooked it behind my neck. I gently darted my tongue into her, making her jerk and moan. This was what she wanted me to do and I was happy to be imprisoned in the softness of her pussy. As I brought her off, I wanked myself. Karen wriggled her hips, enjoying her dominance. It may seem vile, but it gave me great pleasure and I could never hope to give her what Jimi had. I'd always licked her out before, so what was the difference?

Karen had really changed. Now she's very sure of herself. I love Karen very much, whatever she does is OK by me. Hence the fact that I don't mind her being enjoyed by another man.


I Dream Of Gene - Erotic Story

I am now fifty six and like most men of that age find that I am by no means as sexually active as I was when I was younger. In fact I find sex about once every ten days is more than enough for me. My problem is, as might be expected, my wife, who is thirty two years younger than myself and likes sex at very much more frequent intervals.

Fortunately we are able to talk to each other, unlike it seems many other couples, and she was able frankly to tell me that she was finding it difficult with her sexual appetite so much greater than mine. She did promise she would not take the way out of having a secret affair but knowing her desires and that I was unable to satisfy her I started to imagine all the things she might be up to when I was not there, even though she had not given me any real cuase to doubt what she had said.

A year ago we decided to take a long break for a weekend in Stratford-on-Avon. As with most people visiting that town we went to the Memorial theatre and there on our second evening we met an American who was in this country studying for a post graduate degree in English literature.

There was no doubt in my mind when we went for a drink after the performance that he found my wife, Sue, attractive and I could see that she in return found his, Gene's company enjoyable. I had been contemplating how I would have to find the energy to satisfy Sue later and watching the two of them, heads together sharing a joke as I stood at the bar fetching the next round of drinks, I found myself thinking thoughts that would have pviously been unthinkable. It was, most likely, a mixture of being relaxed on holiday and the several drinks that I had had that permitted me a few minutes later when Gene had excused himself to go to the toilet to ask my wife if she would like me to leave her alone with the American.

Her eyes widened when the impact of what I had said sunk in but when I had confirmed that I fully meant what I had said she agreed she would like the chance of a little fling. So when Gene returned I made up some story and excusing myself left my ever so lovely wife with him.

I returned to our hotel and it was then that I began to regret my impulsive action, imagining all sorts of things that might be happening and which were, as it got later and later, most certainly taking place. Sue did not return until past three o'clock the next morning and by that time I had brought my jealous feelings well under control. I liked Gene as a person and what was happening was taking place with my consent.

Sue had, I think, been expecting a row. Much to her surprise I was by then reconciled to what had happened. She had, as I had known, and indeed tacitly agreed, made love with Gene. We discussed the affair and both her and my feelings. She surprised me when she told me that she wished that I had been able to stay and watch her being made love to by the American 'so you would have known how happy you letting me have that freedom had made me' and I for my part had to acknowledge that I would have liked to have been able to watch them. We did not make love that night but fell asleep cuddled together as if we had.

Next day Gene rang the hotel and invited us to lunch. Nothing was actually said about the pvious evening, but there was no awkwardness and the three of us got on as if we had been friends of many years standing. After lunch, Gene asked me formally if he could take Sue to a play at a place that she had expssed an interest in. It was not my cup of tea and I readily agreed.

I had just got into bed and settled down to read deciding that I would not wait up for Sue when the phone went. It was Sue and she was ringing from Gene's hotel. She told me that she had discussed with her lover what we had talked about and that he had suggested I join them. 'It is room 56 at the hotel' she finished.

I slipped into a sweater and slacks and took a taxi over to the hotel. There was no-one in the lobby to object when I took the lift to the correct floor and opened the door of room 56.

Gene and Sue were in bed together the sheet pulled up to their shoulders. "Hello darling," Sue greeted me.

"Say Feller, glad to see you," was Gene's greeting. "The drinks are over there. Fix yourself up with what you want."

I don't know if Gene had experienced this sort of thing before but his attitude struck just the right note to avoid the considerable embarrassment there could have been. When I turned from pouring myself a weak whisky and soda probably shocking Gene by avoiding the ice, he had turned back to my wife and was kissing her in the most natural manner. I seated myself quietly in a comfortable chair that enabled me to unobtrusively watch what was happening in the dressing table mirror.

My wife's response to Gene's kissing was natural and unenforced and clearly much enjoyed. Though they were obviously aware of my interest, their actions were unaffected without being obvious. The sheet covering them swiftly slipped down when Gene lowered his head to kiss Sue's breasts and nipples. Their movements kicked it further down and when Sue was ready and Gene rolled to cover her, only their feet were still covered.

I had, I admit doubts of my feelings when the actual moment came but the sight of two attractive people making love can be beautiful and though it was my own wife who was the woman lying there, her legs spad wide whilst her lover lay between them his buttocks clenching and unclenching rythmically as he thrust into her. I felt no jealousy only pleasure in their evident enjoyment of each other.

Gene was, I admit, a spectacular lover. He was capable of a longevity that went way beyond anything I had considered possible. When Sue's gasps and moans had risen to the long keening cries, almost screams, that told me she was orgasaming, he lifted himself on his hands, his penis still in her allowing her to writhe on him but remaining immobile himself. When she had come he waited till she was still and then bending his arms lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Still in her he turned his head to me and asked me to get him a drink. "Bourbon on the rocks." Still in her and over her at length he sipped the drink whilst Sue recovered to the point where she was making little movements and whimpering encouragement to begin again.

Five times without once withdrawing his penis from my wife he brought her yelling to orgasm before finally after a pyrotechnic display of the most energetic fucking, he emptied himself into my wife's eager vagina. Now that he had permitted himself to come he rolled off and lay alongside her, his long, half flaccid cock glistening from both their moistures lying over her thigh.

Opening her eyes Sue kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you Gene that was very nice." Then she turned her head to look straight at me in the mirror. "And thank you darling for being so understanding and letting me have so marvellous a time."

She stretched luxuriously and held out her hand for me to go to her. I leant over the bed and she put both of her arms about my neck and pulled me down to kiss me very thoroughly."Do you not think you could manage just a little one yourself," she whispered, her hand exploring and finding that I had indeed got an erection. I would defy anyone to watch what I had and not get an erection. Hurriedly she unfastened my slacks and they were rapidly kicked free.

There on the bed of her lover with him lying alongside us I slid into a wife who had been so thoroughly and well ppared. The feel of her hot slippery cunt as it grasped me was something that until experienced I would never have believed. It took every ounce of self control to hold back until she came and my own orgasm was one of the best I can ever remember.

Gene had in the meantime recovered and now it was my turn to lie alongside my wife, her hand gripping mine as he mounted her again. I would feel her fingers grip mine tighter and tighter whilst in my ears her breathing coarsened and turned to the panting of orgasm. Then Gene would be still and we would chat in a quite unsexual manner until Sue's movements on his cock would prompt him once more to thrust her to another and another climax.

I lost count of the number of times she came but it must have been in excess of a dozen that evening. In the end I was so sleepy that I just had to leave. I whispered to her that it was all right with me if she stayed all night with him. She blew a kiss of thanks to me before turning back to the sensations her lover's active, very active at that moment, cock were inducing in her.

We saw Gene twice more that Spring before he had to return to the States. With my agreement Sue has now got herself a couple of regular lovers who she sees, seperately, two or three times a week. One of them has no objection to my watching or joining in if I want, but the other, though Sue reports he has quite exceptional penile proportions and 'fucks me like a maniac' is too shy, though she is working on him.

Though we probably took a risk with our marriage and I do not think our solution will suit everybody Sue is as happy as the proverbial sand boy. I find that knowing there are no pssures on me, my own sexual performance has improved.

It goes without saying that Sue is always ready to accomodate my needs. I would certainly recommend that any husband with a much younger, or indeed more sexually demanding wife gives serious consideration to the solution my darling wife and I have adopted.


Virile Vic - Erotic Story

Over the years, I have found myself becoming more and more turned on by stories of husbands who get a kick out of watching their wives with other men. EventualIy, I reached a point where I only had to think about my wife, Diane, with another man to produce an instant erection. The thought of another man undressing my wife, licking her nipples and cunt while, in return, she used her mouth on his cock and balls, sucking his ideally very large cock before receiving a vigorous and lengthy fucking, turned me on immensely.

For a long time I said nothing about it to Diane, assuming she would be shocked and disgusted. You can imagine my surprise, when I did eventually reveal my fantasy to Diane, to find she was very enthusiastic about it. She explained that she'd often wondered what it would like to have sex with another man, never having been with anyone other than myself. It was brilliant. Diane was willing to have sex with another guy while I watched, just so long as she found him attractive.

My wife's willingness, nay eagerness, to go bed with someone else gave me food for thought over the coming weeks but I decided to take advantage of it at the earliest opportunity. I soon realised it wouldn't be all that easy, though. I certainly didn't want my wife to have sex with anyone known to us, as discretion was paramount. The last thing I wanted was friends and neighbours gossiping.

A holiday romance seemed the best bet, and so it turned out. At forty-five, Vic was ten years older than my wife and I. He was married but holidaying alone, his wife being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud (his words). Surprisingly, it was my wife who first thought of him as a possible lover, an idea that turned out to be a brilliant one.

I wasn't sure how to broach the subject to Vic. Now the time had come, I felt very embarrassed about actually asking another guy if he'd like to bed my wife while I watched. So Diane suggested leaving it to her.

Being in the next room to Vic, we were already sharing a table for breakfast and an occasional drink in the bar before retiring, which is how we came to know a bit about him. On the fourth evening of our holiday, we returned to the hotel and found Vic seated at the bar as usual. He called us to join him and before I could reply Diane said, 'I'Il just have a quick night-cap, you go on up to bed if you're tired.'

Diane winked at me and, realising what she had in mind, I replied that I was indeed worn out and bed was more inviting than a drink at that moment. Bidding Vic goodnight, I went up to our room. I had no idea what my wife had in mind but was happy to leave things up to her. The full story of the means she employed to seduce Vic only came to light at a much later date.

I had been in our room for perhaps half an hour, sitting on the bed in a state of uncertainty, when I heard the door of Vic's room close with a bit of a bang. Diane deliberately closed it noisily so I would know they were there. I could hear voices, the rooms being far from soundproof, although I was unable to make out the words. Eventually, the voices faded out and my imagination started working overtime.

I tried to think how I could spy on them but it seemed impossible. I even went out into the corridor at one point and tried his door but it was locked. Back in our room, I listened in vain; only silence came from the next room. Suddenly I pricked up my ears. Was that a faint cry? . Yes, there was another, and yet another. I realised with a jolt that what I was listening to were the cries of my wife as she was being fucked by Vic!

There was no doubt about the nature of those cries, cries which grew louder, and I listened with mounting excitement. It wasn't as good as watching, but the next best thing under the circumstances. It was at least another hour before my wife joined me, during which I heard her cries repeated for a second time. I didn't need to ask Diane if she'd enjoyed it; her high spirits and glowing face told me all I needed to know.

Fortunately, Vic was staying at the hotel for two weeks, the same as us, and during that time I watched him making love to my wife on six exciting occasions. Diane explained to me that the first evening she pferred to be with Vic in private but after that she was happy for me to watch.

Diane greatly enjoyed her experiences with Vic, as was very apparent. His cock was nothing special, smaller than mine if anything but he proved to be an extremely competent lover and took my wife to the heights of sexual ecstasy. I delighted in watching Diane in the throes of orgasm with him.

Discussing the holiday adventure with Diane a month or so later, she commented that next time she'd like to try a much younger man, perhaps even a toy-boy. Her enthusiasm to continue pleased me and I replied that we must sort something out as soon as possible rather than wait for holiday romances. This meant revising our initial plan of avoiding local men and finding her a suitable partner nearer home and we couldn't get much closer.

My wife's second lover was and still is, our next door neighbour's nineteen-year-old son! Robin had been doing gardening jobs for us over a number of years, neither Diane nor I being very keen gardeners, and on the day it happened he had cut our lawn. It was a hot day and when he'd finished Diane offered him a cool drink. Robin wore only shorts and my wife ran her eyes over his lithe and sweaty body with a new interest. The idea of him as a lover came to her in a flash, as did the way to bring it about. Without another thought, this is what she did.

I was at work at the time and heard about the day's events only later. Despite one or two reservations I was, for the most part, pleased and excited by it. Robin frequently grumbled about his parents' reluctance to install a shower and Diane now offered him the use of ours after his exertions, an offer he took up eagerly. After a suitable interval Diane went upstairs carrying a towel, and with mounting excitement. With no bolt on the bathroom door, Diane was able to walk straight in. Robin had finished his shower and was drying himself, the towel being quickly wrapped around his middle on my wife's entry.

Diane told him that she'd brought him another towel, thinking he might need it. Robin replied that he thought the one he had would be adequate and Diane said in that case she might as well make herself useful by drying his back. He stood passively while she did so. Dropping her towel, Diane caught him by surprise as she quickly pulled the other one from around his middle. Moving to his front, Diane was pleased to see his cock was fully erect and that he now made no attempt to cover up.

'Hm, I could do things with that,' she told him, taking his cock in her hand. Robin asked about me and Diane replied that I wouldn't mind if they had sex. Then she repeated the story that she'd told Vic and which I heard considerably later. At first I felt hurt by her lies, but then somehow found the humiliation thrilling. Sbe told Robin that I was partially impotent and could rarely attain an erection nowadays.

She went on to say that the only way I could overcome the problem was for another man to make love to her in my stead, as tbe sight or knowledge of it happening would sometimes times help me to gain an erection. (It was some months later that I played my part in the lie by telling Robin that, as I was unable to satisfy my wife, I needed a virile youngster such as he to keep her well supplied with cock and was really grateful to him for making such a good job of it.)

When telling me about it later, my wife admitted the sex on that first day hadn't been brilliant, Robin being a virgin, but she thought he'd learn quickly. Her judgement was correct and although they were having sex regularly for two months before I saw them I was happy to leave things in her bands. Luckily, Robin has proved to be a great exhibitionist and seems to love performing with my wife in front of me.

He has become quite the expert at finding the best positions in all they do together to afford me the best view of their intimacies. I love watching their oral sex probably as much as they enjoy doing it.

They have been lovers now for ten months and, with Robin being young and virile, and my wife very willing, there's hardly a day goes by without them having sex at least once. I only watch them on average once a week, trying to keep it a special occasion.

I've no idea how long tbe arrangement will last but at the moment Robin seems more than happy to be fucking my wife rather than looking for a girl his own age. Diane, although always having an enjoyment of sex, now seems quite the little sexpot, wanting intercourse even more than Robin, as she's also having it with me two or three times a week.


Gordon Blue - Erotic Story

'Do you want a photo of it, mate?' His words brought me out of my reverie and I apologized to the youth alongside me in the pub toilet. Complimenting him on the size of his penis, I remarked that I had never seen such a big one.

Rejoining my wife, I told her what I had just seen, pointing out the youth at the bar. Pat wanted me to describe it to her, which I did as best I could, and from her wriggling on the seat while I described the lad's equipment, I knew my wife was feeling randy. The youth, he was just 19, was on his own. Finishing his drink, he pulled some loose change, counting it before heading towards the door. Moving quickly, I intercepted him and asked if he'd join my wife and I for a drink.

While we stood at the bar waiting to be served, I pointed Pat out to him, saying that I had been telling her about the size of his cock and she was interested in seeing it for herself. Gordon looked from me to her, a puzzled expssion on his face. There was no-one near and leaning closer, I whispered to him how I would like to see him in action with her. At this his face lit up. When we'd been served I suggested to Gordon that he sit next to Pat while I sat opposite them at the table.

We are in our mid-forties and have been married for 26 years. Both our children are in their twenties and left home a few years ago. Since having the house to ourselves we have experimented with various aspects of sex. It was during a holiday in Corfu three years ago that we discovered our chief pleasure. With my encouragement, Pat had sex with a handsome Greek while I watched. We both found it a tremendously exciting event, so much so that five days later we repeated it with a second man, having lost track of the first. From then on, whenever we were away from home, I kept an eye open for something similar and at the time we met Gordon, my wife had had sex with 9 men, all watched by yours truly.

She had told me of her desire to experience intercourse with a man possessing a really big penis, which I now explained to Gordon. He proved to be a very willing participant and so we took him to our house. I drove, suggesting the others travel in the back and get to know one another. He wasn't backward and they were soon necking. At the first traffic light on red, I turned round to see he had his hand up my wife's skirt. As she was wearing stockings he would have no trouble finding what he was after.

The others went in while I garaged the car, Gordon having agreed to stay the night. When I entered the house, I stopped in the doorway of the lounge to enjoy the sight that met my eyes. My wife's blouse was undone and open. One of her tits hung out the top of her bra and her skirt was pushed up. She sat with her legs open and Gordon's hand was busy inside her black knickers. They were obviously enjoying themselves.

Although my wife enjoys her sexual interludes with other men, she would never have done it without my encouragement and this would be the first time that I would actually pay a man to fuck her, but more about that later.

I poured drinks for us all and turned back to find Gordon had got my wife's knickers off and was fingering her with a roughness that made her gasp. Then I sat watching him strip her naked. He was very impatient and I suggested that he get undressed and let Pat suck him off, that way he would last longer when he eventually fucked her. Gordon did as suggested and I laughed at Pat's excitement when she saw his cock for the first time. She flashed a look of gratitude at me for making her dream come true.

Telling Gordon to lie on the carpet, she then knelt at his side. With hands that seemed to shake a little, she handled his big fat cock. His hand had been roaming around her bottom but it dropped to the floor and he began moaning softly as my wife licked his cock, knowing from experience all the sensitive spots. There was no way she would be able to take that big one into her mouth but she sucked the end of it and managed to get her lips around the glans while fondling his equally large balls. It didn't take him long to come and he shot a prodigious amount of sperm into her mouth. There was too much to swallow and some ran thickly down her chin.

I have never photographed Pat with another man and I decided to rectify that now. While she was absent in the bathroom, I asked Gordon if he minded being photographed while he fucked her. He hesitated and it was then that I offered him money, knowing him to be unemployed and hard up. His face lit up and asked how much. I offered him 10 pounds but he stuck out for fifteen which I gave him.

In the bedroom I started taking pictures of them lying together, kissing and fondling. Soon he mounted my wife and she gasped as he tried to get his cock in. His bum was lowered between her thighs and she groaned to feel him filling and stretching her vagina. her groans grew louder while I watched the undulating motion of Gordon's bottom. Pat was clawing at his back and really yelling while he fucked her. Eventually, seeing the spasmodic convulsions of his bum between my wife's kicking legs, I guessed he was shooting into her. When he rolled off, I was excited to see the way my wife's cunt gaped open from the pounding he had given her, and the thick white seed that was slowly running from her hole down onto the sheets. She just laid there as it ran out, a huge pool of wetness forming beneath her bottom. The smell of his sperm filled the bedroom. It was intoxicating.

In the morning, after watching him fucking her again and seeing the pleasure she got from it, I asked Gordon if he would like to come around again. She was so infatuated with his big cock that in those first few weeks he would fuck her about four days a week.

We still see Gordon a year later and he still fucks my wife several times a week, seeming to pfer her to girls of his own age, while she revels in his big fat cock.


Foreign Parts - Erotic Story

I have this thing about wife watching with young studs. It first happened in Hamburg four years back where I was then working. Not having much of a social life in a foreign environment, I decided to find a bloke for Lyn via a local contact mag. Lyn was bored stiff and just thumbing through the mag got her turned on. My German is reasonable and this ad interested me "A young stud would love to watch a porno video with your wife".

Just like that! The message was so suggestive, so subtle and the photo was excellent. A typical German, and only 19. Lyn was fascinated by the simplicity, even innocence of this ad amongst a score of crude and blatant ones.

Obviously Franz had a video and the tapes. Contact was made and the lad was looking forward to "watching TV" (his words!) with a 27 year old English housewife. He was sociable enough to invite me over too, to watch or whatever. The two of them sat together on the settee. My wife was beautifully tarted up for her young German stud. I sat further back from where I could watch both them and the TV.

The screen lit up. A big black guy and two females appeared. His cock was big and Lyn, not having seen a porno film before was entranced by it. Franz obviously had had some experience at watching these with other men's wives. He was a handsome young devil and my wife didn't mind at all as his hands began to stray. One reached inside her blouse, the other found its way under her skirt. He was constantly looking at her lovely profile, noting her reactions.

My feelings were telling me that she was enjoying the video, perhaps Franz's attentions were adding to her pleasure. Franz moved his face towards Lyn and she turned to accept his kiss. Before the end of the 45-minute video they had kissed several times. What really turned me on was witnessing my wife having a supssed but highly charged orgasm on this lad's middle finger.

When the video came to an end, the crafty stud went to the TV to put on another one, at the same time he undid his flies and pulled out his cock. It was fat and thick. Lyn saw it and smiled. He then placed a chair with its back to the Screen, got my wife to kneel over it with her arms against the back of the chair. He moved behind her, lifted her skirt and pulled off her wet knickers. She knelt there, her shapely arse directly in front of Franz. He lasciviously rubbed his cock a couple of times and moved in behind my wife. He then got his cock in between her thighs and after a bit of fumbling, was well in. My wife was blissfully watching the video and being sweetly fucked at the same time by this big blond German.

He didn't seem to notice the film. His handsome face was contorted with pleasure as he stared at my wife's lovely arse while plunging his dong in and out of her slit. She came off so sweetly as he kept on ramming into her. He was some stud. When he came, he made sure we knew it - he buried his cock right in and gave my wife a thorough drenching. We left soon afterwards but Lyn agreed to go back the next evening for the finale.


A Write Mess - Erotic Story

It was my correspondence course in creative writing that always pushed the idea that you should write about what you know - that which you'd actually seen, felt, thought and experienced.

I wanted to write about an anti hero - Richard, the wimpish husband who was betrayed by his wife, slumped into the despair that he would never again be a real man, only to emerge after a quick fling with a snake charming Arab lady, as the guy who won his wife from the arrogant but ultimately shallow stud who had had his way with her.

It would of course have the dead raunchy bits, but it would explore, too, the psyche of this guy who could handle, no, start to enjoy being cuckolded - only to mature out of the gutless state he'd got himself into. There was just a little problem in that I had never been cuckolded.

My beautiful wife Sharon, while stunning, hadn't as yet flirted beyond the odd smile across a restaurant. True, she fancied the guy next door, Simon, but he was married and in her book out of bounds. However much she envied the woman next door, and talked about Simon's suntanned body, she felt it would be awful to fuck another woman's husband.

In the end, for the sake of artistic creativity, we drank several bottles of red plonk one night and I actually begged her to fuck Simon. I desperately needed inspiration and admitted that I wanted to watch her take Simon's cock, so I could dress it all up in my novel, with names adjusted of course.

She should have exploded, but the wine had taken effect and she simply said that it was okay, but I'd have to ask Simon to bed her. It would have to be in writing and would include a disclaimer of blame, because she couldn't guarantee to keep it just physical. Simon was a dreamboat, and if it became an affair, I'd have to sort out Judy, his chubby but cheerful missus.

The letter to Simon was checked by my wife and felt demeaning. "You've not told him I fancy him, and that you've not made me orgasm," she observed, flicking it back to me for corrections. "He has to feel he has free rein, so you really do need to grovel a bit." Sharon had shocked me with her horny words and I asked her how she understood such matters. Then she said she knew about my secret store of randy books, and had seen the rough draft of my book.

I dropped the letter in for Simon the next morning, and the day after there was a reply. It was to Sharon from Simon, telling her he had always wanted to fuck her, and if she was serious she should start wearing a really tight leather skirt to signal the come-on. I had to buy her that skirt as she didn't have one, and was told firmly not to get in the way with my watching, because lust could make a man and woman quite rude and arrogant.

Three days later I came home and realised that Simon was upstairs with my wife. She'd been looking very pouty in stockings, basque and the leather skirt and the inevitable had happened. I could hear Sharon groaning and gasping on our bed, and was about to go up when Judy rang the doorbell. Urgently, I hustled Judy into the garden and offered to sort out the blocked sink she had popped round about. I swear you could hear Simon making Sharon climax even out there, so I hustled Judy home and got filthy dealing with the blocked pipe.

It was only after I'd cleaned up that I realised that Judy, too, was being ptty dirty. She's a big lady and looked ptty daft in leggings but her big chest was heaving and her fingers danced over my crotch. Something daft took me and I started to kiss her. Judy responded, rubbing her obviously big wet minge against my exploring fingers. She said she would fuck on the floor if I wanted; but the bedroom was free as Simon was out for a I while. I couldn't tell her just where, or doing what; so I thought, what the hell, and took her leggings down there and then.

We fucked furiously, but all too quickly, on the carpet. I came like a weak geyser, spitting dribbles of come over her hugely stretched pussy, realising that what had stretched her pussy was now doing the business for my Sharon, too.

Judy lit a ciggy and said not to worry she rarely orgasmed unless she was on Simon as he was so big compared with average men. That made me feel better. She suspected that the "randy toad" fucked other women, probably ruined them for their husbands or boyfriends, but she was content with what Simon offered her. I apologised and left there with pages of stuff for the book, but a good deal more shame- faced than I thought I could ever be. Judy was no oil paint- ing but she'd put me in my place and it was high time to get the report from Sharon on her adventure.

As I got inside the house, though, they were still at it! I crept upstairs and found Sharon leaning against Simon, his fingers massaging her clitoris as though it was putty. Sharon had only the basque and stockings left on, and I could see her pussy was wet with thick white spunk where he'd obviously aready ridden her. Blobs of steamy love juice clung to her suspenders and stocking-tops, the smell of salty semen filling the air and Sharon was making little whimpering noises as Simon's fingers slid up and down her crack. Frankly, I could have been a shadow for all they cared.

Necking again, she finally beckoned me into the room with a look that said 'behave boy'. Then she leaned forward over the bed and Simon told me to slide underneath her. It was my job to lick at her bare nipples as they shook under the onslaught of his thrusts.

Taking up position was easy...keeping my tongue lapping at her paps was more difficult. I kept gawping at the size of Simon's tool as it rammed into her cunny. They made this pump-thump-suck sound as they rose to a quicker rhythm, and I honestly started to wank and watch rather than lick as I was bade.

Simon made Sharon come multiple. First she was panting, then gasping, then holding her breath and screaming for more of his thick cock, then as she tensed her skin rippled with little tremors of delight. It was as though her pussy was sucking as he came. Sharon was fucking with an energetic, stylish equal. It was as though Simon brought the whore out in my wife and, now that it was out, it could never be returned.

Lapping at Sharon's cunny afterwards I had to go careful. She was certainly sore and I was directed by her where and how to lick gently. I siphoned up their salty fruit and then slid away as they cuddled again, saying I'd sleep in the spare room that night.

It must have been 3.00am when Simon finally left, and when he had returned to Judy I could hear amazing things through the bedroom wall within half an hour. Simon was fucking his missus like nothing had happened, and I was exhausted, just from a casual wank and some watching!

The next day Sharon said that my idea had been the best ever and she was off to the pictures with Simon. She wanted to be semi-public with her lover and guessed I wouldn't object. I mumbled something about fantasies being too strong, then she dressed in that skirt and tossed me our written agreement.

While they were out I did pop round to see Judy and we had sex on the sofa this time. Judy kept talking about how sexy Sharon had started looking and how smug, and she wanted to know what I had managed with her that I couldn't manage here on the sofa. I could only think that somewhere out there Simon was fucking my wife, in my car. Whatever I was doing, it wasn't quite equal.

Two months on and I have written four good chapters. The style is improving but quite frankly it's devastating being a house servant to my wife and her lover. I sense that they will never give up this physical attraction and will continue to quite openly date. Judy now knows, and says it's okay. she's been there before and I'm some sort of consolation.

We're going to try a month's swap - Simon living with Sharon and me coming home to cuddly Judy.


