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My first lesbian experience


I remember coming home smiling the day I met Nicholas.

I told my sister about him, I told my mum about him. Hell, I even rang my grandma who lives in Australia and told her about him!

He was the new kid at my school. He was in my cooking class, and my teacher told him to sit next to me. I was really annoyed at first, because I love cooking and I thought he would annoy me and distract me and just generally be a dick, because pretty much all of the boys at my high school were dicks.
But he didn't.

He just gave me a bright smile and sat down next to me. He turned to face me and held out his hand and said 'Hi, i'm nick!". And smiled at me. His smile making his mossy green eyes soften and sparkle. He had a beautiful pearly smile, and a lovely head of curly dark hair.

He was so tall! And strong. I remembered not being able to open a cupboard in our classroom and he came over and literally ripped it open.

He was in my games class too. I remember walking past the boys changing rooms and the door swung open and I saw his back and arms. He was so muscly. His back was broad and his arms were ripped! Needless to say, I was incredibly attracted to him.

I could tell he was into me. He would wink at me down the hall way, and constantly try and talk to me in our lessons. But I loved it! Every second of it. At one point he was almost too flirty, trying to guess my bra size 'out of curiosity'. When I told him I wouldn't tell him he said 'well I guess I'll have to see if I'm right when I say 32D...".

So one night we were both invited to a party, my friend Betty's birthday party. Her dad owned a massive farm with loads of barns and a big house. The party was in a cosy barn filled with pillows and beds, and on the other side a big rug for us all to sit on. For her birthday she got 'naughty truth or dare', and she wanted us all to play! So we played. Most of the dares were 'switch clothes with the opposite sex closest to you', or 'flash someone for 10 seconds'.

I got 'demonstrate how you would unbutton someones pants with the person opposite you'. Nicholas was opposite me.

He gave me a cheeky wink and we shuffled closer to each other until we were in the middle of the circle. We stood up. Our friends giggled and encouraged me. He stared straight at me, into my eyes. I grabbed his zip. As I slowly pulled it down, he put his lips to my ear and whispered
"so later, I want to see if I guessed correctly..".

I started unbuttoning his pants. I could feel he was hard and pulsing. His lips started caressing my ear.
"Alright you two!" Betty giggled. "You can stop now!".

Embarrassed, I quickly sat down and didn't make eye contact with him, but I could hear him zipping up his fly.

As the night progressed, I got a dared to make out with my friend Katie.

Katie was quite pretty. She had light blonde hair and light blue eyes and average sized boobs, unlike me with Dark caramel hair, hazel eyes and large boobs.

She was famous in our school for having a big, peachy butt that all the guys drooled over. I envied that butt!

I didn't mind making out with her, we both just giggled and turned to face each other. She put her lips to mine and we started kissing, then introduced our tongues. She wasn't bad! But then, drunkenly, she put her hand on my boobs and started squeezing and rubbing. Not wanting to feel left out, I put my hands on her big peachy butt and started giving that a squeeze. We continued making out, and she started massaging my nipples through my t-shirt and bra, so I decided to massage her anus through her pants, and she squealed with delight!

So then we stopped, everyone was in absolute awe. Especially Nicholas.

"That was AWESOME!" all the boys cheered. Even the girls cheered.

In the group there four girls and four boys. The girls were me, Betty, Katie, and Alisha. I didn't know one of the boys and the other three were Nicholas, David and Matt.

The night continued, and were all incredibly drunk. Betty was hooking up with David on one of the beds, and Alisha with the boy I didn't know. So left in our truth or dare circle was me, Nicholas, Matt, and Katie.
"Make out with each other again!" Matt yelled.

"That was soo hot.. I don't think i've ever been so hard in my life!" he laughed.

At this point, the whole group had finished off three crates of beer, four bottles of white wine, two bottles of peach schnapps, a bottle of jack daniels, and a massive bottle of vodka, and we all had at least ten shots from it.

So wee agreed to the making out. Hell, it was fun! And it made Nicholas hot for me.. and I was off my face..
So once again we shuffled over to each other, very very drunkenly, and started kissing, again, and then we shoved our tongues down each others throats and she once again started groping my breasts and me her ass.. I gave it a quick spank which she then started moaning! Then I started fingering her ass through her pants, and slowly made my way to her wet pussy and started rubbing like i've never rubbed before! She was so wet, the juice dripping through her pants and onto the floor. Wow she produced a lot of juice.. it was so hot too.
She squealed and squealed with delight!

We toppled over so she was lying on top of me, our breasts squashed together, still making out. Her hands were all over my body. I was so fucking hot for her! And I didn't care if I was straight!

I put my hands down her pants, and then her underwear and started fingering her, hard, pushing two, then three fingers in her pulsing pussy, her screaming for more, her hot juice dripping down my arm and on to my t-shirt. I kept massaging and rubbing, she pushed us up so we were kneeling again, and soon her hands traveled down to my pants and shoved her cold hands in my underwear, my pussy soon warmed them up! Her fingers going in and out so fast, it made me scream and moan. So there we were, both kneeling, breasts squashed together and nipples parallel, our hands down each others pants, both screaming and squealing, shoving our fingers up each others tight dripping holes until we both cummed (on eachothers hands!) and then started licking our hands. Wow. That was hot.

We both looked at the guys. Their mouths wide open and hands down their pants. Haha! Katie literally passed out on the floor from exhaustion and drunkenness.
Suddenly, Nick got up, staggered slightly (he had the most of the jack daniels..) and pulled me up and dragged me out of the barn to a barn opposite it, it was filled mostly with hay, a few boxes and an old mattress....


Marcella's Massage

 (A fictional story, though inspired by some real events)

It was a beautiful, balmy Friday evening after a long, hard, rainy work week. My mind was burnt out from dealing with coworkers' mistakes, irate clients, and a husband at home that wasn't paying much attention to me when I came home from my long days working hard to pay the bills. When I clocked out of work at 7:30pm, I left excitedly for a massage appointment I had set for 8:15pm. There was no way I was going to be late-- I'd been looking to my Swedish massage appointment for days, needing to feel the stress worked out of my body at the expert hands of the massage therapists at the clinic I'd been going to for several months now.

Driving my little convertible I couldn't help but smile, feeling calmer already with the wind in my hair, knowing I wouldn't have to work for 2 whole days! After the massage I would probably sit around at home, maybe take a bath, maybe take a dip in the pool, or sip some wine while reading a book. Oh, who was I fooling -- I'd probably end up pleasuring myself in my bedroom! Massages always made me so horny! The big, strong hands all over my body, stimulating every inch of me. I loved when I got a male masseuse, but even the women that worked at the massage clinic were very talented. I never knew which massage therapist I'd get until I showed up, which was fine with me, I like experiencing the different touch of each therapist.

I settled into a cozy chair in the waiting room after checking in, serene music filling my ears. There weren't any other people in the waiting room. I needed to schedule my appointments towards the end of the evening since I worked long hours, so sometimes I was the last appointment of the day. My eyes closing, I began to think of the 90 minutes of bliss I was about to experience in strange hands. I could feel my nipples hardening already-- I loved the feeling of being caressed. My husband had been neglecting me for awhile now sexually and in many other ways. Long ago he stopped holding me while we slept, and kissing me before leaving for work. So I decided to get a regular massage every 2 weeks, coming home elated to masturbate myself furiously while he sat downstairs watching TV.

While I was in my waiting room reverie, my name was suddenly called by a tall, strong looking black male.

"Marcella?" he called to me. My eyes met his. I estimated he was about 6'1" or taller. He was wearing light green scrubs-- and looking goddamn fine in them! His hair was cropped close, his eyes a light green color. A chiseled jaw, little bit of stubble on his face, making him look rugged and even sexier. My breath caught in my throat. I rose to my feet and walked over to him. He shook my hand warmly, holding my patient chart in the other hand.

"Hi, yes, that's me," I said timidly, with a small smile.

"Hi, I'm Darius," he said, his voice deep and sexy. I'd never had him before. Since I was the last client, he locked the front door before escorting me back to the massage room, asking the typical questions, such as if there was any particular soreness I was experiencing or any place in particular I wanted him to focus on. I told him No, aside from just being tight from stress, I just wanted relaxation. He smiled and walked out of the room to let me disrobe, telling me to get undressed to my level of comfort and saying he'd knock on the door to make sure I was covered under the thin sheet on the massage table before coming back in.

Usually I kept my tiny thong panties on, but this time I felt like getting totally naked-- I couldn't wait to feel his hands on my body! I took off my jacket and peeled off my tight skirt, then removed my silk sleeveless blouse. Next, I slowly removed my matching white lace bra and panties. Glancing in the mirror, I squeezed my pert breasts in my hands, the brown nipples getting harder in the coolness of the room. Soft classical music was playing.

The reflection in the mirror looked damn fine -- there I was, a petite, successful, young, black woman, 5'1" and about 100lbs when soaking wet. My skin a light brown color, my ass perfectly firm. Though I was petite, my breasts were a nice handful, a 32C. My hair was light brown, long and curly, with blond highlights. Thick lips, warm brown eyes, some freckles. A thin strip of trimmed pubic hair over my mound under a flat, hard tummy. Things I wished my husband would notice...

I climbed onto the table on my belly, completely naked, and covered myself with the sheet up to my shoulders, resting my face in the face cradle and trying to relax. Darius knocked softly and I called for him to come in. He dimmed the lights and situated his assortment of oils. Silently, I laid on the table, feeling slightly vulnerable, which was actually turning me on even more. I didn't usually talk much during my massages-- I just wanted to relax.

Darius didn't speak as he walked up to the table, uncovering my upper back, and soon placing his large, warm hands on my tense back. I could feel tension start melting away with the soft pressure of his warm hands. He moved his hands over my back in circles, getting me used to his touch, before specifically starting to work on my right shoulder and upper arm.

My body was putty in his hands. As he manipulated my shoulder and arm, I felt my breasts jiggle below me against the table. His rubbing eased the ache in my sore upper back and tired dominant right arm. After he was done with the right, he moved to my left shoulder and arm, repeating the gentle manipulation of my tired muscles. He asked if the pressure was fine, and I simply mumbled a Yes.

He moved on to my middle back after 15 minutes on my shoulders and arms, peeling a little more of the covers from my body. His hands rubbed long strokes all over me, my body becoming slick with the relaxing lavender scented oils. I felt his expert hands caressing along my spine, easing away all the stress from the work week. His fingers rubbed below my ribs, working away any pain I'd felt from being so stressed and tense all week. My whole body was tingling with the stimulation. I loved his strong, smooth touch!

I felt him move down to my feet, folding the blanket back so he could hold each foot in his warm hands, getting my feet acclimated to his touch. He then rubbed along my sore calf muscles, coating my skin with the oil. My breath caught in my throat as I felt him reach above my knees, rubbing my thighs, inches from my bare pussy! Instantly I felt myself getting wetter with his expert touch on my sensitive thighs.

"That feels really good," I said quietly.

"I'm glad, Marcella," he replied softly. "You know, you have very beautiful skin. I'm sure you're probably told that all the time. A beautiful caramel complexion. And you're so taut, so lean, your body is perfect," he said. I didn't even know what to say -- my husband never complimented me anymore.

"Thank you," was all I could muster. He moved back down to my calf muscles again and worked around my ankles and back down to my feet.

"And your feet are perfect too," he chuckled. "I like these painted toenails, very pretty..." I had just gotten a pedicure the previous weekend, and my toes and fingernails were a light, metallic pink color. I thanked him again while letting him expertly rub my tired feet.

After he was done with my legs and feet, he asked if he could work on my gluteus maximus. My ass! Oh, I'd love to feel his hands on my hips. He began kneading my ass, keeping me covered with the blanket, but I'm sure he could tell I had no panties on. It felt awesome! I felt him begin chopping my asscheeks with his hands, my ass bouncing up at him with his intense movements. The other massage therapists I'd seen didn't do gluteal work, unfortunately. I was loving it! My whole body shook with his manipulations.

When he was done, he asked me to flip over onto my back so he could better massage my arms and feet. I obliged-- he tried to discreetly hold the blanket up over me so as to protect my nudity while I flipped over, but in the process of me moving around on the table I accidentally stuck my arm out at the blanket that was being held up, knocking it out of one of Darius' hands. As I was in mid-flip, there was my naked breast completely exposed to him! I froze, my upper body half-way uncovered, my eyes looking up-- he was staring at my exposed titty! He shook himself, apologized, and quickly covered me up as I fully settled on my back on the table.

I smiled up at him; I didn't mind he'd seen my breast and hoped he'd liked what he'd saw. Judging from the slight bulge in his scrubs that I saw from the corner of my eye, he did! He began intensely rubbing my arms, my breasts jiggling again as I lay on my back. I heard Darius start breathing heavier from his intense strokes upon my body. He began gently rubbing my hands, and after doing so he stretched my arms out, which felt really good. The blanket was being pulled down, though, during the stretches. Neither of us spoke, neither of us made an effort to prevent it from sliding down and exposing my perfect tits again.

I looked up at him and locked eyes at him as he stood behind my head, massaging my neck and scalp and looking down at me. My body felt so good at his touch, and I told him so. He smiled at me, telling me that I was beautiful, my body perfect to touch. My heart was beating faster. I closed my eyes while he rubbed my head, which felt amazing. His hands went down my neck and around to my shoulders and then my chest. I opened my eyes again and looked up at him. The blanket had exposed my breasts almost to the nipples.

"Darius..." I said quietly.

"Yes, Marcella?" he said softly. The quiet classical music continued. We were both breathing heavier. The sexual attraction between us was now incredibly thick in the room.

"I'd love for you to massage me all over..." I said.

"Marcella..." he began.

"Please? I haven't ever had anyone touch me so good..."

He reached down, his large hands resting gently on my chest. I heard him breathe deeply, as if trying to control himself. I instinctively spread my legs open a little as I lay back on the table. My breasts were still somewhat covered by the fabric. I tugged a little on the blanket, pulling it free of my breasts as Darius rested his large hands on my chest. His breath caught in his throat in the quiet room as my perfect tits became free. Nipples hardening... I reached my hands up to cup my breasts as he kept his hands on my chest, inches above my tits. He was standing behind me, frozen as he watched me holding my ample breasts in each hand.

I closed my eyes and began pulling on my nipples. Darius stayed still, his hands resting on me. He was watching me starting to play with myself. I knew he was struggling to be professional, but also transfixed by the sexy black woman laying prone on his massage table who was starting to tweak her nipples right in front of him. Opening my eyes, they met his in a heated gaze. He licked his lips as his eyes focused on my fingers stimulating my nipples.

My lower body was still covered by the blanket. I reached one hand down and stroked it lightly against my pussy slit, feeling my hand become wet with my aroused pussy juice. Darius watched my hand bobbing under the blanket as I rubbed my clit. Then I reached my pussy juice coated hand out from under the blanket and grabbed one of Darius' hands, taking it and placing it over one of my breasts. He moaned a little, his hand cupping my firm breast.

"Marcella, I really do think you are damn fine, but you're my patient..." Darius said to me, his hand staying still around my breast. I took his other hand and began sucking his fingers as I stared up at him. Then I took that hand and placed it on my other breast.

"I think you're damn fine, too, Darius. I really want you, you are so sexy... You make me feel so good, no one has paid such attention to my body for so long..." I said.

"I find that hard to believe," he said, taking his hands off my breasts and stepping away from the table. I could see an enormous bulge in his pants. I sat up on the table, my tits completely exposed with the blanket around my waist.

"No, really, Darius-- I have a husband but he doesn't fuck me anymore! I don't know what his problem is... I haven't had sex for months, I don't cheat on him, I swear. But you, it's just, you're so fucking sexy, you make my body feel appreciated," I said, tears starting to form in my eyes.

"Look, I'm going to let you sit here for a few minutes and calm down. I'm gonna walk out and make sure my other coworkers have all left the clinic for the day, then I'll come back in and we'll talk some more," he said.

He left me sitting on the table. I swallowed hard, trying not to cry. Instead I kicked the blanket off my legs and spread myself wide on the massage table, fingering my clit hard. My entire body was slick from the massage oils. With my other hand I tweaked and pulled on my nipple. I placed a manicured finger inside my wet cunt and started finger fucking myself, adding a second finger after a few minutes. Picking up the pace, I was soon breathing hard, my legs still splayed wide open. My free hand squeezed my firm breasts and played with my nipples. Damn, I wanted a good fuck so badly! I knew I couldn't count on my husband. My legs were still open wide, two fingers still fucking myself in the cunt, my fingers around a nipple when Darius opened the door wide.

"Oh, fuck..." he said, staring into my wet pussy. His cock instantly hardened in his scrubs. It looked huge! I stared back at him with a heated gaze.

I shivered, my fingers now withdrawn from inside my pussy but rubbing my clit hard. He walked to the table I was sitting on and kissed me passionately. Gently at first, his lips pressed against mine, I kissed him back, removing my pussy soaked hand to hold him close to me. There was a pussy juice hand print on his light green scrubs from holding him against me as we kissed slowly at first, then more intensely, trading tongues while our hands caressed each others' bodies.

Just as I thought, he was solid and muscular and felt like heaven in my arms. He pressed me down on the table, his hard cock stabbing into my thigh as it bulged in his pants. He broke the kiss to gently suck on my neck, making goosebumps break out over my whole body. Then he bent down to tongue my nipples, and I moaned, clutching his back. He trailed his tongue all over my breasts while looking deep into my eyes, his hands holding each of my breasts firmly. After a few minutes of sucking on my breasts and nipples he began kissing a trail down my belly button and all over my flat belly.

He straightened up to pull his top off, exposing his glistening, hard, smooth perfect chest. His abs were a defined six-pack. I could see his monster cock standing hard in his pants. He bent down and started kissing my pubic mound, his eyes on mine as he did so. I moaned as his tongue licked my clit, the first time my clit had been kissed in years! My husband never ate me out-- the last time my pussy was eaten, it was one of my female friends back in college one drunken night. I loved it then, and was loving it now!

Darius licked circles around my clit, making me squirm with pleasure as he held my hips firmly in his big hands. My pussy was right in his face, and he seemed about to devour it! After spending a few minutes licking at my hard clit, he began licking up and down my entire slit. Slowly at first, then increasing the pressure and pace as he lapped up and down my pussy gash, savoring my juices on his tongue, staring up at me the entire time. My breasts were heaving; I was squeezing my nipples hard while he was lavishing my cunt with his oral attentions. I felt like my body was on fire, it was so stimulated!

His tongue licked into my slit, parting my pussy lips and delving inside of me. My moans became louder as he licked deeper and deeper, holding my hips tightly, his mouth pressed hard to my cunt. He pulled away a little so he could rub his fingertips over my pussy, making me moan even more with his teasing strokes. He took my clit in between his fingers and began licking on it vigorously, and I writhed around on table in pleasure, moaning his name. Still licking my clit, he began inserting his long fingers into my soaking pussy hole. My moans intensified, and I was now clawing his back hard with my fingernails as he ate me out.

He began finger fucking me with a steady pace while lapping at my clit and looking up into my eyes. I felt an orgasm begin to build up inside me-- he was about to make me cum hard! It started as a tingle in my toes, and worked its way up through my calf muscles then my thighs and finally to the very core of my sex. My body felt the orgasm surge through me like an electric shock. I started screaming that I was cumming. Darius didn't stop sucking on my clit or finger fucking me as my body convulsed on the table as I came hard in his face, moaning loudly and grabbing onto the table for leverage.

The climax pulsed through me for what seemed to be almost a minute. I had never felt so turned on by a man. My husband had never made me orgasm, not once during our years of marriage and years of dating. This is what I was missing, oh, what a damn shame! As I tried calming down from my powerful orgasm, Darius pulled his mouth off my cunt and began kissing upwards towards my pert breasts again, kissing them passionately and then again biting and sucking my neck gently. I wanted him badly, and I could tell from his throbbing cock that he was feeling the same way towards me!

We kissed as he struggled to pull his pants off, tossing the green scrubs aside and then pulling his silky boxers down to reveal an enormous, perfect prick. He held it in his hand, and I told him how perfect and delicious it looked.

"Let me have a taste, Darius..." I said lustfully. He stepped aside to let me get off the table, and he leaned against it while I bent down and cupped his huge balls. I took his stiff prick in the other hand and raised it to my lips. It was probably over 10" long, there was no way I'd be able to swallow the whole thing down, unfortunately. I caressed the underside of his cockhead with my tongue, making him moan softly. My eyes stayed on his as I ran my tongue all along his hard shaft, feeling every vein within it. It was so long and so hard, like steel. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and stroked him with my hand, making him moan. A few more inches of his brown meat went into my mouth as I held his shaft firmly, fucking his cock into my mouth.

After a few minutes he pulled me off of his cock before he could cum and helped me back onto the table. I laid back, heart racing, finally going to be fucked by a man liked I'd been needing for so long! He stepped up to the table and I held my legs wide open for him. We locked eyes again as he raised the head of his big prick to my pussy hole.

"Yes, Darius, I fucking want you...Oh, I want you so bad, put it inside me... Please, please..." I moaned while he rubbed his prick against my wet gash.

"Yes, baby, you fine fucking woman, I do want your cunt badly..." he said, breathing hard. His cockhead parted my cunt lips and entered me a few inches. I began moaning instantly as I felt the thick meat entering my hole. His cockhead was so big, it almost felt like a lightbulb being shoved up in me! A few more inches of his cock were shoved into my pussy-- he was about half way in and moving slowly to allow my pussy to adjust to his big prick.

"Oh, Darius, you feel so fucking good inside me," I said, quivering below him, still holding my legs wide open for him to enter me to the max. He held my waist firmly as he began stuffing himself inside me.

"You feel so fucking amazing, Marcella-- you are so fucking tight, like a virgin, oh, my God, it's like heaven around my cock!" Darius exclaimed. We kissed passionately as another inch of cock slipped inside my wet hole. I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me, his body weighing down on mine as he fucked me flat on my back on the massage table. He groaned as more of his cock entered my hole-- he was almost completely inside me. I felt him pull his cock out just a little, then slam it back into me hard, completely inside me, my pussy swallowing his entire long shaft.

Once fully within me, he bent down and sucked and kissed my neck and tits while gently fucking my pussyhole. I moaned underneath of him. He picked his pace up, beginning to fuck me a little faster. I was so aroused, I could feel every inch of his dick inside of me-- his fat cockhead was deep up in my cervix. Never had I felt so stuffed! I clutched hard at his back as he began thrusting harder and faster. We kissed and both quickly became breathless. My fingernails were digging hard into his back as his cock pounded into me.

It felt amazing, so much better than my husband, who was unfortunately the only other man I'd been with. We had been together since high school. No kids, both of us workaholics, the passion having died long ago. Darius was passionate about me, and I was passionate about him. I screamed his name while his cock plunged in and out of me-- this is how I'd wanted to be fucked my whole life! My husband never had much interest in sex, even at the beginning of our relationship. I had always resorted to getting myself off, he had never made me cum. Darius had already made me climax just from eating my cunt!

My hips humped back at his, meeting his powerful thrusts, jamming as much of his hard meat inside me as he possibly could. We were both slick with massage oils and sweat, and kissing each other hard, moaning into each others' mouths. His large balls were slamming against my wet gash as he fucked me hard. My breasts bounced wildly against my chest, and he began squeezing them in his large hands, sucking my hard nipples. I held him tight against me and moaned from the passion and pleasure. His back was getting all clawed up with my fingernail scratching.

We were so out of breath that he slowed to a stop inside my pussy and looked down at me, cock fully lodged up in my pussy, taking a quick break. Both of us broke into smiles, and we kissed again. Slowly, he pulled out of me and helped me off the table to my feet. He turned me so I was facing the table, bending me over a little over the table and raising my ass in the air. I used the table for support, and he buried his face up into my pussy from behind. I cried out with the pleasure of his tongue on my hyper-stimulated pussy. He fingered my clit, making me moan and squirm against the table.

I felt another orgasm building inside me as he lapped up my cunt juices. Before I could climax, he pulled his sexy face away from my pussy and again took his steel hard cock in his hand. I turned my head and watched from over my shoulder as he raised his long prick to my pussy from behind to fuck me as we were standing. His prickhead entered my hole a few inches, and he began holding my hips tight. Once his big, mushroom shaped cockhead was in my pussyhole again, he plunged into me hard and deep. I cried out, moaning under his long, hard, deep strokes into my warm hole. He reached a hand underneath me, caressing my smooth abdomen, and then stroking my mound. He held his hand hard against my stuffed pussy, which was filled completely with his thick meat.

His thrusting from behind felt intensely pleasurable as I held myself up against the table. My husband never fucked me from behind-- he did missionary only, sadly. The feeling of Darius' hand on my stuffed pussymound was encouraging my second orgasm. His fingertips began strumming my clit as he maintained his pace fucking my pussy hard from behind. An orgasm suddenly exploded through me again-- I exclaimed that I was cumming as I collapsed against the table. Darius didn't stop fucking me, he groaned as he held his steady pace over my body from behind.

He then slowed down a little to let me recover below him. I moaned loudly as he pulled his cock out of me slowly. Then, while I was bent over the table, he ate me out again, his tongue delving deep into my slit. I was still coming down from my second orgasm when a third built up inside me. Darius licked his tongue all along my slit, and he was again gently pressing a finger on my clit. I grinded my pussy in his face as my third orgasm broke out wildly through my body. Again I screamed that I was cumming. Darius continued French kissing my cunt and clit while my orgasm surged through my petite body, making my legs shake.

When I was done, the orgasm subsiding, he pulled his lips away from me and picked me up in his strong arms. I wrapped my legs hard around him, looking deep into his eyes. Our bodies pressed hard against each other. He put his cock inside my wet hole as he held me up, fucking me while I was holding close to him, bouncing me up and down on his cock. I threw my head back in ecstasy, and he kissed my neck while continuing to stuff his meat in and out of me.

Then, his cock still inside me, he began carrying me out of the room. We kissed hard as he held me close, his prick buried in my pussy, carrying me through the hallway as he precariously fucked me. We laughed together as he almost toppled us over, his dick sliding from my hole, but he didn't drop me. He carried me to the waiting room area, where there was a big stuffed chair, the one I had sat in when I was waiting for my appointment a little while ago.

Darius sat down on the chair and pulled me on top of him, facing away from him. I straddled his cock and then sat down on it. He began fucking me from behind, fingering my clit and rubbing my meat-stuffed pussy with one hand and holding one of my breasts tight. I moaned as he sucked on my neck while he fucked me hard, my asscheeks bouncing against his thighs. He began grasping both breasts as he fucked me. Both of us were covered with sweat, massage oil and my pussy juice. We were groaning and moaning loudly as fucked on the chair for several minutes. The office was air conditioned, but we had been fucking so intensely that we were overheated. He slowed down, still holding my tits tight and lightly squeezing my nipples.

"Marcella..." he said breathlessly.

"Yes, Darius?" I said, breasts heaving in his hands. He had slowed to a stop, with his cock buried completely in my pussy.

"Do you... do you wanna take a break and a shower with me real quick? You know, to cool down? We been working up quite a sweat! And you need to make sure to drink plenty of water after your massage, and, uh, after all this strenuous physical activity."

I smiled and nodded. He got me a cup of cold water and led me to the employee shower room. Darius got some towels ready as he let the water warm up a little for us, but he kept it somewhat cool so it'd be refreshing for our hot bodies. His cock was still hard as we stepped under the spray of water. I stood in front of him and let the cool water hit my back. From behind me, he reached his arms around me and caressed my firm belly and pussy mound, soaping me up gently. Then rubbing his soapy hands over my breasts. I moaned as I felt his body press against mine from behind, his rock hard prick jabbing into the back of my thigh. He kissed the back of my neck, and goosebumps broke out all over my skin under the cool water and his sexy touch. His prickhead was standing straight at the entrance to my pussyhole from behind.

Tightly he wrapped his arms around me and thrust his prick into my pussy again. I moaned with pleasure as his long prick instantly filled me back up, his hands holding me tight, the water spraying gently around us. He began thrusting in and out of me, almost pulling his cock completely out but then jamming it back in hard instead. We moaned together as the water fell upon our bodies, Darius fucking me slow and hard now as I stood up, bent over slightly for him.

As his prick was inside me, he began running his hands all over my body, caressing me everywhere. The cockhead stayed anchored up in my cervix as he slowed to a stop, pinching both my nipples in his hands. Then he almost pulled out, but instead slammed his prick all the way back in. I cried out. His cock stayed still again deep in my moist twat, and he began strumming my clit again. I moaned from the intense pleasure.

A few minutes later, after sufficiently refreshing ourselves in the shower, Darius pulled his cock out of me and led me out of the showers to dry off in the locker room with him. He still hadn't let himself cum yet. We gently toweled each other off in between passionate kisses. I started sucking his cock again while his back was up against the locker. Only half of it would fit into my mouth. I cupped his balls in my hand as he began fucking my face with his cock, making me gag as it entered into my throat. He moaned, pulling some of his cock out so as not to choke me. I squeezed his balls while holding his shaft firmly in the other hand, sucking his cock hard and fast.

Then, after letting me suck on him for a few minutes, he pulled me away and led me out of the locker room. He took me to a little employee break room with a small bed in it, and laid me down on my back. His cock still raging hard, he climbed on top of me, straddling me, holding my legs open wide. I took his hard meat and rubbed my slit with it, making us both moan.

He held my legs as wide open as they could possibly go, his cockhead pressing hard against my slit. I released the hard shaft from my hand and Darius plunged his magnificent prick deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, his body pressed hard against mine, weighing me down. The bed creaked wildly-- the small cot probably wasn't designed for two passionate lovers like us!

Darius fucked me hard and slow while holding me tightly, biting, kissing, and sucking on my neck and tits while massaging my pussyhole with his cock. I felt his huge cockhead deep within my pussy as his balls pressed to my ass. Now I was holding my legs up in the air, wide apart for Darius to get his cock as far inside my hole as he could go. And he could go pretty far, apparently! It felt like his prickhead reached deep within me, into my cervix, when he was fully inside.

Another orgasm was stirring at the tips of my toes. We were both moaning with our passionate animal sex. Darius grunted, fucking me deep and slow and hard, his balls stimulating my pussy when he was buried fully in my wet hole. He reached down and began rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me scream louder underneath him. In no time we were both just as sweaty as before the shower.

"Marcella, baby, can I cum inside you?" asked Darius breathlessly. "Please, please... oh, fuck I want to unload my cum in you so fucking bad..." My head was beginning to spin with the powerful orgasm that was nearly upon me. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to be filled with this man's seed, deep up in my unprotected womb. At that moment there was no time to think of my husband, no time to think of what would happen if I was impregnated by this sexy man who was a stranger only hours ago.

"Yes, yes, Darius, cum in me! Fuck, yes, come on, cum in me, I haven't had a man cum in me in years! You feel so fucking good up in my pussy, oh, fuck you're so deep inside me... I'm cumming again, shit, fuck, cum with me, Darius!!" I screamed, my orgasm shooting out through my entire body powerfully as Darius slammed himself into me one final time, grinding hard against my pubic mound and clit, his meat buried deep in my hole, his prickhead reaching into my cervix, buried tight in my pussy walls. He pressed his body flat against me and kissed me hard.

My cunt spasmed around Darius' perfect cock as I orgasmed, my legs now wrapped tight around his ass. I moaned into his mouth and writhed below him. We kissed passionately, until he broke the kiss to bury his face in my neck, his hot breath against my neck. His body went still, I held onto him tight, my own orgasm pulsing through me, and then I felt his cock twitching inside me. He groaned loudly in my ear as he held me hard, his meat completely stuffed inside me, about to erupt sperm into my womb.

We both gasped as his cum flooded my pussy. I moaned, my orgasm still surging through my body as Darius was unloading inside me. I grasped hard at his back as his cock continued to pulsate jets of sperm deep, deep in my hole. Far deeper than my husband had ever been. We moaned together, then kissed again as my orgasm began subsiding and his cock finished erupting spurts of cum in my womb. He looked deep into my eyes again, cock still hard inside my hole, and smiled broadly before kissing me again.

We were both breathing hard. After a few minutes, he pulled his long prick from my insides, making me cry out as his thick meat left my hot hole. The cum was so deep inside me. He held me close to him on the small cot, and we began to talk for awhile.

"Marcella, you have to leave your husband. He just ain't appreciating you right. You say he's the only other person you've fucked besides me?" Darius asked. I nodded. "Well, baby, now you fucked me. You ain't fucked your husband in a long time, so now, technically, I am the only man you are fucking. You should be with me and me alone. And I came in your pussy, too, Marcella. I bet you're not on birth control?" I shook my head. "See, now we have to think of the consequences. I will support you no matter what, if you want a baby or not. But I doubt your husband would want another man knocking up his wife. It's more fair to both of you to divorce, you know that, baby. Besides, I want to keep fucking you... And I don't want to share you with another man. I want you fully. Completely. Anywhere."

I kissed Darius passionately. He was right, I had been thinking of a divorce for quite some time. I nodded. I'd begin looking for a lawyer, and prepare to break the news to my husband. Darius held me tight against him on the tiny cot, spooning me. He squeezed me tight and kissed my shoulder.

After it was agreed -- we would keep fucking, I would divorce my husband -- we laid quietly together for awhile before he began caressing my breasts and belly and pussy mound from behind. My pussy was already wet with his cum deposit, but got even wetter as he stroked my clit lightly. I raised my top leg high in the air for him and pressed my ass hard against his growing cock. He held me close and once his prick was fully hard again he pressed it to my pussy lips and began fucking me gently from behind while we spooned together.

He held my breasts and rubbed my clit, me keeping my leg raised for him to fuck into me hard from behind. Darius was kissing on my shoulders and neck while he pounded me. The small cot was squeaking and creaking under the weight and the sex. I was moaning again in no time, his fingers on my clit stirring up another orgasm. Reaching behind me, I rubbed his balls while he buried his cock into me and he groaned and fucked me harder.

The cot was rocking wildly, and suddenly, while I was on the verge of cumming and it seemed like Darius was too, the cot began collapsing under our weight, first one side then the other until suddenly with a loud crashing sound we both found ourselves falling with the breaking bed! At least the small mattress broke our fall, and Darius and I just laughed after checking to make sure we were both okay. He then pulled me on top of him, staring up into my eyes, and I began riding his long, sexy cock with a rapid pace. We both moaned from our small mattress on the floor as I fucked him hard. My tits bounced with the wild fucking. His hands held my hips hard, his balls slapping against my ass and his thighs as he pounded his cock up into me.

Sperm from his previous orgasm was leaking from my hole down to his balls and smearing on my ass. He held me hard against him so he could suck on my nipples and neck, and I moaned as my clit grinded against the base of his fat black cock. My orgasm, which had unfortunately ceased as the bed was collapsing, began stirring again within my loins while my sexy new lover's cock filled me up hard. I screamed out that I was cumming and he kissed me passionately. Then I felt his cock stay still in my pussyhole, deep as it could go, to erupt inside me while I orgasmed. His prickhead was spewing cum within my womb, filling me, overflowing as it dribbled out of my pussy and down his balls. Breathlessly, I smiled as my orgasm faded, his prick still inside me, surveying the damage of the broken bed.

"It's okay, Marcella, everyone that works here knows this bed was a piece of shit that was about ready to collapse anyway-- I'll just tell them I did it while tossing around during a quick after-work nap. I'll replace it soon, no worries," said Darius with a smile, his cock deflating in my sperm-filled pussy. We kissed again and I stepped off of him. It was getting late, I needed to get home. Even though my husband probably wouldn't even notice I was gone... We were sleeping in different bedrooms, things had gotten so bad. The time had come for me to break free to pursue this sexy new love!