We've Been Rejuvinated - Erotic Story

I've been married for over ten years, we are now both thirty four. Sex has always been rather tame, I didn't think either of us were highly-sexed. Notice the past tense. Last summer we were on holiday in Bali, a beautiful paradise island, very romantic. We made friends with an Australian. He was a real live wire. I liked him and so did Grace, and he seemed to be quite taken with her and flirted openly.

I saw her pening as he told her how lovely she was. I didn't really mind, treating it as a game. One night we went out to dinner, then to a disco. I don't dance but Grace loves dancing and she had every dance with Randy. Randy by name, randy by nature.

I could see him running his hand over her bottom and she didn't stop him. We all had loads to drink and took some back to the hotel. He invited us for a drink in his room. It was late but Grace wanted to go so we did.

He poured us a drink and I collapsed in a chair, nearly out for the count. My legs were wobbly and my head was spinning. They sat on the bed and I saw them fooling around and then they were kissing, rather earnestly, I thought.

I saw his hands stroking her breasts and even undoing the buttons so he could get his hands inside. I just watched, too drunk to do anything else, and I must confess I was rather intrigued to see how far they would go.

He slipped her blouse off and then undid her bra and started to mouth and suck her shapely breasts. She did nothing to pvent him, rather the opposite, pushing out her chest and running her hands over his head, guiding his mouth from one nipple to another.

Seeing that she was co-operating he took off all her clothes till she naked and then he slipped out of his clothes, revealing his hard cock. It wasn't especially big, but very fat. He waved it in front of her face and she opened her mouth and he slipped it inside.

I watched her jaws working as she sucked on his cock. I felt rather peeved because she wouldn't do that for me. She looked like she was enjoying it. He kept fondling her tits as he face-fucked her.

Then he pulled out and twisted her so that she was on all fours at the edge of the bed. He stood behind her and inserted his cock into her exposed vagina and proceeded to give her a really hard screw. I saw her come once and then minutes later again, followed by a third as he grasped her hips and let his spunk fly deep into her pussy.

Another first, she'd never had more than one orgasm at a time. He collapsed on the bed next to her and I saw her turn round and take his wet cock into her mouth and suck it dry, then she came over to me and kissed me on the lips, forcing the mixture into my mouth with her tongue.

I had a raging erection and she opened my flies and lowered herself on my cock and started to heave herself up and down on it. She had another orgasm followed by a small one and then a larger one as I came. I was nearly in a coma by this time, but I watched through glazed eyes as she went back to Randy and mounted him. He had regained his erection and she rode him like a jockey.

I passed out at that point so I didn't see any more, but she told me me later that they went on fucking and he came three times before she'd had enough.

Our sex life has been rejuvenated no end and we now have an exciting and full relationship and I feel that it was thanks to our Australian friend.


Staying In Contact - Erotic Story

Because of the amount of letters in men's magazines recently featuring 'contact' sex, my wife Selena persuaded me to write to you and explain how we got involved in this highly exciting activity. My name is Billie and I'm six foot tall, dark haired and slim. My beautiful wife is five foot three, with dark hair and 42C boobs.

About a year ago we bought a local paper to look for a car and discovered a huge contact section at the back, which amazed and excited us immensely. Eventually, after much debating, we wrote to Charles, a 54 year old French guy who'd been living here for years and was a keen photographer. Selena and I are exhibitionists and so we liked the sound of that.

We got in touch and arranged to meet him at his local. Selena wore faded jeans and a thin halter top that did little to cover her bust, and Charles seemed pleased with what he saw. We met again two weeks later, still just for talking and looking at some of Charles's photographs. Then things got more exciting - Selena posed naked for him and then I joined in, and as a finale we both made love as Charles took his pictures.

After two more visits to him, Charles suggested that we use some different props and we readily agreed. He introduced sex toys for Selena and we posed outside in the garden and even in open countryside. But Charles still wanted more. One weekend we came up on the Friday night with the intention of staying until the Bank Holiday Monday and doing some nightclubs and some sexy photos.

After one session on the Friday night, Charles suggested over drinks that we might enjoy having a third party joining us for the pictures and maybe for a video, too. We agreed, excitedly, and Charles almost jumped for joy as he hurriedly got some photos of people he thought might be suitable. They were mostly of men, but one was of an older couple and the bloke was very well endowed. With our photographer's encouragement we plucked for him and, seeing our excited state, he pulled out his penis and masturbated next to us, coming soon after we did and pumping his spunk over the pillow next to us.

Saturday morning and Charles was on the phone talking to some of the males that we were interested in, and by early afternoon all was ready. When we asked who was coming he said, "Wait and see."

All afternoon and early evening we waited, in an agony of suspense. It wasn't until nearly 10pm in the same pub that we finally met Alan and Bill, two guys in their mid-30s, both in good shape and smartly dressed. We chatted over drinks and very soon the atmosphere was electric and I couldn't wait to get going. Within 10 minutes we were home where Charles took control of the situation and got Selena on the sofa between Alan and Bill.

Charles suggested that I just watch to begin with, and Bill started to kiss Selena with his tongue in her mouth as Alan pushed up her T-shirt and started sucking her stiff nipples. Within seconds all three of them were naked and although the two men had bigger erections than me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they weren't so big as to put mine to shame.

Selena has very sensitive nipples and they were getting constant attention. By the time she came she was a tired, sweaty mess, at which point both guys fucked her to their orgasms, both ejaculating over her stomach. Charles, of course, caught the lot on film.

Later, we all sat down with a drink and watched our home-made erotic video, Charles and me openly masturbating as we were in great need of relief by then. At Selena's invitation we knelt either side of her tits and pulled ourselves off. I came over her tummy and boobs but Charles pumped an incredible amount over Selena's face and tits, dolloping the carpet with it too, much to the other lads' enjoyment.

In the following few months we met our photographer friend several times, and each time Selena had someone new, including another of Charles's friends who was 62 and very well endowed.

For me, the most exciting thing that's happened took place last month. We hadn't seen Charles for some time until he phoned us for a meeting in the pub, for "something special". It turned out to be his nephew and two young friends of his - all French and without much English language, but all three were transfixed by my wife. Selena wanted to have the three young men to herself, so Charles and I went to the boozer for a couple of hours, then returned to the house.

As we walked the 20 minutes home, Charles told me how Selena would be at that moment, taking three young guys in her pussy and mouth and how much she'd be enjoying it. I knew he was right. Once we were inside we could hear the noise of them fucking in the spare room and it never seemed to end. Charles went in to see how the fun was going and returned 10 minutes later to inform me that they didn't want an audience, so I'd better go to bed. Needless to say, I wanked myself to sleep that night.

The next morning I saw that Selena had several lovebites on her neck and her breasts and her nipples were red and swollen. Charles and I asked her to teIl us all the details of the night, and by the end of her description we were both fully erect and in need of reIief. I turned Selena onto her side, facing CharIes, and slowly entered her from behind as he offered her his cock to suck, which she did, eagerly.

She asked us not to touch her nipples as they were too sore, and within a couple of minutes I became the fourth different man to give her a tummyfuI of come within 24 hours. I moved around the bed to watch her bring Charles's cock to orgasm. They both moaned softly as the moment grew closer and Selena closed her eyes and pulled her mouth back so that her lips just covered his swollen knob. His hips jerked severaI times and he groaned loudly, and she gulped as the spunk jetted down her throat. Charles was a heavy creamer and half of it ended up over her cheeks and down her chin. It was fantastic.

We still meet Charles for weekend fun. Selena loves fucking him and his friends and I enjoy it immensely. Charles has a stack of photos and videos of us and only one fantasy remains - Selena wants two young black guys. I think I'll phone Charles!


Loan Ranger - Erotic Story

For over fifteen years I've thoroughly enjoyed 'lending' my shapely marriage partner to other, younger, men. Of course, as a young husband, to have let other men fuck my shy, wholesome and ptty bride would have been unthinkable. But the years went by and the thought of it aroused me. While having sex, I'd suggest she let young men do all kinds of 'dirty' things in bed, using the crudest language to describe what was happening to her, and this always turned her on tremendously to make us both come in shuddering fits of groaning.

Then both our daughters married and left home, giving us more privacy, and I decided that if the chance arose, I'd be happy for her to try it out for real.

How to find someone trustworthy and attractive, as well as being a good stud, is the second problem. The first is how to get a nice respectable to agree to put on a show for you.

My problem was solved by my sister's silver wedding which we attended. A friend of her son's was there, an appntice deck officer in the merchant navy, about eighteen and obviously intrigued by the cleavage and creamy breasts revealed by my wife's low-cut party dress. He danced with her frequently during the evening's boozy festivities and she told me he was ogling down her dress and getting quite worked up. 'I could feel his hard cock pssing into me,' she said, quite pleased with her effect on the lad, and no doubt, as she has a big thrusting cunt mound, she used it to good effect to rub against him as they danced.

In the bar afterwards, where I was volunteer barman, I invited him to our room later, hinting that I had a bottle of hard stuff and cans of beer stashed in the wardrobe. Well after midnight, in our bedroom on the top floor of my sister's large house, even as I'd given him up, a knock came at the door and Jim entered in his dressing gown, game for anything. With the rest of the guests sleeping off the party, we began one of our own.

My wife got out of bed and wearing only her silky nightdress, danced again with the lad, barefooted, while I crooned 'The Anniversary Waltz', which had been requested of the pianist all evening. The pair had little room to glide so they cuddled up and just swayed together, enjoying their bodily contact until it was more or less only a standing-up 'knee-trembler' dry-rub they were torturing themselves with.

'For goodness sake fuck her, boy,' I ordered. 'She'll never be more ready for riding....'

To my delight, she allowed Jim to lower her across the bed, her legs overhanging and feet on the floor. He got down before her, raising her nightie to reveal her lovely bushy cunt and its pouting lips. Obviously, his year at sea had not been wasted, for he immediately began to lovingly kiss and suck on her prominent cunt mound, making her stretch and sigh and mumble with pleasure.

While she was getting well licked out, I helped Jim by pulling her nightie over her head. She opened her strong white thighs wide to allow his mouth access to her hairy split mound, lolling back naked as could be with big breasts heaving as she moaned and clutched at his ears.

This was my first at 'wife watching' and I can tell you it was the thrill of a lifetime. I stood watching and wanking as the pair before me moved into position and with my wife's legs wrapped around Jim's waist, the virile young sailor got his prick deeply embedded up her juiced-up cunt and began to fuck her with heaving bare buttocks.

So far as I knew it was her first fuck with someone else and the excitement of the new and unexpected certainly acted as a strong aphrodisiac. I'd never seen anything like it as she arched her body, grunted, shuddered, groaned aloud and bucked against him as he shafted her energetically. She clutched him closer at each thrust, crying out so loudly I thought our little game would awaken other people. Never very vocal, but now approaching an unstoppable climax, she begged and pleaded for her fucker to continue, shamelessly urging him to shove it right up her cunt, 'up to the balls,' and 'come in me, come, come... fill my insides with spunk... fuck me harder... give me a baby...'

My wife! You greedy bitch, I thought. To think I'd worried about whether you'd fuck and here you are - can't get enough and begging for it. I was left with a handful of come as they rolled apart almost steaming with bodily heat, young Jim absolutely knackered but she smiling across at me and obviously thinking 'you next.' But of course, I'd shot my bolt. This disappointment made my usually sweet and agreeable wife into a scornful witch, deriding me for not being up to it, addressing me as 'old wanker' and turning to the youth beside her with long, deep kisses on his open mouth to taunt me further and bring him to a second erection to pleasure her hungry cunt.

Truly, it is delightfully painful and bitter sweet to be taunted so. I watched while she kissed him from the mouth down to his now limp prick, putting its head between her lips and sucking almost contentedly as a baby suckling on a breast. Talking of breasts, while he was being so delightfully sucked, Jim was fondling her big boobs and was evidently perking up again. Before too long, I was watching them fuck again, this time more slowly as they enjoyed each other's nakedness. Jim below with my randy woman kneeling over him and impaled on his prick. I could hear it squelch and see it slide up her cunt as she rose and fell over his thighs.

I can't speak for how other women might take to such an arrangement, but that night it was evident to me that my wife was a natural for an official 'bit on the side' with me as spectator. It was dawn before Jim went off to his bed - despite his youth and keenness, hard put to keep up with her new appetite. It was obvious she enjoyed displaying her nakedness too, for in between bouts of sucking and fucking, she sat with us naked and flaunting herself.

One example, the room had its own en-suite bathroom. When she went to the toilet, she left the door open and we saw her squatting to pee quite lewdly a few yards from where we sat drinking cans of beer. A memorable night and the first of many with young Jim as her fucker. One boy in the forces to whom she wrote really horny letters after we'd given him a lift and he ended up sleeping with her that night. This lad enjoyed performing in front of me as much as she did and spent several long weekends with us, showing off his prowess.

He liked her naked and finding this sweet, she went about the whole weekend in the nude, doing housework, cooking, watching telly. Of course, every time they passed, he'd reach for her and kissing and fondling would end up in a fuck wherever they were - on the fireside rug, with her at the sink, a 'table ender' across the kitchen table, and once on a visit to the cinema with us, sitting between him and me, after playing with his prick she crouched down between us and sucked him off. Thankfully, the cinema was almost empty on a rain-sodden night, and although I was highly aroused by her act, I was sitting in panic in case we were discovered.

All in all this has enlivened the married life of my wife and I and I hope it continues for a very long time. It is always so exciting when she finds a new man, both of us keen to see him naked and look at what he has to offer her. She has enjoyed quite a few whoppers so far!



King Curtis - Erotic Story

My wife Carol is intrigued by the high proportion of stories on the 'net that deal with threesomes and that so many husbands appear to gain a lot of pleasure from watching or hearing about their wives making love to other men. Naturally we have discussed the issue and Carol often teases me about it, encouraging me to imagine her screwing another man. I must admit that I have found the idea strangely erotic, particularly when she raises the subject when we are making love. Carol is very attractive and has a high sexual drive and I have always known that should the appropriate situation arise, and I agreed, she would need little encouragement to screw another man.

Four months ago we ordered a new kitchen and the fitting was undertaken by two men, one about 50 years old, the other about Carol's age - 28 (I am 38). The younger man, Curtis, was extremely good looking, tall (about 6'2") and athletic. He looked similar to Mohammed Ali, although he was much darker. Carol has always found colored men attractive and the first day Curtis started work she phoned me at work to tell me how 'dishy' he was.

When I returned home that evening, only Curtis was there in the house chatting to Carol and I realised what she meant. Curtis is a very witty person and pleasant natured. I offered him a drink and we sat in the lounge talking. I could tell that he realized my wife found him attractive, the way she hung on his every word. The coy looks she gave him spoke more than a thousand words. I knew Carol wanted him and he obviously was in no rush to leave. The thought of him lying between my wife's legs sent a shiver down my spine.

I couldn't believe my own words when I fuelled the fire by asking Curtis if he 'did bedrooms.' He replied that he did, jokingly adding 'especially if they contain attractive women.' I asked if he would give us a quote for fitted wardrobes in ours. Curtis agreed and I suggested to Carol that since bedrooms were more in her line she should show Curtis what she wanted. My heart was racing as they left the room.

Carol told me later that Curtis smiled as he entered the bedroom and saw that we already had fitted wardrobes: this fact confirming his hope that the real reason for Carol showing him the bedroom was sex. Curtis pushed the door to and when he moved towards her, Carol told me that her legs turned to jelly. As he pulled her to him she pssed her body against his and raised her face in expectation. Curtis gently kissed Carol's face, neck and ears and with urgency building up, accepted her tongue into his mout h as they fondled each other.

Carol felt Curtis's penis grow, its hardness pssed against her tummy as he slowly ran one hand up to her breasts and the other beneath her dress to feel her buttocks. Her blouse was soon unbuttoned and when her bra followed it to the floor, Curtis slowly lowered his kisses to her neck and breasts, gently tonguing her erect nipples. Carol gave herself totally to Curtis's seduction as he unzipped her skirt and ran his hands through the elastic of her briefs to feel her pubic mound and slip his index finger into her moist, warm cunt, fondling her clit. She unbuttoned Curtis's shirt and pssed her breasts against his well-muscled chest. Her hands were shaking as she next unbuckled the belt of his jeans and lowered the zip over the huge, hard mound beneath. Carol felt Curtis's hands pushing her shoulders down and she obediently knelt before him, pulling down his jeans. She gasped as his enormous erection sprang free from his briefs as they too joined the rest of the clothes strewn on the floor. As Curtis ran his hands through Carol's hair he moaned as she gently kissed the bulbous head of his ebony shaft, opening her mouth wide to accept it into her mouth to be lathered by her tongue. My wife told me that she was amazed by the size of Curtis's prick - even when gripped by two hands over half its length was still exposed.

Afraid of approaching orgasm, Curtis asked Carol to stop and he then pulled her up and they lay down on the bed together. At this point Carol asked Curtis to use a rubber as she was not on the pill. They couldn't find any of mine in the bedroom so Carol had to come downstairs to ask me for one. Since I kept them in the bedroom chest, I went upstairs. When I entered the bedroom, Curtis was lying on his side, his giant penis erect and menacing. He was a perfect specimen with rippling stomach muscles, a slim w aist and huge thigh muscles. His body was a velvet ebony color against the white sheets. We soon discovered that I had run out of Durex. Undeterred, Curtis reached for Carol. 'I'll be careful,' he said as he pulled my wife onto the bed. Carol lay back as Curtis parted her legs and massaged her slit beneath the black thatch triangle of pubic hair. Moving between her legs, Curtis leaned forward and, holding his penis, rubbed the head up and down my wife's slit, prodding at her clit. Carol was swooning and mo aned as she arched her pubic mound upwards to coax him into her.

As Curtis nudged the head of his prick between Carol's cunt lips, he looked up at me. I thought he wanted me to leave, so I made towards the door muttering that I was sorry for staring at them. Curtis, however, said that I could stay and watch if I liked, saying that I might enjoy seeing my wife have the screw of her life. He then pushed forward. Carol's cunt lips parted and stretched wide to accept the enormous head. She gasped and groaned 'Oh shit, how incredible!' as Curtis slowly pushed his manhood into her, inch by inch until their pubic hairs joined in total union. It seemed impossible that Carol's body could accomodate such a monster. With Carol gripping Curtis's buttocks, he started to thrust in and out, his balls slapping my wife's bottom. Carol undulated beneath him, meeting each of his thrusts with an upward arch of her pelvis. Her orgasm was sweet and powerful. She gripped him with her legs as she sobbed through her shattering climax, urging C urtis not to stop as he too reached his peak, his body shuddering as he spewed his sperm into her, all thoughts of withdrawal forgotten.

Afterwards they rested in each other's arms, kissing passionately. The rest, however, was brief, as Curtis rolled my wife over onto all fours and positioned himself behind her. He firmed up his erection by rubbing his penis between her buttocks. Again, as his penis pushed into her cunt, it seemed impossible that its massive girth and length should not cause unbearable pain. But no, it was accepted willingly. Gripping Carol's hips, Curtis pulled my wife towards him with each inward thrust and pushed her away with each outward movement so she jerked back and forth. Carol lasted only 10 minutes of the vigourous onslaught and her arms collapsed as she orgasmed, crying out into the pillow. Making no attempt to withdraw, Curtis came soon afterwards, leaving his sperm dribbling out of Carol's cunt and flowing down her legs.

Curtis has been back to our house many times since then. He always fucks her to perfection and I have witnessed the phenomenal sight of his giant penis in Carol's mouth. I love it when he cums in that position, jetting some into her mouth and the rest all over her face. Of course, when he fucks her, his sperm fills her to overflowing. Needless to say, Carol is now pgnant. We fully expect the baby to be Black. For myself, I can't get enough of seeing them do their stuff together. It is just so exciting.


Sexy Shindig - Erotic Story

My wife Sandy and I are keen country and western fans, and once a year we go to a get together with fellow enthusiasts at a holiday camp.

On the first night, Sandy, who is 51 years old, dressed up in her western gear and applied her usual generous amount of make-up and false eyelashes. She tied her blond dyed hair in a yellow ribbon to match her yellow hooped earrings. Sandy looked so sexy and fuckable, showing a large amount of cleavage and her shapely legs; problem was, I knew it wasn't going to be me who would end up fucking her - she has a taste for younger men.

At the end of the first night, we invited Sam, who is 26 with a builder's body and macho moustache, just how Sandy likes her men, back to our chalet. Once there, I made on excuse to go to the loo, and left them alone.

When I came back to the chalet, Sandy was sat on Sam's lap, kissing him open mouthed while Sam slowly massaged her massive tits, which, by now, he had already removed from her bra. Sandy's long, red finger nails were rubbing Sam's bulging crotch.

I watched as they removed each other's clothes. When Sandy got down to Sam's pants, she gasped as his massive (compared to mine) cock of at least nine inches and very thick sprang out. Within seconds, Sandy had it in her mouth, and I had a brilliant view of my 51 year old slut of a wife sucking Sam's cock. It was really horny watching him thrusting in and out as her cheeks hollowed. I knew she would soon be rewarded for her efforts.

By now, I had my prick out and was wanking furiously. Sam then shot his heavy load into Sandy's slut mouth, and the thick spunk was running down her chin and lips. It was wonderful. She come over and kissed me, letting me taste his delicious sperm, while Sam fingered her to orgasm - I could hear his fingers frigging her soaking wet cunt. I couldn't wait to see him plug her with his big stalk. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, stopping only to cry out as Sam replaced his fingers with his rock hard cock. He was now fucking her doggy style, and Sandy was going wild as Sam's hands worked at her tits and love handles.

By now Sandy had forgotten me and was screaming out for Sam to carry on fucking her hard. I was looking forward to the big moment. They both came at more or less the same time, and fell in a heap with Sam's rich sperm oozing out. I reached for Sandy's soaking pussy and smeared Sam's spunk all over her pubic hair, leaving her slippery and messy.

Sandy lit a cigarette, and then Sam suggested they go through to the bedroom. Sandy told me she wanted to be alone in bed with Sam, so I had to sleep on the couch! I could hear them making love all night. The following morning Sandy looked radiant and Sam thanked me for a great night.

He and Sandy had a long kiss and cuddle, which led to another quick frenzied fuck on the floor in front of me. Once again Sam's cream poured forth. They couldn't keep their hands off each other for the rest of the weekend!

Sam now visits us at home. I really enjoy watching them together and playing with Sam's sperm after he has come. Sandy even lets me fuck her sometimes to keep me sweet about it.


Where There's Smoke... - Erotic Story

Judith and I have been married about three years but the incident I'm about to describe took place 10 months ago. Judith had been on about trying another man and in the end she talked me into agreeing that she could go with someone, as long as he was a total stranger, that I was allowed to watch them and that he wore a condom - just as I had to. Judith told me that she wanted a Black man, to find out if all those stories were true.

However, nothing came of it until about three months later when we were invited to a party that one of her girlfriends had arranged for some American Air Force friends. Judith is a vivacious 24 year old blonde, very ptty with a superb figure. I could tell that she had plans for this party as she said that it could be the night she got herself laid. Judith had been out shopping but she wouldn't show me what she had bought and she had also stopped me having sex with her a couple of weeks before, so that I w ould be horny enough to go along with her plans.

On the night of the party, Judith came down wearing her new outfit; she looked stunning. It was a very short, tight black dress, held together at the sides by gold rings. Nothing was left to the imagination, as through the large gaps along the side, you could see she wasn't wearing a stitch of underwear. Six inch stilettoes and a Black choker finished the look. Judith smiled and said, "Do you think I'll get laid tonight? Sharon promised me there'd be a couple of big Black guys there." I replied, "Yes, any m an would fancy you and yes, I do want to see a big Black man fuck you."

Things moved swiftly at the party and Judith soon latched onto a big, handsome Black guy called Tony. They danced - well, I say danced, but it was more like a dry fuck, with Judith rubbing her pussy up against his groin - and I saw that he had a large bulge in his trousers. I came off in my pants, watching them together, and they both laughed at me when they heard me groan and saw the wet stain spading across the front of my trousers.

We left the party and I drove Judith and Tony home. My five and a half inches was bone hard again, and all I could think about was seeing Judith's gorgeous, shapely body being covered by her ebony lover's hands. I thought about him slipping his thick meat into her tight pussy and her long legs wrapping around him as he fucked her.

Once in the bedroom, Tony and Judith stripped. He towered above her small, shapely body and his long Black cock stuck out for miles. He eased the foreskin back to reveal a large, wet, pink knob and he told Judith to lick and suck it. I was envious of the way she opened her full, red lips and took as much of him down her throat as she could, then her head did its dance of love as she sucked him.

Tony then decided that it was time to fuck her, but before he did, I went down on her to make her wet and sticky for him. Judith came over my face and Tony started to mount her, but she stopped him, pointing out that he had to wear a condom. I'm sure if it had been left to me, I wouldn't have stopped him, I was that excited. However, Tony made it quite clear that he didn't wish to wear a condom, even after I explained that Judith wasn't on the pill. Tony said that he wasn't used to being refused, but eventually agreed.

I fetched Tony a condom and he asked if I had any extra lubricant. I offered him the KY jelly but he pointed to Judith's baby lotion, saying, "That's the best stuff." Tony got Judith to rub some all over his cock then she fitted the condom onto him and he got her to squirt some more lotion over the condom. Finally, he asked me to rub some into Judith's cunt, which I did.

At that time, neither Judith or me knew what effect oil has on condoms, although Tony did. So let this be a warning: it perishes the rubber and causes the condom to split. In Tony's case, as he pushed his cock home into my wife's cunt, the condom split - but we didn't notice this as he had it inside her.

I began wanking as Tony eased in and out of Judith and that first time they fucked, I spunked three times while watching them. It was a truly magnificent sight, Tony's black arse powering his cock in and out of her willing pussy and she whimpered as she had orgasm after orgasm. Then he was jerking and groaning as he filled her pussy - not that we knew that at the time. Judith just clung to him, gasping, "I can feel it, I can feel it!" Tony smiled and said, "Don't you wish it was going inside you and making a baby?" I hear Judith groan, "Yes, yes ... I do." But Tony already knew.

They laid together for a while before Tony started moving again, and they had sex once more. I couldn't get another erection - I had drained myself - so I just sat in the chair and watched. Tony took Judith through another series of exhausting orgasms before letting himself go again and she, like me, could only lay there and take it.

Following that, Tony was a regular visitor and Judith and I couldn't wait for his visits. Every time he came he used condoms and oil and I didn't get to fuck Judith often then. I could hardly feel myself going into her anyway, she was so loose, and in the end, she admitted that she couldn't feel me anymore and that I was useless to her. I made up for my shortcomings by going down on her and giving her pussy the best tongue bath possible. Judith loved it, Tony loved seeing me do it, and I enjoyed it - everybody was happy.

Then, a few weeks later, Judith announced that her period was late. She eventually took a pgnancy test and, sure enough, it was positive. Judith and I both thought that it must have been when I wanked my stuff over her bush during our sessions, but it was then that Tony started bragging about being the father. I thought he was joking as he had always worn a condom, but Judith looked at him in a strange way and I'm sure she wished he was right. From then on, Tony never wore a condom and I never got a look in. I had to content myself with just watching them do it.

When the baby was delivered, all Judith could say was, "I'm sorry, Ian, I had no idea... how could I have? I thought he was your's. He's beautiful, isn't he, Ian?" When I looked down at the baby - not really hearing her words - I stumbled back in shock; the baby was coloured. I realized then that Tony's boasts about putting Judith in the club had been true - he had known all along.

Now Tony spends most of his spare time with Judith. She tells me she still loves me, but that she loves Tony more as he's the only man who can satisfy her. I love her so much I've accepted their conditions.


Snap Happy - Erotic Story

My wife Jill has always been something of an extrovert and loves showing off her body, going topless on the beach and so on. In fact, she's a bit of a prick-teaser but she does have the body to do it. Her ambition was always to do some modelling for amateur photographers, so a couple of years back we put some ads in a few magazines. A couple of weeks later, to our surprise, the replies started to pour in at the rate of around 100 a month. We spent several evenings vetting the replies and in the end Jill chose a couple that she thought were reasonable.