Darius and I made plans to go out on a proper date very soon, but we needed to be discreet since I was still married. He invited me to come to his place for dinner Saturday night, where we could spend an intimate evening together. I agreed, beginning to feel the excitement of a new relationship. We kissed again as he led me back to the massage room where my clothes were. He refused to give me my thong back, wanting to keep it as a memento of our first fuck. I let him have it, let the cum drip from my pussy.

He put his green scrubs back on, smiling at me as he scooped some of his cum from my pussy while I bent over to get my skirt. I raised his fingers to my lips and licked his cum off, and he shuddered. His cock twitched again in his scrubs, and I smiled back at him widely while dressing.

We walked out of the clinic and he locked up, then escorted me to the parking deck where my car was. It was late night, and the car park was deserted. Bright lights illuminated my car as the solitary vehicle on the second level of the parking deck. We were walking hand in hand. As we stepped in front of my car, we shared a hot kiss, holding each other close. After a few moments of passionate kissing, I felt his cock stirring against my belly through the thin fabric of his scrubs. He smiled at me, kissing down my neck to my blouse, making my nipples stiffen in my lacy bra. The bright lights shined down upon us in the parking deck. My heart was beating hard, but I couldn't resist stroking Darius' cock through his scrubs, making it get even harder. He pushed me against the hood of my car and pulled his scrubs and boxers down, pulling his throbbing hard cock out again.

"I just can't get enough of you, you beautiful woman," Darius said to me, pressing me down on my back against my cool car. I had no panties on under my skirt, so he was easily able to find the entrance to my wet pussyhole with his hard meat. Once again, his prickhead forced my slit open. He paused a moment, then slammed hard into me, jamming my cunt suddenly full of cock. I moaned out, my moan echoing through the parking deck. We laughed as he continued pounding me hard against my car. I raised my legs high against his chest and he stuffed his meat up as far as he could go go, his balls against my asscrack, getting wet with cum and cunt juice.

He pounded intensely for a few minutes, the car shaking under our sex, and we kissed hard. His balls tightened and after a few more deep thrusts his cock exploded deep into my pussy again. He pulled it out almost to the cockhead while he was still spurting his semen into my hole. We kissed passionately as his meat throbbed within me for a few more moments. Finally, he pulled out of me, his prick streaking cum across the hood of my car.

We kissed goodbye shortly after, and I drove home quietly with thoughts of telling my husband I wanted a divorce, and distracted thoughts of my sexy new lover. My cunt was so full of his sperm! When I came home, my husband was still awake, sitting by the TV. He barely looked up at me, just nodding at me.

"How was your massage, Marcella?" my husband said, absentmindedly as he watched some sports on TV.

"It was good, honey..." I said. As Darius' cum was dripping out of my cunt and down my thighs, I took a deep breath and said to my husband, "Honey, I realized that the best thing for us to do is to get a divorce. I think it'd be better for both of us. It just doesn't seem we're in love anymore. We may love each other still, but you know we're not in love..."

I swallowed hard as my husband stared up at me, blankly at first. Then he nodded. He agreed, the love was gone. And so it was decided-- I'd soon be free from my loveless marriage to pursue the pleasure of the body I so deserved! I kissed my husband on the cheek and went to my separate bedroom, laying down on my back, thinking of all the fun I had and would have again with Darius. His cum oozed from my hole. I loved it! I reached under the blanket and fingered my cum soaked pussy, rubbing my clit hard with Darius' sperm. Spreading my legs wide under the blanket, I was soon making myself cum with thoughts of my sexy masseuse-- oh, I couldn't wait for another one of Darius' massages!

The dinner date at Darius' house the next night was incredible. We found it to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, still going strong. He treated me to a home-cooked meal, impressing me with his cooking skills, then we talked through a movie and drank some wine, then a late night swim in his pool which turned into some hot pool sex, and then the rest of the night including lots more sex. He made me cum at least 5 times with his cock and tongue. And I loved feeling his cum filling up my hyper-stimulated pussy! And, to top it off, in the early hours of the morning before we went to sleep in each others arms, after we were both exhausted from fucking for hours, he still gave me an amazing massage!





My wife Shyamala writes a confidential letter to her friend Girly


I found a confidential letter written by my wife shyamala to her friend girly. This incident took place during her previous marriage


Dear Girly,

You were right; I can't believe I doubted you for so long. I denied myself the joy of Black men for all those years. When I think of all that black cock I could have enjoyed nearly brings tears to my eyes. I envy all your black boyfriends back in those crazy school days. You went with, what,...maybe eight or ten guys. I recall being curious though reserved….I lacked the moxie to break with the pack, being a conservative Indian with strict parents……….I guess.

Well, my dear Girly, I'm a believer now. You see I recently shed those stupid inhibitions and began dating Black men. Actually it was three weeks ago when I finally "got religion!"-BLACK MAGIC!

And so, Girly, there I was on my knees about to worship my first big, throbbing, black penis. It was aimed just inches from my face, my quivering red-glossed lips. To say that it was the most appetizing dick ever to grace my presence would not be an overstatement. Its smooth ebony skin glistened wonderfully down the entire veiny shaft except for the bulbous head. Here it turned nearly pinkish as it jetted from its turtle-like foreskin. Having lived 24 years in denial and dreaming vicariously through your sex life, it all seemed to come down to this moment. I was just seconds away from tasting it as I gazed greedily in awe still marvelling at its full ten inches of joy. My eyes were sponges soaking in its mysterious knowledge. It was art, a fucking masterpiece. I studied the peehole, which reminded me of a tiny mouth. If it could speak I imagined it might say something like, "Open wide, girlie, I'm coming in!" My whole body shook in anticipation of taking this juicy tube of blood-engorged flesh through my lips, into my mouth, and down my moist throat. My breath whispered across it, hot and uneven as my heart pulsed. I could contain myself no longer: my hand pumped him gently as I parted my willing lips and...but I'm getting a head of myself.

Remember when we used to kick around a bit back when we were kids? We had a lot of great times you and me. It abruptly came to an end though when I shied away after you began running with Black guys. It was ignorance, I admit. I was an idiot for allowing myself to fall victim to peer pressure. And worse of all, I was a hypocrite because I secretly lusted for your black boyfriends. For what it matters, I am sorry. Truly sorry.

Anyway, Girly, it's been how many years since we saw each other? I bet at least five. I should tell you that I married computer salesman, Mohanlal. I suppose I don't need to tell you that he's Indian from Kerala with a minuscule cock. I've kept my figure for which Mohanlal is so proud of showing off. It may sound conceited but I have never had a problem attracting attention from the opposite sex. With a 34B cup size, a "cute bubble butt" (as Mohanlal will say), brown eyes, and jet black hair set against my pale Indian skin, I know I'm a catch for any man. I take good care of myself. I work out almost daily, wear fashionable clothes, make routine visits to the nail salon to maintain my one and a half inch nails, and have perfected my make-up. Remember all the time we used to spend trying all the latest make-overs. Back then I could never get it right. Now I am very confident with my appearance. We have an easy life with a fairly routine. I suppose some people would call it a rut.

You see, Girly, my husband and I have sort of drifted apart. Mohanlal has become so absorbed in his work the last few years that we almost live separate lives. Often he is on the road and though I can't find proof he has ever been unfaithful, I can't say he satisfies me completely. We rarely make love.

I work as a logistic officer small Import and Export company in Andheri about 45 hours a week. When my husband Mohanlal is away on business I sometimes check out the night life around town. A lot of new clubs have opened downtown in Andheri, Goregaon and Kandivili. Although I just go out to dance, I never seriously considered cheating on my husband. And let me let you know, I have had opportunities. From both Black and Indian men.

Lately, I have experienced very intense dreams of Black men fucking me. Actually it's more like black cocks as I never see their faces. I may recall a glimpse of a chest or shoulder but definitely no faces. Weird, many mornings I have risen with a dripping pussy and a day-long horniness that just doesn't quit. Black cocks that once filled my night dreams are now filling my head during the day as well.

One morning, after such a dream, I woke, masturbated, then tried a cold shower to rid my mind of cock. Still their images persisted. So powerful in fact that I became obsessed. At work that day I lost all hope of getting any serious work done. I asked my boss for the rest of the day off. He is a dear to work for and though he granted me my request he did insist I stay until lunch. Somehow I managed to finish my morning assignment and needed a break .

After leaving the office, I headed down to Pharaoh’s, an urban club about ten minutes from work in Andheri. Pharaoh’s is a class establishment. The interior is posh and cushiony. It's very clean and comfortable and has a mostly black clientele from all parts of Africa. It was around half past noon. I knew it would be slow but my need was great.

Well, Girly, I walked in and found two black men at the bar and an Indian grey-haired bartender, who looked as out of place as I did. They were all about my age and were engrossed in an afternoon football game on the tube. I stepped up to the farther side of the bar and ordered a double rum and coke. I drank in silence and hoped that one of the blacks might start a conversation with me. When, after my first drink, that didn't happen I decided I should make the first move. As I was about to walk over to them and offer to buy the next round, the taller of the two walked in the back to the men’s room. This, I thought, was even a better opportunity. After a couple of minutes I took the chance and I walked back coyly slipping into the men’s room. He was just buckling up at the urinal.

My heart pounded as I stood in the doorway.

He turned, surprised, and nonchalantly said in a deep voice, "What's up, honey? This ain't no ladies room."

"I know. " I said. I was shaking from anticipation. "I wasn't looking for the ladies room."

"Oh?" he responded with a touch of sarcasm in his tone.

I suddenly realized I held the advantage position and blurted out exactly what I wanted to say: "I came in here looking for some action. I would very much like to suck you off." I couldn't believe I said it but there I was. Just hearing I say the words almost made me cream my jeans.


I kept my composure, looked directly in his eyes, and confidently spoke: "I want to suck your dick. I want to know what it tastes like. You got a problem with that?"

"Damn, woman. No I got no problem. You want it right here?"

"Right here, right now." I walked smugly into a stall, my high heels clicking on the tiled floor. It had a mellow musky odour. I placed the lid top down on the toilet and sat down. I tried to exude power and authority though my entire body seemed to shake with excitement. "Come here-bring it on!."

In seconds he was standing directly in front of me like an obedient puppy and began to undo his pants. "Wait," I said, "I'll do that."

I slowly unzipped him and let his trousers fall to the floor. I rubbed him through his jockey shorts with my hand. My long fingernails carefully scratched his manhood through his cotton briefs. As he hardened I saw the head boring its way through the waist band. It struggled for freedom. I carefully pealed back his underwear and drew them down. His long slab of joy sprung forwards. And so here it was-fleshy and gorgeous and black, just inches from my face, as I said before. I finally had a black cock all to my own just like in my dreams.

"Wow," I told him, "you have a very beautiful cock. It's just the right length and thickness. I hope you won't mind giving me a thorough tonsolling with it."

"No problem, lady," he sort of giggled.

"No, I am very serious. I want you to stuff it all the way down my throat. I want you to literally fuck my face. Make me gag on it. Don't be shy. Think of me as your personal cock receptacle. And when you cum, well, I'll give you a choice. You can either pump it down my throat or blow it in my mouth. Personally, I'd like to taste it but it's your call."

Now that he was given his instructions, I wasted no time in beginning my fun. I took his cock in my hand and brought the head to my lips. My tongue first went for the peehole. I licked it several times. It was salty, probably from his having just urinated. I took the head between my lips and drew it in, sucking hard. He moaned and braced himself with his arms against the frame of the stall doorway. I carefully lathered his entire cock, licking and tasting all sides. It was delicious. I nibbled along the shaft's tender underside and kissed the peehole while manipulating it with my hands. I was lifted serenely to black cock heaven as he grew more and more excited. When he started rocking his hips, I took the hint and opened my mouth for him to fill. He began to poke it further in and I responded by sucking more of its length with each thrust. His hands grabbed the back of my head and I looked up at him with my deep blue eyes to confirm my consent.

We were committed in jamming that cock all the way down my throat. With each oncoming thrust another half inch slipped down. I lustfully accepted a dozen more rams until that throbbing monster laid claim to my oesophagus. Clearly now the advantage was his-he was in full blood lust. I would receive a thorough face-fucking whether I wanted it or not. I loved it! Thrust after thrust, dive after dive, his black pecker penetrated the depths of my accommodating throat. I couldn't believe cock sucking could be so much fun. He was so hard and so manly. And Goddamn he felt and tasted so fucking good, Girly.

Having worked up a good steady rhythm, it easily sliding in and out as saliva seeped out in long strands then dribbled on the floor. I creamed my undies several times while fingering myself. Then almost disparately, he clutched my hair, planted his cock in my throat, and held my face way down into his crotch. He bucked with my nose nuzzled in his pubic hairs. Not once, not twice, but three times. I was completely plugged and couldn't breathe. I thought he'd shoot his spunk right down my throat but unfortunately, I couldn't hold him in any longer and had to push off him gagging and gasping for air.

At this point there was no turning back. His eyes told me that he couldn't stop if he wanted to and I so wanted his seed. Quickly he brought it back to my face and pushed my hands away. Pumping his cock with his own hand, he aimed his cock directly at my mouth. I instinctively fell to my knees in front of him and looked him square in the eyes. With his free hand he cupped the back of my head. I licked my lips and opened wide for him. Offering my extended tongue as an easy target for his ejaculate, he nestled his mushroomed head on it and vigorously stroked himself as I held on to his upper thighs anticipating my sweet pungent treat. Pre-come oozed and I got a quick prelude of what was forthcoming, Girly. My body was electric and nervously twitched, my panties soaked through. My God, it was good. It was so fucking well, Girly!

Then at last he came. A huge wad of sperm skipped across the back of my tongue and clung to the back walls of my throat. I made gagging noises but keep my mouth wide open for his next shot. His second-a big white oyster of jism-fell on the flat of my tongue. I pulled it quickly in and opened wide for the third blast. This one hit the roof of my mouth and ran slowly drizzled down toward my throat. I pushed his hand away and fastened my right hand around his hard on and my lips around the crown of his cockhead. I pumped the rest of his warm delicious offering into my mouth. Goddamn, Girly, I confess to you now that it tasted beyond my expectations. It was fucking delectable! Just kneeling there in front of him with a warm mouthful of his freshly deposited sperm was enough to convince me that I would be back soon for more black men. Yes indeed, Girly, my future was looking black!

In the meantime, he looked down at me in disbelief as his cock softened. "Damn, woman, you took the whole load in your mouth?"

I nodded, marinating my taste buds in his spunk. I rolled it around and even thought of gargling it but decided finally just to swallow it down. I then kissed him, Susan. No, not on his lips but on the tip of his sticky penis of course. I pulled his underwear up and carefully repackaged his equipment.

"Hey," I called as he started to leave, "Thank you." He turned and nodded, obviously pleased. "One more thing..." I said.

"I know," he said looking back, "I won't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret."

"No, I WANT you to tell your friends out there. I was hoping you could send your buddy in...I'm still hungry."

"Whoa! Okay, sure I'll let him know you're waiting for him."

"You're such a dear! Thanks. For your efforts here's my phone number. Anytime you would like to do this again I hope you'll call."

"Thanks. I sure will...Shyamala," he said reading my name from my note.

Well, the eternity of five minutes went by before his friend walked in. I was still in the stall. "Shyamala?" he said almost meekishly.

"Over here in the stall" I answered.

"Oh, wow, Fred was right; you are waiting for me aren't you?"

"Yes I am. Now let me help you off with your pants."

As I pulled down his jeans I noticed he was already hard. "Fred must have given you the intimate details, huh? His story excites you?"

"It sure did," he confessed.

"Well, I'll try to live up to his account of the facts."

I unceremoniously brought my face to his crotch. Taking his manhood in my hands I rubbed his cock and balls all over my face. His musk was stronger and he was circumcised and had a larger dick than Fred. It was perhaps two inches longer and a bit fatter. It had a lot of veins and was also lighter in colour. As I began licking up and down the shaft, I wondered if I would be able to accommodate his cock as I had Fred's.

With my left hand I pushed his hard-on so that it was against his belly and rubbed my fingers up and down the shaft as my lips sucked on one of his hairy balls. He moaned and growled. When pearly drops of pre-cum ran down his cock, I took my right index finger and captured the drops from his peehole.

"What's your name, lover?"

"Simutenga." he said.

Then I brought my wet finger to my lips and sucked his cum off it. I found it tangy and even tastier than Fred's jism. I couldn't wait for him to shoot off in my mouth. "Simutenga, you taste delicious, even better than your friend."

I resumed my ball sucking/shaft rubbing technique. "Shyamala, could you please use your long sexy nails to scratch my shaft just where you are rubbing it now."

"Will that get you off quicker, lover?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, it sure will," he said.

I quickly let his cock drop and circled the base with my left hand directing the cockhead to my mouth. Trapping his bulbous head between my lips, I gingerly scratched the underside of his shaft with my red polished nails. He loved it. My tongue worked the head, circling, lapping, and teasing it. "Oh. Oh...Ohhhhhh...." The truth neared. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! That quickly he shot three huge loads in my mouth. I tightened my lip grip on him and BLAM! BLAM! BLAM he unloaded three more. I knew that if I didn't swallow, his precious sauce would leak out. I ate his seed, quickly swallowing three times. His cockhead was still locked in my lips. I grabbed him by his ass and forced him forward. Most but not his entire dick went down my eager throat. No way could I suck it all down. Too bad, Girly, he certainly deserved to be deep-throated because his cum was the best I ever tasted.

He withdrew his dick from my mouth then bent down to lift his jeans. I spied a dab of spunk clinging to the peehole. "WAIT!" I nearly screamed and grabbed his black rod. I milked the remaining seed into the palm of my hand by pressing my thumb down the underside of his shaft and drawing it forward. Another half teaspoon of sperm eased out of him. I then, cat-like, licked the jism from my hand.