So two weeks later we found ourselves in our bedroom with John, a 51 year old. Jill undressed as he watched and, although it seemed hard to believe that we were doing such a thing in the privacy of our own home, I found the situation incredibly arousing. John's face lit up as he caught sight of Jill's 34C breasts, with their large, soft nipples that spad wide across her firm mounds, as she took off her bra. Next came her skirt, stockings and suspenders and by now John was taking photos as she finally took off her panties and posed in everyconceivable position.

He was certainly delighted when he saw that her pubic hair was shaved off and so was able to snap away at her bare fanny. Jill stretched her labia wide, exposing her cunt hole, and he even got her kneeling on the bed with her bottom in the air, showing off her dainty little arse-hole.

After this first session Jill had a regular stream of men who came to photograph her, and, in two years, over 40 saw my wife in every intimate detail. Naturally, most wanted to see her cunt but some asked to see her urinating, so she retired to the bathroom with them to oblige. Others wanted to snap her while she was using dildos and vibrators, and she always obliged.

Funnily enough, Jill only ever had sex with one client. She wanked off many, and a lot fingered her, but only Bob got his end inside her. Bob became a regular from the beginning and arrived virtually every night to take photos. After around six weeks of getting to know Jill in every detail, Bob was asked by her if he wanted anything special.

He replied that he wanted to fuck her and, shocked by the bluntness of his request, neither of us knew what to say. But then she shrugged as if to say "what the hell" and started to strip off.

Bob's prick was short and very fat and, as he pulled a condom over his swollen member, Jill lay on the bed, legs wide apart and already very aroused - I could see the wetness oozing from her slit and the dark red colour of her fanny lips.

Bob crawled on to the bed and started gently stroking those lips, gradually working three fingers inside her as she gently and teasingly wanked the shaft of his cock. After a few minutes he climbed up and guided his prick into her waiting hole. I sat on the corner of the bed and watched for the next 20 minutes as Bob shagged the arse off my wife. He shafted her in all manner of positions and at varying speeds and depth of penetration, so much so that he had her gasping with pleasure - I could hear the squelch of her cunt juices each time he slipped inside her.

A few minutes later Bob reached the point of no return and, with Jill's legs wrapped tightly around him, emptied his load in a long series of jerks. He pulled out his cock and we were all relieved to see the condom had held up under the strain - in fact it was bulging with his come.

After that night Jill and Bob continued to have it away with each other and she even went back on the Pill as she doesn't really like using condoms. And far from interfering with our own sex life, Bob and Jill's passion enhanced it. We often enjoyed a threesome and we're even looking to make it up to four in the future.


Boost For Youth - Erotic Story

My own particular kink is to watch my wife, who is 36, being fucked by young boys of about 16. I travel into London each day for work and therefore have ample opportunity to contact many young boys kicking around the streets.

They are only too pleased to sink their rampant young pricks between the warm, fleshy white thighs of an attractive, middle-aged woman. This invariably takes place in the car on a common or some other lonely open space. After being dubious at the beginning, my wife now loves it and seldom fails to reach a climax while having a fuck with the boys.

One youngster of 16, with his football boots slung over his shoulder came with us once and produced quite a thick 6" prick. All told, it was up my wife for something like half an hour. He was almost six feet tall and really made the car bounce while he shagged her. He spunked inside her twice before we drove him home.

We are very careful not to entertain anyone under age. But once we were caught out when a boy, who swore he was just 17, admitted that he was only 15 after he had fucked my wife. We have been very careful after that. There are a lot of desperately frustrated youngsters about, just longing to slip their cocks into women. It must be good that they get relief from an experienced woman, instead of messing about with younger girls and perhaps getting them into trouble.

We find that cleanliness is sometimes a problem. A few times if the youths have not been clean when they removed some clothing, my wife has not allowed them to fuck her. On these occasions she wanked the boys off instead or sat with her skirt up, showing her thighs and suspenders while the boys tossed themselves off.

Sometimes, if a particular youngster is nice, I let them walk off into the bushes and then I creep up quietly ten minutes later while they are fucking and sit down to watch them. Invariably, when they are finished they sit and watch while I mount my wife and fuck her. I wish someone laid on such facilities for me when I was a kid!


Slick Sable Shaft - Erotic Story

My name is Colin and I'm writing to tell you my experience of an old and popular theme, judging by the other stories I read on the subject. That is, men who get a kick out of watching other men screwing their wives.

We've been doing it for around three years. I am 33 and my wife, Petra, is 29. Neither of us really see any harm in it and I get an almighty thrill from watching her rogering another guy. The experience I am to tell you of is a wee bit dIfferent from our others, and is definitely our best to date.

We treat ourselves to a weekend in London every few months, and stay in good hotels from Friday to Sunday, with a top show thrown in. When we went a couple of weeks ago, we went to see a show on the Friday night, and on Saturday we stayed in the hotel for a meal and drinks in the lounge afterwards.

I paid a visit to the gents, and at the urinal next to me was a black bloke, and I couldn't help noticing his huge cock. I could only stare at it open-mouthed, until I sort of shame-facedly said I was sorry for staring. He laughed it off, so I made a joke, saying, "I bet that's put a smile on many a girl's face." "Yeah man," he said. "It's been up a few nooks and crannies in its time." Then he slapped me on the back and left the room.

I was still grinning when I got back to Petra. She asked what the joke was, so I chuckled and told her. She just giggled and raised her eye brows. About 15 minutes later she asked, "How big did you say, Colin?" "About seven inches, give or take," I replied. A few minutes more silence, then she asked me to point him out to her. So, my eyes scanned the bar and I pointed him out to her, leaning on the bar and alone. She looked at me and her face said it all - she wanted him.

Her enthusiasm was infectious and I'm sure that I was blushing, too. I didn't say a word. I merely nodded, stood up and went across to the bar and stood next to the coloured youth. He glanced up and his face broke into a grin. "Hi again?" he said. I smiled back and offered to buy him a drink. "Sure man, thanks." "My pleasure." I said, "Now, come and join me and meet my wife."

And that was how it began. His name was Ben, he was 20 years old and like ourselves, in town for the weekend. We drank until about 11.30pm, they held hands, looked into each other's eyes, but that was where the intimacy stopped. I put my hand in my pocket and held out the room keys to Petra. Petra stood up and said to me. "Give us 10 minutes pet, then come up." And with that they left the bar, arm in arm.

I gave Petra her 10 minutes before following them to the room. As I went in, I closed the door quietly and turned the key in the lock. Ben and Petra were naked and really and truly looked a magnificent twosome, mainly due to the contrasting colour of their skins - Petra's so white and Ben's so brown and masculine. He was totally aroused and his magnificent cock was up onto his belly, hard and thick with a knob that had to be seen to be believed.

She was seated on the edge of the bed and he got her to lean forward so that he could let his fingers ride lightly over her swollen breasts. He hadn't come yet, but there was a blob of fluid oozing from the tip of his brown shaft. I had my back to the door, watching spellbound as he took his cock in one fist and pushed its tip over one of her nipples, and Petra groaned as he smeared the leaking wetness onto her flesh.

I saw her shoulders sag as a shudder passed through her. Her nipple was gleaming and once more, she moaned as he teased her other tit-end. Petra took Ben's brown shaft in her hands and her head fell back as she pssed it between her breasts. She was starting to pant, weak with desire and overwhelmed by the touch of his hot organ on her neck, face and tits. "Suck it Petra," he said, and I could sense the emotion in his voice.

His knob was at her lips, and she instinctively pursed them as her tongue came out. Ben curled his fingers behind her head and pulled her forward as she opened her mouth to take his organ. Later, she was to tell me how slick his flesh was and how it felt like velvet as his cock slid into her mouth. She was moaning as her tongue fluttered along the underside of Ben's thick prick. All the time she sucked, he was stroking her face.

Ben grunted something like, "Don't stop Petra...lovely...lovely. Keep sucking...don't stop." His hands were fondling her breasts as she gobbled him harder. He pinched her nipples and massaged the sides of her tits until she was whimpering around the huge penis in her mouth. Finally he pulled away and his tool came out, wet and glistening with her saliva. "Lie down on your back, Petra," he said, "Now spad wide." She was putty in his hands as at once she did as he wanted. He reached down and helped her to open her legs even wider. I could see her cunt, which she keeps neatly trimmed and almost hairless. I heard Ben's gasp of approval for, like me, he could see the pink inner lips and the obvious wetness.

I thought he was going to mount her and fuck her there and then, and I'm sure Petra did, too. Instead, he bent down and she cried out in delight as his mouth went to her sex. She was trembling as he started to suck and kiss, and I could hear him lapping up her juices. Ben opened her cunt wider with one brown finger, and his face was flat between her thighs until he was nigh to eating her.

Petra was screaming and I knew she was having a sort of minor orgasm, then seconds later, when he stood back, his mouth and face was wet with her juices. That's when he fucked her. He got onto the bed and between her legs. He had that mighty brown shaft in one fist and he moved it to her twat. I saw the knob slide in and I heard it squelch. Petra's eyes opened and shut again and she panted, "Do it it...fuck me hard." He fucked her hard all right. He was thrusting, ramming into her, and she was pushing up to get him deeper. He moved his hands beneath her buttocks to lift her from the bed, and her hands gripped his shoulders.

Ben's thick, brown shaft was like a piston now. Petra was making a lot of noise, and she stared straight at me, but I don't think she really saw me. He bent his head to suck her nipples and it was then that she came in a shattering orgasm.

Later she told me how thrilled she had been - thrilled by the sheer size of his cock fucking her and how good it felt. She had felt the strength of him, his weight crushing her into the mattress, his hands and fingers digging into her bum as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy. He had climaxed inside her and she had felt the sperm from his balls flowing into her in hot gushes. He mounted her a further three times that night, and I did get into bed with them once.

The next day, we went our separate ways. I doubt if we will ever see Ben again. but it's opened a new chapter in our lives. On a couple of occasions since, she has laid in my arms and said. " Brown was beautiful, but maybe I could have a really black man...please darling, please..." We've booked to see Cats in a couple of months, so time will tell...


Limo Dreaming - Erotic Story

Recently my wife and I had an incredible experience that we thought you might enjoy. Hopefully it will encourage other couples to act out their fantasies. My wife, Megan, is a petite, red- haired beauty with small but firm breasts, a shapely bum and great legs. She also has an incredible appetite for sexual variety. In fact, the day I married her I knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would tire of a monogamous life-style. Fortunately, we have able to resolve this situation to our mutual satisfaction. I have agreed to allow Megan her extra-marital affairs.

She, in turn, has agreed to fill me in on all the juicy details. This arrangement has worked beautifully over the past three years, and I've found that I really enjoy being able to participate vicariously in my wife's erotic adventures.

Recently, however, I began to fantasise about actually watching my wife screw another man. When I mentioned this to her, she giggled and said, 'You know, I've been thinking of some way we could celebrate your birthday next week. Maybe I could get Kirk to let you tag along on an outing.' When Megan mentioned that I could possibly watch her and Kirk, my cock stiffened in response.

Kirk was my wife's current lover and I had met him on more than one occasion He was a successful business man who had quite a dominant streak. On Megan's very first date with Kirk, she returned home late the next morning with her pussy shaved bare except for a small red tuft of hair at the top of her slit. He insisted Megan keep herself shaved in this manner at all times. Kirk also required her to dress in extremely provocative clothes. Panty hose was forbidden, and garter belt and stockings were a must. He had even teasingly suggested that one day he might bring along a couple of friends.

Ever since then, my wife spent many nights fantasising about getting it on with a group of randy black studs. My wife loves to be treated this way, and she freely admitted that Kirk was the most imaginative lover she had ever had. The very next day at work I received a phone call from Megan. She told me that Kirk had planned a Saturday night party with a couple of his friends from work. He said that this would be the perfect time for me to watch Megan get soundly screwed by a group of men. However, Kirk did insist that my wife was to be for his and his friends' pleasure only, and I was to be allowed to look but not touch. On top of that, I was to act as their personal chauffeur for the night. I would have done anything to watch Megan with another man, so I agreed to abide by Kirk conditions.

The next few days were spent pparing for the big event. Kirk had instructed Megan to dress and behave like a complete slut, so she spent quite a bit of time shopping for appropriate clothes. Kirk also wanted to ride in style, so I was to rent a limousine and a chauffeur's outfit. It is difficult to find a limo without a driver but I was eventually able to locate a black stretched Mercedes complete with a television and bar. Kirk had instructed us to meet him at seven o'clock Saturday night at his apartment.

My wife and I spent the entire day in nervous anticipation of the night to come. Megan spent hours soaking in the tub, taking care to shave her pussy until it was as soft and smooth as silk. In the meantime, I took care of all the last minute items, such as picking up the limo and stocking the bar with champagne. When I returned home from the off license, Megan had just finished dressing for the evening.

She had on a skin tight black mini skirt with large pink buttons down the front. Black stockings and pink spike-heeled shoes completed the picture. I had never seen Megan dressed so seductively and when she hiked up her skirt to reveal a skimpy black garter belt and G-string, I almost creamed in my pants. It was six-thirty by this time, so we made our way to the limo outside. Megan jumped into the rear while I assumed my position as the chauffeur. When we arrived at Kirk's fIat, he was waiting outside. I pulled up in front and jumped out to open the door in the rear of the car. Before entering the car Kirk filled me in on his plans for the evening. First, he directed me to drive around for an hour and then to proceed to a nearby fashionable restaurant. I was to wait outside the restaurant, and when they were finished eating I would drive them to a local club to meet his friends.

As soon as I had closed the door I made my way back to the driver's seat. The window between the driver and the backseat was open, and when I sat down I was able to see Kirk and Megan passionately kissing. Kirk didn't waste any time. He unbuttoned my wife's dress, exposing her lacy black lingerie. At the same time, Megan unzipped Kirk's trousers and removed his enormous prick. Her lips immediately engulfed the shiny cockhead. Kirk groaned with pleasure as Megan administered one of her fabulous blowjobs. After about five minutes of licking and sucking Kirk's rigid penis, Megan pulled her panties off and lay back on the seat, placing one high- heeled foot on the floor and the other on the seat.

In this position, my wife's wet pussy was spad wide open to accommodate Kirk's massive knob. This was the moment I had waited for, and I began to stroke my throbbing cock while watching the lusty scene behind me. I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and it became increasingly difficult to maintain my concentration on the road. In fact, just as Kirk moved up between my wife s outspad legs and was pparing to enter her eager pussy, I swerved, narrowly missing another car.

The screech of brakes and the sound of the other driver's horn momentarily interrupted the action. Kirk looked directly at me and shouted, 'Since you aren't able to wank and drive at the same time, close the damn window!' The tone of Kirk's voice made it obvious that I should do as I was told, so I regrettably pssed the button, closing the opaque glass window. For the rest of the hour I was kept in a continual state of arousal just imagining the delights taking place on the other side of the glass.

When I finally arrived at the restaurant, I immediately jumped out to open the back door. My wife and Kirk made quite a sight, and more than a few heads turned to stare at the sight of a well dressed businessman escorting a sluttish redhead up to the entrance of the restaurant. I, meanwhile, was left with the job of parking the car and finding a sandwich for dinner.

I waited almost two hours before they emerged from the restaurant. As soon as they were seated in the back, I drove to the strip club as Kirk had directed. When we arrived at the club, there was a large banner hanging above the door announcing amateur night, and my cock stiffened as I realised that Kirk intended to have Megan put on a show.

After dropping off my pasengers, I quickly found a parking place and entered the club to look for Megan and Kirk. The club was extremely crowded, and when I entered there was a tall blonde woman dancing to the cheers of the men. I finally spotted Meg, Kirk and Kirk's two friends seated at a table close to the stage. Megan was between two black blokes, whom I later learned were Carlo and Bill. The three men didn't even acknowledge my psence until Bill looked over at me and exclaimed, 'Kirk tells me your wife loves big, black cocks. Well, tonight she'll certainly get her share!'

Megan just smiled at this, placed a hand on Bill's thigh and began to softly massage his leg. Carlo placed Megan's other hand directly on the bulge in his trousers and said, 'Darling, I just know you're going to fall in love with this prick. Once you've had black, there's no going back.'

The three men laughed uncontrollably, while Bill and Carlo began to caress my wife's legs under the table. We had a couple of drinks while watching some strippers go through their routines. Megan's psence had attracted quite a bit of attention, so when the judge called out for a final contestant, the men all around us began to encourage her to volunteer.

Megan took one look at Kirk, and he nodded his head. My wife made her way up the stairs leading to the stage while the audience screamed out their approval. With the disco beat pounding out of the speakers, Megan gyrated to the music. Megan was by far the most attractIve of the dancers, and as she began to unbutton her dress, a volley of cheers rose.

Everywhere around us, blokes were yelling, 'Come on baby, take it off. That's it, let's see some of that sweet fanny!' Megan seemed to be in a world of her own as she stripped off her dress for the approving audience. Her bra was next. She paused to fondle her breasts, tweaking her pink nipples until they stood erect.

The crowd was goIng wild by then. Megan tugged her G-string off and tossed it to a group of guys seated near our table. Megan knelt on the stage and allowed Carlo to insert two fingers into her hairless pussy. After about twenty seconds of this, Megan moved around the stage to be fondled by some of the other men. By this time, the song was nearing the end, and Megan moved back to the centre of the stage and lay on her back, her legs spad wide. With one hand, she began rubbing her clitoris. With the other she massaged her nipples, bringing herself to a tremendous climax at the exact Instant the song ended.

From the cheers of the crowd, it was obvious that Megan had won the contest. When she recovered from her orgasm, the judge immediately psented her with a cheque for two hundred and fifty pounds. Megan was so dazed from all the attention that she didn't even bother to dress as she slowly made her way back to our table. She sat directly on Kirk's lap and sighed, 'Let's go. I need to be screwed.'

Bill told me to bring the limo around to the front of the club. As I drove up, I noticed a crowd of people gathered outside. It seemed that someone had wandered off with Megan's dress, and she was standing in the car park wearing only her garter belt, stockings and pink high-heeled shoes. Bill and Carlo were kissing and caressing her naked body and they were being encouraged to have her right there by a group of randy guys from the club.

The scene was rapidly getting out of hand, so when I pulled up in front, Kirk took charge and guided all of them into the limo. After I had pulled away from the club, I hesitatingly lowered the back window to observe some of the action. Megan was kneeling doggie-style on the car floor and Bill was plunging his ten inch cock deep inside her soaking pussy. Carlo had also removed his trousers, and he was letting Megan suck his rigid member.

Kirk was sitting back, sipping champagne as he took in the whole scene. When he caught me looking, he just smiled and said, 'Seems like Megan is really enjoying herself. I think we should go somewhere quiet so you can enjoy the show. In the meantime, roll up that window so you don't kill us all.'

That was all I needed to hear. I began searching for a secluded spot. It took no more than ten minutes before I found a dark gravel road leading off the main road. I was able to drive the limo up a rather steep hill until we reached a large open field at the end of the road. As soon as I had turned off the engine, I lowered the window to catch the awesome sight of Bill spurting his semen all over my wife's bald pussy. The blokes then rolled Megan on to her back, and Carlo plunged his prick into her while Bill moved over so she could lick her juices off his swollen cock.

Kirk moved closer to the action and began squeezing Megan's tits. She whimpered with pleasure. AII this was too much for me, and I quickly pulled out my prick and began to furiously masturbate at the scene before me. It took only a couple of strokes before I was squirting hot come all over my rented suit. In the meantime, Carlo had quickened his pace until he too growled with pleasure and filled Megan's pussy with his sperm.

As soon as Carlo had removed his cock from Megan's love tunnel, Kirk moved into position between my wife's legs and started to insert his cock in her juicy hole. Bill and Carlo sat on each side of my wife as Kirk slipped his cock into her. He slowly worked the length of his shaft in until he was buried to the hilt. Bill and Carlo then began to massage Megan's tits and clit as Kirk thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

I had never seen my wife so excited. She was coming on almost every stroke. While I wanked, I heard Megan tell the three blokes that she wanted to do it again some time, Kirk laughed and said, 'Next time I'll bring a couple more friends.' When Megan heard this, she squealed, 'Yes! Yes! I'll screw . . whoever you want!'

This triggered Kirk. He threw his head back in ecstasy and began spurting hot spunk deep into my wife. The four of them kept at it for almost two more hours until all three had had enough. I, meanwhile, had wanked off to a total of three amazing orgasms, and my cock was almost raw from all the attention.

Later that night, after dropping off each of the blokes at their homes, I drove the car back to mine. When we reached our house, I opened the back door of the limo to find Megan reclining on the seat with a look of satisfaction on her face. She looked so beautiful lying there, still wearing the garter belt, stockings and high heels, spunk oozing out from between her legs. I knelt down to softly kiss her on the lips. Before I knew what was happening, Megan had placed both hands on the back of my head and began pushing me down so that my face was just inches from her well-screwed opening.

I was a little reluctant at first, but when Megan held her fleshy lips apart I couldn't resist softly kissing her juicy pussy. The thought that three hard cocks had recently released their loads inside Megan only increased the eroticism of the moment, and I was soon lapping up the sticky come from her clit. When I had finished licking my wife's pussy clean, Megan lay back on the seat to allow me to enter her.

Even though I had come three times earlier I was ready for more.I easily slid into my wife's slippery opening. She put her lovely legs around my back and whispered in my ear how much she loved me for letting her screw a group of randy black studs. I began to plunge harder and harder until I exploded in the final orgasm of the night.

Since that night, I have watched Kirk screw my wife on three separate occasions. One of the times he brought three of his friends with him. Although a lot of people would think I'm crazy to enjoy watching my wife with other men, I'm not the least bit jealous. To be honest, I couldn't imagine being married to a faithful wife. This form of marriage may not work for everyone, but in our case it definitely spiced up an already passionate relationship.


Mick's Night Out - Erotic Story

I wish you could all see some pics of my wife, Jane in this newsgroup. It would give us both a great thrill to think of all the readers looking at my wife's bare essentials but we just don't have the courage to post any.

My wife is a compulsive flasher and cannot resist the temptation to open her legs and show her pussy. The other Saturday night we had been out for a meal, and then decided to go to one of the local night-spots, and as usual it was packed out.

After a while we managed to find two seats. The effects of the drink and dancing were beginning to show.

Sitting next to us were two young lads of about 18 or so, who didn't appear to be having much luck pulling any birds. I began talking to them, and confirmed our suspicions. To help them on their way, Jane decided to dance with one of them. She was wearing a blue wrap-over dress, with just stockings and suspenders underneath.

The young lad I was left talking to commented on Jane's appearance, saying how sexy she looked, and began telling me about his mate, who was still a virgin, and they had come out with the hope of getting him laid.

My wife returned from dancing while the lads went on the rounds trying to pick up girls. I told my wife of the plight of young Mick, and her eyes lit up.

The lads returned again empty handed. Mick sat opposite Jane and was obviously getting an eyeful of stocking-tops. His mate Ken disappeared and we continued talking to Mick, the conversation becoming more and more rude.

I asked Mick if he had seen a pussy in the flesh, so to speak. He said he hadn't. My wife said he could have a look at hers. His eyes nearly popped out! My wife parted her legs to show him her lovely moist pussy.

The poor lad all but came in his trousers. He asked Jane if he could touch her hole and she said he could but we would have to find somewhere a little quieter. We offered Mick a lift home, which he readily accepted, and found a nice secluded spot to park on the way.

Once we stopped, Jane and I got in the back with Mick. She took both of our pricks out and wanked them both slowly but it was too much for Mick, and he shot his lot straight away.

Jane promptly went down on his prick and licked him dry. It was my turn now as Jane sucked hard on my prick. Mick was soon erect again, and even asked permission to fuck my wife. Jane told him to shove his virgin cock up her cunt and when he did he was shooting in seconds.

He finished and I took over while Mick put his prick in my wife's mouth for some more oral. I banged hard into Jane's pussy, eventually shooting more spunk into her.

I had really enjoyed watching my wife having such a young lad and we asked him to give us a ring sometime. I'm glad to say he has phoned often and we have spent many an enjoyable and sexy evening with him bouncing around on our bed giving Jane the time of her life.

On these occasions I pfer to watch them together but occasionally join in. I have developed a passion for seeing them fuck doggie-style and I like to pull Jane's cheeks apart so that I can see Mick's cock going in and out of her, all slippery and slimy with their juices.

Then when he comes and fills her pussy with his thick cream, I have the pleasure of being close at hand as it flows out of her.


Loose Loos - Erotic Story

My wife is a long-legged blonde, good lokking considering she's in her forties and a figure to turn any man's eye. She must have raised many a cock when she's out shopping.

Anyhow, I happened to look in her handbag the other day as I had run out of cigarettes. To my surprise I found a pair of her pink panties which were well soiled around the crotch with her come, although I also noticed a lot more stains as if some man had spunked into them. As I fondled the panties, a packet of rubbers fell to the carpet. This sent my heart beating faster because I don't use them on her, having had the chop, so to speak.

Then, they say things happen in threes, sticking out of the packet was a note. My knees were trembling as I read it. 'Meet us again for cock fun. Enter the centre cubicle in the Gents toilets. Park. 7.30pm. Tomorrow.'

I couldn't believe it yet I knew she had been in the park the pvious day. I was furious at first and then I felt excited. So excited that I planned to watch the action just to see how hot my wife was whilst with other men. Two other men at that.

The next evening, she bathed and showered. I got a glimpse of her through the angled bedroom mirror as I stood on the landing. She had one foot on the bed and she stood, legs wide open, spraying her hairy cunt lips with scent, ready for the occasion. Then she got fully dressed, looking terrific. I could see the outline of stockings and suspenders beneath her tight skirt. It was 6.45pm.

As she was applying her makeup for her date, I left the house saying I was going to my mate's. Then I dashed to the park toilets hoping they were empty. I had noticed a false roof on pvious visits and now I was lucky. I climbed up through the trapdoor, leaving a spyhole. I was out of breath but the stage had been set.

Soon after, two men walked in laughing and joking. They enetered the two outer cubicles, dropped their trousers and glued their eyes to two holes in the wall that they must have fashioned some time before. They were big enough to get your fist through them. Within minutes I heard the tap tap of high heels and my lovely wife Gwen walked in, dressed very sexily indeed. She locked the door and stripped to the waist just leaving on her bra. I was looking right down the cleavage of her tits.

She then stepped out of her tight skirt, revealing her sexy stocking-clad thighs, suspender belt and panties, which seemed to be pulled up tight into her hairy pussy. She twirled slowly, as if to tease the men, giving each in turn a good view of her pantie-clad bulge which was quite moist by now. She then stepped out of her knickers and spading her legs as wide as she could, she bent over and backed up to the hole in the lower wall. Her most secret part must have been gaping wide open in this position. Her cunt seemed to be panting to be ravaged.

The man put his hand through the hole and started to wank her off with his fingers. I heard him say, 'What a lovely big cunt you've got. I love frigging it.'

Gwen stuck out her cunt further still towards the poking fingers and said, 'Frig it faster then, finger fuck me until I come!' Whilst this was happening she was propping herself up by the elbows on the toilet seat. Facing the opposite wall she had been gently stroking the other man's penis through the hole. She then fumbled hurriedly through her handbag for a rubber and rolled it onto the big pulsating knob. She studied it for a moment and closing her eyes said, 'Fuck my mouth. Imagine its my cunt,' and opened her lips to take in the full member.

Sucking at it, her head was going up and down in a bobbing motion. Soon after, she pulled away her lips, coughed, unrolled the rubber and started to wank the big cock into its final throes. The spunk shot all over her shoulders, neck and tits but she kept on wanking it. She had flipped over the frigging from behind and she turned her head as the man removed his sticky fingers from her throbbing wet pussy. Then he pushed his huge cock through the wall. All of ten inches, I swear.

Pushing her plump bottom even higher into the air and spading her legs even wider to accomodate the monster, she gently eased her slippery cunt onto the hot member until about eight inches was well up into her crack. 'Can you take any more?' asked the man. 'I think so,' replied Gwen and with high-heeled legs trembling, she opened her hairy hole as wide as she could until she was riding the full ten inches. Once it was right up her she started to thrust her cunt back and forth for all she was worth. 'Shag my cunt,' she shouted. 'Shag it, fuck it harder. Fill me up with your spunk!'

He did. The back of her stockings were streaming with their mingled hot juices and the cock in her hand had come again all over her wrist. Afterwards, she dressed, cleaned herself up, wiped her hands and well-fucked cunt slit with her panties and left.

A few days later, I confessed all and we have talked about it. I asked her if she would be interested in meeting other men in the toilet. Her answer was yes.

I have also told her that I would love to see her with other men in more relaxed surroundings, such as our bedroom, so that I can watch and wank in comfort as they fuck her. That way, I'd be better able to see all the action, to smell all the cunt and cock aromas and maybe, just maybe, to lick her out when they were finished with her.


The Thirty-eight Steps - Erotic Story

However much one loves ones wife, sex can still become boring after a while. To know that in the last few years my wife has had sex with over 30 men and to have witnessed most of them myself, also taking part in threesomes, does nothing to lessen my love for her. It is pleasing to know that at 43 my wife is still desired by so many men. The ages of her lovers range from a 17 year-old youth to a 70 year-old grandfather and have included three Americans, a German, a West Indian and a Chinese. I'll tell you how, what some might call our perversion, started.

We were holidaying on the south coast a few years ago, having rented a country bungalow for three weeks. The day we arrived, I went for a walk to have a look at the surrounding countryside.

On my return I noticed a young man near the bungalow. His back was towards me and he seemed to be making funny convulsive movements. Drawing alongside him, but hidden by bushes, I was amused to see that he had his cock out and was wanking furiously. Then I saw the object of his lust. My naked wife was plainly visible through the window, drying herself after a bath. At first I was angry that he was using her to gratify himself but when I saw the semen fly from his cock in several big spurts, I discovered I was also thrilled by it.

When I told Judy about it she was distinctly excited, which didn't altogether surprise me because my slender, dark haired wife has always been something of an exhibitionist.

A couple of days later, I noticed the youth near our bungalow again, psumably hoping for a repeat showing. Having an idea, I suggested to Judy that she should give him a really good show by undressing near the window and then playing with herself. She was enthusiastic and so I went out by the back door to work my way silently to where I hoped to find the youth.

Again his cock was out and he was wanking, which was hardly surprising. Judy was certainly giving him a good show. She was nude and lying on the bed, legs flung wide while she fingered herself. It was then that I had the idea of him fucking her. I was staggered initially but the idea grew in my mind (as did my cock!) The youth nearly jumped out of his shoes when I spoke and with some difficulty managed to stuff his thick cock back inside his jeans, his face crimson. I couldn't believe my own voice, urging him to go in and fuck the arse off her, saying it was better than wanking. My own eagerness amazed me.

Entering the bungalow with him, I was nervous, wondering how my wife would react. I needn't have worried because after the initial surprise of our entry, she was game for anything, the fingering having brought her to a state of excitement.

His shyness vanished completely once he was in the room with the nude woman. While his fingers worked away busily between her wide-flung legs, Judy was writhing and murmuring in obvious pleasure to feel the strange hand there. They were both plainly dying for it and after a questioning glance at me, Tommy shed his clothes rapidly and mounted her. There was a brief fumble before his bottom was lowered. Judy moaned and I knew he was up her.

I wasn't surprised that he didn't last long and as soon as he had squirted inside her and rolled off I took his place, my cock slipping easily inside Judy's very slimy hole. I was pleased that he watched us making love. Afterwards, I saw that Tommy was erect again and asked my wife if she wanted some more. She nodded, a lustful expssion on her hot face. Murmuring that she wanted fucking from the rear, she got down on her hands and knees. I had always known that my wife was a very sexy woman but I had never seen her as randy as this.

I saw her reach back between her thighs to hold the lips of her cunt open for Tommy to slide his thick cock in. My wife's face was pssed to the pillow so that her moans and cries of joy were muffled. Tommy held her thighs firmly and I watched closely, unable to take my eyes off his cock as it drilled in and out of her. Eventually it was over and they collapsed on the bed. (I have watched my wife being fucked scores of times since but that first day remains the most memorable).

I had found the experience a terrific turn on and suggested that Tommy, a local lad, should spend some time with us during the holiday. My wife demonstrated a randiness hitherto unknown as she eagerly fucked with Tommy several times a day, virtually every day. In fact, he had her far more than I did during that time. We instructed him in the things she enjoys and he soon proved to be adept at cunnilingus, my camera catching the joyous expssion on my wife's face when he brought her off with his tongue.

I finished up with over 30 photos of them in action. The most exciting thing for me was to fuck Judy while watching her suck Tommy's cock, something we've repeated with more than a dozen men.

Not surprisingly, our sex life seemed rather dull after the holiday and so began the series of affairs which has led to 38 men having had the pleasure of fucking my wife so far.


Love Being A Wimp - Erotic Story

I've just let a mate from work fuck my wife and it was the most exciting experience of my life. Vickey, my wife, also thoroughly enjoyed it and she wants more, so I've arranged for John to come to our flat again tonight, even though we've just had him here all weekend!

John is a handsome Asian guy eight years younger than me. He has such a big cock - we've measured it and it's well over 10 inches long, and just over seven and a quarter inches around its girth. It puts my four inches to shame, and Vickey loves it almost as much as I love seeing it up her tight cunt.

Vickey and I are the same age, and have been married three years, although we've been seeing each other since we left school eleven years ago. Vickey is a very petite green-eyed, redhead. She's only 4'10" tall, but has a superb figure, 34c-26-35, and has the longest legs imaginable - what with her short skirts and high heels, they seem to go on forever. I've groomed her to what she was and her speciality is stockings. She's 27 now and knows what men like.

I've had voyeuristic tendencies since I was a kid. I've enjoyed watching couples at it every chance I could, sometimes in parked cars or in the parks. I'd even let my mate use my bedroom a couple of times to fuck his girlfriends. He didn't know about my wardrobe. It was one which backed through to the next room!

In the time Vickey and I have been together, I've loved spying on her and tossing off. When she found out, she wasn't annoyed at all, and she even went all out to help me enjoy my secret moments as it turned her on too. She would, and still does, dress up in the shortest skirts and wear dark or black stockings with high heels, and a see-through blouse with no bra. Vickey then poses for me by sitting on the lounge settee or laying on our bed, while I spy on her through the crack in the door. It's so exciting doing it like that.

When I was brave enough I told her about my escapades watching couples at it. After a little persuasion, she agreed to flirt with other boys when I brought them home. There was no question of them fucking her, it was just a tease by her to excite me as I spied on them. Sometimes, if she liked the guy there would be a quick kiss and grope session, but it never got out of hand, even if on some occasions she and I would have let it. We both got a big thrill out of it and sex was always great afterwards.

Then John came to work for us and soon got a reputation as a stud and ladies' man. Girls in the office were falling over themselves to date him, and it become widely known that he had a massive dong. He even bedded a couple of the married girls. The stock room was a favourite spot for his fornications. I was determined to watch him in action, so one lunch time I hid myself in there and waited until he arrived with his latest bit. She was a blonde woman in her early 30's and only recently married. God, it was a sensational sight seeing his brown body going up and down on her and her creamy white legs holding onto his body. But best of all, were the few glimpses I got of his massive brown cock powering in and out of her blonde pussy. I came twice while watching.

After that I was determined to see more, but never got the chance and I became frustrated. Then my thoughts turned to seeing my Vickey with him. Not thoughts of a kiss and cuddle, but thoughts of actually seeing him fuck her on our bed.

In the end, I confessed all to Vickey and told her how much I'd love to see her taking his big, brown cock. At first she thought it was a joke, a big wind up, but then she realised I was serious about it. She suggested we meet him for a drink. I was over the moon, even though she said nothing would happen if she didn't like him.

You can guess what happened, can't you? Vickey was very taken with John, and kept glancing down to his trouser front where the outline of his great cock could be seen. She was most impssed. She held my hand and said, "Oh God, Jay. it's enormous. Do you really want him to fuck me with that thing, because if you do, it could mean the end of you. I may really enjoy it and not need you any more. So think about it before we go too far."

I whispered that I had thought about it and wanted it to go ahead. I would love her whatever happened. John knew what he was there for, as I had dropped enough hints at work. When we slipped out to the gents, he said, "Do you really want me to fuck Vickey for you? If you do, I don't mind at all, she's gorgeous, but what about you?" I explained that I needed to watch him fuck her and would quite happily stand outside the bedroom and spy through the door at them. I also said that I fancied the idea of being dominated and humiliated by him and her and that I would willingly lick her pussy clean after they had fucked. I'd do anything else he wanted just as long as I could watch him fuck her.

He slapped me on the back and said that it was a deal, on condition that I did as I was told. My cock was so stiff I couldn't piss. I looked down at his as he pissed; it curved down almost into the bowl. He turned to me as he shook it and my trousers and shoes got quite wet. He looked at my cock and laughed, saying, "If that's all you've got, it's no wonder she wants me. It's so tiny, just like a child's..."

I looked down at his great swaying cock and really admired it for its size and strength. I was so overawed. But then I'd never stood before a master cocksman before. A man I was going to let fuck my wife that night.

We hurried back to Vickey and I gave her the nod. She became very blatant about flirting with John. The hem of her skirt was well above the tops of her stockings as she crossed and recrossed her long legs for his benefit. I was drooling at the thought of her being fucked by a much younger coloured guy. When I saw his hand go onto her legs and reach up under her skirt, I just couldn't stop myself erupting inside my pants! Both looked disdainfully at me, they both realised I had come my lot with no physical contact.

Vickey said, "You disgusting wimp, you've got no control, have you? For that you are going to suffer. "

We got home in record time. Vickey told me to wait outside the flat while they went in and got to know one another better. I was told to give her a call in about half an hour from the call box. It wasn't how I'd planned it but I had to comply. That half hour was the longest of my life. Vickey answered when I called, but told me to hang on a bit longer as they were not ready for me. They suggested I gave it another hour or so.

My mind was in a turmoil wondering what was going on up there, and my erection was awfully painful. I went up and stood outside the front door trying to hear what was going on. I could make out some muffled groans and the faint sounds of squeaking, I imagined it coming from our bed, but couldn't be sure. I gave it an hour before calling again, and this time John answered me. His words were, "Well, what do you want Jay? Come on ask me." I must have sounded a right little prat to him when I asked if I could come home. He had the cheek to say "You must beg me to allow you up." So I did as he ordered and I begged to come up. He just laughed and said to Vickey, "There you are, I told you he would," I heard Vickey giggle and say "Do you think he will do everything we want darling? Can you make him do it?" John boastfully said, "No sweat, he's more than ready to be obedient." He told me to get my wimpish arse up to the flat straight away as he had a job for my tongue. I was unsure what he meant and went up full of apphension.

When I went in Vickey was laid out on our bed in just her stockings, her legs were splayed apart and her cunt was hanging open all wet and flushed. Thick ribbons of what was obviously spunk dribbled from it, and she was panting hard, her eyes glazed and hooded as she looked at me. John stood naked, his cock hanging limp, but sticky, like a big, brown, slippery snake. He said, "Lick it, Jay. Lick it now or get out. Get over there and suck out Vickey, she's full of spunk. Go on, show her what a wimp you are and how useless you are to her."

I looked into her wide open cunt and saw how full she was, but I hesitated. Vickey cooed, "Come on Jay I can see you are dying to lick me, well get on with it, lick it all up." I didn't have to be told twice, I was there lapping away like mad.

Vickey lay back with her hand on the back of my head, gently pushing my face in deeper. She shuddered as she gave a little cry when she came off and it caused a flood of come into my mouth, it was all too much and I came in my trousers, again without touching my cock.

Vickey had had enough and pushed me away saying. "That's enough for you now, leave the rest to a real man." John laughed and ordered me to strip, which I quickly did. They both stared at my deflated cock. It didn't stay deflated for long and was soon at its full length again, but even then, against John's limp cock, mine looked insignificant.

As I watched her wank his cock it began to grow until it was at full size, all 10 inches plus of it! Vickey shyly giggled and said, "Now this is what you can call a man's cock." I felt intimidated and humiliated, but incredibly excited all at the same time. I knew that I was about to have my dearest wish granted. I was going to see John and Vickey actually fucking in the room and on the bed we called ours. I was going to see it all happen from only inches away. No steamy car windows or bushes to peer through. I was going to see it all for real, in the comfort of our flat!

I knelt at the end of the bed as he opened Vickey's legs wide, and pushed his massive Asian cock into her. Vickey was very vocal, she was begging him for it all. I was brought down to earth and had a twinge of jealously, though, when he proclaimed that he was staying for the weekend, and that I may as well wank as Vickey wouldn't be needing my tiny prick anymore. I had lost any feelings of shame by then, so I began to wank.

John told me to come round beside the bed so Vickey could see what a little wanker I was. She looked at me, and said, "Oh God, he's pathetic isn't he John?" Then her head went back as he drove firmly in and she groaned "Oh John, you're beautiful. I think I love you." Seeing the look of lust on her ptty face and hearing the way she moaned as John thrust into her, had me coming over the floor again.

John smiled arrogantly and said, "He's a proper little wanker Vickey, that took him just 30 seconds," as I came. He then beckoned for me to leave the room. That's how it went for the rest of the weekend, I had to wait on them and I had to stay undressed, I also had to sleep in the kitchen. John was insatiable, as was Vickey; she couldn't get enough of his thick cock. The whole weekend was great, but my high point was the three times I got to lick her cunt as he fucked her doggy style. I could actually feel her coming off on his cock and, after he had come, she sat on my face and I cleaned her right out.

The last time that weekend was great, and once I had finished, she lay back on the bed and ordered me to perform my own intimate act in full view of them both. As I did, Vickey belittled me. She was fantastic in the things she said, and, as I knelt there, I continued to wank furiously and came all over the floor. I so enjoyed what I did, I knew that if I'm told I will show my compliance again.

After John left, Vickey told me she had to have him again and to arrange a meeting. She also said I could write and tell you all about our weekend. She said it was all my own fault for letting her have John's big cock. She told me she really enjoyed his style of lovemaking and how good he was at recovering. She kept mocking me for being such a wimp, but she knows I enjoy it. She also enjoyed my oral performance and said she must see it again.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Vickey came off the pill for him. I think we both wanted it. Whenever they fucked together, I urged him on, begging him to fill her womb with his seed. When he had and I went down on her, I used to tease by trying to keep his sperm inside her, only letting a few drops past my tongue, knowing that the longer she kept it inside, the greater the chance of her conceiving to him.

And of course, his virile seed didn't need much coaxing to impgnate her. Within a couple of months she was pgnant. It excited me tremendously to think that she'll be having his little brown baby. Of course, its going to cause some raised eyebrows in the neighbourhood.

I know that after she has delivered, we're going to be having more adventures. John has promised to introduce us to some of his friends. Vickey is especially keen to try a really black guy and then we could have another addition to the family!



A Model Wife - Erotic Story

My wife loves posing for my camera and we have taken some very daring shots, but she never envisaged doing so for anyone else, although her figure is good enough.

A colleague from work, who is also a keen photographer, complained to me that he was finding it hard to find a model. Without thinking about what I was saying, I said that my wife would love to pose for him and I showed him some of the tamer photos I had taken of her. He was very impssed and asked me to arrange it.

When I told Rosie what I'd done she was cross, but I flattered her and talked her round to at least try it. She was very nervous and she had had three rum and cokes before we got to Peter's flat. Peter is a very smooth talker and he soon put Rosie at her ease. The generous measures of gin and tonics also helped.

He started by taking portraits. By the glazed look in her eyes I realized that Rosie was tiddly and I suggested that she take her dress off and pose in her undies.

To my amazement she agreed and I helped her take off her dress. Beneath she was wearing a suspender belt, black stockings and the sexy underwear I'd bought her for her birthday. The bra consistes of straps holding together two small triangles of material that barely cover the nipples. As my wife has rather large, firm breasts, it made them look more naked than if they had been.

The knickers consist of a triangle of material covering her mound but leaves her bottom completely exposed. Her rather profuse pubic hair could not be contained and it lined the triangle.

Peter's eyes glistened as he surveyed the delectable sight in front of his camera. He took a couple of rolls and then asked me to pose with her. Watching her posing for another man had made me so randy that I jumped at the chance and moved behind her.

My cock was as hard as a rock and I pssed it in between her bare buttocks. She responded by pushing her bottom back so that my cock was trapped between her cheeks. For a moment, forgetting where I was, I cupped her heavy breasts and nipped the nipples between my fingers. A bright flash reminded me that we weren't alone.

Rosie had closed her eyes and she was resting her head against my shoulders. She was breathing heavily and I could see she was very aroused. Holding my breath, I quickly undid her bra and took it off. She did nothing to stop me. I cupped her bare breasts and shaped them for the camera. Peter shot away as I tweaked the nipples into hardness. Then I undid the thong holding her panties together and it slipped down her legs, exposing her pussy to his eager gaze. Again, she didn't stop me, not even when I peeled her pussy lips back to expose the inner folds to the camera.

Peter knelt in front of her and took close-ups of my fingers pinching her clit. She was moaning and gasping and her bottom was squirming constantly against my erection.

Peter had to reload the camera and I took the opportunity to go for a pee. When I came back, I came to a dead stop and stood at the door with bulging eyes. My wife was stretched out on a table with her legs wide apart and, between her legs stood Peter, easing a colossal prick into her exposed cunt!

Before I could do anything to stop him, he buried the entire length of his rigid cock inside her. She moaned, gasped and raised her legs so that her heels rested on his shoulders. Her eyes were closed but by the expssion on her face I realized that she was loving being taken by another man.

He grabbed a breast in each hand and used them as handholds to shuttle her back and forth on his cock. Although jealous, I was also very excited and I approached her. She turned her head, opened her eyes and smiled at me lovingly. She raised her arms and pulled me down to her. We kissed, our tongues mingling together as Peter continued to fuck her cunt.

I could tell that she was climaxing, her body shuddered and writhed as she sucked wildly on my tongue. Her nails clawed at my back and she almost suffocated me with the intensity of her kiss. Only when she'd finally released me did I realise that Peter had spunked inside her cunt.

I was so randy by the sight of her open cunt, filled with his spunk, that I whipped off my trousers and rammed my cock into her slippery pussy. My cock went all the way in, in one stroke, as her cunt was so slack and so very wet. Peter's spunk dribbled onto my balls as I fucked her as hard as I could. It only lasted a few moments before she was climaxing again as she received my spermy donation.

I rolled off her, panting, my limp cock dangling. I went to get a towel to clean us up and when I came back I discovered that Rosie was kneeling on the settee with her arse up in the air and that Peter was ramming his dick into her pussy from behind. Loud squishy sounds accompanied his strokings. I could see trickles of spunk running down her legs, his and mine.

I picked up the camera and started taking photos of them fucking. It was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced and I urged him to change position. He did, many times, and I took a load of photos of her being fucked from different angles.

By the time he squirted into her for the second time, I was ready for more. I fucked her hard, frequently changing positions so that Peter could take photos.

Rosie was exhausted by the time she received my second offering. I helped her to clean up in the bathroom and took her home. She was rather embarrassed by her lewd behaviour but I put her mind at rest by telling her that it had been the most exciting evening of my life.

Two days later, Peter came round to our house with the developed photos. They were terrific and made us so randy that Peter and I ended up fucking Rosie at the same time, one at each end. She loved it and it was the early hours of the morning before we were too exhausted to keep going.

Since then Rosie and I have invited other men to photograph her and I have watched enraptured as they fuck her brains out before I join in for some hot sloppy seconds.



Cream For Pussy - Erotic Story

I would like to share a truly wonderful experience with you and in hopes that some of you will be able to shed some light on something I have never seen or heard of before. My name is Gina and I am 34 years old, my husband Julian is 36. We have been married for ten years and are in excellent condition. We are very secure in our sex-life. Julian is nicely hung at about seven inches and I get my fair share of lusty looks whether I'm in leotards, a bathing suit or street clothes. I have 36C breasts, a slim waist and Julian says the best arse and legs in London.

We own our own construction company and that is where this whole experience started. We've never looked outside our marriage for partners before. (We were both very sexually experienced in college before we met.) About two months ago, we hosted an open house at our office for some old clients. As the party progressed, everyone was getting pissed and one guy named Roger made several passes at me in full view of Julian. I rebuffed him each time, but I did appciate the attention. Later that night, Julian men tioned the incident and, out of the blue, announced that if I'd like to try Roger out, it would be alright with him. I was astounded, to say the least, but when Julian explained further, I became very intrigued and excited.

Julian told me that during the party he had met Roger in the bathroom while Roger was taking a piss and, without hesitating, Roger told Julian that I was the sexiest lady around and, if he didn't mind, he would love to screw me. Since Roger was drunk, Julian let it pass, but he told me that Roger possessed one of the longest, fattest cocks he had ever seen. Julian let the discussion sit for a few days, but the thought stayed in my mind and by the end of the week, I found myself having some very erotic dream s and ideas about Roger. Julian and I talked about it again and during one Saturday night of furious lovemaking, we hatched a plan to get me into bed with Roger. Julian would invite him to our house the next Friday, under the ptence of discussing a project we were planning and then be called away on business, leaving Rodger and me alone to our own devices. Should anything develop, we would catch it all on videotape. We have several hidden cameras in our b edroom, as we like to tape ourselves on occasion. I was nervous and very excited about the whole idea.

Friday night arrived and everything went as planned. I was so worked up that my panties were soaked all day long and my nipples were so hard and distended, I almost couldn't stand it. The word throbbing truly applied to my body that day. Roger was very polite and businesslike for the first part of the evening as I showed him the plans, but he loosened up after a few drinks and soon was making passes again. This time, however, he did not get rebuffed but instead found a hot woman urging him on. He finally had me up against the living room wall with his tongue deep in my mouth, one hand mashing my breasts and squeezing my nipples, the other up my dress, fingering my pussy through my panties till I could feel my honey running down the inside of my thighs. I broke the embrace and told him to meet me in five minutes which would give me time to get the video equipment running.

I stripped off my clothes and stood naked beside the bed, my hard nipples pointing toward the ceiling as I waited for Roger to come through the door. My nipples ached as I tweaked them and I could feel my pussy lips swell as I ran my fingers up and down my wet slit. When Roger walked through the door and saw me standing there like that, a low moan escaped his lips. "Well?" I said. He stood there for a moment, staring at this hot wanton woman and then he started toward me, stripping off his clothes as he came. He got down to his shorts before he lifted me up and placed me on the bed. He knelt over me, kissing and licking me everywhere, running his lips and tongue down the hollows of my throat and under my armpits, licking and biting my flesh. He tongued the underside of my heaving breasts and bit and sucked my hard, aching nipples. It was as if he couldn't get enough of me now that he finally had me. He pulled on my nipples with his lips and bit me gently, then harder, until I felt as if my tits and pussy might explode from the pleasure.

Without hesitation, his face dove straight into the folds of my hole. He spad my labia wide with his fingers, forced his tongue deep into my hole and began alternately screwing me with it and sucking my juices. Roger lapped at my pussy like a hungry puppy with a bowl of milk. He would flatten his tongue out and lick all around my mound, then suck and lick my outer lips from top to bottom. Softly, he would blow on my clit and then flick it with just the tip of his tongue. He would then thrust his tongue as deep into me as he could and worm it around inside me until I thought I might pull out his hair - and mine! I came three times before he switched to sucking just my clit. Then he placed a finger inside my hole, keeping his mouth on my love button. I lost it at this point, screaming and thrashing and cumming so hard that I finally fainted.

When I regained my strength I told Roger it was his turn and rolled him over on his back. I started by sucking and licking his nipples and caressing his crotch through his underwear, then I worked my way down and began nibbling his cock and balls through his shorts. When I stripped his underwear off, I found a semi-erect dick that was at least ten inches long and as thick as my fist. And I swear his testicles were the size of tennis balls. I kept myself from gasping out loud and went straight to work lickin g and sucking as much of him as I could, at the same time marvelling as his equipment continued to grow. By the time he was magnificently hard, his cock was twelve and a half inches long and seven inches around (I measured it later.) I was beginning to have doubts that I would ever get that thing in my mouth, much less my pussy, but I decided I would cross that bridge when I came to it and went back to work. I concentrated first on just the head, holding it inside m y mouth and working my tongue all over it and into the little pee-slit at the tip. I let my saliva drip out of my mouth until his shaft was good and slick and then began to work his cock up and down with my one hand and his balls with the other.

Roger was groaning low and making screwing motions with his dick between my lips, but I was the one in control now. I started licking his cock from the base to the tip, alternating my pumping hand with hard sucks on just the head, making popping sounds every time his cockhead left the tight confines of my lips. The small veins on his cock were standing out like little mountain ridges, while the large vein on the underside began to throb - it looked almost like another little prick attached to the bigger one. The heart-shaped head of his cock was glowing a reddish-purple, shiny from my saliva. I gently chewed and licked on his velvety tip, alternately slurping the p-cum drops from it with my lips and worrying his ever widening cum hole with my tongue. I do love to give head and Roger's moaning and groaning was really spurring me on. I wanted to taste his sweet cream, to feel it squirt over my tongue and down my throat. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for! As I furiously pumped and sucked his cock, mak ing happy smacking noises, his moans changed to low grunts and he warned me that he was about to cum. I lifted my lips to watch but kept my hungry, open mouth close enough to the tip so that I could catch his ejaculation.

I kept pumping him with my hands and watched in astonishment as his cock began a gentle, steady throbbing. His dick didn't jerk as hard as I had expected; it just began a rhythmic contracting motion as rivulets of clear juice seeped from his cockhead. His cum got more plentiful as it ran down his shaft and coated my hands and his balls. I quickly started to lap it up and found that it had a sweet taste I hadn't experienced before. I began to lick and suck him with a fervour, telling him that he tasted wonderful, which he did. Then his cock started to throb harder and I pulled back to see the clear fluid begin to arc out of his cock in a steady stream. I couldn't believe it. Roger's crotch, my hands and the sheet beneath his bottom were sticky-wet with this stuff - and he was still cumming. Roger cried out and I felt his cock start to jerk really hard. I put my lips back near the tip as the first jolt of semen blasted out of his cock. Roger was crying with the pleasure of his release and his cock was squirting thick, cream-coloured cum globs everywhere. I sucked on his magnificent tool for all I was worth, but I just couldn't swallow fast enough. Soon my breasts and face were dripping with his load. I continued to pump and suck until Roger's slick cock softened between my lips. I counted 14 spurts of cum but there may have been more. I licked him as clean as I could and moved up to cuddle in his arms for a while. As we kissed, I told him I thought he was incredible, but that I didn't think his huge member would ever fit inside my pussy.

Well he proved me wrong within the hour and I have the video to prove it. The vision of me on my back, my legs splayed wide with that monster-cock almost all the way inside me creaming my hole, never ceases to arouse Julian and me to extreme heights of passion every time we watch it. Roger stretched my pussy wide and touched places deep inside me that no man has ever touched before. Despite his size, he is a caring, gentle lover. Initially Roger was only able to get about four inches inside me, but with the flow of my juices and the release of one of his spectacular orgasms, he was finally able to fit more than ten inches of that lovely hardness in me. When his thrusting became lusty and deep, I could feel his fat cockhead kissing the entrance of my womb on each downstroke, and on the upstroke the friction made it feel as though his cock was sucking the air out of my body through my pussy. I was constantly cumming as I felt the nectar from my hole gushing around his hardness. When Roger came in me, it felt like a hot douche! Believe me, I now understand the meaning of the term 'well-shagged.' I know there are ladies out there who say cock size doesn't matter, but girls, I'm telling you that once you have had a cock like Roger's service you the right way, you'll be devoted converts.