Needless to say I gave him my number too. I fixed my hair and makeup and walked out to the bar and thanked both of my black lovers. "See you soon, studs" and I waved goodbye. The bartender looked disappointed. Oh, well, I really wasn't interested in him, being Indian.

Girly, these two black men certainly fulfilled a dream of mine, in fact, they surpassed all my expectations. I was hoping that I could convince you to meet up with me so we could get reacquainted again since we now share a mutual interest now…..FUCKING BLACK MEN. Please write or call me soon.

With kind wishes,


I Had No Choice

(This is a long story and has some build up, but I believe it’s worth it to really set the plot.)

What am I going to do now? I’m stuck in a no win situation, and the stress is killing me. I never wanted a complicated life, but I’ve got one weather I like it or not. Strange thing is that while I know it’s wrong, I cannot help but love it anyway. Now I had some wild times in college, but while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart Rachel. We graduated and I became a Middle School math teacher, while she went to work at a Preschool Daycare business. Everything was going according to our life plans and I was completely happy.
Being a young male teacher teaching girls who were just entering puberty was difficult sometimes, but they were silly little crushes that were easily dismissed and forgotten. There was one particularly memorable one, a girl named Becky Whitman who was a gorgeous blonde with bright baby blue eyes. I was sure she would definitely be a boy-killer in a few years, and also very bright and unusually good at math for a girl. She was one of the first of her class academically, but also to have to wear a bra. You could tell her parents spoiled her rotten because she always got what she wanted.
When what she wanted was turned to me and was constantly drawing hearts and eyes near my name on the papers that she turned in for her homework. I ignored it kindly as these things seemed to pass after a few weeks, but it never stopped after six months. As the school year was coming to a close I asked her to stay after class for a few minutes and I explained that she was just going through a phase and she would outgrow it and move on to boys her own age. She took it poorly and cried so much I took her to the school nurse, where she spent the rest of the day.
I talked to the nurse the next day and she told me she’d never seen a crush that bad before, but was sure Becky would be fine in a few days. Sure enough she was out sick the rest of the week, but when she returned to class she seemed to have forgotten all about last week, and things went smoothly the rest of the year.
A few years later an opening in the High School opened up and I got a bigger paycheck and moved from teaching children to young adults, many of whom I’d taught years before. While much more adult now, the older girls were only interested in their class-mates who were finally realizing that girls were nice instead of icky. That was fine with me and it never crossed my mind at the time, but the year after that Becky was my student once again. I was right about my predictions of her. She had really grown up fast from the budding girl I’d known into the young woman she was now. Her long blonde hair shimmered, her cute face and long legs glowed, and her bosom had blossomed into quite a pair of life preservers.
I held my breath the first few days of class, but she acted like any other student and ignored me as much as possible. That was just fine, and I thought that was going to be the last I’d have to think about it. She proved that she was still at the top her class and made even the hardest problems seem easy and school went fine for the first month or so. Then Rachel, my wife, had finally told me she was pregnant and already three months along. We had been trying to start a family since I’d gotten the larger paycheck, and she’d been longing for kids ever since she started working at the Preschool. I was on cloud nine and it wasn’t long before the word spread and I was getting congratulations by other teachers and students.
The next four months seemed to fly by with my only real attention being my wife’s continuing pregnancy which did make her more moody and erratic. After we found that she was having twins and it was going to be a bit more work than a normal pregnancy, she took time off her job to stay home when she was seven months in, and we stopped having sex for the safety of the babies, and she was in no mood for it now anyway. I know this was just a phase she was going through, but it was still uncomfortable for me as well.
It must have showed on me more than I’d thought, because one day after class Becky came to talk to me. “How’s the baby doing?” she inquired.
“Good…good.” I sighed. “Babies actually; its twins if you can believe it.”
“I believe it.” She said with a muted smile.
“Well…just the labor pains of life,” I joked.
She smiled at me and left for her next class. After school I was heading out to my car a few minutes after all the school buses had left, when I spied Becky in her cheerleader outfit walking down the side of the road away from school. I pulled over to her, rolled down the window, and asked, “Not going to cheerleader practice today?”
She sighed, “It was canceled, but I must have missed the announcement, and after I’d changed I got locked out of the gym and missed the bus. So these are the only clothes I have and I got to walk home. My Mom won’t be home for, like, 4 hours, so I don’t have a ride.”
She sounded depressed and hopeless, and I just had no choice but suggest I give her a ride home. She didn’t perk up or freak out, just smiled slightly and said “Thanks Mr. Font” and got in and buckled up. I couldn’t help but notice that she had to adjust the seat-belt between her ample breasts that I now realized were quite a bit bigger already than my wife’s.
I felt a stir in my loins since I’d been celibate for over a month now, which I hadn’t done since my own days in High School over a decade ago. I took a silent breath and just asked for directions to her house and began driving. It wasn’t long until we were there. She got out and was about to say something, but then asked me, “Mr. Font, you may remember I’m living with my Mom since my Dad left, and since she’s going to be gone for a few more hours, I wonder if I could trouble you just a bit more. I’m supposed to mow the lawn, but the mower’s been making a funny sound and I don’t know anything about stuff like that. Could you just look at it? Pretty please?” She looked so honest and sweet that I had no choice but agree to help with what I could.
I parked and she led me into her garage where the mower was. She squatted down with me to look at the mower and while I checked it over I couldn’t help but see strait between her legs under her cheerleader skirt. It was just the white undershorts that all cheerleaders wear, but it still started cogs going in my brain that I had a hard time ignoring. I concentrated on the mower, checked the oil and fuel, all with her watching intently to my actions.
I stood start it and it did make a sound and wobbled a bit, so I killed it and turned it on its side. The blade was bent a bit on one side of the blade. “That’s the problem, you need a new blade.”
“Drat, I don’t think we have one. Is there any way to bend it back?” Becky asked.
“Well, I can hammer it strait and that will work for a few days if it doesn’t break first.”
“Great!” She stood and brought me a hammer.
I didn’t expect to get roped into this, but soon I was pounding away with the hammer. It took a few minutes, and while I do more of the housework every day since my wife is become more and more restricted in her condition, I’m no bodybuilder. I was a little tired after hitting the hardened metal blade with all my might for five minutes strait and wiped away the bit of sweet from my brow with the arm of my business shirt. “That should probably work fine.” I said, as I started up the mower again. It sounded a lot smoother and didn’t wobble any more.
“You’re the best Mr. Font!” Becky cheered, which again brought be to looking at her happy face and giggling breasts. I was about to say something when she continued quickly, “Here, you look like you need a drink. Please, follow me, the kitchen is this way.” She turned and opened the door into her house and waited for me.
I didn’t want to be rude and a drink did sound refreshing, so I had no choice but to follow her inside. She smiled and led me into her kitchen. She pulled out a soda from the fridge, opened it and handed it to me. It thanked her and took a long drink from it. It was a hot sunny day and it felt great and really hit the spot, until I began to feel uncomfortable noticing that Becky was just watching me drink. “I should really be going now that your mower’s fixed,” I said cautiously.
She looked like she’d lost her train of thought, but then came back and said, “Sure, right…wait here, I’ll be right back.” She ran out leaving me there for a few minutes, so I just drank and waited, not knowing what for, but just waiting. I looked out the window at the nicely manicured back yard and the refreshing looking in ground swimming pool. Her mother, I thought, must be hard working and have done well for herself and her daughter to live this well, and all by herself.
Suddenly there was a flashing light, and I turned around. There was Becky holding a camera taking pictures of me standing in her kitchen. “What? Becky, what are you doing?” I stammered.
“I just wanted to get a picture of you here in my house.” She smirked. “Thank you once again Mr. Font, here’s the front door,” she gestured toward the door down the nearby hall. “Please, have a good day and I’ll see you at school tomorrow!” She giggled like she was a kid who’d just gotten a joke.
I didn’t understand her, but said good-bye, left, and drove home. I sometimes have faculty meetings and papers to grade, so my wife didn’t think anything of me being home an hour after school ended. Many times I didn’t get home for several hours, so she was actually happy to have me home this soon anyway. We ate, did some house chores, and went to bed. With my heavily pregnant wife collapsed beside me, I had a hard time getting to sleep though. I couldn’t get Becky in her skimpy cheerleader outfit out from behind my eyelids, or make the throbbing stop in my hard Johnson.
Nothing else seemed out of the ordinary for the next few days, but on Friday when the student turned in their homework assignments on my desk at the start of class, Becky dropped off a purple folder. I didn’t know why she put her whole folder on my desk instead of just the few pages of paper like everyone else, but I went through the class and didn’t get to look at it until the bell rang. As the students left for their next class, I opened it up.
I saw her homework, but it was printed on a glossy photo paper. I inspected it and spotted why she had done so on the back. I saw myself, standing by her kitchen sink, just like I was, but added in was Becky on her knees, her naked ass and back visible at my feet, with the back of her head right at my waistline. You couldn’t see anything happening, because nothing was of course, but if anyone else had seen it they wouldn’t think that.
I gulped down a hot breath that had gotten stuck in my throat and just stared at the picture. I didn’t know what to do. I was just frozen with terror. Becky, making sure she was the last one out of class said in the sharp silence, “Mr. Font, I’ll need to talk with you about my homework after school, so I’ll see you at 3 o’clock.” She smiled, flitted her short skirt to show off her long smooth legs all the way up to her ass, and then breezed out the door into the throng of people in the hall. Students started coming in for my next class, and I quickly put the ‘homework’ back in the folder and stuck it in my desk.
It was a long and hard several hours until the end of the school day that day. Not only did I have to contend with my worry over someone somehow finding out about this picture in my desk, but I also had grown a raging hard-on that sprouted every time I thought about the picture. I tried to stay seated behind my desk, or hold a book or something over my groin as much as I could the rest of the day.
After the end of day bell rang and everyone else headed home, I pulled back out the folder and examined the photo again. It had to have been photo-shopped, but it looked good enough to get me hard again, even though I knew it was a fake. I still had no idea why she would have done this. She didn’t need to blackmail me for grades; she was at the top of the class.
“Having a HARD time understanding my HOMEWORK Mr. Font?” Becky’s remarks startled me and I again quickly closed the folder in nervous fright.
“Becky! I…uh…” I stammered trying to find the right words to resolve this dilemma.
“I think you should stop by and talk to my Mom. She’s home right now, so see you at home…” and with that she walked out and I my mind stumbled. Yes, that was the right thing to do. Her mother could give Becky a talking too and if he came to her with this she would realize what was happening. I got up and headed out to my car, seeing the buses file out one by one, and Becky in the window of one of them, kissing the window at me.
While I drove I knew then that this was all going wrong. Rachel was only a few months from giving me twin babies, and I hadn’t gotten tenure yet. Weather the photo was real or not, just the accusation would disgrace me, causing me to lose my job, and possibly even my family! I had no choice but to make this go away and prayed that Becky’s mother would be reasonable.
I arrived only minutes after the bus had arrived, because Becky was still waiting for me outside as I pulled up, got out, and walked in the door behind her. “My Mother is probably upstairs. I’ll get her while you have a seat in the living room. It’s right next to the kitchen. I trust you can find it there again.” She smiled evilly and I should have known something was wrong then, but she scampered up the stairs, giving me a look at her long smooth legs and tight teen ass clad in too tight and skimpy shorts.
I made my way down the hall and into the living room and looked around. There was a large television, a comfortable white leather couch with two matching armchairs. There was even a fireplace which is unusual this far south, and a heavy white fuzzy carpet underfoot. To the right I was forced to stare at the cursed kitchen where I was set up for blackmail the week before. On the mantle over the fireplace were pictures of the little girl I’d recognized from years ago, and back all the way to her as a baby. Along with her were pictures of her mother, who was also strikingly beautiful as well, but had deep red hair and emerald green eyes. I heard steps coming down the stairs and quickly took a seat on the plush couch.
In walked the woman I’d recognized as Becky’s mother from the pictures on the mantle place, although I was expecting her to look older than the thirty-something that was just a bit older than me. She was dressed smartly in a business shirt and skirt that went down to her knees. She was followed closely by Becky and I stood and held out my hand to her, “Hello Ms. Whitman, I’m Edward Font, your daughter’s Algebra teacher.”
She took may hand and squeezed it firmly, smiling and said, “Yes, I remember. What can I do for you today? I trust Becky’s doing well in her studies?” She sat into one of the arm chairs to my right, and Becky sat on couch with me, just on my other side. I nervously glanced at her smiling face as she sat, but quickly focused back on her mother.
My brain skipped a little at how relieved I’d be if only that was the problem. “No, I’m glad to say she’s bright, and always at the top of the class in school. I’ve come because I had some concerns over another issue.” I held the purple folder and gestured to it. “I don’t want to alarm you, but I was here last week because Becky missed the bus, and I offered to give her a ride home.” I paused to collect my thoughts take a deep breath and Becky’s mother simply nodded at me to continue.
“Becky invited me in and offered me a drink, and while I had my back turned she took some pictures of me. That was all, and I left. But today Becky turned this in to me with her homework.” I handed the purple folder over to her mother and stole a glance at Becky, who I expected to look horrified by what I was doing, or at least try to stop me, but she just looked smug and pleased with herself. This puzzled me, but I could only look back to her mother as she opened the folder and inspected its contents.
I expected and explosion or gasp or something, but instead Ms. Whitman smiled and almost laughed. “Becky,” She then looked at her smiling, “Did you do this?” Becky nodded cheerfully. And her mother now did laugh with a chuckle, which she tried to stifle at the look of horror that must have been on my face. “Well, she’s a smart girl and you’re obviously an honest man to have come to me with this. She’s always been a math and computer whiz, and always known exactly what she wants, just like her mother.”
“Ms. Whitman…” I stammered trying to think of what to say.
“Judy, please.” She smiled and grabbed my outstretched hand. “I know you must be conserved, but I’ve always told my daughter to go after what she wants, and let nothing stop her.” She’d told me several years ago that she’d fallen in love with you because, you were smart, honest, fair, and not too hard on the eyes either, if I may say so.” She winked at me and chuckled again.
I was still at a loss for words and didn’t have any idea what was happening. Judy continued, “Now, when she told me how you had rebuffed her advances before, I knew you were kind and responsible individual, and I’d told her not to worry, and she’d find someone like you in a few years when she was older, and ready for a real relationship.”
I nodded dumbly as she told her story. “In the last few years she’s dated some young men her age, but she’s told me that none of them compared to you. You can imagine my surprise when on the first day of school this year she came home to tell me that you’d moved to the high school and she was your student once again. She’d never forgotten about you and I could tell that it was no simple crush then.”
Becky placed her hand on mine at that point and I was so shocked that I had no response. I tried to say something, but Judy kept talking, leaving me no choice but to listen. “I told Becky that if that was what she really wanted, this world only rewards those with bravery, intelligence, and initiative. She needs to be brave enough to talk what she wants; smart enough to do it without destroying her reputation or doing anything illegal, and the initiative to follow through no matter the cost.”
Becky squeezed my hand and I was shocked that this young woman’s mother was telling me she approved of her trying to blackmail and seduce me. “Now I trust no one else has seen this picture?” She looked at the two of us. Becky shook her head and I dumbly did so as well. “Good. Becky, please go up to your room. Edward and I need to discuss the rest in private.” She lost her smile and looked a little worried, then squeezed my hand again, and walked nervously out of the room.
Judy waited a bit as she herd Becky walk up the stairs, then turned to me again. “Edward, you have a choice.” Even as she said this I knew it wasn’t true. “You can reject my daughter again, but I’m afraid this picture will become public at some point. While it is a fake, it’s good enough that that fact will not save you from a lifetime of troubles with your job and at home.”
I gulped knowing that that option would destroy my world and was not even worth considering. “On the other hand, you can provide my daughter with what she desires. She is still very young and curious about the pleasures of the flesh. She may just have a deep crush again, or even love you, but that may pass, as I can tell you from personal experience.” She was toying with her own wedding ring, which I was surprised that she still wore as I’d heard her husband had run out on her more than a decade ago.
I finally found my voice now that Becky wasn’t distracting me, “But I’m a happily married man, whose wife is about to give birth. To twins even! I’m also her teacher, and that is wrong on every level. I might go to jail if I do as you suggest.”
“True, but I will promise you, and make Becky promise as well, that if you choose the second option, that we will keep the confidence and no one will know. It would ruin my and her reputation as well you realize.” I thought for a moment, and knew that was true as well. Damn, it made sense and seemed like my only way out, but while my groin started to respond in the affirmative, my brain still shouted no. “In either case, I shall respect your decision and deny any accusation against your character.”
This seemed to shock me even more, and almost gave me an out to take her first option with some chance of success. She’d seemed to be pushing me and her daughter together before, so this was another loop she had thrown me. My puzzled look made her laugh again, “You misunderstand this whole situation I fear. My daughter takes after her mother. She is headstrong, intelligent, and has high standards. I was foolish in my own youth, and tried to make sure that she chooses better than I had. I think she has, and that just makes the whole situation more difficult. If you were not the responsible person you are, you’d already have taken advantage of my daughter’s interest in you.”
I was honored at her appraisal of my character and she continued, “Now, I need you to know that I trust and love my daughter dearly. I know she’s tried to do some things with boys, but that she’s still a virgin. I want her to be happy, but I don’t want her to suffer needlessly. I would consider it a personal favor, even if you cannot love her back, to show her love that only a kind man can. If you say no, then I will go up and explain it to her, and she will eventually learn about these things from some horny young boy who might knock her up, maybe giver her and STD, but will definitely take her for granted and wouldn’t show her kindness or the respect she deserves. She may be my little girl, but I find the alternative of even a short love affair with a responsible man like you much more to my liking.”
I took this like a punch to the stomach and could see it happening in my mind. Becky abused, sick, pregnant, and alone. I couldn’t stand the thought of that either. I had no choice. “Alright,” I heard myself say solemnly. She smiled kindly to me and patted my hands on my knees.
She stood and thought for a second, “Now there is much to do. I’m going to fix some dinner and you will call your wife to let her know you are tutoring a student who needs some serious help preparing for their college entrance exams. I’ll talk to her if you need me to, and help out with whatever I can. After that, Becky’s room is upstairs on the left, bathroom across the hall on the right. Please feel free to shower afterward, Oh and please put a towel on the bed first.”
She then turned and set about her cooking in the kitchen. I used her home phone and explained to Rachel on the phone, exactly as Judy had said to. She accepted it with only a slight hesitation, when Judy pulled the phone from my hand and began chatting her up. She then made a shooing motion with her hand and I sheepishly walked back down the hall toward the front door and the base of the stairs. I walked with the same slowness that Becky had when she had left, for like her, had no choice but to accept whatever fate befell me. At the top of the stairs there were three doors; left, right and one straight ahead at the end of a small hall.
I opened the right door and used the bathroom quickly, knowing that I better get that out of the way first. I used a washcloth to wipe my face, then my groin, worried that I’d make a stink from the sweat of nervousness that I’d experienced the rest of the day. Finally I grabbed a dark towel from the rack and returned to the hall.
I knocked quietly on the left-hand door. “Come in”, Becky said a nervous voice. I slowly opened the door. The room was just as I should have suspected, pink. Pink on the window curtains, the bed sheets, and even on the rug on the wooden floor. Becky sat at a large wooden desk in a rolling chair. She looked like she had been trying to do homework on her computer on the desk, and as soon as she had seen me she’d stood and hit the power button, turning it off. “Hey Mr. Font.”
“Becky,” was all I could say for the first minute. We just stood in silence. “I need you to know that I like you, and you’re very beautiful.”
She looked at me with eyes that were cracking and trying not to cry. “And I love my wife very much.”
Becky looked like she was about to flood with her tears. “But, your mother asked me to do her a favor and I just need to hear it from you.”
Her eyes barely held back her tears and she waited hesitantly. “No matter what happens between us, I am still happily married, and you can ONLY be my student outside of this house.”
That ray of hope shone through her soul and while she took it in, her stormy eyes began to clear. She still shed a few tears, but her smile told me that was enough. “Mr. Font…” she said looking for the words.
“Becky, you did a bad thing trying to blackmail me, and you have to know that was wrong.” She nodded so I continued, “But I didn’t realize how much you loved me. You need to know that you are still young, and I am not the man who is destined to make you happy for the rest of your life, but for now, I will do what I can.”
She shifted nervously still thinking and contemplating the meaning of my words. “If you want me to show you the ropes and such, then I will, but this cannot leave this room, or go beyond this point. This is a onetime lesson, because I feel responsible for this whole situation. You have to promise me that you will not pursue me or make any scene in public.”
She steeled herself and her big baby blue eyes looked me straight in to mine. “I promise that I will not ask you for anything outside of my bedroom or tell anyone outside this house about what goes on between us.” That was good enough for me and I sighed and sat on the end of her bed. That was a load off my mind, but now came the follow through. Becky came and sat down next to me, her skirted hip touching mine.
Her face very near to mine and I don’t even remember leaning into her as her lips touched mine. She was still and kept her mouth closed, just absorbing the feeling, then she began kissing back. Our lips making kissing sounds as we made on her bed. Soon I increased the ante with my tongue snaking into her lips, startling her and making her giggle that cute giggle she always used that I now realized really turned me on.
One of my hands went around her shoulder behind her, and the other on her smooth bare leg above her knee. I griped her softly, while our tongues danced and explored this new territory. I couldn’t help myself but dive into the inexperienced, but eager lips of my lovely student. I felt her arms go around me as well and we must have spent ten minutes just kissing. I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again, as I’d not done this sort of thing, even with Rachel, since our college days.
After we waited a moment to catch our breath from a particularly vigorous and long tongue twister Becky said, “Wow Mr. Font. No one has ever made me feel so good before.” She smiled and bit her bottom lip with a sexy grin. “All the boys at school want to do is talk sports or touch my pussy.”
“Well you cannot blame them. When I was that age the same things went through my system. It takes a bit to let the hormones cool down. Now, your mother tells me you’re still a virgin, but you’ve done some things. Is that true?” She nodded embarrassed, but eager for more I could tell since her bare feet were rubbing mine. “OK, so what have you done so far?”
“Well…” She bit her bottom lip again and really had a hard time putting it into words. “I’ve…let one boy touch by breasts…”
I looked at her breasts and considered them thoughtfully. They were quite large under her dark t-shirt. I raised my hand to her left breast and I heard Becky suck in her breath. I gently set my hand on the top portion of her breast and slowly rubbed around to the bottom, then the top again. I could easily feel her bra under her breast, and her bare skin on top underneath her shirt. I did this for a few moments, and then moved to her right breast. As I switched Becky finally let out her breath with a soft moan of pleasure.
After alternating and rubbing once more I moved my other hand down to the hem of her shirt and began to lift it up. She raised her elbows and allowed me to lift the entire shirt over her head and reveal her tan bra clad breasts to my gaze. I returned to my over and under motions and she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Shrugging her shoulders forward her bra came loose, and I dropped it to the floor on top of her t-shirt.
Her large, naked breasts sagged only a little without support and she looked for approval from me as I gazed at them. “Is something wrong with them?” she asked with some worry at my intent and silent stare.
Realizing just staring was making her uncomfortable, I reached up and palmed one underneath and kissed her quickly. “No my dear. They are just so beautiful that I couldn’t help but be stunned by them.”
She smiled and then I continued my ministrations on her now uncovered breasts. She had small areola, but nice and firm upstanding nipples that were a light pink only a bit darker than her lightly tanned skin. She didn’t have a tan line, but since she lives alone with her mother, who is also a looker, she must sunbathe naked in her back lawn by the pool when she can. This thought made my groin pulse again, finally forgetting all the worry from before and bringing me fully into the mood of the moment.
She was immensely enjoying my hands that now each massaged one of her breasts, including rolling and tweaking her taut nipples, causing her to squeak a little if I pinched a bit too hard. I gently pushed her back flat onto the bed, hovering above her and to her left side. “Have you let any of the boys do this?” I then lowered my head to her left breast and gently sucked her pointy nipple into my mouth.”
“No!” she squeaked loudly, “Oh that feels so good!” She sounded like I had just rocked her world, and I couldn’t believe how much this was really turning me on. It was so nice to have a woman approving of my lovemaking maneuvers than ask me to stop. I suckled and twirled her nipple gently, but slowly getting harder and deeper before switching to the other and doing the same to its twin. During this she really built up my self-esteem with her loud squeaks of pleasure.
I release her breasts from my manipulations and sat up, allowing her to breathe easy for a moment. She smiled up at me then grinned and bit her lower lip again. She sat up quickly and her nimble fingers started unbuttoning my shirt, and then cast it to the floor next to her own growing pile of discarded clothing.
Her fingers then roamed across my mostly hairless chest. I have just a bit of curly hair around my nipples and some on my belly as you get closer to my love trail. Her hands felt terrific and it had been the better part of a year since I’d had this sort of attention. I closed my eyes and soaked it up, but reopened them as I laughed as she tickled my own nipples with her tongue. I think she was disappointed that my own nipples didn’t turn into upstanding eraser nubs like hers did, but she didn’t let it show for more than a moment before she was pleasantly surprised by what her hands found as she went lower on my body.