That first night, Roger screwed me three times and I sucked him off twice. His ejaculation did get less copious each time but it was still a very impssive amount. Has anyone else ever seen a man cum that much? Even in porn movies I've never seen it. Neither has Julian. After sucking Roger off, I felt as though I'd downed a milk shake. I have made love to Roger twice since our first encounter. Once I caught his ejaculation (or as much of it as I could) in a large coffe mug. My experience has always been that my lover's cum with anywhere from four to six strong spurts, which, added to the p-cum fluids, isn't even a mouthful. Roger, however, literally fills me up every time. Neither my hungry mouth nor my hot pussy can begin to hold his cum. Roger is a very healthy bloke with no medical problems. He says he has always cum this much. I love him, but I also love Julian, so except for Roger, I will remain faithful to my husband. We just wonder if our experience is unique or if there are any more guys out there like Roger.



Long, Hot Summer - Erotic Story

I am 29 years old and my wife Sophie is 26 and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, with her 36-23-36 figure and short, copper hair. She has never worked in her life but despite this, she has plenty to keep her going.

In the hottest week of last summer, I had to go north to visit some clients and I told Sophie I would let her know when I would be coming back. I hated working in this glorious weather so I worked like hell and finished early. I didn't call Sophie to tell her I would be home a day early, thinking it would be a nice surprise and we could spend a lazy day in the garden.

I arrived back mid-afternoon and after going indoors and shouting to Sophie, there was no answer, so I went upstairs, dumped my suitcase of dirty washing in the bathroom and wandered into the bedroom. It felt good to be back and even better when I looked through the window and saw Sophie sitting on the terrace below me. I was just about to open the window and call down to her when a man appeared with a bottle of wine.

I didn't move a muscle as I watched him kiss her on the lips and it wasn't until he turned that I recognised him as a young man from Sophie's amateur dramatics society. Sophie looked stunning in a tiny green bikini and after giving this bloke an eyeful, she drained her glass and lay down on a towel on the lawn. He quickly joined her but I couldn't hear what they were saying, so I scooted down to the kitchen and peered through the blinds by the open window.

Sophie told Simon to take off his shirt and I saw that his body had more ripples than the sea. He lay back on the towel and Sophie grabbed some suntan lotion and massaged it into him, before removing her top and massaging her own breasts with oil, until her nipples were fully extended. During the next few minutes, Simon didn't seem to take his eyes off those delicious pleasure domes.

Sophie then told him to take off his shorts and let the sun get to his legs. His comment that he couldn't because he never wore underpants, only resulted in a squeal of delight, and Sophie promptly stood up and removed her bikini bottoms, revealing the brown bush that I had always believed no other man would see. She allowed Simon a lengthy look at her full frontal nudity, before she bent before him and pulled off his trousers.

Sophie never took her eyes off his erection as she picked up the oil and knelt at his feet. I admit to being glued to the spot with a full erection, but it wasn't until Sophie had inched her way between his thighs, applying oil to the top of his legs, that his cock must have completely stiffened. Sophie's eyes seemed to widen as she watched his cock hover over his belly button, then she wiped her hands and lifted it up.

I am quite proud of my seven inches but this man must have been a good two inches larger. Sophie started wanking him with one hand and caressing his balls with the other. She then lowered her head and her tongue flicked around his bulbous end and licked his sensitive underside, until the thrusting of his hips had her taking about three inches of him in her mouth. When his movements got out of control, she wanked him with both hands and it was only seconds before Simon's legs went rigid and, with a huge sigh, he dumped his semen into my wife's eager throat.

I watched them cuddle for a while but when Sophie's fluttering fingers failed to arouse any signs of life from the flaccid penis, she became annoyed and suggested that it was time for him to leave. I shot upstairs, grabbed my case and ran out to my car. I drove around for a while and an hour later, decided to ring Sophie and say I was nearly home.

When I pulled into the drive, Sophie greeted me in a T-shirt and shorts and after a very passionate kiss she told me to take a shower and she would wait for me in the bedroom. Sophie went through the same routine with me, without the use of oil, apart from the fact that when she'd swallowed me, her caressing fingers made me hard again in minutes. I was able to give her what she had been striving for all afternoon.

Nothing like that has happened since but I must admit I often think of Simon's big cock pumping into Sophie's mouth and I don't think I'd be averse to repeating the experience, pferably with me in the room as her lover pounds her pussy as well as her mouth.



Outdoor Games - Erotic Story

My wife Heather and I have been married for just over 20 years. She is a very attractive woman of 41, has a perfect figure with firm breasts, long shapely legs, auburn hair and green eyes. She dresses well and is always immaculately groomed. She has a rather haughty look, reminding one of a fashion model. Men find her very attractive, if the looks are anything to go by.

Most husbands like to think that they are the only men who have ever had sexual intercourse with their wives. Many are fooled, of course, but in my case I really believed this to be so. At least it was until one hot Sunday last July.

We had decided to take our picnic lunch to a secluded cove, about fifteen miles from our cottage. Leaving the car on the grass verge, just off the lane which leads to our cove, we carried the picnic hamper and video camera to the top of the cliff and made our way down the steep and somewhat dangerous track to the cove.

Even at the height of the holiday season, we find this particular spot deserted. Heather looked cool and beautiful in her summer dress and I began to think about filming her outdoors in the nude. At first she was reluctant to do so in case anyone should come down the track to the cove and surprise us. But after I had shown her a sunny place under the lee of the cliff where we would get plenty of warning if anyone should approach, she agreed.

In a few minutes she had taken off her dress, panties and bra and was standing before me completely naked. I put her clothing on a smooth rock behind us and soon I was engrossed in the delightful task of filming her in all sorts of provocative poses. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the bush of her gold-brown pubic hair glistened in the sun, emphasising the very prominent 'mound of venus' between her smooth, round thighs. I was beginning to get really sexually excited when, without any warning, a man's voice said "I'm awfully sorry, I had no idea anyone was here and I don't want to disturb your delightful film session."

Neither Heather nor I had heard him approaching and I noticed that she was very startled and embarrassed. Her face was scarlet and she had already turned towards her clothes, when the stranger, a man in his early forties, said in a quiet, cultured voice, "Please don't be embarrassed, my dear, you have such a lovely figure and it would be a shame to cover it up on such a glorious day as this. Besides, I came here to do some sunbathing myself and would very much like to join you both."

He introduced himself as John, a bachelor who had been spending a fortnight's fishing holiday on the island. He had pulled his dinghy up onto the beach in the next cove and had clambered over the rocks to our's to see if it was more suitable for sunbathing. I told Heather that as our new friend John had already seen her completely nude there was little point in her donning her clothes again. Having got over her initial embarrassment she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the unusual situation.

She was studying John closely, and as he was very good looking, she obviously liked what she saw. He was dressed very simply in a tight pair of pale blue canvas jeans, a navy blue T-shirt and a pair of canvas sandals. He was tanned to a deep bronze which accentuated the whiteness of his even teeth. His brown wavy hair was neat and crisp and he smiled at us with kind blue eyes.

I could not help noticing that as he had been talking to us, a huge bulge had appeared in his tight jeans and it was all too obvious that the sight of Heather completely nude was exciting him more than he wanted to show. I wondered whether she had noticed the bulge too. I glanced at her and saw that her eyes were fixed on it. She noticed that I was looking at her and she blushed and looked away from John. It was obvious to see she was flattered and excited that she had such an effect on men.

John asked whether Heather was a photographic model. We told him that we were married and that the film was for our own personal enjoyment only.

At this he seemed to take an even keener interest in Heather. I suppose he was wondering why a husband should tell his wife not to put her clothes on when a strange man suddenly appeared. This was a new angle to him and he wasn't quite sure what it all meant.

"Have you ever thought of filming your wife with another man to add to the interest and excitement of your films?" he asked.

"You don't mean one of those dreadful blue films?" Heather asked, with some surprise. He could sense she wouldn't approve so he chose his words carefully as he replied.

"No, not exactly a blue film, just a little heavy petting and love play, without actual intercourse taking place. In that way it would be possible to show off the genital organs of the couple without the film being in any way pornographic and it would be an acceptable film in any sort of viewers' circle among enlightened people. By the way, I never use fancy names, especially for sex. I called it intercourse now just now because I didn't want to shock you."

He turned to me. "Would you allow me to pose nude with Heather, so long as she agrees, David?" he asked.

I glanced at Heather, knowing full well that she would give me that look of disapproval but to my utter astonishment she smiled at me and said, "David darling, if you would enjoy taking a film of me with John in the nude then I will agree, but only on two conditions. The first is that he doesn't actually have sex with me. I mean, that he doesn't actually fuck me. Secondly, that we go somewhere else to take the film, I don't feel safe here any more."

John laughed, "I promise not to fuck you, Heather, if that is how you both want it to be. We could have wonderful fun just the same without going all the way."

We agreed to go somewhere else and to meet John at our car at the top of the cliff after he had beached his boat more safely. Heather began to get dressed and I noticed that she slipped her panties and bra in her handbag. She must have been thinking of our film with John and didn't want the elastic marks to show on her naked flesh.

We made our way to the car. When Heather and I were alone, I felt a bit nervous and apphensive, in case she should tell me off for allowing the situation to reach the point it had but again I got a pleasant surprise. She smiled at me coyly and said, "I'm doing this for you, darling, because I know it is what you want. I have guessed for some time that you would like to watch me being loved by another man and I take it as a compliment because you want to see me reaching my climax, a thing you cannot really do when we are having sex together. Also, I know it would excite you to see that I can stimulate another man sexually.

I smiled at her and gave her waist a squeeze. She had summed up my feelings but I also guessed that the sly little minx would be getting just as much thrill from the filming session as I would.

The safest place to go is where there is wide open moorland so that we can see for miles around and in that way no one could approach us without us seeing them," she said.

I agreed it was an excellent idea and when John had joined us we told him of our plans. We drove for some distance until we found a largish clearing in the bracken and heather where some soft springy turf would give us the ideal place for our film. The surrounding bracken and gorse would give adequate cover for Heather and John lying nude on the grass.

I put the two car rugs on the soft turf while Heather and John got undressed. Heather didn't take a second as she only had to peel off her dress. John took a little longer and I wondered whether he was purposely trying to excite Heather, as he took his time in taking off his jeans and finally his underpants.

I noticed with mixed feelings of envy and excitement that John had a massive cock. I was relieved to see he was circumcised because Heather had said when we were married that she had seen photographs of uncircumcised men and did,'t like them like that.

I saw that Heather was looking at John and her nipples were hard and protruding more than normal. The outer lips of her cunt were swollen and quite pink and were far more prominent and visible, in spite of the thick bush of hair between her thighs.

I directed them to lie side by side on the car rugs and to kiss as they fondled each other. In a second, John's tongue was in Heather's mouth and his fingers were seeking the cleft between her thighs. He began to gently rub his forefinger up and down the wet lips, sometimes letting it slip inside the cleft as far as it would go, and at other times gently massaging her clitoris which had become erect.

Heather had hold of his huge cock and was very gently massaging the loose skin to and fro. Quite suddenly, she disengaged her mouth from his and slid down on the rugs. She positioned her head by his cock and twisted her body round so that her crotch was near his mouth. She held the shaft of his cock with one hand, while the other hand held his heavy balls which she began to caress gently.

She began to alternately suck and slowly rub her hand up and down his shaft. While she was doing this, John's tongue was working overtime on her clitoris and inside the cleft of her cunt as he held the swollen outer lips open with two fingers. They both kept this up for some time until Heather again pulled away from him, and lying flat on her back, opened her legs as far as they would go, drawing her knees up. She held out her hand and drew John towards her, making it obvious that she wanted his massive coc k right inside her.

At this point I was trembling like a leaf with excitement and my own cock was as hard and stiff as a ramrod. I could feel the sticky fluid trickling down the inside of the leg of my trousers, making them wet and uncomfortable. Seeing what Heather wanted, John glanced at me. I smiled at him and reassured him with a sly wink and a nod of approval.

He didn't wait for a second bidding. In a second he was on top of her and I moved around to their side so the camera could get a better view.

He placed the great knob inside the lips of her cunt and slowly sank the full length of his shaft deep inside her. She gave a little moan. I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure but I saw that her outer lips were stretched and pulled upwards on his shaft.

I told them that I couldn't get a good enough view to actually film them as they fucked so they changed their positions. Heather lay on her right side with her back to John and he lay on top of her right leg and thigh, holding her left leg high in the air so that he was able to gain entry into her from behind and could reach over and massage her clitoris with his finger. I had a perfect view and was able to film every intimate detail of their organs as they fucked.

Heather started to wriggle and grind and at one time nearly lost John's cock, in spite of its size. She began to make little moaning sounds and I knew she was nearing her climax. Her movements became more and more frantic and suddenly John came inside her, just a fraction of a second before Heather. He continued to make a few more thrusts, but more gently, and as his cock plunged slowly in and out, I could see the sperm he had shot deep inside her being pumped out again along the shaft of his cock so that the thick creamy white liquid trickled down the inside of Heather's thighs, mixing with her own love juices and making her soaking wet between her legs.

The sight of this excited me so much that I climaxed like the explosion of a volcano and my own sperm shot out in great spurts. I thought it would never stop and I can never remember having had such a fantastic climax.

For a long time, John and Heather lay still, their bodies close together, but after a little while John's erection subsided and his cock slipped out of Heather. He kissed the back of her neck and she twisted round and pushed her tongue in his mouth. They kissed for a few moments more, then Heather got up rather shakily and came over to where I was standing.

'Thank you David, my darling, for being such a sweet and understanding man. I love you.'

I knew she did and was not at all jealous of what had just happened. In fact it had been a marvellous experience for all three of us and it would be difficult to say which of us had had the most enjoyment and excitement out of it.

On the way back to the cove, where John had to collect his boat, I asked him if he would like to come back to our cottage for the last night of his holiday. He said he would love to. Later that evening, Heather changed into a flimsy negligee and cooked us a delicious meal, while I served the drinks.

After we had helped Heather to wash up and clear away, she had her bath then John and I had our baths in quick succession and in a few minutes we were in our bedroom - all three of us completely naked.

Heather lay between us both on the bed and we caressed and kissed her body all over, then John positioned himself between Heather's thighs in a kneeling position with her legs over his shoulders and crossed around his neck. He grasped her buttocks and raised her up towards him and in a second his huge cock was plunging deep inside her.

I knelt straddled over her head, which was raised up high on two pillows, and as John fucked her, she sucked me off until I came in her mouth. Soon she and John climaxed too.

We lay down together and John and I kissed and fondled Heather for about an hour until we felt capable of making love to her again.

This time John and I changed positions. I took up my position kneeling between her thighs and fucked her whilst John knelt over her face and she sucked and rubbed his huge cock until he came in her mouth. She told us later that John's cock was really too big for her mouth and it had been rather painful to suck him off, but by licking the shaft and gently massaging his huge cock where she had wet it with her spit, she managed to make him come and then guided the head of his huge knob inside her mouth so that she could swallow all the thick sperm that was squirting out.

That night we did everything to Heather that it was possible for two men to do and none of us had any sleep. Next day we took John to the airport and we were both as sorry to see him go as he was to leave.

We have another date this summer when John is again spending his holiday on the island, but this time he will be spending the full two weeks with us at our cottage. We are looking around for a two or four berth cabin cruiser as this should prove to be an exciting location for our future filming sessions next summer, as well as a safe and comfortable place for our love sessions with Heather.

She said to me quite recently, 'Wouldn't it be nice if John brings a friend with him.' I looked at her, 'Wouldn't you be jealous, darling, if I fucked another woman?'

'Oh, I didn't mean a woman - I meant another man!' she smiled.

The chance encounter with John at our cove may well have stirred a sexual appetite in Heather which could prove to be almost insatiable. I certainly hope so, because since that day our own sex life has been more exciting for us than ever before.



The Hired Help - Erotic Story

My wife and I have had, throughout our 18 years of marriage, a very good sex relationship, discussing all aspects and indulging our desires and fantasies wherever practicable. So it neither shocked nor particularly surprised my wife Dawn when I showed her an ad in the personal column of a magazine and suggested contacting the advertiser. The ad was from a man who described himself as a superstud and offered to service wives with or without their husbands' being psent. It was the sort of thing we had sometimes discussed and Dawn had indicated her willingness to have sex with another man providing he was attractive and psentable.

The difficulty had been finding someone in the neighbourhood whose discretion could be relied on. We had decided that holidays were the best bet but up to that time had not met with any success.

To omit superfluous detail, I need only say that we arranged an initial meeting in a London pub and all parties being agreed, he booked a room in an hotel for the following weekend.

My wife was excited at the prospect of being fucked by someone as young and attractive as Cliff. He is a married man of 26 while we are both 42. On the day in question we travelled to London and our mutual excitement must have been obvious to anyone on the train, I should think. At the hotel, we were in the room next to Cliff and directly we had freshened up after the journey, my wife and I went next door to where Cliff was waiting.

Dawn sat on the bed at his side and removed her shoes, her shapely legs amply revealed as she raised each foot. Cliff kissed my wife's neck and I felt a tremor to see his hand slide up between her legs. Dawn parted them as I raised her skirt sufficiently to see Cliff's fingers delving inside my wife's knickers. At that point I went into the bathroom, knowing they were both hot for it and that this first encounter wouldn't last long. Now it was actually happening, I didn't trust myself to watch, deciding to wait in the bathroom until it was over. Of course, I could hear perfectly and amidst the sighs and moans I knew the instant Cliff's penis entered my wife. Despite an almost overwhelming desire to look, I remained in the bathroom while the mixture of cries, grunts and groans grew to a crescendo, and knew that my wife was receiving a really powerful shafting.

I was on the verge of entering the bedroom when Cliff came through to take a shower (the three of us were going for a meal later.) He had on a robe and I paused, suddenly keen to see the physique of this man who had just had my wife. When Cliff slipped the robe off I literally gasped at the sight of his penis. It was flaccid and slimy from its trip up my wife's cunt but my gasp was caused by its girth. It didn't seem, in the flaccid state at least, particularly long but it was incredibly fat and I stared at it with perhaps a touch of envy before going through to see how my wife had fared beneath the thrusting giant.

Dawn laid where Cliff had left her, sprawled on the bed with her legs open wide and the work of Cliff's thick penis was apparent from her gaping, sperm filled cunt. I had never seen my wife in such a state and I ran my hands over her hot and sweaty body, excited beyond belief at the condition she had been brought to by this other man. I listened eagerly as she told me how marvelous Cliff's lovemaking had been and how the thrusts of his thick penis had driven her wild. While my wife bathed, Cliff and I talked. His own wife was very uninterested in sex and after a chance encounter with a woman named Jane whom he fucked eight or nine times during a holiday, only discovering towards the end that he was being watched and photographed by her husband. We were the fifth couple to avail ourselves of his services.

We went for a meal and drink with Dawn sitting next to Cliff throughout. To an observer they would have appeared the couple with me a third party, especially as Cliff's hand would rest on my wife's knee for long periods or be squeezing her thigh.

Back at the hotel I witnessed their lovemaking, a phenomenal experience, before I returned to our room to sleep alone, my wife sharing Cliff's bed. In the morning they fucked again and then while Dawn bathed, Cliff made out a bill for his services. That was my idea.

I wasn't at all surprised when Dawn asked if I'd consider repeating the experience because her enjoyment and pleasure gained at the hands of her skilled lover had been very plain to see. My own excitement being equal to her's I agreed and after contacting Cliff, and learnt that he could fit us in in three weeks time, a weekend which happily suited us. The arrangement continues to this day and from his bills I can work out the exact number of times Cliff's cock has been up my wife. The score stands at twenty-nine fucks with me paying #5 a time. He gives various discounts such as in exchange for a successful bout of fellatio, he'll perform cunninlingus for free and as Dawn has developed a real passion for sucking his cock, it works out cheaper.

To finish this off I'll describe the session I had the pleasure of watching yesterday. It took place at our house where most meetings now take place although Dawn occasionally spends a night with Cliff at an hotel. Cliff was standing stark naked in the middle of our bedroom. My wife, having been stripped by him to just her stockings and suspenders, was kneeling at his feet. Her admiration for his penis was obvious from the way she handled it. Dawn kissed up and down its length. She was holding Cliff's balls and stroking them with her thumbs while continuing to work on his rampant penis.

Perhaps not many of you have watched their wife kissing, licking and sucking another man's penis but I can tell you its a tremendously exciting experience. Cliff's expssion was one of bliss as he stood with one hand on his hip, the other resting on top of my wife's head as she knelt between his legs. Occasionally, my wife paused in the sucking of Cliff's penis to kiss or lick his balls, always taking his penis back into her mouth afterwards and eventually sucking him off.

The next scene of note was Dawn laying on the bed, still clad in stockings and suspenders, with her knees drawn up and her legs open wide as she waited expectantly for the pleasure we both knew would soon be hers. Cliff moved onto her in a 69 and lowered his face between my wife's legs. She gave an exclamation of joy at the first contact of his tongue on her cunt and was soon wriggling in ecstasy as he licked at her tender folds of flesh. His arms were right around her thighs to hold them fully apart and he had his fingers spading and manipulating her pussy alongside his tongue. My wife clung to his waist, wriggling and squirming, crying out as she was brought to the peak time after time. Cliff swiftly turned around and as his buttocks sank between my wife's sweaty thighs, her cry of ecstasy sent a quiver of excitement through me. With a strange fascination I watched his buttocks grinding up and down in a regular motion, excited beyond description to hear my wife's ecstatic shouts every time his penis drove into her.

Cliff was really skillful, caressing my wife's thighs and breasts with his hands while his tongue and lips did their work on her face and neck. Sometimes his penis thrusts slowed, never quite stopping, as he endeavoured to make it last as long as possible. My wife was being driven to distraction by her expert lover and I could easily have felt jealous if I hadn't been in such a high fever of excitement myself. Dawn squirmed and wriggled beneath his thrusting penis, her yells ringing out when eventually, after what seemed an age but was probably only 10 minutes or so, Cliff pumped his seed into her. She remained on the bed long after he had gone for a shower, her sweat soaked body still heaving and her legs flung wide. Her blissful condition communicated itself to me and as I studied her gaping cunt I knew my wife had experienced sexual satisfaction as never before and so I gave her lover a bonus!



Lusty Video - Erotic Story

I'd concluded that a video camera, recorder and large-scale TV screen would be the ultimate way of enjoying the sight of my ptty wife, Sandra, fucking her backside off on screen. Imagine it, I thought, close up camera work, showing my throbbing tool delving where it loved, and multiple speakers around the room delivering the groaning sound accompaniment - we could pet and play with each other for hours using the playback!

I reckoned that there would be very few problems, as Sandra has a fabulous figure and had already posed naked for a few stills. Mates who had seen my wife's sultry pics reckoned she was model material. She saw the video, large screen and the rest as a way of checking out to her own satisfaction that she looked very good.

The actual problems occured after I'd found a friend to take the video shots and with whom Sandra was comfortable. She didn't want just any old pervert watching us fuck ourselves silly and seemed visibly pleased when I suggested Warren. The only problem was, handsome and liberal though he was, Warren hadn't a clue when it came to camera work. That showed up when we took the pliminaries - Sandra combing her long auburn hair and adjusting her little red basque and stockings. The guy couldn't focus, hold the lens still or decide when to cut to other shots.

Several efforts at re-editing didn't help and I concluded that I had more know how when it came to camera work than Warren ever would. Our friend should have been crestfallen, or at least apologetic, but instead, grinning awkwardly, he wondered whether he shouldn't do the cocking!! He argued as I sat there stupified, that whilst he didn't have the biggest dong, it was bulgy at the head, curved upright and he was good with fingers and tongue. He was sure he could get my wife off to a stupendous climax and the contrasting pale skin of Sandra and his own ebony skin, would be a definite video plus!

My wife must have been frustrated by now having stripped and fingered herself for the camera, because she said why not let Warren try! She felt lusty, and the video was about lust so let our friend pull out his tool and show what he had.

What Warren had was amazing. His cock was, I guess, two inches longer than mine, but a dirty great thick hawser of an affair. It curved a bit like a banana but a damned sight thicker, ending in a thick bulbous head that already showed beads of juice across its helmet. It was already throbbing and growing and my wife uncrossed her legs, visibly taken with the monster. Then she told me to get filming because Warren was going to be allowed to finger her and then we'd take it from there.

Grabbing the camcorder, I got the first horny pics of Warren's fingers dancing up and down my wife's gaping gash. She was holding back her labia for him and letting him tease with his fingertips, making her rock back and forth on his hand, moaning gently as she did so.

A minute or two of that and Warren was getting sure of himself, rolling across the bed onto his back and inviting Sandra to lick his glans. He held it steady as she slurped it like an ice-cream, delving the whole 'cone' into her mouth and out again, her lips caressing his shaft. A few more licks like that and she was desperate to ride the prong. She straddled his slim, yet well proportioned body, hitching up her short, skimpy skirt and lowering her pussy down onto its head. Of course, being professional, I got in close, very close. My camera took in the moment when his cock slid up her and we shared the muffled cry as she encompassed the big tool. Sandra didn't just sink onto him - it was too thick for that. She had to work her way down his manhood, bouncy and writhing, until his cock was snug up her sex and she was rubbing her nipples in frantic fashion.

She was squirming on his cock, massaging his shaft with her juices. Warren said what a shame it was that our film couldn't show the come shooting up inside her box!

Dirty talk led to dirty actions and Warren tweaked her clit, massaging it between finger and thumb. She was going daft, of course, and responded with violent bouncing. She was thrashing up and down at the rodeo when he arched upwards and let his balls belch out the come that surged and exploded through his shaft, into her belly.

It was only afterwards, when he dragged his tool, now semi-limp and forty minutes later, clear of her gaping sex, that I could see and record the wealth of spunk that he had delivered. Sandra pulled back her pussy lips so that pints oozed out, steamy and rich with seed. It covered her clit, hair, thighs and the cheeks of her bottom like a cream cake topping, and Warren freely took the camera when I couldn't resist licking her clean myself.

I must have lapped at her sex for ages but it still kept pouring out and I resolved to get a scene when Warren came his load over her tummy or similar next time.

If the video looked a little alfresco afterwards, it was also as horny as hell. The three of us watched it together and Warren cuddled my wife as she watched what she before could only have felt. Sandra felt it was the sexiest thing imaginable - to actually see a hunk taking you like that and they started to snog all over again. 'Do you mind?' she asked, indicating that I should begger off while they fucked through another rehearsal. I did so and they did so. It was recorded later, of course, like the events with two other friends, weeks later.


It's Not Always Size Which Matters - Erotic Story

Sometime ago my husband contacted a man, through a contact magazine, who was extremely well endowed. Ten and a bit inches and as thick as my wrist! Even when his cock was limp, dangling between his legs, it was longer and thicker than my husband's.

Like most men my husband was obsessed by cock size and he thought that to make it more exciting, watching me being screwed by another man, it needed a man with a freak cock.

While my husband sat in a corner watching and wanking, Dick, aptly named, and I started to make love. I really liked him a lot and so it was I who made the running.

I undid his trousers and brought out his cock. I'm sure my eyes must have been bulging out of their sockets as I watched his cock growing longer and thicker until it was stretched to its full incredible length. With two hands clasping the base of the shaft there was still enough hard cock uncovered to match most men's entire length. It was so thick that the tip of my thumbs and fingers didn't meet.

I was both scared and highly aroused to hold such a huge cock in my hands. I looked at my husband and saw that his eyes were bulging out and he was red-faced, furiously pulling at his much smaller cock.

I licked the huge cock from top to bottom and back again but when I tried to take the head into my mouth I found it too large, even when I opened my mouth as wide as it could get, so I had to be satisfied with licking it and taking a small portion of the dome between my lips. It wasn't all that satisfactory but as hard as I tried I just couldnnt get more of the head into my mouth. A great pity really, because I know my hubby would have enjoyed seeing it squirt into my mouth.

What made it even more frustrating was that he was clumsily fingering my pussy causing more pain than pleasure. Later he confessed that most women fled when they saw the size of his cock and he'd never had a satisfactory love affair.

I liked him a lot and decided that the least I could do for him was to teach him how to pleasure a woman. I taught him to suck my cunt while I licked his cock and balls but I didn't manage to get his cock all the way inside me. The most I managed, to get inside my pussy, was the knob and that was so painful that I had to ask him to pull it out.

In order to obtain some satisfaction I learnt to ride his stiff cock as if it was a horse, trapping it between my thighs and rubbing my pussy along its length, while the knob rubbed against my clit, until I climaxed.

It was pleasurable, especially when my clit rubbed against his shaft, but it left me with a feeling that I was missing something.

I wanted a hard cock to fill my pussy and feel spunk splashing inside me instead of having it blasting against my bottom. Having large breasts I also tried tit-fucking which was far more pleasurable for him than it was for me. Eventually he went home and my husband and I made love which was wonderful.

Now he let's me choose my partners and the biggest cock I've enjoyed was eight inches. His was much better, as I was able to take that one in all my orifices to the hilt. Hubby also liked watching me taking sperm in my mouth and pussy so that he could lick me out later.

He's encouraging me more and more recently and he's confessed that really huge cocks excite him most. He's told me that he wants to watch a black guy put me through my paces, especially if his cock is even bigger than Dick's.

Maybe one day perhaps, but I still prefer my eight-incher.


The Big Surprise - Erotic Story

For a couple of years now, I have begun to fantasize about watching my wife have sex with another man and just lately the desire to make this happen has been growing stronger and stronger. In my fantasies, the man is always a well-built coloured guy with the biggest cock imaginable. I fantasise that he allows me to play with his cock before I help him to insert it into my wife. I imagine licking and sucking their genitals as they fuck, playing with his balls as I rub my own cock and watch as he spurts his thick semen inside her until it runs down her arse.

My wife, Anne, is still a desireable woman at the age of 50. She has big, round tits, fat thighs, a big bottom and a thick thatch of jet black pubic hair between her legs.

She can still turn men on and when we were on the beach last summer she attracted many a lusty gaze. I have started to tell her about my fantasies and at first she didn't believe me, but now we are ptending that we have another man in bed with us when we fuck. Well, now it has happened! And it was the most erotic experience of my life. The fantasies were nothing compared to the reality and now that I have tasted this new erotic way of life, I want it to continue. I want to see my wife with him again, I want to watch her with other big-cocked men, especially strangers, men who haven't even spoken to us. I want to slide into her after she has taken a big load from a hunky black stranger and feel the spunk coating my cock. But I'm getting carried away with myself. Let me tell you how it happened.

After much coaxing, she agreed to go with me to a club near where we live and see if we could find someone. I was over the moon with excitement, imagining what could happen later that evening. The club was full of all the right material, lots of men on their own, plenty of them black. Anne had really tarted herself up for the night out. A really low cut blouse that showed masses of cleavage, tight, very short skirt, black stockings and suspenders and high heels.

She looked a bit over the top with the bright red lipstick, a bit like mutton dressed as lamb but my cock was raging. We danced a couple of times, Anne really showing herself off and when we sat down a few men came up to ask her to dance. Nothing much came of this until a big black guy sauntered over and asked her up. He looked quite rough and tough and in his thirties. Anyway, they danced a few dances and she was really turning him on with her body movements. He was looking from her to me, a smirk on his face.

When they came back to our table, I had a raging hard-on which the guy, Max, noticed. He looked down at it and smirked again. We talked for a while then Max went to the toilet. I followed him. I stood next to him in the urinal and looked down at his cock. I nearly flipped. It was like a massive hosepipe as he held it down to piss. He saw me looking and then he looked down at my modest penis. He smirked again. I tried to say something to him but I was too excited. I eventually stammered something about him coming home with us. He smiled at me and said he'd love to as he slowly stroked his huge cock, allowing it to stiffen a little before putting it away.

"I think you want to see a little more of this, don't you?" he said, reading my mind. "And what about your horny wife, does she want to see it too?"

I told him that we'd both love to get a proper look at it and my cock was hard again. When we got back to the table, Anne was sitting with her legs crossed, skirt riding high on her thighs showing some milky flesh. Max put his big black hand onto her exposed thigh and smiled at her. Anne looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I suggested we go home.

We piled into his car and it only took two minutes to get home. We went into the living room and he just grabbed her and started roughly kissing her, his big hands grabbing at her tits and roaming under her skirt. She was getting really excited and started undoing his trousers. I couldn't wait for the big moment and rushed over to them. As she knelt at his feet unzipping him, I pulled her skirt right up to show him her thighs and big bottom. His trousers fell and there was an enormous, ominous bulge in his tight, white pants. Before she could move in on it, I managed to get her blouse off. Max must have had a great view of her bulging cleavage from his vantage point. As I unhooked her bra to let her big tits fall free, she was trying to get his pants over his erection. I was behind her, lifting up her breasts, as his cock appeared. I was staggered. It was the biggest cock in the world, it was the thickest cock in the world, it was the most enormous, ugly great thing that I have ever seen. It was like a club. Anne went crazy, rubbing her hands along its amazing length. Suddenly the huge plum head was in her mouth as she slavishly sucked him. He stood above her, stripping off the remains of his clothes before standing with hands on hips, thrusting that massive black rod in and out of her mouth.

I was desperate for him to spunk but he had other ideas. He pulled out of her mouth and she lay back on the floor. He motioned me to remove her panties. As I wriggled them over her hips, she lifted her fat bottom to help me. When her thick pubic hair came into view his cock seemed to grow another inch.

My lips were dry as he settled between her thighs, his cock sticking out miles in front of him. I reached for him and when I touched his iron rod, he looked at me and smiled. I played with it, marvelling at the feel and the size and then I pulled it towards Anne's steaming slit. Her hands came down to peel the flaps apart and I rubbed the massive black head in her wet folds. Then he pushed forward and she winced as the huge head slipped in. He slowly slotted it home and then began a slow in and out movement that had her groaning. I got down there, licking at her pubic hair as I watched his huge black cock go in and out, about an inch from my face.

He couldn't last long this first time and as he stiffened and swore, I held his balls as he pumped his sperm into her. His cock became a blur and on the outward movement, I could see the shaft coated with spunk. He softened a little and it seemed to take a full minute for him to extract his still thick shaft from her cleft. When it finally plopped out, a flood of thick white cream followed and I clamped my mouth around her soaking hole. I was desperate to taste his sperm.

He soon had another raging hard-on and we all trooped up to bed. This time he took her in the doggie position so I was able to scramble under her heaving body and lick and suck at their organs as they fucked. The smell was tremendous, the musky aroma of her pussy and his cock smell. He turned her over into the missionary position and I laid my head on her bucking stomach as he pounded into her. This time when he came, he pulled out and jetted his sperm in a torrent over her pubic hair, thighs and belly, saturating my face in the process. We rested and dozed but they were soon at it again. This time, he wanted to spunk in her mouth and it was so exciting for me as he pulled his mammoth cock from her mouth and shot strings of sperm all over her face and into her mouth. I cleaned her off with my tongue before giving her a big wet kiss.

They did it once more in the morning but this time he left his cock inside her as he finished.

After he had gone, we were at each other and I slid into her hot, slimy hole. She was so loose after his pounding. I soon added my own contribution to his loads.

I told her I would love her to see him again and she says she is thinking about it. I've also said that I want to see her with other men. I want us to pick a guy up and see his cock up her hole within minutes of meeting him. This new lifestyle has so much to offer!


Short Stories - Erotic Story

1. Yearning for a Threesome.

One night last week my wife and I went for a stroll in the park. She said she had always wanted to make love out of doors but I said it was risky because someone might catch us. So she suggested the gent's toilet!

I went to check it out and found it was empty so we went into a cubicle. I've never known her get so randy before. Within seconds she had my zip down and was sucking me off.

Then she turned around, hitched up her skirt, took down her panties and said, 'Go on, take me from behind.' Well I didn't need asking twice. Then we heard a noise and a torch shone on a man's face. He had his pants round his ankles and his cock in his hand.

My wife said to him, 'You're not going to let something that big go to waste,' and the next thing I knew she had taken his huge cock into her mouth. Then she gasped, 'I've always wanted two men at the same time.'

I knew it was wrong but I was so randy and turned on, I agreed. The sight of this man's huge penis pounding in and out of my wife had got me excited.

She was wailing with pleasure and it wasn't long before I could feel her writhing about as she climaxed. But she still wasn't satisfied. She insisted we swap places. He took her from behind as she sucked me off. It really was a shattering experience, especially when he grunted and spurted his spunk deep inside her.

Now my wife wants us to have more threesomes and she's getting really kinky. I don't know how to stop her, I don't even know if I want to stop her, in fact I often think of that stranger pounding her cunt and spunking inside her. I can't wait for it to happen again.

2. Hot Holiday

My wife and I have constantly fantasised about having a threesome with another guy. Recently when we were on holiday, a combination of rest, change and the warm weather amde us randier than usual. I noticed that during the first few days, a young guy always sat opposite us in the hotel lounge or the pool area. I told my wife that it was obviously her shapely legs that were the big attraction.

On Tuesday night about a dozen of us went to a disco by the pool. Young Raymond, for that was his name, was also psent. He asked my wife to dance, and whilst they were dancing, the DJ put on a slow, smoochy record. They moved around the floor very slowly and very close together.

My wife, Jane, looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. I winked at her and she rubbed her hips against what was obviously a massive erection. As the record finished, Raymond excused himself and rushed off to the toilet. Jane whispered how excited she was and asked if I would set up a threesome.

I walked into the toilet and to my surprise Raymond was wanking the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was a good nine inches long and very thick. He tried unsuccessfully to stuff his cock back into his tight white pants. I told him not to waste it and to bring it to room 403 in ten minutes so that the lady who got it so big could empty it. I went back to Jane and we quickly excused ourselves before going up to our room.

By the time Raymond knocked nervously at our door, Jane had stripped down to stockings, suspender belt and high heels. Her firm breasts stood up waiting for attention. Raymond gasped as he saw the full glory of my wife's body. She took him in her arms and kissed him passionately. As their two tongues met, I pushed the two single beds together. They sank down and I stripped off and quickly joined them.

Raymond sucked Jane's upturned breasts as she removed his trousers and briefs. Now it was her turn to gasp as his huge weapon sprang into view. 'Oh its beautiful. Its so big, its almost frightening,' she said. I assured her that she would have no problem and we both fondled her tits.

Jane took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. I enjoyed watching her hand moving along its length. She tickled the bulbous purple head and ran her hand up and down the shaft. Her nylon clad legs were wide apart as she guided Raymond's hands to her wet gap. He looked at me anxiously and as I nodded my approval, he inserted a finger into her cunt. As he roughly finger-fucked her, I massaged her shining clitoris. Raymond lifted her legs into an even wider position and I knew that the moment of truth had arrived. I couldn't wait to see his big cock slide between her flaps and I silently urged him on. She grasped his throbbing cock and as he kissed her, he sunk himself into her sopping love tunnel.

He rode her like mad with his weapon slurping in and out. Jane's hips worked in time with his movements. Then she cried out in ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through her. Raymond's body stiffened and shook as he poured glob after glob of thick come into her body. I couldn't hold back either and as she wanked me, I came all over her tits.

We all laid back exhausted. Raymond kissed her cheek and slipped out.

The rest of the holiday was great, Raymond fucking her with abandon at every opportunity. We were quite sorry to come home but we have exchanged addresses with Raymond and hope to enjoy some more sex sessions with him.

3. Telly Watching

I knew that my wife Donna fancied the video man when he called at our home. She dressed in her sexiest clothes, flaunted herself and flirted openly with him. We are a couple in our forties, both randy by nature, and Paul, an attractive man in his forties, knows this better than anyone. He also knew our sexual pference was for trio sex adult video films and supplied us with these from his extensive blue video collection.

Donna had often mentioned to me that she climaxed most readily when fantasising about another man fucking her. She admitted that Paul sometimes featured in her fantasies.

When Paul brought one particularly torrid threesome film for us to view, we asked him to stay with us and watch it - and he did! All three of us were excited by the situation, and Donna in high spirits, plonked herself down on the sofa beside him.

Soon her skirt had ridden up showing her ample suspendered thighs. Paul slipped his arm along the back of the sofa and Donna sat back against it. Both he and I sat with straining hard-ons in our trousers as we watched a housewife being fucked by a largely endowed, slender man on screen. As we watched the film, the slender man on screen withdrew his thick cock and ejaculated all over the housewife while her husband looked on. When I looked back from the TV screen, Paul and Donna were kissing avidly on the sofa.

Rivetted, I watched Paul slowly caressing and undressing my wife until she was voluptuously suspendered in black basque, panties, nylons and high heels. They stood up together and he put his arms around her and reached down to grasp her bottom with his hands.

He kissed down her neck and pushed his lips towards her sensitive tits. As he sucked her large pink nipples, she moaned in time with the TV moans. Deftly his hand moved to undo the side clip of her black mini briefs and he withdrew them from between her legs.

He removed his own clothes and naked he positioned her out on our large sofa, his thick erect cock waving from side to side with his body movements. He opened Donna's legs a little wider, lifted one up so that I could get a good view and slowly eased his cock into her cleft.

I watched in close up detail the movement of Donna's cunt lips and toggle-like clitoris as he fucked her in different positions, each one giving me the most intimate view of the pair of them together. Paul finally struck a really fast movement so that his prick became a jogging blur and, with a shout, he withdrew his large, wet cock, which was already ejecting white spurts of spunk through the air to land on Donna's basque and thighs.

As Donna was about to move, Paul drove his still hard cock into her and, pinning her in place by her arms, fucked her hard and fast until she came with animal-like shrieks.

Donna loves dressing up for Paul and wears different erotic lingerie sets which turn him on. He is now a regular caller and has greatly brightened up our sex life!


French Undressing - Erotic Story

My wife Annie and I have been married five years, I am 42 and Annie 32. We have a great sex life and often fantasize when making love. Annie has a thing about younger men and loves to make up stories about going to bed with young studs - say about 20 years old. The glorious discovery of a new, young body. That wonderful moment of the first time feel of a naked man. These thoughts get her so horny. Could it ever happen? I sometimes wished it would. The fantasy of sharing her was so erotic.

We have just returned from a holiday in Spain and have been over what happened time and time again - we no longer have to fantasise!

We arrived at our apartment just after lunch and decided to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Annie changed into a skimpy bikini and went to sunbathe on the balcony while I went to do some shopping for essential provisions and a couple of drinks.

When I returned, I heard my wife's laughter throught the open doors leading from the lounge/diner to the balcony. Investigating, I found Annie seated with a bronzed young guy. They were leaning close together and obviously sharing a very funny joke.

"Ian, this is Paul from next door, he's French," Annie giggled. Our balcony was linked to the next with only a low, separating trellis.

I extended my hand and Paul, putting down the wine bottle with which he was filling my wife's glass, shook hands. He was staggeringly handsome, with dark blue eyes, blond curly hair and a fit, trim, muscular body. He was about 6'2". Pouch-like trunks barely concealed a bulging package of balls and penis that any man would be proud to show off. A true Adonis, he was in his early twenties.

"Paul is over here to take part in some wind surfing races," my wife explained. "Get a glass and join us." I went to the kitchen and brought back a glass which Paul filled. Although I had only been away for a couple of hours, my wife was already quite tipsy.

It was obvious that Annie was very attracted to this man, and he to her. My wife is a sensual woman with a slim, curvy body; full, firm, pert breasts; glorious peach-like bottom and long elegant legs.

Paul's English was excellent. He had a tremendous sense of humour and we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours drinking and chatting to him. I couldn't help thinking he would make a super stud for one of our fantasies. My mind was racing. Imagine that night... Annie and Paul... Would I really want it? The thought of it made my cock stir.

Annie's disappointment was obvious when Paul apologised for having to leave - he was meeting some friends later that evening. I too was sorry he couldn't stay, I found his empathy with my wife strangely erotic. And he seemed reluctant to leave.

"Trust you, " I smiled at Annie after he had gone. "Only here five minutes and you've got a male sniffing after you!" I joked.

"Wasn't he gorgeous," drooled Annie, "and that bulge - I could hardly keep my hands to myself. I've gone tingly just thinking about him. Just imagine if...." She stopped and winked. We both knew what she thought.

That night I lay next to Annie feeling so randy. She fondled my penis as I played with her clit, nibbling a breast. We discussed Paul. Annie admitted she found him very attractive. She squeezed me hard and leaned over me. "Do you think Paul would like to fuck me?"

I nodded, "I'm sure he'd love to stretch his penis inside you. What about a little fantasy, imagine him shaking with lust for you, cock erect." I coaxed.

I felt almost breathless with lust when she replied, "I don't think we have to fantasise - I think we could really do it with him! In fact, I know so." She stared in a peculiar way, as if she were a stranger, not my wife. Up to now, we had shared only harmless fantasies. I knew what Annie proposed, the real thing, was very dangerous.

"What do you mean, you know so?" I blurted. Annie bent down and ran her tongue along the length of my now erect penis. "I can tell he wants me and he knows I want him. I made it obvious, I couldn't help it," she said. She looked at me in deadly earnest. "Would you be jealous, you know, if he really fucked me? Can you imagine it? Just like we fuck. But Paul and me, our two naked bodies together in bed. His penis right up me. Me kissing him, urging him on to ejaculate inside me..."

I had to stop her, stop her fondling me and stop her sexy talk. She was bringing me to the verge of orgasm. I quickly pulled her hand away.

"Ooh, you nearly came, you randy sod! Just me talking about it! You'd love it, wouldn't you?" But then she warned, "It's one hell of a step for a husband to take, a step of no return. We couldn't undo it. You could never take away the fact that he had been inside me. That we had screwed. That he had filled me with his sperm. Would you really be able to cope with that?"

I knew Annie was testing me, trying to discover if I would really go the whole way. And she was enjoying it. She fondled me more, making sure I was still worked up, wanting me to say yes. The urge to go ahead and do it was unbearable.

"Well," she demanded. Annie saw I had doubts. "Isn't our love big enough for it?" The drink was talking. "Its not that. he might have some disease or anything," I mumbled.

Annie was ready for this one. She explained that he had a partner who was joining him next week. They'd been together for over a year. She was sure he was safe. 'He is very careful with partners." She was insistant. When she gets horny, Annie can be very insistant. "How on earth do you know all this," I asked.

"You were away nearly two hours, we talked a lot, we seemed to equate well," smiled Annie. "You know you'd love to watch him fucking me and there couldn't be a better time than on holiday. We can't get too involved in a couple of weeks. But would you be able to cope?"

I knew that she wanted him badly and I felt so randy thinking about it. They must have discussed it. "OK," I agreed. "I'm sure I won't be jealous." My hands were shaking at the thought.

"Oh you beauty," she sucked my cock, she was so pleased. "But how are we going to set it up?" I asked.

"Just leave him to me," exclaimed Annie. I was now so worked up I had to screw and I moved over my wife to make love. But she pushed me away, saying we should stay randy for Paul. And she wouldn't discuss it anymore. She wouldn't tell me anything more about their conversation.

To cut a long story short, Annie was knocking on Paul's door at 11 the next morning - to borrow some coffee. She wore only her tiny bikini. There was no answer to her knock so she went around to the balcony, crossed the trellis and knocked on the patio doors. Then she disappeared inside.

She returned about 10 minutes later, a big bath towel wrapped around her, looking breathless and flushed. "What the hell have you been up to, why the towel?" I demanded, eager to find out why she was so long.

"Oh Ian, he is terrible. He was in bed, I woke him up. He said it would cost me." Annie was flustered.

"What did it cost you?" I couldn't wait to hear what had happened, my knees felt weak. A randy, nervous jealousy mingled with lust, engulfed me.

"He wanted a kiss. He got out of bed and kissed me. He was so good. Soon his hands were everywhere, he undid my top, tickled my nipples then asked me for my bikini bottom. I had to, I couldn't help it. He was standing next to me in his pyjamas. He took my bottom down. Then he was pssing against me - it got so big - it was poking out so hard and white and smooth with a big, red end. And he wouldn't give me my bikini back. He just told me to come back here and he would join us in a minute. I think he was wo rried that you may not be a willing party to all this. I told him it was OK but I don't think he was sure." Annie rushed out her story.

Before I could quiz her about it, Paul was on our balcony. "Your sexy wife forgot her bikini," he smiled, walking through the open door. "You really must stop your beautiful wife jumping out of her clothes for strange men," laughed Paul.

I smiled nervously as I eyed him. The room was hot, no air conditioning. The atmosphere was electric with sex. Paul was so sure of himself, almost cocky! My body felt weak, butterflies in my stomach, hands shaking. The delicious feeling of a mixture of jealousy and lust was now unbearable. When a woman gives a man her body, she gives him her whole being - the ultimate gift - total intimacy. This was leading to exactly that. This man was going to take my wife.

Paul was an extrovert. He took charge. "Come here, my little sexpot, I would like my towel back and you won't need these," he whispered, tossing me her bikini bottom. Annie walked to him like a robot. He pulled away the towel and she stood naked, facing him, her back to me. Her fabulous hour-glass figure, firm round buttocks, wide hips, narrow waist - all now on view to both of us. Paul's eyes roamed her body.

Paul claimed her with a kiss. He took her face between his hands and kissed her. They exchanged tongues. His hands slid to her shoulders, feeling her flesh as they slowly, so slowly, travelled down her back to her waist, then on to grip the firm globes of her bottom, pulling her to him. Their bodies pssed tightly together, my wife's pelvis undulating against him, encouragement to his erecting penis.

My mind was racing, I visualized this beautiful man screwing my wife, lying between her legs, buttocks thrusting. My cock was erect. I moved round to get a better view. Then Paul pulled away slightly and bent to nibble Annie's nipples. She sighed. She held his head to her breasts. Paul deftly pulled a string at his side and his trunks fell away, releasing the pssure on his captive penis. It flopped forward, half hard, an awesome, thick penis with a bulbous head, half covered with foreskin.

"I'm going to give you something you'll remember," breathed Paul. "Oh Paul," is all Annie groaned, her hand looking so small against the rod of flesh she fondled, the foreskin now stretched back behind the bloated head.

Paul slid down, running his tongue over my wife's flat tummy, palying with her navel, down to the thick, black, triangular thatch of curly, pubic hair. He was now sitting between her legs.

Holding her bottom with one hand, Paul spad open the slit of Annie's cunt with the fingers of the other, parting the petal shaped lips and seemed to bury his face in the hairy mound. Her pussy was now HIS pussy. He sucked her clit, furiously. Annie lowered herself slightly into a half crouch to give him better access. Soon she was moaning loudly, almost wailing, holding Paul's head for balance, one second her head thrown back, the next staring down at her stud.

Paul was now sitting upright on the floor, his legs outstretched between Annie's, his enormous erection pointing upwards from his lap. He was so experienced! He sensed her imminent orgasm. He was holding her pussy against his face with two hands cupping her buttocks. Slowly, he lowered her down onto his throbbing prick. Penetration seemed automatic, marked by a sigh from Annie and a groan from Paul. It was so exciting for me to watch his huge cock slide between her wet lips.

Sitting upright, arms around Paul, Annie started grinding herself into his lap. Her arms hugged his body, hands gripping his back, her pelvis undulating wildly. Desperate in the urgency of her orgasm. Paul hardly needed to move, such was her frenzy, but move he did. He was almost there too. He jerked his pelvis up and down as best he could, with Annie impaled on his joystick. Paul reached between their bodies to rub my wife's clit, maximising her orgasm. She cried out, stiffened her back and rode on Paul as he gripped her buttocks, lifting her up and down on his erection.

Paul was now coarse and Annie loved it. She screamed obscenities. In the final throes of her orgasm, he pushed her back onto the floor, falling forward over her, thrusting into her as he lay down on top of her. He was wild, she loved the onslaught, satiating her after her orgasm. She clutched at him as he cried out in ejaculation, spurting a flood of sperm into her.

"There, there," she cried, "give me all your love... let's squeeze it all out."

They lay sweating in the heat, clinging together, kissing. Paul pssed into my wife occasionally as she clenched her vaginal muscles, both savouring the after sensation of orgasm. Paul's great king cock (as Annie calls it), thick and sticky, throbbing within her.

Even to a woman recovering from a fabulous orgasm, a 6'2" hunk of a male becomes a little heavy when it has you sandwiched against a hard floor.

"Let's go somewhere a little more comfy, darling," she said, kissing Paul's nose.

There was a strange sucking noise as Paul pulled out. Annie giggled. Then she stared in astonishment. I was staggered. Although it was semi-flaccid, it was enormous, sort of bloated. It swayed as they walked to the bedroom. Annie asked me to bring drinks.

It only takes a minute to open a bottle of wine. Long enough for a sexy woman to get a young stud erect, even just after he has fucked her. Especially when it was only the first time. When I returned, they were meshed together, thrusting, sweating, lost in each other. They took much longer this time before Paul poured more thick cream deep into her womb.

Our holiday continued in this way, Paul fucking Annie into oblivion while I watched and wanked. What a holiday!


An Even Bigger Surprise - Erotic Story

You may remember I told you about the first time my wife had another man and how exciting it was for both of us. I was determined to see it happen again and kept reminding Anne of Max's big cock and how he had fucked her silly. She just laughed and said I was weird and how if she took much more big cock then she wouldn't be able to feel me inside her.

It was only a matter of time before it happened again and it was a very similar situation. We had gone to a club and when I went to take a leak there was a huge black guy in there. He must have been six feet six and built like a brick wall. I stood next to him and looked down. I couldn't believe what I was looking at - it was even bigger than Max's had been. I stared with open mouth and the guy saw me looking. He laughed and asked if would like to hold it for him while he pissed. As though in a dream I reached for the hosepipe and I played his piss around the bowl, feeling the heat from his huge rod. I shook it when he had finished but he said I should lick it dry. Again I obeyed, dropping to me knees and taking the knob into my mouth, tasting the fresh juice as he worked it in and out.

He began to swell up and then pulled out. I got up not knowing where to look and then blurted out something about joining my wife and I for a drink. He smiled again and followed me out. When we arrived at the table, Anne gave me a filthy look and then began to eye the guy up. She looked ptty horny, decked out in short skirt and high heels. From the way she was sitting you could see her stocking tops and her bulging black bra was easily visible through the thin material of her blouse. Our thirty year old friend was clearly impssed by her mature 50 year old charms.

I just wanted to get out of there and get down to business but they kept chatting and he became more familiar, touching her body all over. Errol looked enormous beside Anne and I pictured him lying between her thighs, thrusting into her. I couldn't wait any longer and suggested we head home.

They got in the back of the car while I drove. I kept looking in the rear mirror, watching them kissing and fondling each other. Her hand was in his lap rubbing his erection and telling him how big it was. He said something to her and she laughed, saying it felt about three times the size of mine. He had a hand under her skirt and must have been easing her panties aside because he commented on how hairy she was. She giggled and said that he'd be able to find a way through.

By the time we got home, I had a raging hard on. Errol was very masterful, commanding me to undress my wife. With every garment that I removed, I posed her so that he could get the best possible view. When her big tits fell free he reached for them with a smile of satisfaction on his face and when I tugged her knickers down, he laughed out loud, saying, 'Wow! What a hairy beaver!'