She looked at me with wonder and I said. “Go ahead and touch it.” She did and traced her hands up and down the bulge in the front of my khaki pants. I was getting tight in my briefs and I reached and unbuttoned my pants. She helped and pulled the zipper down slowly, then pulled the waist down as I lifted my butt, and she dragged them the rest of the way off. She returned her hungry and eager gaze to my crotch, flitting her eyes to mine every few seconds. I grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled it down over my enlarged member and threw them to the side as well. “Have you ever touched a penis before?” I asked.
“No,” she shook her head slightly. “Well a little, but only through underwear. And the guy just pissed his pants when I did.”
“Well, that can happen when you’re nervous or haven’t gone to the bathroom first.” I didn’t need to mention that I had gone to the bathroom, because she must have heard me while she was waiting. “Go ahead and touch it softly.”
Her hand reached out and put a few fingers on my tip. She rubbed it a bit and then moved down my shaft. She reached her other hand in and ran it through my curly pubes and around to the bottom to cradle and massage my balls. Her soft touch was nice, but random probing fingers was not what I needed right now. “OK, just a sec. Let me show you how to hold it to make a guy feel good.”
She pulled back and watched me silently. I grasped my base firmly and squeezed hard. My cock swelled at the head like a flower blooming and she cooed with fascination. Then I moved up and down at my base, making my cock swell and grow harder and firmer. After a moment I moved to the head and played it softly up and down along the length of my shaft. I oozed a small amount of precum and she could see it glisten in the bright afternoon sunlight. “See, now you try.”
She reached in and took over again, trying to follow my movements. She squeezed too hard or too softly, but I tried to guide her both with words of encouragement and moans of pleasure, and occasionally small yelps of pain. She got better and I could feel the percolating in my depths that things were working. I told her that would good and that if she practiced she could make boys cum with just rubbing them. She seemed in awe, but then asked, “And blow jobs right?”
“Well I wasn’t planning on that since your new…”
“Please, I need to try it or how will I know how!?!” She pleaded and begged of me.
This was a first for me as I’d never had a woman, half naked, begging to suck my cock. It was so erotic and sweet that I had no choice but to allow her to try it. “OK, but just remember, open your mouth wide, but close your lips as much as possible and don’t let your teeth touch it or it could hurt me badly. That would end the lesson to soon, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?”
“No,” said lowering her blonde head to my crotch. “We wouldn’t want that at all.” She then grasped my cock by the base in her hand, and licked the side of my cock, making me groan with pleasure. She licked all over, coming to the tip and played with my hole with the tip of her tongue, making me squirm. Then she made an ‘O’ with her mouth and took in the tip of my swollen gland. She went up and down roughly a few times before I stopped her.
“OK, you remember when I sucked your nipples?” She nodded, “Do it like that, but as if my penis was a big nipple.” She thought for a moment, and then went back down. She kissed the tip a bit, and then sucked in the head like a lollipop, running her tongue all over my head. That was much better and I rewarded her efforts with a deep groan.
I leaned back and closed my eyes, letting the ecstasy fill my body. IT had been so long, and the more Becky sucked, the better it got. I looked down and saw her big baby blue eyes shining up at me with my huge cock sliding down her gullet and tensed as I almost came from looking at that sweet and sexy face. “OK, I think you have it down now.” But she just closed her eyes and sucked harder and used her hand on my base to stroke the rest of me she couldn’t get in her mouth.
Damn that girl had got it down and she was really going at it now. I thought she would make me cum, but she went too deep and gagged on my cock. She pulled off coughing and wheezing, releasing my cock and the pressure released away with my worry for her. I held went to the floor with her and held her until she was breathing normal again. She just hugged me for a moment and then pulled back. “I’m sorry. I must not be able to do that very well. I felt like I was doing to die.” She looked sad that she couldn’t do what she must have heard other girls say they did as school.
“That’s OK, it takes practice to train out the gag reflex for most girls, and I am a little bigger than average, or so I’ve been told,” I smiled.
“Yea…” she nodded, “Well from what I can tell.”
“Anyway… Do you want to continue?” She wiped her eyes again, and then nodded quickly. “Ok, lie down on the center of the bed.” She hopped up and quickly did as I said, her perky big breasts bouncing sexily as she did. I moved to her side and sat next to her, and reached to unbutton her skirt and opened it up, exposing her pink panties (of course) to the light of day.
I then reached down and massaged her thighs with my palms. I went down to her knees, then up to the soft inner thighs, then higher, going around her mount, and then up her belly and back to her breasts again. She giggled again and I said, “Sorry, I just love your firm tits.” I then traced my fingertips back down her sides, making her giggle more and squirm a bit, reaching her hips and then hooking my fingers into her panties and sliding them down. I rose and moved to the end of the bed, pulling her pink panties all the way down those long strong legs, and off her petite feet, and depositing them in the completed pile of out discarded garments.
Now both of us were naked and I stood at the foot of her bed, gazing down at the naked, obviously natural blonde teenager who watched my every move with eager anticipation. I returned to her by placing my hands on her feet, massaging each with soft caresses and placing kisses on them as well. I slowly moved up to her firm and sculpted calves, followed by her knees and thighs.
Now I was halfway up her bed and my own face was now before her naked sex. It had short blonde curls covering its top and sides, but her pussy lips, obviously aroused were puffed out and I could smell her sweetness. “Has a boy ever touched you here before?” I asked before continuing.
She shook her head. “The only boy who I let touch me there… well… I told him just rub over my panties and he tried to pull them off to I hit him in the crotch and ran out on him. Luckily he lived just down the street and I ran home.”
This was truly virgin territory in the fullest sense of the word. “OK, I’m going to touch it some first, but I’ll be gentile. Please spread your legs and while it may tickle or shock you, try not to knee me in the head.” She laughed at that and I added, “My wife, when we were in college, the first time I went down on her gave me a bloody nose as she twisted in pleasure, so I’ll hold you, but just think before you go swinging around, OK?” She nodded.
I moved a hand up her thigh and slowly moved around the top of her mound, gliding through her smooth blonde curls. She still held her breath and just watched me work. Moving down I traced my fingertip up and down each of her swollen pussy lips. Gently I eased back her folded and found them already slick with her leaking wetness that was coating her excited tunnel. She moaned at this and threw her head back. I then made my way slowly and gently up her slit to her blood engorged pearl-like clit.
I reached a finger to gently touch it. She acted like I’d just struck her, stiffening up and locking her legs and pushing her pelvis up sharply. Her vagina quivered and seeped more of her girl-juice. It looked tasty, but I knew she wasn’t ready for that yet. Instead I gently continued massaging her clit, making her squirm even more. After a few minutes she relaxed enough to really enjoy the sensations and I added my other hand to trace the edges of her pussy lips.
I meant to make her cum with just my fingers, and I would have in time, but her fragrant young pussy was just too tempting not to taste. I leaned down and extended my tongue toward her slit and dipped it in. She shuddered and moaned and I could tell she was already getting close. I intended her first orgasm to be big, so I went up to her clit and sucked on it. That blew her mind. She threw her arms to the back of my heat, forcing it hard onto her pelvis, and she clamped her teeth and screeched through them with a high-pitched whine for ten of fifteen seconds.
I held on, lightly holding her clit between my lips, and her vagina spitting her cum all over my chin that was grinding into it. As she came down from her high she released my head, and I pulled off, knowing that she was hyper-sensitive for the next minute or so. My mouth and chin were coated with her juices, and I almost swore as I remembered the towel. I wiped my face with it, and then laid it under her legs with the top by her ass.
I gave her a moment to come back to herself, and when she did she looked up at me and grinned broadly. “That was amazing!” she whispered. She was still a little winded and I held her hand in mine.
“If you thought that was good, the next step will blow your mind.” She rolled her eyes and shuddered with another wave of pleasure. “Are you ready?”
“Ed, please make me a woman.” She said with all seriousness as she looked up at me. This was the first time she’d ever called me by my first name, and I almost couldn’t believe she’d done it. I nodded and moved between her legs.
“Lift up yourself up for a second.” She raised her ass and I slid the towel up under her. “Now, this will probably hurt a bit at first, and you may bleed some, but after that first bit it will feel ten times better than it just did.” She bit her lip and nodded. “Oh, if you need to bite something…” I pulled my shirt off the floor and gave her my sleeve, “Just don’t hurt that pretty lip of yours.” She smiled and nodded again.
I was still pretty hard, but worrying about details had softened the little guy. I rubbed it a moment and moved closer to her pussy. ‘Idiot’ I mentally chastened myself. “I, uh, don’t have any condoms…” I apologized. “Do…do you have any Becky?”
It looked like ten thousand thoughts went through her head in the next few seconds. Puzzlement, shock, dismay, anger, joy, and finally calm determination all played across her face. After a few moments she said, “It’s OK, my mother got me on the pill a few years ago. I was just so eager that I forgot to tell you.”
‘Wheew!’ I almost said. The last thing I needed was more troubles. “OK, that’s fine then. Here I go. Try to relax and just let it happen as I go. It may be painful at first, but you will begin to enjoy it quickly. Ready?” I grasped my cock and looked into her eyes below me.
She placed the sleeve of my shirt in her mouth and nodded. She looked so cute that I kissed her nose and then lowered myself onto her. I placed my cock across her clit and moved my hips to softly grind the length of it against her wetness and tease her clit with my helmet. We humped for a minute or so, and got back in the mood, with all our worries behind us.
Once I felt sufficiently slickened I pulled back and grabbed my cock once more, this time, aligning the tip with her moistened lower lips. I moved it in between those lips and dragged it up and down, coating it with her sticky juices. After four or five strokes, I prodded the head into her virginity. I moved in just a bit, getting only the head inside, before encountering her sex barrier. I’d never taken a girl’s virginity before, so was actually unsure how hard it would be, but I tried to restrain my own eagerness and pushed firmly, but lightly I’d hoped.
I actually sunk in a few inches easier than I’d expected, but Becky still almost screamed in pain into my shirt. She shuddered and tears welled up in her sown-up eyes. I started to withdraw a bit, but that only seemed to make it worse, so I locked my arms and just held on while she coped. After a minute she began to calm down and she reopened her eyes and released my shirt from her mouth. “Oh, you’re gigantic inside me,” she gasped.
“We can stop it you need me to…” I offered, but I knew it sounded disingenuous because I wanted it to much.
“No!” she said boldly. She then put her hands to my hips and moved to pull me in deeper.
I resisted her a bit, but left myself sink deeper into her freshly deflowered sex. I didn’t get more than a few more inches in and waited for her to catch her breath a bit. “OK. The worst is over, but when I start moving it will still be sore and raw. I promise it will begin to feel good, but it may be a bit before the pleasure takes over. Ready?”
She gave me her answer by pulling my head to hers and kissing my strongly on the lips. After a brief but vigorous tongue battle I moved back to my thrusting position, arms strait, and all my upper torso weight coming down on her pelvis. She groaned and her cute face twisted with pain and I hoped some pleasure. I couldn’t help but admire her big breasts, flattened with her on her back, making them look even bigger.
I pulled my cock back slowly an inch, then rocked back into her an inch, not trying to advance until her insides adjusted to my thickness. It looked like it hurt her, but she tried hard to smile and keep her eyes open, staring into mine. I reached one hand to her breasts and massaged it, trying to distract her with pleasure from another source.
I glanced down as I pulled out a bit and saw that my cock was coated with a layer of bright red blood, but also her thick sticky white girl-cum. I moved back in, trying to get a little deeper into her virginally tight love tunnel. As I continued in and out, making fractions of inches progress with each thrust, I could tell that each advancement brought her more pain, but also pleasure. After a few minutes I felt the last resistance give way and sank fully inside her. I was now throbbing hard, with the perverse pleasure of blooding her somehow really turning me on. My tip reached the bottom of her tunnel and pressed against her cervix, then entrance to her womb receiving its first visitor.
The pressure and tightness were unbelievable, as she also felt me reach bottom, and clamped tight on me with renewed vigor. God that felt good and I was worried that I would cum then and there for just a moment. I held on and took a deep breath. She eased up after a moment and giggled, sending cute shock waves through my body as I actually felt her laugh from the inside. “I can feel you’re heartbeat inside me,” she whispered.
That made me throb again, and she squeezed as my head pulsed inside her, sending a strong squirt of my precum into her depths. I knew I wouldn’t last long once we really started. “Becky, I’m sorry, but you’re just too much for me and I’m sure I’ll cum before you do again at this rate.” I moved to pull out and planned to work her up with my fingers some more, but she twisted her legs up and those flexible cheerleader hips to wrap me up, holding me in.
“I need this, please…” she begged me with lust, desire, sadness, and worry all on her sweet face at the same time. I smiled and nodded, but she just kept on holding me tightly, desperate to prevent me from escaping. I had no choice but to begin moving slowly in her bloody channel, out and in, again and again. I grasped her hips and forced myself more and more forcefully, with my weight on top of her.
Wrapped up as I was I never got very far out of her, and couldn’t move very hard, but still with the whole situation, it took only moments from when I allowed myself free reign with her body until I’d felt the earth-shattering pleasure rumble through my bones. My hips convulsed of their own will and I drove deeper inside her more forcefully than I’d thus far, stabbing at her cervix with my love spear. Freezing with shuddering joy my engorged manhood throbbed and pulsed inside her, blasting strait into her virgin womb, emptying a month’s worth of my pent up sperm into her womanhood.
She shrieked and clawed at my back, but I was lost in my own throws of orgasm. I felt like I’d never cum before as I continued to send shot after shot of my swimmers deep inside my young lover. I felt like it would last forever, and even after the many large spurts had been deposited, I continued to pulse and throb out more and more of my jism for almost a minute, with the shuddering convulsions from my softening penis, filling her raw and bleeding vagina.
My eyes were still shut and I opened them to the blurry bright world again as I rolled out from between her legs and slid to spoon with her on her small twin bed. She moaned with contentment, “It’s so hot. I’m so full of your love.” She smiled to me and kissed my lightly on the lips. We snuggled and I drifted to sleep holding this young beauty to me, feeling content and blissfully happy.
When I awoke, maybe an hour later, Becky’s cute blonde hair was in my face and she was asleep on my chest. I wanted to wake her and take a shower, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead I just twirled her smooth blonde hair in my fingers. This did wake her after a few minutes, and she looked up at me, “Morning my love.” It was just so cute that I had to kiss her again.
“You mother wants us to shower and have dinner together.” I told her. She smiled and then groaned as she started to move. She finally saw the towel and our love puddle, and the blood and cum covering my cock and her groin. She was shocked and I told her, “It’s OK, it won’t always be this way, but the first time is sometimes like this.” I tried to say it confidently, but since I’d never taken a girl’s virginity I hoped it was true. Changing the subject I said, “I’m going to take a shower.”
I got up and moved naked out toward the bathroom across the hall, and could have sworn I’d heard footsteps on the stairs, so moved in quickly and shut the door. Even though I’d just deflowered her daughter at her insistence, I couldn’t help the instinctual reaction of being caught. I turned on the shower and got in. I looked for a bar of soap, but could only find some body-wash. I laughed to myself that only women lived her, so of course there wouldn’t be a simple bar of soap.
I started washing up when I heard the door open. Freezing, I peeked out the curtain. Becky, having cleaned up a bit with the dark towel, dropped it in a laundry hamper in the bathroom, and smiled at me. “Need someone to wash your back?” she asked, and her still naked breasts stared at me under her happy face. I couldn’t respond to that, and she squeezed her way into the small shower behind me. “Oh, I’m sorry, looks like I got a little carried away.”
Not sure what she was referring to her fingers traced a few small sores on my back where she’d dug into my flesh. None were deep enough to bleed thankfully, but she’d left eight little red marks on me, four per side. Using the body-wash I was using, she moved her hands up and down my bare back. She started carefully at the top where my new marks were, and moved lover and lower, finally coming to squeeze and rub my ass checks.
I was really enjoying her caresses and soaked them up with the hot water coming down on my face and shoulders. Her small hands then turned me around and she restarted her washing of my body at the top once more, shoulders, chest, stomach, and then lower. I was relaxed, but as she moved down I could help but think about where her hands would reach in a minute. My soft cock, while only a fraction of its size when it was hard, was still not tiny, and when I opened my eyes, even while she was washing me, her eyes were locked onto my groin. That alone made it twitch once as the valves in my body reopened, shunting blood to begin flowing down my shaft once more.
By the time she’d washed down to my hips, my soft cock was already twice its former size, but still only half its fully hardened length. She watched over it with awe and continued washing my there as well, on top, underneath, including by balls, and added in strokes along my shaft, using some of the hand maneuvers I had so recently taught her. I had no choice but to just enjoy it and only mere moments later I was up to flag pole status once again.
Becky giggled, then stood and gave me a sly look as she brushed her hips against my hard schlong, saying, “I think it’s your turn to wash my back.” I squirted more body-wash on my hand and applied it to her shoulders and moved them up and down her back and once more grabbed that tight ass of hers. I couldn’t resist teasing her the same as she had just done and slid my hand between her cheeks, poking her asshole with my fingers as I roughly squeezed her ass cheek.
She threw back her head into my chest, pressing her back into me from the playful shock. This let me get a wonderful gaze down her cleavage, so I moved my soap covered hands to cup her beautiful breasts and kneed them in my hands. She moaned and allowed me to enjoy playing with her large young breasts for several minutes before she said, “I think I’m clean up there now, but I’m still ‘dirty’ down ‘there’. She said with an evil grin, emphasizing her words with a slow growl, and then she bent forward at her hips, and placed her hands on the shower soap shelf at the back of the shower.
I was pressed back, her ass against mine and she wiggled her hips, rubbing my cock up between her butt checks. Then she moved back forward and looked over her shoulder, waiting for me to make the next move. The water was falling hot and warm across her back, wetting her hair and running down that fine ass. My fingers quickly found their own way between her legs again. She wasn’t as jumpy this time, having been ravaged so recently, but still was new to this so squirmed a little at my probing fingers.
I rubbed her already hard clit again, and this time slid my middle finger up her coochie. “Ohh…” she moaned, loving the feeling of being filled again. I moved it around, stirring up her juices stretching her tight little twat open again. She moaned again, this time saying, “Please...”
“Please what?” I smiled, asking innocently, not letting up my manipulations of insides.
“I want to feel you in me again…” she half whispered, half moaned.
It was stupid and corny, and I knew it could wreck the mood as soon as I said it, but my brain could stop me from saying it. “You didn’t frame it in the form of a question.” God, what a dorky and bastardly thing to say as I rubbed her clit hard with my thumb.
She shrieked with pleasure, knees twisting and almost screamed. “Eeeee! Please Mr. Font! Won’t you fuck me again with your big cock again?!” My cock grew even harder having her this way. I grabbed firmly to her thin hips, lined up my cock with her soaking wet cunt and drove it into her from behind. “AHHH!” Becky shouted as I speared her once more, but this time wasn’t a gentle and erotic build-up, it was a raw and forceful lust-driven frenzy.
I don’t know what had changed, but I felt so powerful taking this wanton little thing. I wasn’t soft and loving; it was fast and almost brutal. I slammed my meat into her hard and fast, again and again. She was moaning, squeaking, and even screaming her pleasure. There were no words, just animal passion escaping her lips with each of my thrusts. I was lost in the moment, without any conscious thought, I was an animal. My legs only purpose was to let me stand, my arms and hands for holding her young hips for dear life, and my hips and cock for thrusting into her velvety pussy.
I lasted a lot longer in her this time, since I’d already come once earlier, and hadn’t had as much foreplay this time, but all too soon to my liking I swelled and bucked hard, driving my giant dick back into her deepest depths. I felt like I bust a nut as my swollen gland tightened, every muscle in my body contracted, and I erupted white hot lava into Becky’s tight cunt. That was enough to set her off as well and she convulsed and almost fell as her cunt clamped down on my spewing volcano. Her vaginal muscles worked hard, squeezing out every drop of my love sauce and sucking it up into her womb.
I held her up from collapsing with my still rock hard cock and an arm around her waist. Slowly my softening member slid out of her well lubricated channel, dripping my salty jism down her legs, the shower washing it away, and turned her around so I could hold her properly in my arms. We just stood there in the hot water, breathing, and sharing a long slow kiss.
Suddenly I felt a stab of icicles on my back and yelped and quickly reached for the water controls. Becky squealed as well once the cold water started to spray her face and tits with its icicles. I turned it off, but with us trying to get out of the water, both of us exhausted and dizzy, we tangled in the shower curtain and tore it from the rod and fell into a wet pile of bodies and latex.
I quickly checked to make sure she was OK, but she just erupted into laughter. Her golden and pure laughs broke my concern and I laughed as well. We wore ourselves out laughing and then slowly extracted ourselves from the tangled and torn latex curtain. We toweled off, with only a minimal amount of playful caresses and kisses, and then returned to her room. As soon as we got there the phone in her room was beeping.
She glanced at the phone and pressed a button, and read a text message she had waiting for her. “Mom says diner is ready and to hurry because we will have company soon.” I gulped, knowing that it would be bad to be caught this way with anyone else in the house so I threw on my clothes and noticed the wetness on my sleeve. I looked to Becky and she said, “I have a hair dryer under the bathroom sink.” I went back in, placed the curtain in the shower, and took out the hair dryer and used it on my bitten-on sleeve and also my own hair.
Once I was presentable to myself in the mirror I came out and saw Becky waiting at the door. Her hair still wet, but now dressed in a respectable dark blue shirt and jeans. She smiled and led me downstairs. When we reached the kitchen there was a note from Becky’s mother to set the table and do some other prep chores for dinner since she had to step out to get something. I helped her with the silverware and plates, and the turkey in the oven smelled great. I was famished due to the workout I’d just been through.
When we were done we sat on the couch and relaxed. She sat in my lap and hugged me, “I knew that you were the one. That was beyond amazing.”
“Thank you, or… your welcome,” I fumbled over my words. Even my wife when we were young never thanked me for my lovemaking, but then again, I’ve had over a decade to practice since then, but it usually had become more routine in the last few years, and non-existent in the last few months of her pregnancy.
I heard the door open and looked wide eyed at Becky, who obliged and slide off my lap and sat next to me instead. Judy was talking to another woman as they came down the hall and entered the living room with us. Rachel, my very pregnant wife was trailing behind her. “Rachel!” I said startled and quickly stood up, thinking I’d been set up and that I was a dead man.
“Oh, hi honey, surprise!” She smiled to me and I nervously hugged her inviting arms and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Judy and I were talking after you called and she said you were already tutoring her daughter and didn’t want to interrupt you when she invited me to diner. I told her I couldn’t drive in my condition, but she offered to pick me up! Isn’t she sweet?”
Playing along like this was all just a game I nodded, “Yea!?! Sweet. What a great surprise.”
“It’s so great to get out of the house and see people!” She turned and went back to talking to Judy again, like I didn’t exist anymore, “I’ve felt like such a prisoner in my own house like this!” she gestured to her distended belly. Oh and you must be Becky!” She waddled over to the teen.
“Pleased to meet you Mrs. Font.” And she held out her hand. Rachel squeezed it politely and squatted to sit by her where I had been on the couch.
“Whew! Sorry, I just have to sit when they start kicking. Moving around this much must be exciting them.”
Becky gazed in wonder at my wife’s belly. “Does it hurt?”
Rachel laughed, “Honey its fine right now, and I know it’ll hurt a lot more later on, but it’s just wonderful to think about my babies growing inside me. I’ve always wanted a big family, even if Ed didn’t, and I guess God agrees with me.” She smiled smugly at me with her hazel eyes before looking back at Becky. “Here, wanna feel them?” and without waiting grabbed Becky’s hand and placed it on her belly. For the last month the twins have really gotten stronger and I’ve even been woken up once by them thrashing around inside her while she slept. Which was better than when she woke me up with morning sickness those first few months, I reasoned.
Becky almost shouted out, “Mom, I felt one of them kick!”
“Becky, you should know how to kick. You kept me away at all hours, kicking and punching me. I always knew you’d be an athlete,” Judy joked.
“It hard to believe this is a little life that you made.” She just stared in wonder at her hand feeling the bumps coming out. “I hope I can be as happy as you are one day.” She said with a joy in her voice as she smiled to my wife who just smiled back.
“Well, you’re young yet, plenty of time for that.” She laughed a little and Becky nodded and chuckled with her.
I felt my heart sink and knew that something had to move the conversation. Judy must have sensed the same thing for she stated loudly to all of us, “OK than, you two must be hungry from all that studying, come to the table and I’ll serve you.”
Relieved I turned to move into the dining room, but Rachel stopped me cold with a simple “Ed.” She held out her hand and I helped her up and into a chair in at the table. I sat next to her and Becky sat opposite me, leaving the seat across from Rachel for Judy, who, true to her word, served us all up a terrific turkey dinner with all the fixings.
We actually had a great time as all the girls went into talking mode, while I ate and listened to them chatter away about their lives, work, movie starts and local gossip. An hour later I, having finished first because I talked less and ate more, started cleaning up the table, allowing them to keep talking. Soon, I was in the kitchen cleaning off the plates. “And he even does the dishes,” Judy surprised me from behind with a quick goose to my rear. I jumped a bit and she laughed. “Relax, were almost family now,” she whispered. Not knowing how to respond to this I just waited. “You wife is a lovely and lucky lady. I just wanted to thank you again for ‘tutoring’ Becky.” Then she kissed me on the cheek, smiled and returned to the dining room.
They girls talked for a while until I was starting to get tired. Eating turkey always seems to do that, or it could have been the two ripping orgasms I’d had just a few hours ago. “OK, well it’s getting late and we should be going.”
Rachel was exhausted being up so long, but was enjoying talking too much to stop without a good reason, but agreed with me. “Oh, look at the time, your right. Almost 9! It’s bedtime for us.”
“Not me, it’s not a school night,” Becky chirped up.
“Well we shall have to do this again soon,” Judy added while helping my wife up and walking toward the door. “Becky is studying hard for her SAT’s and I’m sure could use more help with her studies to get into a good college. I know you’re getting on with the twins, so I’ll be glad to help out if you can allow Becky to borrow your husband for a few more study sessions?”
‘What?’ I wanted to scream out. “Of course!” Rachel said instead and looked at my face which was a combination of embarrassment and shock. “Oh honey, don’t look like that! Her skills cannot be that bad, you should help the girl. You’re her teacher aren’t you?”