She kept her stockings, suspenders and heels on and then he ordered me to do the same for him. I complied eagerly. It was so exciting for me to reveal his hard, muscular body to Anne. When I pulled down his pants, his enormous black prick sprang up and hit me in the face. It certainly was bigger than Max's and thicker too. Pre-cum coated his cock head and I smeared some down the shaft.

He then ordered me to strip off. Anne laughed when she saw us both naked together. She told me to hold our cocks together so she could compare. I was really excited when I held my cock against Errol's. It was easily twice the length of mine and much, much thicker. 'Errol, it is just SO big,' laughed Anne. She dismissed me with a flick of her hand and sank to her knees. She looked up at him, her nipples like bullets as he played the head across her face. Every so often, she would poke out her tongue at the huge head. I was beside myself with lust and I reached for his cock, wiping the head all over Anne's face, the pcum leaking from the end and smearing her. His cock smell was overpowering and I told Anne to open her mouth. She did as I asked and I pulled the knob to her lips. As I removed my hand, he slid the whole thing down her throat before my eyes. It was just so exciting.

Then he ordered me to lie down on the floor and told Anne to get on top facing my feet. Her huge arse cheeks were spad wide as I slid inside her. Then Errol was above me and I suddenly felt his enormous cock push into her alongside mine. It felt so good to rub against his shaft as we both moved in and out of Anne's hole. I was able to play with his huge balls as we fucked. Then he pulled out and ordered me out as well.

Anne was on hands and knees, arse thrusting into the air and Errol was poised above her, his cock looking enormous. He then ordered me to peel her flaps back and then he plunged into her as she squealed. His huge cock was a blur as it pistoned in and out and I tried to hold onto Anne's flaps. I was urging him on telling him to fuck her silly. I wanted it to go on and on but I was also desperate for him to spunk. Suddenly he roared, Anne screamed and I groaned as he began to unload inside her. It was so exciting for me to be so close while it happened and I came without touching myself.

He seemed to go on spunking for ages and I knew Anne was receiving a very heavy load indeed. Gradually he subsided and slowly drew his still engorged prick from her sheath. When it popped out, a string of sperm connected his cock with her pussy and hovered there until it gradually broke. I was still holding her flaps apart and his sperm was beginning to run out like a small river. It ran down and matted in her pubic hair. I reached down and began smearing it all over her arse and cunt. Still more thick cream was emerging from her hole and I continued to play with it. I stuck my tongue into the sticky mess and was rewarded with a mouthful as yet more cream escaped from her.

We all went up to the bedroom where Anne enthused over her new lover. She told him he was the best ever and she also told me that I didn't know how to fuck with my little cock. She said I needed a bigger one. Errol laughed and picked me up from behind like I weighed nothing at all and stuck his black cock between my legs from the back. Anne burst out laughing at my new black cock. She came up to me, dropped to her knees and took the black knob in her mouth. I looked down and it was like she was sucking me. Errol groaned as she tongued him and thrust his cock through my legs even more.

He was panting close to my ear and he told me he was about to come again. I looked down just in time to see the black cock jerk in my wife's mouth as he flooded her. Again I came without touching and squirted all over her face as she attempted to swallow his second load.

We have seen Errol many times since. Every time he comes, they humiliate me more and more. They have done everything together. He has fucked and spunked into every hole she has and twice, while she has been in the bath, Errol has stood over her to take a leak while I hold his rod to direct the squirts where he wants them.

I must admit that I have become obsessed with watching their nasty games and I just adore cleaning her up after Errol has finished with her.

I think this new lifestyle is going to continue for many years to come.


Sexy Belly - Erotic Story

My wife has recently started working here in Copenhagen as a nightclub and restaurant belly-dancer. She learned belly-dancing as a means of overcoming shyness and because she likes the way it promotes the rounder, more womanly type of figure, which I can honestly say that she has. She says that this form of dancing allows a woman to expose herself in a way not usually possible nowadays; to display her body, breasts, belly and hips in an erotically charged dance for the benefit of both men and women, and most of all for the dancer herself.

During her act, it is usual, if not obligatory, for the audience to place money in her costume - in her bra, between her breasts, or inside the belt which my wife wears as low as possible, way below her hips. In fact, she only just covers her thick black pubic bush with the belt as she likes to expose as much of her smoothly soft brown belly as possible for the enjoyment of the onlookers.

My wife, Sophia, has become quite an exhibitionist recently as she loves to dance from table to table and shake her hips or breasts at a member of the audience, or stand rolling her delicious belly only inches from someone's face. She even lets them kiss her bare midriff or explore her deep, dark navel with fingers or sometimes even the point of a tongue.

I, of course, am very proud of her and, I must admit, rather jealous when I see the unmistakeable look of pleasure on her face when one of the guests rubs her undulating abdomen with his hand or licks her belly button with his thick, wet tongue. I have now naturally accepted the fact that many a man has got his hand on her fine brown stomach when she dances, and even gotten used to the obvious thrill that this gives her. But recently an incident took place which I neither can, nor want to, forget.

It was on the evening of her boss's birthday. He had a private party in the restaurant with only specially invited guests, and the evening's entertainment was to star my lovely wife Sophia, in more ways than one! The night progressed and suddenly the music commenced and there she stood in the spotlight, my wife, jewelled, bangled, bare bellied and gorgeous. She started to dance to the Arabic music and after an energetic display of Turkish, the guests whispered something to her. At first she shook her head, but as they insisted, she eventually seemed to give in and, to my surprise, lay on her back on the dining table right in front of her 69 year old boss!

Before I could react, a bottle of red wine was produced, opened, and some of the red liquid poured into my prostrate wife's navel! So this was to be the climax of her show, I thought. The old man was to sip red wine from my wife's belly button! Her boss slurped up the wine lecherously, taking care to lick much of her soft abdomen in the execution of this duty, but it didn't end there. One by one, the male guests lined up and received the wine from my wife's navel, after which she danced yet again. I spoke to her and asked if she didn't think that the party was going a bit too far, at which she just laughed.

'You're just envious of all those men licking my little belly, aren't you?' she said. It was true, no husband can sit through such a sight and remain calm. After a while, I began to wonder where Sophia had got to, so I asked her musicians who told me that she was resting and that I wasn't to disturb her. However, I decided to go and look for her. As I went deeper into the back of the restaurant I could hear laughing and sighing coming from one of the rooms and as I went in, I just froze with a mixture of surprise and, I am ashamed to say, pleasure.

My 33 year old wife was dancing bare breasted in front of about a dozen semi-naked men, many of whom were openly masturbating. her breasts shook, her belly undulated and the men reached out all the time to take handfuls of her rich flesh! My own cock, by this time, was swollen to bursting point. As I stood there, one of the younger onlookers actually beckoned for Sophia to go over to him, whereupon he ejaculated over her bare stomach and breasts, hitting her square in the navel with one thick spurt of semen , one of many. She stood smiling with the thick, sticky seed of a man running down her belly! Then the whole room just went wild!

Sophia was spad on the floor as the men lined up to take turns fucking her. Even now I can hardly believe it. They fucked her like animals, one after the other, ejaculating inside her abdomen, thick, rich sperm, filling her to overflowing. The belly-dance is a celebration of female fertility, but this was ridiculous! She was loving it too. I had never seen her so wild, so possessed of orgiastic sexuality. She came and came and screamed out obscenities to her fuckers. 'Fuck me, oh yes, all of you, fuck me ... fill me with your seed ... empty your big fat balls into me!' She even swallowed semen.

Some of the men did actually have very large penises and one of them, a fat bald man of about 50 had balls the size of duck eggs, perhaps even bigger! When he reached his climax, he withdrew his fat cock with a plop and squirted what seemed like a pint of the thickest, whitest sperm you could imagine, like cream only thicker. Sophia's tits, belly, thick pubic hair and thighs were completely covered in this amazing man's seed. It ran over the sides of my wife's belly in streams and filled her deep navel like a lake. Out came the cameras and before I could stop them, they were taking snap after snap of my wife's debauched nakedness, a river of seed running out of her slit, forming a pool on the floor.

Afterwards, she got dressed and followed me out to the car. When we got home she said nothing, just changed her semen-soaked clothes and went to bed, still full of the spunk that they had all pumped into her! On Saturday night Sophia is going to a stag night to belly-dance for them. I can't wait to watch her in action again!


Closet Voyeur - Erotic Story

For some time I tried to interest my wife in screwing another guy while I watched, but nothing worked. She refused even to discuss it, and I really didn't know what to do. Then, I read about a guy who hid in a closet and arranged to have his wife and a male friend of theirs review a blue movie together, which led to her and the friend screwing together.

I figured that it couldn't hurt to try the same plan and it worked. My wife is a blonde with big tits and a tiny waist. She's thirty-three years old and, even after two kids, she turns heads. I noticed long ago that she always got the eye from my neighbour who is also my drinking and fishing mate, whenever he was visiting. He was always trying to be close to her and touch her and he was always making sexy remarks to her. One night, while we were having a few drinks, he told me how lousy his sex life was with his wife and how randy he was feeling. I said I was in the same boat and always wanted to do things that my wife wouldn't. Then I asked him if he would like to help me change things. He almost choked as I explained my plan.

When he realised I was for real, he became very excited - and was eager to help. The following Friday night, while the kids were staying overnight at their grandmother's, my wife and I shared a few glasses of wine before I 'left to attend a business meeting in town'. Actually, though, I only went upstairs and hid in the hall closet.

About an hour later, my friend Joe rang the bell and Chris, my wife, let him in. He told her that he'd bought a new video tape and wanted to show it to me. When she said I wasn't home, he asked if he could watch it anyway on our machine, explaining that his was out of order. She reluctantly agreed, but after he kidded around a bit with her she seemed to relax. They went into the living room, where he asked her to help him start the tape. Chris got the video going and watched a few seconds of it.

It was about a husband who comes home, finds his wife in bed with another woman and joins them for a threesome. It started out with some good scenes of the two women licking and sucking each other. Chris saw several minutes of this action before she left the room She kept returning every few minutes, though, and each time stayed a little longer. From the closet I could see her clearly and I soon noticed that her nipples were hard and her breathing was growing heavy.

Eventually she sat on the edge of the couch next to Joe as she continued watching the video. Joe inched closer to her until he put his arm on the back of the couch and dangled his hand over her shoulder. She didn't move away so he got bolder and brushed her tit with his fingertips. Chris's nipples are very sensitive. When Joe felt how hard they were, and when she didn't say no, he started to pinch them lightly. He kept pinching and then stroking for a while and then started with his other hand to caress her bare thigh below her shorts. When she still said nothing to stop him, he slid his hand slowly up her leg toward her pussy. When he reached the top of her thigh, she stopped him. But she didn't stop his other hand, so he began massaging her tits with both hands.

A few more minutes passed before he unbuttoned her blouse, reached inside her bra and played with her on even more intimate terms. I was going nuts from watching this. I couldn't help but pull out my cock and start tossing myself off. Chris, meanwhile, snuggled against him and he pulled her bra up over her tits. He kissed the back of her neck and resumed pleasing her nipples.

I heard her tell Joe to wait a moment, and she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and took it and her bra off. There she sat, breathtakingly naked from the waist up, in front of another man, letting him play with her tits. I almost gasped aloud when she pulled his head down and shoved one of her breasts into his mouth. This was more than I could take and I came off for the first time, soaking the closet door with my hot spunk.

Joe was going crazy, sucking those big 36D tits, and Chris was leaning back, sighing and moaning with pleasure. He soon put his hand back on her leg - this time with no objection from Chris - and ran it up to her fanny. After about a minute, though, she nudged his hand away. Just then, the actor on the tape started to eat out one of the actresses and Joe got an inspiration. He started to eat his way slowly down Chris's stomach, all the while pulling on her nipples.

He got down on the floor in front of her and began to lick the inside of her thighs, first one and then the other. She gradually spad her thighs, finally allowing him easy access to her pussy, which he was soon biting lightly through her shorts. Chris then leaned back and began playing with her tits while Joe kept eating at her crotch. She would watch the tape, look down at Joe and then look back at the tape. Her crotch became soaked with Joe's saliva and her own cunny juices.

Suddenly the tape ended. I thought it meant an end also to Joe and Chris getting off together, but she stood up and took off her shorts and panties. Then she stepped forward, grabbed the back of Joe's head and pulled it hard against her twat.

By now I was so excited that I shot my second load. Seeing my wife naked in front of another man was more of a turn-on than I'd anticipated! Joe was hugging her around her arse and pulling her pussy into his mouth. He wildly licked and sucked it. Chris was so excited that her knees buckled and she fell back on the couch with her legs wide apart, letting Joe eat her until she came.

While she lay there, moaning and flopping around, Joe jumped up and ripped his clothes off. His cock was rock hard and standing out straight. Without a word, he lay on top of her and guided it into her soaking pussy. He started pumping his cock in and out of her as fast as he could, until she was screwing him back. Her head went back, her legs came up and she started to moan again as she pushed against him. They came off together in about two minutes.

Seeing that, I orgasmed for the third time. I hadn't climaxed so much in years, but the excitement of seeing my beautiful wife bonk someone else was just too much. Joe was still lying on Chris with his cock in her when she pushed him off and began to cry. Joe sat up and tried to comfort her. He started to kiss her and she put her arms around him and kissed him back. His cock was still hard and standing up between them.

She reached down and played with it while she rubbed against him and kissed him. They flopped back down on the couch and he began to finger her pussy while she stroked his shaft. I heard her say that she wanted to screw again. He rolled on top of her and slid his cock back in. They enjoyed a leisurely screw after which she made him get dressed and leave.

While Chris was in the shower, I 'came home'. She acted kind of strange and was unusually quiet. I was randy as hell and, after we went to bed, I began to play with her tits and her clit. I wanted to have sex. Not only was I in a state of excitement from what I'd witnessed, but I wanted to see if I could come again. After a couple of minutes, though, Chris began crying, and she told me what had happened.

After calming her down, I toId her that I understood and how excited I was to know she'd screwed someone else and had been naked in front of him. She got aroused again and we had the best shag we'd ever had, even though I had already come three times that evening. Now she thinks she would like to do it again, only next time she wants Joe's wife to be involved in a foursome.


Kong Dong - Erotic Story

I have to go away on business about one week in every eight, and I would not dream of being unfaithful to Jenny while I'm away and usually I just stay in my hotel room watching TV.

Recently though, on my return from one trip, we were just about to go to bed when Jenny asked me if I wanked during my times away. I told her that I did, and, she admitted that she did every night when I wasn't there. I'd never seen her wanking and I asked if I could watch her do it, exactly as she did while I was away. She agreed on condition that I would do the same. It was a lovely experience, watching her get carried away as she fingered her clit and squeezed her tits at the same time. She seemed to be in a trance as she reached her orgasm and the sight was so wonderful I soon shot my spunk.

The next day we discussed our wanking and I asked her if she thought about me when she wanked during my absence. After some persuasion she admitted that she didn't always think of me. I was intrigued and wanted to know who else she fantasised about. She revealed that it was nobody in particular, just some fella with a large prick making love to her. To my surprise -and to hers too - this turned me on and I encouraged her to tell me more while I undressed her on the carpet in our lounge. Soon, we were fucking madly as she spoke of her fantasy lover.

It turned out to be our best fuck ever and the next time I was away, she wrote me a very sexy letter about how she imagined being fucked by two well-hung young men. You can imagine how excited I was as I wankedoff while reading it.

By coincidence, when I returned home at the weekend, there was a letter from an old school friend, Steve who I hadn't seen for years. He'd been in the USA for some time but he was in Derby the following week and he said he would ring up and arrange a visit. When he did so, we invited him round for dinner one evening.

We all had a very nice meal one day the following week, and afterwards we just sat and talked, getting very merry and relaxed. Jenny put on some music and Steve asked her if I would mind them dancing. I let them carry on while I popped out to get some more drinks. When I came back they were very close together. I asked Steve what he thought of Jenny and he said she was lovely. I turned to Jenny then with a grin on my face.

"Do you know what they used to call Steve at school? Donkey Dick! Even at sixteen he had a good eight inches between his legs!"

I then told Steve that Jenny a thing about big pricks, but she'd only ever seen my modest 6"

"Why don't you give her a treat," I goaded him. "Go on - drop your pants for her."

Without any hesitation at all Steve did just that. Out sprang his cock, already hard from his dancing close to Jenny. Jenny gasped when she saw it. I told her to have a closer look, to touch it or stroke it if she wanted to. She didn't need much persuasion and she was on her knees stroking it and kissing it. Steve really stiffened up and Jenny took him in her mouth as well.

Five minutes later she was lying back on the carpet with her legs wide open. Steve lowered himself on top of her, and I saw her cunt stretch wide as he slid insided her, filling her up.

They fucked together frantically for few minutes before Steve came with a loud moan. And I'd counted at least four climaxes from Jenny.

Steve stayed with us that night, and every other night till he had to return to the States. We had some great nights of sex together and Steve left Jenny and I with some great memories to reflect on and to use as inspiration for fantastic fucking session.

Now, of course, Jenny wants to try someone else and I must admit I would love to see her taking another big one!


African Adventure - Erotic Story

I, or should I say we, own a small engineering business. Sally my wife and co-owner is the dogsbody, my secretary and over-sees the general running of the place while I'm out drumming up business.

Sally is 36 and we've been married for 11 years, she's very attractive and has kept her shapely figure despite having had two babies. She has always been willing to muck in and help the business and a few years back she proved it in no uncertain way.

At first business was easy to get and we did a lot of work for foreign clients, particularly those from African countries. I would entertain reps and soon found out that to make certain of getting an order they required a woman's services during their stay. So I contacted an escort agency in town who supplied girls to service my customers, for which I paid. It was well worth it, but as the recession hit, we couldn't afford to keep the big foreign and British clients sweet with the girls and lost even more business.

That was about three years ago, and it was then that Sally put her proposition to me on how to keep getting the orders in: she would be the reps' plaything.

As you can guess, I wasn't too keen on the idea, but she kept on about it and in the end, I gave in and agreed it was the only solution. However I insisted that the reps wear condoms because apart from the obvious risk of disease, I didn't want my wife to get pgnant by another man. I kitted her out in all new sexy gear; basques, suspenders, stockings, really high spiky heeled shoes and some horny outfits, short tight skirts etc.

On her first date she looked a right horny sexy desirable tart and she watched me giving myself a hand shandy while waiting for her cab to arrive. While she was out I went through all the emotions, but I also found I was getting incredibly turned on at the thought of my wife being screwed by another man.

Sally got home late the following morning, having spent the night at the rep's hotel. When she got into work she was still highly excited and we locked ourselves into the office while she told me all about it. She was back in her working suit but when she sat down, her skirt rode up to reveal she was still wearing stockings. I knelt beside her as she told me how exciting and different it had been with David, the rep, how much better and how many orgasms she had had. She said he had fucked her three times before going to sleep and again when he woke up in the morning, she also said she had agreed to meet him again that night.

In the end I had to ask the inevitable questions: was he bigger and better than me. She giggled and said yes on both counts, she also added he was more of a stayer and when he came he really filled the condom every time - unlike me.

She crossed her legs and pulled her skirt up showing me she wasn't wearing any panties. I knelt there looking at the curve of her bum and the sensuous sweep of her thighs to the tops of her stockings. I gazed at the length of her lovely legs and got my cock out to give her a good fucking but she stopped me saying she was too sore and it would be nice if I gave myself a wank. I knelt there tossing myself off imagining David's big cock up her and I kissed her legs and knees.

She said, "These are the stockings I wore while he screwed me, is it turning you on darling?' Turning me on? I was going crazy with lust and my lips caressed her milky white thigh, just above her stocking top. She lay back and opened her legs showing me her flushed and swollen pussy. That's when my come exploded from my cock and when she held my head and pulled my face into her yawning pussy so I could lick her and bring her off Sally climaxed noisily really dragging my face into her gash letting me continue to lick until I erupted all over the floor again.

That night, off she went again, without returning to work the following day. She told me that evening they had fucked on and off all night and most of the day and that she had really enjoyed it. It was clear to me that Sally was a natural whore.

After that it came easily to her she gave good service to all our clients and relished the fact that they were, on the whole, bigger and better than me. I knew that things would never be the same between us again. I still loved her madly and she loved me in her own way but she made it quite clear that I could no longer satisfy her, which made me impotent in a strange way. I could always get a hard on knowing that she was being fucked and could wank off when I was licking her out after she'd been with a client but at other times, I struggled to get an erection. So I looked forward to her 'dates' but never once wanted to watch Sally in action.

Business started to pick up again, mainly due to Sally's sexual prowess, but although we had contracts from all over the world, we still hadn't had a big African contract come in. My wife had had cocks from around the world, but she still hadn't had a big black one. I was now making enough money to afford agency girls again, so Sally reverted back to her old duties in the office. That was until recently when I got a call from an Ethiopian company, wanting certain parts and equipment. They told me that a rep would be coming over in the next month.

Now Sally and I both knew, from the girls we used years before, that blackmen, especially east Africans, had extremely large cocks and I could tell that Sally was more than interested at the prospect of some 'overtime'.

On the day of Mr Ndabi ond Mr Ackoko's visit Sally took more care getting ready for work than usual. Her hair was shining, her make-up perfect, and she was dressed in sexy suspenders, seamed stockings, knee length skirt with a daring split to the thigh and silk blouse without a bra - I could clearly see her large nipples showing through the luscious silk. She was out to pull a big black cock without a doubt.

Mr Ndabi and Mr Ackoko arrived at our office dead on time. Both were very handsome blackmen. Mr Ndabi was the youngest of the two in his mid to late twenties and was the superior of Mr Ackoko who insisted on my calllng Mr Ndabi 'Sir', as I was inferior to both of them. Sally was sitting typing but looking at Mr Ndabi with undisguised admiration.

We went into my office, and I called Sally in to take notes. She positioned herself so that her split skirt revealed a good length of stocking clad thigh. I got an instant hard on at her blatant display and Ackoko's eyes nearly popped out ot his head. Mr Ndabi just smiled lustfully.

It was hard going for me, all I could concentrate on was Sally and Ndabi fucking her good and hard. I brought some drinks in and we discussed the deal. Mr Ndabi said that he would go away and think about it and it might help if he hod a woman with him. By then I had changed my mind about Sally doing the honours and offered to call up the agency, but he stopped me saying, "How about your secretary would she like to spend the evening with us?" I explained that she was married, but he insisted, "Does that matter? I like her. She has a lovely body."

I went out to Sally and put it to her, adding that I didn't think it was a very good idea, but she went into the office and thanked Ndabi for his kind offer and agreed to go out that evening providing I came with them.

Mr Ackoko said that I should bring my wife along too, but I said she was away for the week. Sally giggled at my lie. We arranged to meet them at their hotel later that evening.

Sally was like an excited child as she dressed for the evening. She got herself all tarted up for her first blackman. I made sure she had a good supply of condoms in her bag as I thought after Mr Ndabi had fucked her, Mr Ackoko would have a go too. She looked divine, wearing a little black party dress over skimpy undies and sexy suspenders and stockings. I noticed her G-string was so tiny it was tight up her crack. God, my hard on was painful.

We met at their hotel and I drove to the restaurant that Ndabi had chosen. Sally sat in the back of the car with Mr Ndabi. I could hear her giggling and he asked her if her husband minded her being out on her own.

Looking directly at me in the rearview mirror she said, "No it's nothing to do with him, he's a bit of an old wanker anyway, no good for a woman."

They all had a good laugh at that and I joined in. Then I heard Sally sigh and glanced round to see Mr Ndabi kIssing her, her legs wide open and his hand between her white thighs. We nearly had an accident as I swerved and Ackoko told me to concentrate on my driving. In the restaurant Sally was very excitable, especially when Ndabi gave me her G- string to look after. My wife was brilliant, her skin flushed and her eyes shining as he fingered her underneath the table. I could see she was really on heat.

After the meal I offered to call them a cab to take them back to the hotel but Mr Ndabi said as my wife was away, why not go back to my place for drinks and whatever else. What could I do or say? I needed the contract and I realised that for the first time I could see my wife being well and truly fucked by not one man, but two.

Once home I fixed them a drink before seeing the babysitter out and checking on the kids. When I returned, Sally had put some music on and was dancing with Mr Ndabi, her dress was up at the back and his hands were on her bum, his fingers digging into the crack, holding her tightly against him. Their lips were joined in a sensual kiss, her arms around his neck, drawing him down. I couldn't help it, I groaned as I came in my pants.

Mr Ndabi sat Sally on the sofa as Ackoko pulled her dress up around her hips, she was unzipping Mr Ndabi and drawing his trousers down. I was gazing at my wife's gaping pussy when I heard her whisper "Oh god! Oh god, just look at it!" I did and received the biggest shock of my life, I was looking at the largest cock ever, of that I'm sure, it was still hanging down flaccid and all of 10 inches long. It was a huge soft rubbery thing dangling between his legs like a horse's.

Sally was going potty looking at his slowly erecting cock. Sbe held it in her tiny hands and started gently wanking it. I couldn't see how she was going to take such a monster without it splitting her in two.

I was shaken out of my stupor by Mr Ackoko, he was rubbing a finger up and down Sally's pussy, he pulled me down to my knees between Sally's long legs and instructed me to lick her cunt to ppare it for Mr Ndabi. In a dream I obediently did as I was told, lapping my tongue the full length of Sally's gash, with her bucking her cunt at my face. I could hear her moaning so I looked up and saw her licking and sucking Ndabi's cock, now almost fully erect, its fat pink head squeezing itself clear from the foreskin. It looked all of a foot long.

I went back to eating pussy, thoroughly enjoying myself when suddenly I felt Ackoko pulling me away. He pushed me to the floor as Mr Ndabi moved between Sally's splayed legs. I could see her holding his massive shaft guiding that huge shining pink knob between the soft dribbling folds of her pussy and as he raised her stockinged legs over his arms.

I realised he wasn't wearing a condom but I was too far gone to stop him. Sally must have known as well but she just held it and fed it into her yawning minge.

God how she squealed as she took it and realised just how big he was. Her body twisted and turned as he worked it up inside her. I saw tears streaming down her cheeks. All I could do was stare as he squeezed his cock inside her tight tunnel. Sobs racked her body as he forced more and more in. He had about 10 inches in and she was begging him to stop but he had the bit between his teeth and there was no stopping him now.

She clawed at him as he rammed in and out and suddenly he was all the way in, his balls nestling against her thighs. He just stood there moving his hips gently back and forth and slowly Sally's sobs of pain turned to sobs of pleasure and she began to respond.

She started to work herself against him, grinding her hips into him as he just stood there letting her do all the work. She was sighing, then she shuddered and squealed as she climaxed. He pulled her to the floor with her legs stretched over his shoulders and fucked her hard, as she screamed in both pain and ecstacy.

Mr Ndabi shagged my wife for a good hour bringing her to climax after climax until she was too weak to move with him. He carried on regardless pausing briefly to regain his composure before setting about her again, then came the time he didn't pause at all, he kept right on fucking her getting faster and faster. SaIly knew he was about to come and urged him and begged him for his spunk.

When he came, she went crazy, screaming the house down. That's when I come in my pants again. Mr Ackoko pushed me towards Mr Ndabi saying: "We must thank my chief for allowing us to watch him mate with a woman, then we must leave otherwise it will be on insult to him."

He went up to Mr Ndabi and said "Thank you sir for the honour you have bestowed upon me," I followed, bowing as I repeated Ackoko' s words. I asked Ackoko if he was going to fuck Sally as well but he explained that it would be impossible as he was not worthy of her now she had been wIth Mr Ndabi.

I didn't get much sleep that night my mind was full of what I had seen earlier. but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of our bed creaking and soon I heard Sally's moans and cries as Mr Ndabi took her again. I tossed myself off twice during the time it took him to fuck her, her cries grew louder and louder but I resisted the temptation to disturb them, I just wanted to hear my wife being fucked and put in the club by that big-cocked blackman.

There's so much more to tell you, like the next morning when Ackoko discovered that Sally was not my secretary and was in fact my wife and said I would be privileged to lick her out just after Ndabi had fucked her and I tasted his thick spicy come. How Sally went back to Ndabi's hotel for four days and returned knackered, sore and pgnant and how a big fat contract landed signed and sealed on my desk the day she returned.

I know that her child will be well taken care of by Mr Ndabi and have been told it is a great honour to have my wife chosen to mate with such a great and important man. In fact, I can't wait until the baby is born so that Mr Ndabi comes over again and I can watch him and Sally renewing their friendship.


Dancing Queen - Erotic Story

My wife Marie and I recently went to a nightclub for a good night out and we had plenty to drink. She looked really tasty with her short black skirt and black nylons. She has great legs for her age (she's in her forties) and she looked really horny with her legs crossed. She also had a nice low top on which showed off some creamy cleavage. I was getting hard just looking at her.

Whilst I was at the bar getting drinks I noticed a really tall black guy asking her to dance. In no time they were moving around the dance floor to a ptty slow number. I sat back down at the table and watched with a stiff cock. He looked huge compared to her and so black against her creamy skin. Suddenly my mind was full of images of this black guy between my wife's thighs. I had often harboured dark thoughts about watching her with other men, her being really nasty with strange guys and here she was dancing with one.

A couple of dances later she returned to the table looking rather flushed. I asked her what was wrong and she gave me a funny look. 'It's him,' she said. 'He was very close when we were dancing.'

I looked at her and said, 'You mean he was pushing against you?' 'Not really,' she replied. 'Its just that .... well .... he got ... hard ..' My own cock was pushing hard against my trousers as I said, 'Did you like it, Marie?'

Again, she gave me a funny look. 'It felt really ... huge,' she whispered. My cock seemed to grow even more. I told her that she should have another dance with him while I got another drink. As I reached the bar, he was asking her up again. It was an even slower, smoochy number and they got really close. I sat down again with a churning stomach.

This time she brought him back to our table and introduced us. His name was Al and he was a big fellow. We chatted for some time and then I noticed his hand had strayed to her leg, rubbing the black nylon above her knee. I didn't know what to say or where to look. Before me eyes, he slid my wife's skirt up until her stocking tops were exposed. I glanced from her legs to his face and he was watching my reaction. I gave him a kind of nervous half smile which he took as a green light. I studied his face, I reckoned him to be in his late twenties and quite good-looking in a rugged kind of a way.

'Why don't we head for home,' I found myself saying, deliberately looking at Al. He smiled wickedly and pulled my wife's skirt down before finishing his drink. Marie gave me a funny look and again, I smiled nervously, feeling myself blushing. Her eyes widened.

We walked home, Marie between us, linking arms with us both. I was desperate to get home, my cock was at bursting point. We had no sooner got into the living room when Al pulled her to him and deep kissed her. Their tongues were deep in each others mouths while his black hands roamed her body. He unbuttoned her blouse allowing her bulging bra to be free for his hands. I went over to them and undid her skirt for him. He smiled lecherously at me as I tugged it over her hips. She stood there in skimpy black knickers and suspender belt. God, she looked so horny with his black hands on her.

I went behind her and unhooked her bra and pulled it free of her tits. His hands immediately began mauling her creamy globes. I was getting more and more excited so I tugged her panties down over her hairy bulge and off her stockinged legs. Then I saw her hands on his ominous bulge. It seemed enormous as he pulled away from her and stripped off. He had muscles bulging everywhere, a deep broad chest and the most muscular thighs imaginable. She looked tiny in comparison. He spent a time posing for us before telling her to pull his underpants off.

I could hardly believe my eyes when that black truncheon leapt out. It was simply enormous and I couldn't wait to see it slipping between my wife's hairy flaps. She gasped as she tried to close her hands around it. 'What a cock...' I heard her moan as she dropped to her knees before the monster. I got close and started playing with her hanging tits as his cock parted her lips. I could smell him as he slid the dome into her mouth. It was so exciting to watch. When it slid out it was coated in her saliva.

I wanted to see him squirting into her mouth but I was almost out of my skull with the desire to see that huge rod push into her body. As if reading my mind, Al pulled out of her mouth and positioned her on her hands and knees, his mammoth organ poised ready for entry. I got close so I could see clearly as he introduced the head between her hairy flaps before sinking his entire length into her in one easy movement. I was shocked that she had taken him so easily. Once it was fully home he began a slow fuck motion which allowed me to see his shaft slick with her juices. Then he began to speed up and I knew this first time would be quick.

I stayed close as he reached the spunk strokes. I was so excited knowing that my wife was about to receive what I hoped would be a huge load from a man we had just met, and a black guy at that. She screamed through yet another orgasm as his muscles tensed and then he roared loudly and I knew he was unloading deep inside her. He seemed to go on for ever before slowing extracting his still huge cock from her ravaged sheath. A river of thick, pungent sperm ran from her hole which I quickly plugged with my own much smaller cock. It felt so good to slip into her freshly fucked pussy, slimy with sperm, and I came far too quickly.

However, that was only the beginning of the night. Al proved to be a real stud, fucking my wife senseless throughout the night. It was particulary exciting for me when he shot more thick sperm into her mouth and over her face.

Needless to say, Al is a regular visitor now and I can't get enough of watching them together. My wife beneath this rugged black guy with the monster cock, shooting thick loads of sperm into every hole he can find, striping her face with ribbons of thick cream, squirting over her thick pubic hair until its a soggy mass. I even enjoy eating his sperm from her pussy, licking it off her face and bottom. On one particulary decadent night he pulled his rod from her pussy to shoot it all over her bottom but as I was down there licking her brown hole, I got a faceful of his fresh cream all over my face. I loved it!


Video Scene Stealer - Erotic Story

I'd Iike to teII you about my feelings and emotions the first time I watched Karen, my wife, fucking another man, or should I say three other men. Karen and I have been married two years, she is 24, and a tasty piece with the sort of long, horny legs that make men go weak at the knees.

We had got into financial trouble, with things going from had to worse, I was at my wits' end. Then, through a chain of events, we were put in touch with a guy who made special videos. The start of the chain was when one of Karen's girlfriends' husband made a very soft porn video of the two of them playing about. It was only fun, but got out of hand when it started getting handed around.

Anyway, this guy contacted Karen through her friend and offered her $250 to make a hard core video for him, with the promise of more if she was a success. Karen mused over it for some time, and finally I told her I wouldn't mind and, to put her mind at rest, I said I would accompany her. She told me she wasn't worried about doing it, only about what my reaction would be. I told her l'd probably enjoy it like other husbands did.

It was arranged that we would meet up in a flat in a less than affluent, neighbouring area - I should have realised what that meant. Karen had come dressed up as ordered in a mini skirt, high heels and stockings. Colin met us and introduced us to three big hunky West Indians... I think I nearly died of shock when I realised Karen was going to get fucked by all three that night. I was very worried as l'd heard all the stories about how good they were, and how hot a white woman gets after she has been with one, and that she wouldn't look at a white guy again. These stories turned out to be SO true.

I told Karen we ought to get out but she just laughed at my fears. She had a glint in her eyes that hadn't been there before and, from her actions and the way she spoke, she was looking forward to having it off with those three virile, black men in front of me and a camera.

Colin got the three studs to strip off and got Karen to remove her bra and panties so that all she had on under her dress was stockings and suspenders. I was told to stand out of the way in a corner. I couldn't see very well as the lights and equipment were in my way.

The action started and the guys closed in on Karen. Her dress was soon up around her hips, and one guy had his thick, brown fingers in her blonde gash, her juices streaming down his fingers. Another was sucking on her tits and the third one knelt on the floor between her legs. AII three sported erections that made mine look feeble. Colin told me they were all over nine inches long, and one of them, when really worked up, was 10 and a half inches. What chance did my puny five inches have?

The guy fingering Karen's snatch lifted one of her long legs over the kneeling guy' s shoulder, so he could work his long tongue into her cunt. Karen was soon sobbing and crying out to be fucked. They lifted her to the bed and took her dress right off. She lay there like a starfish gazing at them through hooded eyes. Her chest was heaving and her skin flushed, especially the insides of her plump thighs.

The guy who had been fingering her eased his thick brown cock into her pussy. Her head went back and she began to pant hard as she took the longest thickest cock she had ever had. Her legs kicked and her knees came up. He rolled his hips, slowly sinking all of his nine inches into her. Then she came off .. God what a noise she made. She clutched at his shoulders and her hips lifted to help. He waited until she came down to earth, then he began fucking her.

Then the one who had been licking her offered his cock to her mouth. He eased the foreskin back and placed his slimy red knob against her lips, but she couldn't have realised as she was in a world of her own, having orgasm after orgasm from the solid fucking she was receiving.

The guy' s hips were moving as he fucked and his thick brown shaft glistened with Karen's juices. Her mouth opened in a scream of pleasure and the guy pushed his bloated knob in, shutting her up very effectively! Karen glugged and gurgled as he forced more cock down her throat until she was retching against it. He didn't let up until he had a good six inches in her mouth. I wondered if he would try to get all nine inches in later. I could hear her throat gulping and her muted grunts of pleasure. Then the guy fucking her mouth started panting, and groaned that he was coming. Colin moved a camera in real close just as the guy started bucking. Karen was gulping down spunk as he quickly withdrew his jerking cock to spray even more aIl over her ptty face and into her blonde hair. He held his cock to her lips and she licked it dry. Colin looked pleased.

Then the guy fucking her began his jig of love. His hips slammed his thick cock home, and from the way he was groaning, I knew he was coming inside her. Then he whipped it out so his spunk flew across her heaving belly. I could see she was totally gone. I hadn't wanted them to spunk in her, but I had to accept that for the film they couldn't wear rubbers.

Thick wads flew over her tits and belly and then he squeezed his still pumping cock back into her gaping cunt to finish off inside her and her legs went up over his back. I had a raging hard-on. It was when he withdrew and I saw his thick cream trickle from her cunt that I came... in my pants. My feelings were mixed; I felt jealousy, lust, envy, excitement and humiliation, and I could see there was more to come as the guy called Carl moved towards her. His cock was massive by then, much bigger than either of the others, It reared up to its full ten and a half inches. Karen had a stupid look on her face as she stared at it. I felt excited and went weak at the knees seeing the sheer size of the man's cock.

Carl leered down at her and lifted her legs in a "v". He held her ankles and allowed his bloated brown knob to slip up and down her dribbling gash. Karen sighed and her hips jerked. Colin' s camera was zoomed right in on his cock. Carl rested her legs on his broad shoulders and very slowly eased his giant knob and shaft into my wife's juicy cunt. Oh how she squirmed and squealed. (Later when I watched our video, I saw the way his cock had ravished Karen' s cunt and the way the pvious bloke' s spunk was squeezed out. It was lucky he had already lubricated her with spunk before Carl had his turn!)

Karen's hands gripped the sheets, clawing at them as the magnificent Carl fucked her. He kept taking his cock from her cunt and proudly showed it to the camera. The video also showed how Karen's cunt gaped open to the perfect shape of his cock, it looked like a tunnel, and the way her cunt accepted his cock back every time was a real turn-on.

Karen's head thrashed from side to side, and she hung onto the headboard as she came off. It looked and sounded frightening, her sobs and whimpered cries had me rubbing myself inside my trousers again, even though I felt jealous and envious.

My excitement was intense as Karen screamed out, 'Fuck me, keep fucking me, it's lovely so big, so big!'

By then, the other two had regained their erections and were wanking off over Karen' s face and tits. The one called Errol came first. His spunk sprayed over her face, while the other bloke, Leroy, came and his spunk shot across her tits and neck. Some even reached her chin and lips, but Karen was too far gone to notice. She was in a delirious female rut. Her body quivered and her orgasm seemed continuous.

Carl was obviously really enjoying himself and seemed in no hurry, but Karen's frantic body movements took him over the edge, and his back arched and his mouth hung open as her pussy milked his cock. His eyes were half-closed and he groaned, "Oh yes." Karen's eyes opened and she cried, "Yes. Oh yes, more, give me more. Please!"

I felt sick to my stomach having seen Karen being fucked so beautifully but my spunk still flooded my pants again! Colin filmed them fucking her some more. Both the others spunked across her cunt and belly as they pulled out, but Carl refused to withdraw and came inside her again so Colin could film his spunk pouring from her yawning cunt. Karen was in a daze, so Colin said that was enough filming. He told me she'd been fantastic and that he' d use her again next week.

He started to pack his things away, but Leroy and Errol hadn't finished with my wife. Errol fucked her again and then Leroy had her, fucking her for another good 10 minutes before coming inside her. AlI the time Carl sat and watched Karen' s heaving body. I was openly wanking by then and had spunked yet again. Then Carl took her again, Karen told me later it had been just a blur until he slipped his huge cock back into her quim. He took her to new heights of ecstasy, and fucked her for almost ahour before releasing his spunk inside her.

During that hour I wanked my raw cock again, and added more dribbles to the floor. On the way home Karen was enthusiastic about another session the following week, and even though I felt thoroughly humiliated by her excitement and her praise of Carl, and the others, I felt the same excitement at the thought of her body being used by such superior men. I even felt myself getting aroused again.

Karen didn't bother to bathe or undress when we got home, she was happy to stay dirty. She just hoisted her dress around her hips, flopped out on the bed, and parted her legs wide. She raised her hips in an invitation to me to fuck her, her juicy spunk-filled cunt being wide open. I didn't really want to fuck her not after those huge cocks she had already had, but I didn't want to show myself up, or for her to compare and deride me. I made the excuse l'd had too many wanks watching her being fucked by her black studs.

Karen saw my reluctance and said, "You don't love me now do you? Now I've been had by other men youthink I'm a slut and dirty. Don't you?" I told her nothing could have been farther from my mind. I explained my cock was so sore from wanking while watching her being fucked by the magnificent Carl, and the others, and that I doubted if I had the spunk left to prove my love.

She then taunted me, saying, "You won't fuck me because you don't think you're man enough for me now. That's it, isn't it? Well let me tell you, I know you're not. Okay you can prove your love another way." She pointed to her ravaged gash and poked her tongue out at me. The inference was clear. I hung back, as I knew what she wanted. She kept taunting me, telling me to prove my love, and, in the end, I gave in and knelt on the floor between her legs and buried my face in her luscious cunt. I licked at her over-flowing hole, and she squirmed her hips, loving every minute of it.

The humiliation I felt as her cunt squelched against my face soon changed to lust and excitement. I grabbed the cheeks of her bum and pulled her hard against my mouth with my tongue delving as deep as it could. My face was soon covered in the three men's come as it poured from her gaping cunt. Her cunny muscles sucked on my tongue as I lapped up that cream. I had it in my hair, up my nose and down my throat. It had a spicy flavour and was a taste that lingered for days afterwards.

Karen slept after that, but I couldn't. AII I could think about was the way she had responded to those other men and the way she had enjoyed their way of fucking.

In the five weeks since then she's made seven more videos. I even got in on two of them. First as a cuckold husband who catches his wife with two black men - I get tied up at the end of the bed and am forced to watch. The second one was us as a newly-wed couple, bridal dress and all, with Carl as the best man. You know how it ended up: him fucking the bride while I, as the brand new husband, watched. Also in that one I got to lick her pussy clean on film. But the last three times I've been left at home and used the five-fingered widow.

Twice now she hasn't returned until late the next morning, having spent the night with her black stud, who I think has been Carl. I don't know for sure, she won't tell me who it is, she only told me she had slept with a man and that they had fucked a lot.

I'm in danger of losing my wife and I don't like it, but there's nothing I can do, I can't give her what he can, he' s so much better and superior to me in every respect. I still love Karen, but I think all I'm going to end up with is the four videos I have of her being fucked, and the two with me playing my role of humble husband. I don't begrudge her men, as they have made a woman of her.

She' s not the sweet little girl I married. She knows what she wants and I don't think it's me; in fact, I know it' s not, as all I'm good for now is eating her out and licking her pussy. The videos still excite me, and l've said that if she wants, she can bring Carl or whoever home to fuck and that I will willingly be their slave and do as they wish. I've told her I will do anything if only she won't leave me.

She just laughs and calls me sick. So there you have it. Maybe a warning to any other man who sees a way to make a quick buck. If you do, you take a chance on losing your woman, like I have.


Postal Orders - Erotic Story

Some twelve months ago, my husband Jack and I started to correspond with a man who had advertised for a young couple to write to. Although we had never done anything like this before, I thought it might be fun. Derek, our penpal, described himself as a middle-aged businessman, recently divorced. He wanted to know all about us and in particular about our sex-life. I got quite a kick out of telling him in my letters about what Jack and I got up to. We don't indulge in wife swapping or anything like that but we do have a varied sex-life. I described in explicit detail how Jack and I make love.

In one of Derek's replies, he asked if I would send a sexy photo of myself. Jack seemed to think that it was OK, so we did. Derek was very impssed and wrote back saying how much he adored it. He was so pleased that I had sent one of topless, showing what I consider to be my best assets - my breasts.

Over the next four months, Derek wrote asking for various photos of me in different situations. He would always send money to cover the cost of the polaroid films. As time went on, I sent him more and more explicit snaps of myself which Jack had taken. Jack and I would have a great time together taking the photos and fucking in between.

In fact, corresponding in such a way with Derek improved our sex-life even more. On one occasion, Jack and I got so carried away that he took a couple of photos of me with a dildo up my cunt and wanking myself. He dared me to send them to Derek and I did. Derek wrote back at great length, telling us how he had wanked himself off looking at me in the pictures, fantasising about what he would like to do to me if he had the chance.

About a week later we received a package through the post from Derek. He explained that he had sent us a device which would allow more scope for taking photos. When attached to the camera, it would permit Jack to join me in the action and the camera could be operated by means of a cable. It worked great, and Jack took some marvellous photos of us fucking and sucking, which we sent to Derek.

The suggestions from Derek kept on coming. He sent me sexy knickers and bras that he wanted me to wear when Jack was fucking me. He sent me endless pairs of stockings and suspender belts. In one letter, he asked me to return a pair of knickers which I had come into and he wrote back saying he had a lovely wank looking at my photographs and sniffing my cunt juices at the same time.

In the same letter he sent a contraceptive, secured at the top, with his spunk in it from the day before. He asked me if I would rub it over my body, particularly my tits and cunt, while Jack took photos. Jack thought it was a super idea and got a big thrill out of it. Derek had sent so much that Jack also took a picture of me smearing it over my face and lips and licking my fingers afterwards.

When Derek saw these photos he was ecstatic. A couple of days later he sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers to show his appciation.

It was at this point that Jack suggested we meet him in person. He didn't live really that far away so we invited him over. The following weekend he came and we all got on tremendously well. We all went out for a drink and got very pissed. There was no question of derek driving home that night so we told him he could sleep on the sofa. Jack went upstairs to find a spare blanket while I put some music on.

When Jack came downstairs again I was dancing to the record on my own. He came up behind me and grabbed me round the waist. Then, while he began kissing the back of my neck, he unzipped my dress and revealed me in my underwear to Derek, who was watching us both intently.

'Why don't you have a dance with her, Derek?' said Jack. Derek didn't hesitate. He got up and walked towards me. I took his hands and put them round me. Jack changed the record to a real smoocher and I pulled Derek very close to me. I could feel his hardness through his trousers. 'That feels big and hard against my leg,' I told him.

Jack came up behind me again and unclipped my bra. My breasts fell out and brushed against Derek. I took his hand and placed it on one of my tits. He began to feel my hard nipples as we continued to dance. I rubbed his bulge with my hands and then unzipped his pants, slowly taking his very large prick out.

At this point we sat down on the sofa and I began to rub my hands up and down his thickness. Then I positioned myself between his legs so I could wank him between my tits. Jack joined us and I could see him wanking too. Suddenly, Derek let out a long moan and I smothered his cock between my breasts as he spunked heavily into them. Jack soon shot his cream over my tits as well.

I went off to clean up, leaving the two of them together and when I returned they dragged me to the bedroom. Jack got between my legs and gave me a lovely licking as I played with Derek's big cock, getting it nice and hard again. When he was ready, Jack moved aside to allow Derek to insert his prick between my wet lips. It felt wonderful to have that big rod sliding in and out of me and I moaned as he speeded up. Jack was wanking like crazy watching Derek do me and when Derek came, he filled me to overflowing with more of his thick sperm. Once again, Jack squirted over me.

Derek fucked me twice more during the night, each time emptying himself inside me while Jack watched. Needless to say, we've entertained Derek many times since that night. I must admit, I love being shafted by his big cock and Jack adores watching us together.


I've Come Out Of Hiding - Erotic Story

I seem to have joined the hundreds of people who like to see their wives making love with another man. It happened quite by chance.

We decided to have a conservatory added to the back of our house. Two young lads came to install it. One was white, the other black. Winston was always cheery and very polite and he always complimented my wife and I noticed that she went to great trouble with her appearance each morning when they were due.

One morning, only Winston turned up, Jock had the flu. When Winston packed up for the day he asked if he could take a shower as he was going out and had no time to go home. My wife laid towels out for him and came back down. but I could see that she was somehow on tenderhooks and a few minutes later she said she had to do something upstairs and I heard her climb the stairs.

Intrigued by her furtiveness I climbed the stairs very quietly. My wife was standing in the bedroom looking through the open bathroom door. She was biting on her knuckles. Still creeping, I managed to position myself so that I could also see into the bathroom.

Winston was showering and I could see the reason for her state. Between his legs hung the longest, fattest prick I'd ever seen. He started to soap it and it grew in his hand. I heard my wife gasp and I could see that she was trembling all over. I'd never seen her so excited.

He finished soaping and rinsed himself. His cock was at half-mast but even then it was bigger than mine at full stretch. He looked up and for the first time saw my wife standing there. He smiled broadly and stepped out of the shower and towelled himself, never taking his eyes off her. His heavy cock swung from side to side as he dried himself.

He came into the bedroom and I ducked round the door jamb in case he saw me. I don't know why I did that, instead of stepping into the bedroom and hauling my wife out. I heard a gasp and some rustling noises and then the squeak of bedsprings. I cautiously looked round the door jamb and nearly gave myself away with a gasp.

Winston was lying on the bed, still naked, and my wife, minus her clothes, was kneeling between his legs and had his huge black member between her hands. It had grown even larger and she was looking down at it as if mesmerised. The contrast between her white fingers and the black cock was entrancing.

I couldn't believe my eyes when she started to lick round the huge knob and then took most of it into her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their fullest and still she had not taken the entire knob in her mouth.

I'd never seen anything so sexy as her ruby lips stretched round the purple-black knob. My own cock had sprung up and I gave it a squeeze. My heart was pounding and my stomach fluttered. I kept telling myself that I should break them up before it went any further, but somehow I just couldn't make myself do it.

He sat up, grabbed her and lifted her up so that she was dangling over his towering prick. I saw the wet knob brush against her vulva. She moaned as he slowly lowered her and I watched her pussy lips begin to ease over the black dome. She was shuddering as if feverish.

He stopped supporting her and her natural weight forced his dick deeper into her. She was moaning and groaning as if in pain, yet at the same time I could see that she was pssing down, fully intent on taking that huge cock inside her. It took some time before she managed to swallow all of it inside her rather tight cunt.

She paused and I could see her eyes rolling under her eyelids. Then she started to rotate her hips and lift her bottom up and I could see the shaft emerge from her pussy. I appciated the contrast of her pink pussy and his black shaft which was wet with her juices.

Having established himself in her cunt he started to heave his hips up as she came down, shoving his tool so hard into her that each time it drove the air from her lungs. She had gained some momentum and was grunting and moaning as she went up and down his pole.

He grabbed hold of her jiggling breasts and pinched the erect nipples between his fingers. She was riding him like a possessed jockey. She was perspiring and her mouth was agape. She let out a shrill scream and I knew that she was climaxing. He pulled her down hard on his cock and gave every sign that he was flooding her cunt with his thick, creamy sperm.

She collapsed on top of him and he stroked her white bottom with his black hands. I discovered that I had come in my underpants and I went into the spare bathroom to take them off.

When I came out they had already gone downstairs and both of them were fully dressed and she was bidding him goodnight. She looked flushed and her eyes were shining brightly.

As soon as the door closed behind him, she lifted up her skirt. She wasn't wearing knickers and from her cunt trickled a steady flow of his seed. She leant back against the kitchen table and opened her legs. I did not need a second invitation and I whipped my cock out and rammed it straight into her pussy without any pliminaries. That was exactly what she wanted and we had a wild and primitive fuck.

Later she told me that she had seen me watching and that it had greatly added to her excitement and she thanked me for being such a wonderful husband.

Needless to say that Winston is a regular visitor to our house and that now I don't have to hide to watch them! Its great to be able to watch and wank from close range as he drills her with his monster cock and then to be able to sink into her spermy hole after he has finished with her.


Turkish Delight - Erotic Story

This summer my wife and I were in Turkey on holiday. One day, Jane said it'd be nice to visit a Turkish bath. The next day after sunbathing we showered and then went along to the address the hotel gave us, which was a rather run-down looking building from the outside but was spotless inside and rather plush, with marble everywhere.

As we entered, we were greeted by an old woman who led us through to some changing rooms and provided us with towels to wear. Undressing, I noticed that Jane's towel was tiny, and if used to cover her tits, barely covered her sex which is completely smooth as she shaves regularly. Seeing her like this caused me to harden under my towel. The look on her face told me she'd noticed!

The woman showed us into a steam room and, closing the door, she left us alone. After a while, I noticed that due to the heat and steam, Jane was lying with her towel open, trying to cool down, but even so her body shone with the perspiration. She seemed to be asleep.

At that moment the door opened and a rather stoutly built man entered the room and took the bench next to Jane. The man removed his towel as he lay down, and even though he'd been facing away from me I noticed that he took a long, long look at Jane's exposed body.

Jane remained motionless, as though she hadn't heard him enter the room. I became aroused at the thought of another man seeing her and hid in a corner, hoping he'd think he was alone with her. Sure enough, after a short while he slid off his bench, bent forward and gently sucked upon her breasts and large nipples, which is something she likes me to do.

After what seemed like hours he moved lower and, easing her legs apart, he slowly spad her pussy lips and started to lick and eat her honeypot. She began to move about and mumble that we shouldn't be doing this as someone might come in. I sat cock in hand watching him take her closer and closer to a climax.

Jane was sobbing now and begging to be fucked with a hard tool. So, moving slowly, he pulled Jane down the bench whilst taking her legs high up over his shoulders, then he spad her wide, ready for his love staff. In this position I was suddenly able to see what he had to give her and I must be honest, it put my thin five inches to shame for it must have been a good eight to nine inches long and looked very thick indeed.

Anyway, he proceeded to move the fat crown of his tool up and down between her lips, moistening the end before placing it between them.

"For God's sake, stop teasing me," Jane moaned. "Put it in and fuck me quickly."

I was shocked by what I heard but, more than that, I was excited. With one swift thrust he sank his monstrous tool fully home. Jane cried out in pleasure and started moaning, "Oh God, you feel so big, come on fuck me," at which point I couldn't hold back and suddenly came all over my hand and onto the floor.

As I recovered I saw that he was now pounding in and out of her with more I energy than I would ever have mustered, and also that he was changing his stroke from short and sharp to long and deep which had Jane wrapping her legs tightly around his back as she reached down to pull him as deep as possible into her. With a sudden flurry of short, deep strokes he suddenly tensed and filled her full of his fluid, at the same time as she cried out with her orgasm.

After a while both of them calmed down and Jane eased her legs back down. The man quickly rose and, wrapping his towel around himself, turned towards me and nodded with a big smile on his face before leaving the room. So he'd known I was there all the time!

I leaned forward and kissed Jane gently, then helped her to her feet and wrapped her towel around her. As she took my hand to go and clean up before returning to our hotel she smiled and said, "God, he was a big bastard!"

So, she hadn't been asleep at all! She'd been fully in control of events all along!


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