Calming my face and hearing Judy almost snort at her inside knowledge. “No, she’s a wonderful student.” I tried to say without giving anything away.
“But she’s going to need a lot more studding to prepare for college right dear?” Judy added.

“Oh, TONNES more studying!” Becky chirped in from behind.
As we walked out the door I knew the dynamic duo of mother and daughter could hear my pregnant wife chastise me for not being giving enough of my time and attention who eagerly wanted my help. As we drove home, I knew I had no choice but to suck it up and do my duty as a teacher, husband, and a man. Somehow I knew that as long as the stress didn’t kill me that I would enjoy it.


Introduction: My student continues to seduce me after my wife has twins
So here I am again. Tuesday afternoon and High School kids all getting on their buses to head home. I, being a math teacher, am heading out to my car, ready for my regular study session with Becky Whitmore. She’s a senior this year, and apart from being a very smart and attractive, had photoshopped photos of me in an attempted to blackmail me into taking her virginity. After involving her mother, Judy, who laughed it off, dropped the blackmail, but then still shanghaied me into taking her daughter virginity, as a favor to her even! And then, that very same day, had dinner with the two of them, who had also brought my wife Rachel, who was eight months pregnant!

Damn, I felt like a dirty rotten bastard, but it was like college all over again with a cute young thing lusting for my manhood. I can never seem to deny a woman anything that they beg of me, even when I know it is wrong. That day was two weeks ago, and since that time, every Tuesday and Thursday Judy would take the evening to care for my wife, allowing her daughter and I to have ‘study time’ alone at her home. Having been teaching Becky all my carnal knowledge had been terrific for my ego, energy, and I really felt younger. But I didn’t know where it would end and that really worried me. Becky was completely in love with me, but kept it tightly hidden in school, knowing I couldn’t accept her love in public.

As I reached my car and unlocked it my cell phone rang. Looking at it I saw it was Judy’s cell phone. She’d talked to me on some occasions, but I expected her to be at my house with Rachel right now. “Hello?” I answered hesitantly.

“OH Ed, Thank God!” Rachel was grunting and moaning.

“Honey! What’s wrong?” I said worried for her and our twins.

“It’s TIME! <groan> Judy is driving me to the hospital. Please hurry!” She groan and panted some more.

“OH JEEZ! OK, Honey I’m coming, just remember to breathe OK? Like we practiced.” I threw myself into the car and sped for the hospital as fast as I could make my car go, while trying not to kill myself. The High School was at least half an hour farther than my house to the hospital, and every red light I hit seemed to drive me to madness. Finally I screeched into the hospital parking lot and ran inside, but then realized I didn’t know where to go. I moved swiftly to the front desk and said, “My wife is having a baby! She should be here already, Rachel Font?”

They sent me down a maze of corridors, but after at least another ten minutes I finally reached the emergency area. There they sent me to a room down another wing. After several more minutes of wandering I finally entered a check-in bedroom. I saw Judy standing next to the bed where my wife was lying, with her forehead covered in sweat, but an exhausted smile on her face. I was stopped in my tracks though, because each of them held a tiny little blanket wrapped baby, each sleeping soundly already.

Judy, having more sense than either of us said, “About time Daddy. These two were so eager to come out that Rachel almost delivered in the parking lot!” She then held out the child to me. I had no choice but to slowly close with her and take my child from her arms with awe as it suckled on her right breast. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I came close to Rachel and kissed her.

She was almost crying with and said, “Girls! Can you believe it! Two girls!” Then she returned her gaze to the little wonder in her own arms, “Looks like she’d done. Oh my breasts are so full. Here, switch.” She held out one daughter and I took her and hander the one I had to her. She lifted up her shirt on the other side, exposing her milk-laden breast and allowed the sleeping newborn to take her nipple into its mouth. That’s all it took, and she too began suckling, drinking out her lactation in her squishy-faced sleep.

We all just marveled in the wonder of them for what seemed like hours, but must have only been ten minutes, when a nurse came in with a cart. She explained that they had to take the kids for routine testing, shots, and other procedures. The cart had two little beds on them and we reluctantly released them to her care, and the nurse suggested Rachel get some rest. It didn’t take much encouragement and my wife almost passed out mere minutes after the nurse left.

“She’ll be here overnight, since it’s after 4 o’clock,” Judy informed me with the knowledge of a woman who’s ‘been there, done that’, even though she was only in her early forties. “Why don’t you go home and fetch Rachel some clean clothes. Not her old ones, but not her pregnant clothes either.”

I looked lost. “Um… What?”

“Edward, she lost a lot of weight, almost 15 pounds from the babies alone!” She explained. “She’ll need some clothes that aren’t too tight, but aren’t too loose either.” Since I must have still looked perplexed, she sighed and said, “OK. Stop by my house, get Becky. I’ve got to call her anyway, then have her pick out a few sets of clothes for Rachel, and come back.” I looked at my wife a little worried, but she calmed me by saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll stay with her and she’ll be out for hours anyway.” She then used the phone by the bed and called Becky while shooing me out of the room and closing the door.

I sighed at once again being given no choice, but knew that I had to do something, so did as Judy had commanded me. Less than an hour later I pulled into the Whitmore house and Becky was outside waiting for me. She wore a giant smile with her blue tank-top and short pleated skirt. “Congratulations! You’re a Daddy!” she nearly screamed as she jumped in the car, kissed me a little too well for being outside her house, then buckled her seat belt.

She asked me all sorts of questions about them, and I found I didn’t really know that much about their birth, since I hadn’t been there. I wished I had been, but with so many horror stories of very long labors for some women, I was happy Rachel had a quick and easy one. We got to my house and went straight to the bedroom, where I grabbed a duffel bag and opened up my wife’s side of the closet. It was really all hers as I only used about fifteen hangars, but most of her clothes were on this side.

She rapidly went through the closet pulling out several outfits that my wife hadn’t worn in months since her belly had reached gigantic proportions, and packed them into the bag. She then moved to other drawers, searching them for other things, finding and packing bras, panties, and other feminine hygiene products. I just sat on the bed like an idiot and watched her, still stunned and having the first chance to rest for my emotions to catch up with my thoughts.

“OK, all packed up.” Becky said dutifully. “You need a rest too. Mom said to make sure you take a nap as well, so I’ll put this back in your car while you take a nap.”

“That’s OK Becky. I’d rather get back to the hospital.” I stood to leave but was surprised when she promptly pushed me back onto the bed with a quick hand to my chest.

“You’re a great teacher Mr. Font, but a lousy listener. Mom said Rachel will be unconscious for hours and to make sure you sleep and shower so you can see her fresh and attend to her needs properly.” She scolded me standing over me. “Now lie down, get undressed, and I’ll wake you up in a few hours.”

“Becky, thank you for helping with the clothes, but now you have to let me get back to the hospital.” I moved to stand again, readying myself to stop a push from her again now that I was expecting it.

But instead she did something else which I didn’t expect. Instead of just try and push me again she charged me and threw all her weight into me. Now I weight about 190 pounds, while she could only be 120 soaking wet, but her forceful lunge and my lack of expecting this much from her threw me flat on my back on the my bed, with her pinning me down.

Her golden hair in pigtails just tickled my face, so she flipped her hair over out of my face. The whole situation was just crazy and I didn’t even realize when it happened, but with her lithe and sexy form on top of me, I suddenly felt my erection digging to get through my pants, and into the hot pussy that was now pressed firmly down on top of me. Her look of determination disappeared as mine must have as well once she felt it too. We both blushed, but she stayed on top of me and started unbuttoning my shirt. “Now, I promised not to pursue you outside my bedroom…”

She shed my shirt off my shoulders, and kept talking, “And I’m a woman of my word. I won’t pursue you… But I also won’t stop you from pursuing me…” then she pulled her tank-top over her head along with her sports bra, leaving her beautiful young tits once again exposed to my hungry eyes. “Besides… You stood me up for my ‘lesson’ today and you should make up for that.”

Of their own volition, my hands floated up to her bountiful breasts and I grasped each of her nipples in my fingers, while the rest of my hands gently squeezed into her soft flesh. “Oh, I love the way you touch me,” she moaned. I made circular motions, kneading her globes and twisting her nipples softly, turning them into the pointy eraser tips that I’d touched and tasted so often these last few weeks. But even though I’d done it before, she was still so cute, young, and forbidden, that each time still felt like the first time to me. With everything else forgotten I pulled her down to me and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Our lips opened to each other and our tongues tangled erotically before I noticed her hands had already unzipped my pants and she broke the kiss to pull down my pants and underwear together. I knew how much she’d enjoyed sucking my cock these last few weeks, but I’d never cum in her mouth, which had started to disappoint her, making her think she was doing it badly. But I’d explained that I’d actually never cum from just oral, and not to take it personally. She’d taken it more as a challenge, so I was sure she’d waste no time in greedily sucking on my log as soon as she could. Instead, always full of surprises she just looked up at me with big eyes of innocence, and waited.

“What’s wrong Becky?”

“I promised not to pursue you. So anything we do outside my bedroom has to be your doing.” She grinned evilly, “So… Mr. Font, is there something I can do for you?”

I couldn’t believe this little cocktease! I’d made love to her at her request over a dozen times now, with her begging for it, for over two weeks now; but now she was making me beg! “Becky, you know you want to suck my cock; so do it already.”

I thought she’d talk back, but apparently she was playing me by my rules and just wanted me to cross that line, not her. Before I finished breathing out the last word she’d already had my meat halfway down her throat. She bounced her head on my hotrod quickly and it felt great between her lips. I grew to my full hardness, filling her little mouth and sooner than she normally had she released me, stood, and pulled down her panties underneath her skirt. She then moved up my body, dragging her pointed nipples up my legs and chest.

She straddled my hips and let my cock slide down her pussy lips before springing free past her ass, and then sat on my pelvis; nestling is between her butt cheeks. She shrugged her shoulders and put her arms together on my chest, squishing and jutting her breasts at me before staring at me with those big, sexy blue eyes. Then she spoke in a cutesy baby voice that made my cock quiver, “Mr. Font, your giant cock is too big for my little mouth, and it’ll need to calm down to let you get some rest. Whatever will we do?” Then she slowly blinked those dreamy eyes with well feigned innocence.

God she had learned how to play me. I had no choice but to verbalize my desires. “Oh Becky, ride me.”
“What do you mean Mr. Font? I’m not sure what you want me to do.” <blink, blink>

“Fuck me Becky. Take my cock in that tight cunt and fuck it!” I half demanded, half begged, and that seemed to be all she needed. She leaned back, grasped my erection and dragged it across her butthole, popping it free to her front, then ran it up and down her soaking wet pussy lips. I couldn’t see any of it under her skirt, and that multiplied the feelings, making me visualize it erotically in my head. Then she positioned me at her entrance and sank deeply onto me shaft, talking me almost fully into her on the first thrust.

She took it slow and easy for the first minute, gripping me hard with her innards, enjoying watching me squirm and moan with the pleasure. I reached up and roughly squeezed her bountiful breasts and took her erect nipples a good firm pinch. She yelped and winced in pain, but like a horse being whipped, she increased her tempo of impaling herself on me. I dropped on hand to her hips and pulled down sharply, grinding her clit into my pelvic bone and she shrieked with ecstasy.

It felt so good that I released her other breast and just firmly gripped each hip and helped her motions and forcefully bounced her hard. She didn’t last long with my help, and shuddered and cried out, “Oh!” and came buckets, flooding her pussy with juice and I felt like my cock was going to come out her mouth it felt so huge in her as she tightened.

After she finished shaking, she rolled off of me and lay next to me. She frowned and sadly apologized to me, “I’m sorry Mr. Font. I wasn’t able to release your tension, but your cock was just too much for my little coochie.”

Oh, she’d gotten good. I surged with pride and I could actually feel my tip ooze precum. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I sat up, turned around and, as she squeaking in mock surprise, I mounted this little cocktease and rammed my full cock, strait to the hilt in one harsh motion. I kissed and licked a nipple, as my hands again brutally grabbed her hips. I mercilessly thrust and rammed my cock into that cum-loosed pussy, feeling her skirt rustle against my hips, and in only a dozen or so thrusts I burst a gallon of my sperm into her hungry cunt. Tightened and hot, I groaned hard and kept thrusting a few more times, shaking with the power and force of each of my spasms. My cock pumped and pumped, emptying my balls deeply into her over and over again.

Eventually my eyes, which had clenched shut from my explosive release, opened again, looking down at my well-fucked nymph who was smiling up at me and said, “You sure put a lot of your little babies in me today.” Then she giggled and massaged her breasts and belly. I throbbed again, realizing I was still pumping my swimmers into her even now with light short pulses. God, it felt great. I let the remnants of my orgasm finish, squeezing out the last of my cum in her over-filled pussy, before rolling out and collapsing to lie next to her.

She smiled at me, and then said softly, “There, now you can rest. Sleep now.” I didn’t argue and quickly dozed off. I awoke alone to the sound of water coming from the shower in my bathroom and my foggy brain turned over. Fuck. The full reality of what I’d just done came to me. I’d just cheated on my wife, again. But this time in our own bed, on the same day as she gave birth to my children! Damn that was so wrong!

My guilt nearly dragged me into my own personal hell with the water in the shower turned off and moments later Becky, wearing only a towel came in. “Good, you’re awake. I called Mom and she said Rachel is still sleeping, but would probably be up soon and to get into gear. And don’t worry; I left you plenty of hot water.” She smiled and dropped the towel, revealing her naked wet body to me again, but wasn’t posing for me this time as she began dressing. Seeing me stare she smiled and said, “No time for seconds, up and at ‘em Tiger!”

I steeled myself, resolving to control my urges better and redevoted myself to my wife and new children. I showered quickly, and then returned to the bedroom which was now empty. Breathing a little easier, I dressed and headed into the kitchen, where I heard Becky moving around. She looked like she was waiting for me and when I arrived was presented with a plate of three or four sandwiches, all cut in triangular halves.

“Here, eat, then we gotta go.” She then grabbed a sandwich and ate. They looked great and I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. We silently ate, with me trying not to make eye contact with her, and then we headed back out to my car and began driving. I was worried about an awkwardly silent drive, but Becky just turned on the radio and began bopping her head to some modern music.

It wasn’t anything horrible, and I found myself silently singing along as we went, but got to the hospital in good time, now that I wasn’t trying to beat every light. With the experience of navigating what must have been half of the halls in the building already, made my way to Rachel’s room much quicker than before, with Becky hot on my heals. Damn! I thought, I should have dropped her off at her house, then noticed she was carrying the big bag of clothes for my wife. Idiot! I scolded myself again.

“Oh, I’m sorry Becky, here let me get that,” and I reached for the bag as we were almost to the door. She let me and followed me into Rachel’s room.

“Honey!” Rachel opened her arms to me and I moved swiftly to her and hugged her gently. She looked still tired, but really glad to see me.

“Don’t worry, she just woke up and I told her I sent you for some of her clothes.” Judy added reassuringly, noticing and smiling to Becky behind me. “We were just discussing names.”

Rachel and Becky then went back to their conversation, including me and probing me with names for our new babies, as we had just never settled on any until we had known their sexes. Even Becky happily joined the conversation and we eventually settled on Kristine and Katherine. It was strange; Rachel had spent the so much time with Judy in the last few weeks that they were suddenly talking like old friends already. Nurses came in with some food and got Rachel into a wheel chair, hospital policy, and eventually took us all down to the nursery. They said the babies needed nursing about every two to three hours.

It was odd and beautiful watching her hold our daughters, one to each breast, suckling away at her swollen breasts. “Does that hurt?” Becky asked innocently.

“Actually it feels great. Even better than when Ed does it.” I was shocked and gave her a scandalized look, but she just laughed, “My breasts feel so full of milk, and they were leaking in my gown here before we came down. They will be at it for several months so, sorry Honey, but you can’t have any until their done.” She was enjoying embarrassing me in front of Judy and Becky, who were all acting like they were Becky’s age giggling into girl-talk.

I just endured it and admired my children and their mother, breast-feeding them. Soon Judy said she had to take Becky home because she still had school tomorrow so she had to go. That reminded me of my own job as the school. While I phoned in the good news about the babies and confirmed my four weeks of approved maternity leave, my wife made them promise to come over to our home later to talk more, and have dinner with us tomorrow. I saw more doom in my future, but had no choice but to listen and accept whatever they were planning. They agreed and left, both smiling to each other just before I got off the phone.

We were returned to our room, and alone with my wife, I sat on the bed with her and held her close. Before she fell back asleep in my arms she said, “You are wonderful, putting up with all my craziness and being no needy, and still finding time to help others. What did I ever do to deserve you?” I almost cried with guilt and love, and my wife teared up too and kissed me. “I love you.”

She rested her head against my chest and I had no choice but to say, “I love you too.”
IHNC 1.5

Introduction: Rachel is pregnant with twins, and horny as hell. She gets satisfaction with some help from a new female friend.

(For those who have read my first stories, I've decided to add some added content to fill in some gaps in the story that the main character Ed is not telling, they will all be titled with a .5 where they go in the storyline.)

(These events are from the viewpoint of Rachel Font, the pregnant wife of Edward)

“Damn it! Not again…,” I moaned as I held myself up against the kitchen counter.

The girls were wrestling again, stretching my already overloaded uterus to new levels of pain. And at the same time the pressure and movement over my cervix made my pussy convulse with waves of pleasure. This was a nice side effect to help make the pain bearable, but always soaked my thighs each time it happened. The doctor’s said I’d experience severely decreased sexual desire during the third trimester. Shows what a bunch of men know about women’s bodies!

I was only wearing a fuzzy moo-moo nightgown, since all my other clothes didn’t fit any more. I’d gotten some dresses I’d gotten for the few times I had to go out in public, which was rare since I’d felt like such an ugly whale. But my hand, with practiced movements, quickly went down under my dress and stretched to reach past my giant belly and could just barely touch my swollen clit.

Electric shocks of pre-orgasmic bliss rocketed through my whole body. It was getting more and more difficult to reach my button, and almost more work than it was worth, but it didn’t take long for my quick, hard frigging to get me off. Convulsions shook my body, and stars appeared before my eyes. After a few minutes I waddled to the bathroom, got some toilet paper, and cleaned up my expelled juices as best as I could and though about my present life.

Having kids was always my dream, and I knew it’d be worth it in the long run, but these mini-orgasmic flashes where driving me insane! I was almost dying to just beg Ed for sex, even though the doctors had warned against it in the third trimester due to overtaxing my body with it being twins.

In the early weeks of the morning sickness, while jarring at first, quickly went away, and just proved I was pregnant, giving me endless joy. Sex those next few months had been the best Ed and I had ever had. He never seemed to want children as much as I did, but after I told him that first night or lovemaking always seemed hotter. Maybe it was just hormones, but I think Ed was just a bit lustier as well.

Then when we found out it was twins at the beginning of the second trimester, I creamed my panties every time he touched me. I had probably worn him out though, because he seemed to breathe easier when the doctors told us to refrain from sex a few months ago. It was for the heath of my babies, and I tried not to seduce him as often. And my distended belly that grew daily helped deter me from sex with Ed as I’d never felt so unsexy in my life, but when the hot flashes hit me I’d masturbate until I got some release. It didn’t matter where I happened to be in the house; bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway… wherever, whenever, all the time.

I was told 40 weeks is the “normal” pregnancy, but that always goes out the door with twins the doctors said. Just not enough room in there for them both to go full term I guess. So while I’m expecting to deliver early, maybe around week 36 to 38, I’m charted at week 33 so far. And even though I love children, and have a day job as a kindergarten teacher, I’ve been out of work on maternity leave for about a month now.

Ed has been great with me. He puts up with all my mood swings, crazy appetites, and had been massaging me every night after he got back from work as a High School Algebra teacher. It was Friday afternoon, and I was looking forward to a weekend of Ed taking long and good care of me when the mother of one of his student’s called me. Introducing herself as Judy Whitman, she asked me to dinner with her and her daughter, who had asked Ed to tutor her for her SAT’s. I tried to get out of it by telling her there was no way I could drive in my state, but she has insisted so sweetly and offered to come pick me up, that I had no choice but to accept the invitation. She Ed was there and already tutoring her daughter, Becky.

I dressed in one of my nicest new maternity dresses that made me look like a pretty blimp, and slipped on my most comfortable shoes, which were now just barely able to fit on my swollen feet. There was a knock on the door and there was a beautiful redheaded woman just a few years older than me.

I opened the door and before I could even get a word out Judy was already introducing herself, complementing my dress, and soon I found we’d been sitting in my living room and had talked away an hour. She had the cutest bright green eyes that complemented her fiery red hair, and still kept her trim figure of her youth, despite having a child very early in her life.

Our chat informed me she had her child at the tender age of sixteen, so she was only thirty-three now, and her daughter had turned seventeen a few months ago. We then moved to talking about her experience with child birth, and the similarities and differences between our pregnancies.

It was then I asked her, “When you were at 30 weeks, did you experience any… urges down there?”

She laughed, “Oh, I felt like I had to pee all the time and had a bladder that only held a thimble-full.”

“Tell me about it! But that’s not exactly what I meant…”

She paused, and then a look of embarrassment crossed her face, “Oh, you mean…” I nodded meaningfully, “Oh… No, sorry. It was just pain to me and could wait to get her out of me.” I sighed and was going to change the subject, but she continued, “Tell me about it.”

I had been holding this in, not even telling Ed about it, and just had to get it off my chest. The words literally erupted out of me as I gushed my most private secret to this woman who was a complete stranger less than an hour ago. “Lately the twins have been twisting around, putting pressure on my cervix. Every time they do this though I get so wet and horny I just have to masturbate. A few weeks ago it wasn’t so bad, but now my belly is getting so big I’m having a hard time reaching around. I’m going crazy!”

“Oh, you poor thing,” she moved to sit next to me and hugged me. We cuddled for a few moments before she lifted up her arm and looked at her stylish watch. “Well I’ll make you a deal. Let’s go have dinner with Beth and Ed at my house and well continue this at another date.”

Embarrassed that I’d just overstepped the boundaries with this beautiful, and compassionate new friend, I nodded and cleaned up the emotional tears I hadn’t realized I’d shed. We quickly left my house and got in her luxury car.

While I barely fit in the seat, it was nice to sit in such a plush seat, and Judy was still friendly and engaging. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed talking to someone other than Ed or a doctor, or how much of a prisoner I’d been in my own house the last month or so. We talked animatedly the whole way there, which wasn’t far, about fifteen minutes drive.

Once there I’d found Ed and Beck sitting together on the couch, probably having just finished studying. I think he was just expecting Judy when I walked in and his eye turned to saucers as he left from the couch away from the pretty blonde that must have been Becky. He was so cute when he thought he was in trouble.

I decided to let him off the hook since Judy had already told me he would be here, “Oh, hi honey, surprise!” Then I hugged him as best as I could with my beach-ball belly and he gave me a polite peck of a kiss. “Judy and I were talking after you called and she said you were already tutoring her daughter and didn’t want to interrupt you when she invited me to diner. I told her I couldn’t drive in my condition, but she offered to pick me up! Isn’t she sweet?”

He hesitated but a second and agreed, “Yea!?! Sweet. What a great surprise.” We talked a bit more, and I even had Becky feel the twins as they squirmed in my belly, making her really excited.

We settled down and I tried not to act like a pig as I ate three helpings of the wonderful dinner Judy had made for us. Ed was mostly quiet as I conversed with the ladies about school, babies, weather, cheerleading, and anything else that came to mind. I was getting tired at sitting up for so long, but was really having a fun night. Ed looked at me then spoke up, “OK, well it’s getting late and we should be going.”

“Not me, it’s not a school night,” Becky chirped up.

“Well we shall have to do this again soon,” Judy added while me up and walking with me toward the door. “Becky is studying hard for her SAT’s and I’m sure could use more help with her studies to get into a good college. I know you’re getting on with the twins, so I’ll be glad to help out if you can allow Becky to borrow your husband for a few more study sessions?”

I so liked Judy that I instantly replied, “Of course!” Then thinking that I’d just accepted for Ed I looked at him. His face was a little twisted, making me laugh a little, “Oh honey, don’t look like that! Her skills cannot be that bad, you should help the girl. You’re her teacher aren’t you?”

He calmed, and then said, “No, she’s a wonderful student.”

“But she’s going to need a lot more studding to prepare for college right dear?” Judy added.

“Oh, TONNES more studying!” Becky chirped in from behind.

I chastised Ed for not being giving enough of his time and attention to Becky who eagerly wanted his help. Judy and I decided that Ed would tutor Becky on Tuesday and Thursday until the babies came, and she would come over to visit me during that time that Ed was busy.

As we drove home Ed was quite, but I knew he regretted not being with me every second of the day. That’s just how attentive he can be. But I found I was looking forward to seeing Judy again already, and while the kids remained still, now sound asleep, my pussy was moistening anyway.

While I’d been looking forward to the weekend, I found it just dragged by with just mundane watching TV while Ed served me, and sleeping restlessly. I couldn’t seem to sleep at the same time as the twins did, and even masturbated right in bed with Ed snoring away right next to me. That really made me hot, and allowed me to get through the night.

The next Tuesday came, which brought me to trying to clean the house a bit while Ed was at work, since I was expecting Jude over that afternoon, so was surprised by a knock on the door just after nine in the morning.

Judy was wearing a more relaxed blue blouse and smart tan skirt. “Hey honey. I know I’d said I’d be over later, but I thought you needed some more help, so came over early to spend the day and help you out around the house.”

Soon she was in and vacuuming the floor, doing laundry, and even dusted. Ed’s been really good about doing most of the chores since I’ve been off my feet the last month, but Judy was just a cleaning dervish. I tried to help out, but she just shushed me down into a chair and we talked while she worked.

A few hours went by and she was a delight to be around. Then it happened. The girls squirmed and I reflexively groaned twice. The first in pain at the internal abuse on my overtaxed uterus, and the second in pleasure as my pussy convulsed from the internal pressure.

I opened my eyes that I hadn’t realized I’d closed, and was immediately embarrassed as I found Judy right next to me, ready to assist me with anything, asking what she could do to help. “No, really, I’m fine. I just need to lie down for a few minutes. Excuse me.”

She helped me up from the comfy chair in the living room, and I closed the door between us as I entered the bedroom. I breathed hard as I lie onto the bed and kicked of my fuzzy slippers, taking the weight off my back and feet as I attempted to relax. But the twins were active and my womb shuddered in pain and pleasure.

Before I even knew what I was doing, my right hand was already bent around my belly, rubbing softly on my pussy, with my legs splayed open on the bed. Damn I wish I had a vibrator. I’d been stroking my clit for a few minutes before I heard, “Oh Honey, do you need some help?”

My eyes flashed open and Judy was entering the room after peaking in at me. I tried to pull a sheet over me but Judy stopped me and looked straight into my eyes with hers of piercing green. “Honey, I know you are in need of more than just a house cleaning.” Then she smiled, “That’s why I came over.”

I knew I was blushing fiercely and tried to stammer out a coherent thought, but she just smiled and, sitting on the bed by my hip, placed one hand on my leg, and the other on my belly. She massaged and rubbed all over my lower body, content for now that she was offering to help sooth my soreness, same as Ed had been doing, but after a moment she placed one of her hands on my pussy and gently massaged my hairy mound.

‘God that feels good’ I thought. Soon she was massaging up and down my swollen pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I lost track of when, but found that my own hands were squeezing my own lactating breasts. Hot milk was quickly turning cold on my dress and making my seeping nipples harder, if that was possible.

I was getting close and my eyes were already screwed shut when Judy suddenly slipped two fingers into my drenched pussy. Instantly I was cumming harder than I had in months. Behind my eyes fireworks were exploding and my sore body convulsed hard several times. Just as I thought it was going to end Judy wiggled her fingers inside me against my G-spot and those outside me over my oversensitive clit, and I came all over again, several times in a row.

I was breathless and exhausted when she withdrew her digits from my leaking pussy. I was so dizzy and near to unconsciousness that I only realized what was happening when she began wiping my groin with toilet paper, cleaning and drying me off. She helped me remove my dress, and dried my milk off my breasts as well, before tucking me in to get some sleep.

Before she left I struggled out a more than inadequate thank you, to which she bent her head down to mine and kissed me on my lips. IT was not a passionate or lusty kiss. Nor was is a dry or quick peek of a kiss. It was a gentle and loving kiss that lingered on my lips before she drew the curtains and I fell to the best sleep I’d had in over a month.

I slept for several hours, and woke to Judy serving lunch. We ate in mostly silence, as I tried to come to grips with the intimate nature in which this woman had moved into my life. I’d never really had a relationship like it and I was nervous with what our new borders in life would be. I’d once during a lone week in college gone on spring break with a bunch of girlfriends, and on a drunken dare made out with one of her girlfriends.

It was fun, and she seemed to like it as well, leading to a unique week of touching, kissing, and experimentation, and while it was fun, they both knew that they weren’t gay, but also not getting any lately, and would move on when each of them found a new guy. They shared a guy once also, and that was a blast, but by the end of the week they’d both moved on.

She knew Judy had a seventeen year-old daughter, and had been married briefly when she was younger, buy didn’t know if she was expecting a permanent relationship of some sort. She was embarrassed to talk about it and put the question off until later.

The rest of the day was normal, and Judy left around five, after putting some food in my oven, just before Ed came home, who finished up the meal and ate dinner with me. “So… how was Judy?”

My cheeks flushed, but he wasn’t looking at me and just looked at his food as he ate. “Oh, great. It was nice having another woman around, helping out.” The next two days flew by and I found that as I masturbated during those days I longed to feel the touch of Judy instead of Ed. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved Ed, and was dying to get back to normal, and ride my lovers cock into the night, but there was this secret itch to again have the skilled and knowing gentle touch that Judy had demonstrated on her.

On Thursday I expected Judy all day, but she didn’t come until afternoon, like we had originally planned. Instead of staying in, she took me out on a drive of the town, and had a snack picnic in the park. This was so much what I’d missed with Ed that I nearly cried. OK, I did cry, but that was just due to my crazy hormones.

We just chatted about nothing, and I enjoyed the bright early October day. After an hour she finally asked me, “I hope I didn’t upset you the other day. I really just wanted to help you, and you just looked like you needed someone.”

I though silently, examining my feelings before I spoke, “I did. And I’m glad you came back today to spend more time with me.”

“Dear, you’re just so sweet; I want to gobble you up.” Judy said with a slight tang of southern accent she must have had as a child.

“I’d like that,” I’d said smiling to her, before realizing what I’d said. The shock and mortification hit me, “That’s not what I…”

“Are you sure?” she said with a quirky eyebrow at me.

I sighed. “OK, I bet that would feel divine, but I was wrong to do that in the first place. I love Ed and he’s the father of my children. I know he’s just frustrated as I am being celibate these last few months. Also, I’m not a lesbian, so I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression if that’s what I did.” There. I’d put the whole case in the open and see what she thought about that.

“Honey, it’s OK. I’m not a lesbian when I’ve had a good man in my life, which sorry to say, hasn’t happened in far too long.” She smiled and continued, “Honestly, I’ve only had a few one-night-stands on the random day when Becky was at camp, or a friend’s house on a sleep-over, so I’ve really only been intimate with my favorite vibrator, Mr. Purple.”

I half laughed, but got control of myself quickly before she continued, “I’d be lying if said I didn’t envy your relationship with Ed. He seems like a real stand-up guy; a real keeper.”

“Yea. I’ve been lucky,” I agreed.

“And I’d be lying,” she went on, “if I didn’t think about taking a roll around with him in the sheets!” At that we both exploded into laughter and giggles like overgrown schoolgirls. After we got control of ourselves she looked at me in the eye, staring into my soul, “Rachel, you are so beautiful, and I don’t want to get between you and Ed. I just want you to know that I think we can be really close friends.”

Without even batting an eyelash I smiled back at her, “I’d like that…,” and then we kissed again.

After that we didn’t have time for anything more that day, and the weekend went by in a daze. I was still masturbating constantly, and keeping it secret from Ed, who was taking part in less and less of my fantasies. I was feeling guilty about it, but that just seemed to make it hotter.

Finally, what seemed like a lifetime later Tuesday came again and though my conscience was throbbing in my head, the throbbing in my pussy made me giddy after Ed kissed me goodbye that morning. I was afire waiting for Judy to arrive, and I barely left the window looking out for her arrival. My excitement translated to the twins, causing them to stir in my uterus.

Between their movements and my own natural horniness I had to lie down in bed and began frisking my pussy relentlessly. I never heard the knock on the door, but when I heard the front door open, I called out, “In here,” but never stopped stroking my pussy.

Then I saw Judy standing in the door, wearing a long brown coat, but it was opened revealing her nearly naked form clad only in a black lace teddy. Her huge breasts were barley contained by the sheer fabric and plunging cleavage, and her wide hips were naked with the high cut of the lingerie. She just smiled devilishly and said softly, “Just couldn’t wait to start playing without me?”

All I could do was moan and continued rubbing my swollen clit. She just stood there watching as I strained my arm around my giant belly. I was on fire as I’d never been before, but she just stood in the doorway watching as she slowly removed her coat, and strutted around letting me get the full view of her sexy body.

A small part of my brain was distracted to thinking, ‘Wow I hope I can still look as good after I have children,’ but my quaking pussy demanded attention. “Please…” I moaned.

“Please what Honey?” she asked innocently, like she didn’t know why she was here in that getup.

My pussy shuddered and I had no choice but to almost yell out, “Oh God, please touch me!”

She smiled and said in a sultry voice, “Hang on Honey, I’m gonna make you cum to the moon.” Then she sat on the end of the bed between my legs, and then lowered herself beneath the curve of my protruding belly, her fiery hair the last thing I saw of her. She gently pulled my stretched hand away from my burning bush.

I found I was holding my breath without realizing it when the first gentle touches of Judy’s nimble fingers gently brushing my hairy bush. I groaned long and low at the tingling sensations rippling through my body. While I had been desperate and harsh with my body these last few days, Judy was soft and gentle, setting my burning desire into a raging inferno.

She was slow, gentle and deliberate, but knew all the right places to touch. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. My college experience seemed clumsy by comparison, and while Ed too loved to touch and go down on her as well, this was beyond that by leaps and bounds.

Slowly as if in a whirlwind, my brain was spinning with her touch as Judy slid two fingers into my pool of lust. Her fingers curled within my vagina unlike anything I’d ever felt before. My pussy was already spasmming like a jackhammer when her tongue flicked my clit and I exploded. My whole body shook and shook for what seemed like hours. The next thing I knew I was awakening in bed, covered up, and cuddled up to Judy, who was holding me in her arms.

“Good afternoon sleepy,” she sweetly said to me.

“What happened?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“You passed out, poor thing. It’s Ok though, I stayed here the whole time,” then she bent her head to my forehead and kissed it. “Now I’ll make us lunch and you just rest here.” Judy, still dressed in her teddy, then got out of bed and left the room, walking toward the kitchen.

I just rested and collected myself. My vagina was still wet and tired, but it was sated for now. Soon Judy returned and we ate finger sandwiches, apple slices with peanut butter, some small pickles (with giggles), and dived into a container of Fluff (I’m pregnant Ok!).

We spent the whole day in bed. As the clock spun around to around two o’clock I looked at her and said, “Well I know Ed will be tutoring Becky after school today…” I reached out and ran a lazy finger over her lace covered breast, “but I’d really like to do it again before he gets home.”

Judy giggled as I tickled her breast, then dazzled me with her emerald eyes and tossed her long wavy ginger hair playfully. We locked eyes, staring into each other’s souls until we kissed. Her tongue was playful and fresh as it teased my lips and danced with mine. I drank from her as if she were the very spring of life, despite her being a few years older than I.

Soon we were groping each other’s breasts and gently tweaking nipples. I just had to taste them, and pushed her back, moving as best as my titanic body could, until I captured it between a slit made for that very purpose in her black teddy. Her taught nipple was long and firm between my lips and I brushed it with my teeth gently before latching my lips over it and suckling.

Judy moaned and that just drove me to obsession. I loved it; I loved her.

She pushed me back and we touched, kissed, sucked and fingered each other for what seemed like forever. “I want to taste you,” I finally begged her. I couldn’t believe I just said that, but she just nodded and deftly straddled my face. It was so erotic. Here was my new lover’s lingerie clad pussy, already wet, hovering over my face and coming closer.

I grabbed her round hips as she pulled her lace covering to the side exposing her womanhood to me. I pulled her down and pushed my tongue to touch her moist lower lips. I know what I like when Ed eats me out, and I tried to duplicate that, hoping that she was enjoying it, but I didn’t need to worry about that, because her guttural moans were all the approval I needed as I snaked my tongue into her honey pot, and ground my chin into her clit.

Soon she was bucking and shaking over my face, her pussy soaking my face with her sweet nectar until she clenched and choked out a cry off, “OH YEA…” and her pussy let loose her girl-cum. I’d never imagined that I be so happy to know that I’d made another woman as happy as she had made me earlier.

She slowly dismounted me and turned to face me again, and quickly kissed me full on the lips, tasting her own juices’ I’m sure, but that just lit my fire for her all over again. We kissed and kissed until my lips and tongue were tired. As she pulled back she said, “Honey, that was spectacular. But now I’ve GOT to return the favor.” She smiled wickedly again and returned to her hidden position between my legs that she’d taken earlier, but now instead of working me up gently as before, she went full attack mode and latched her lips strait to my clitty.

This time was pure erotic lust and she literally attacked my pussy. It was divine and I was shouting so loud that I was surprised people three houses away didn’t call the police. She devoured me with relentless lips, tongue, and even teeth. As my mind-blowing orgasm peaked and my short breath caught in my exhausted lungs I felt things change, like I was a water-balloon that had just popped.

Judy noticed it too and quickly pulled away from my still shuddering cunt. “Oh Honey, I think your water just broke!”




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